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Subbed Episodes Discussion

PostPosted: Sun Mar 07, 2010 10:08 am
by cyber_cody
Talk about subbed episodes in here.

Episodes 31
Gouenji's kicked off the team for impersonating a DBZ character and the team needs a new ace striker until he returns. Coach Hottie tricks the kids into training in the mountains. The cute one with the pink hair (Touko) is c-blocked by the other girls but the other one with the pink hair (also cute?) is still heartbroken over the loss of his "partner". With the team refreshed they continue on to find a new striker.

Good ep. The girls were boring though. Raise your hand if you thought Someoka was going to cry over Gouenji.

Episode 32
Their mission: Find Fubuki Shirou and get him to join. In a completely unrelated matter, a young soccer player grabs a ride on the party bus. At their destination, everyone is surprised the guy whose name they didn't bother to ask before is Fubuki! :o
Someoka goes emo.
Fubuki is afraid of avalanches. The result of a tragic event of the past or he's a baby girlie man, you decide. Soccer match. Fubuki goes split personality on us! One is good, the other loves Hannah Montana. Our episode ends with Aliea Academy targeting Fubuki's school next.

Better ep. Fubuki is interesting but does anyone care all the jr. high schools are being destroyed? This is the worst world domination plan ever! Aliea needs their butts kicked just for that.

Episode 33: Who's the fan-favorite/Ace Striker?!
Fubuki is now an official member of Raimon Eleven. Notice he isn't a bit sad about dumping his old teammates. Losers.
While playing a practice match, we learn Fubuki doesn't play well with others.
:someoka:: Play like us!
:fubuki:: But you suck.
Helping the team, Fubuki teaches them to snowboard. Because snowboarding is an excellent way to be better at soccer. :shock:
9:58 Fangirl moment?
Kazemaru confesses to Endou that he wants to take the "aqua of the gods" *cough*steroids*cough*. But, Endou reminds him steroids cause shrinkage of the testes and its never mentioned again. Meanwhile, Fubuki flashbacks to playing in the snow with a pink-haired boy. Gee, I wonder who that could be?
:soma1: :fubuki1: Brotherly love!
So, our episode ends with Aliea Academy politely showing up when they're done training. Classy bunch...or stupid. You pick.

Episode 34: Clash! Aliea Academy!!
It's the final battle folks! Time to bring your A-game cause it's on like Donkey Kong.
Coach Hottie puts the team in defense mode.
:fubuki1:: Be like the wind.
:kurimatsu:: Invisible, like I'm not here? Check.
8:53-Fanboy moment?
AA gets a point. Uh, why did you use your weakest goalie move Endou? Doesn't matter because Coach Hottie decides to switch the team from defense to offence and attack AA's life points.
:yoshino2: (Coach Hottie): Uh...yeah. See, it's all part of the plan. <_<; >_>;
It's the second half and Fubuki scores a goal! No wait, it was Someoka.
:someoka:: That's right b*tches!
Ohhh! A two player attack! Endou decides to use his strongest move to block the shot.
:endou:: Talk to the hand!
Fubuki makes the winning shot and the world is saved! Party Time!
Epsilon? What's that? Oh crap! Party canceled.

Great episode. Next episode: Meet the new Shourin.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 12, 2010 6:56 pm
by Splash
Why are you using Agumon for Fubuki XD

Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

PostPosted: Sat Mar 13, 2010 4:30 pm
by cyber_cody
There isn't a fubuki sprite.

......wait a minute. HOLY CRAP! All I had to do was put his name in the colons! :shock:
:fubuki: : :roll:

Ok, for now on Agumon will be Fubuki's brother.

EDIT: On second thought, I'll keep Souma. Sorry little guy.
:agumon:: :cry:

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:52 pm
by Splash
uh there's an edit button for a reason too :o

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 14, 2010 8:08 pm
by cyber_cody
It's edit time. Sorry Agumon. Back in your cage.

Episode 35 Epsilon Attacks a top-tier school! :wink:

Our episode begins with the deaths of dozens of innocent bystanders from the black soccer ball of death. Team Raimon heads to the school to help out their team who we all know will suck. Well not exactly suck, they only CHOOSE not to fight in tournaments. :wink:
At the school we meet Kogure who has issues. Of course, we all know what that means. He’ll join the team.

FYI: Did you know Fubuki was a pimp?
:fubuki:: Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

So what’s Kogure’s malfunction? Serious abandonment issues resulting in mass paranoia and pinkeye. Girl #3 instantly feels a connection to the emotionally troubled boy. I would also like to take this moment to applaud Ryuu-Rogue for caring enough to put her name in the subs. You’re all saints!

Raimon meets with Manyuuji’s soccer team who has no interest playing against AA because they’re that damn good.:wink: :wink:
The team then leaves Raimon in their club alone where they steal as much stuff as they can (to be later blamed on AA).

Later that night, Girl #3 and Kidou do some sibling bonding (Minds out the gutter pervs!) and talk about Kogure who we find out is setting up another prank. Keep this kid away from the tool shed! Girl #3 goes Nosy Nellie on him suggesting he put his soccer skills where his mouth is and prove he’s more than a little douche. Fearing Girl #3 will narc on him, he agrees.

One scene of highly potential soccer moves later, AA attacks.
They challenge Manyuuji who'll absolutely never go against their beliefs to fight. Taking the high road in this situation is hard but I applaud you Manyuuji. That is until AA destroys their rec room containing their new PS3s. It’s on now!

The super power known as Manyuuji gets taken out in six minutes. That’s…. Wow. That’s sad. I hope someone recorded their epic failure and puts it on Youtube.
:someoka:: Done and done.

Endou challenges AA to a match but with only ten players, who will be the eleventh? Yeah, I didn’t mention Megane hurting his leg. Don’t really care about him.
:megane:: Jerk!
Girl #3 suggests Kogure should fill in. Why? Let the bus driver join! Endou, whose never seen Kogure do a lick of soccer, gleefully lets him in. Yay?

Good set-up episode. I’m liking Epsilon more than Gemini.

Next episode: Major ownage on a dish served cold.
Episode 36: The Hidden Power!(determined by a Player’s IVs)

Well, it turns out Manyuuji’s soccer team isn’t dead but ready to cheer on Kogure. Everyone is skeptical Kogure can deliver but Girl #3 believes in him.
:otonashi: : They don’t know the real Kogure-kun.
Neither do you Miss Only-known-him-for-one-hour.
The members of Raimon with an IQ higher than 10 are troubled working with an n00b against an alien threat with the fate of the world at stake. Team Epsilon talks smack saying they’ll beat our heroes in three minutes!
:endou: : So? We’ll beat you in two!
:gaomon:(representing Epsilon): One minute.
:endou: : 30 seconds!
:gaomon: : One second!
:endou: : *whistle blows* Too late. The game. You just lost it.
Kakuma gives us the names of some Epsilon players. How does he know that?
Fubuki tries to score but Epsilon’s Captain/Goalkeeper/Florist isn’t havin’ it. Holy crap! Did that guy do a Hadoken?! Desarm hits Raimon with the prettiest pink attack ever! All is lost until Kogure trips over a dead body and stops the shot! Uh-oh, Lost is about to start. Epsilon heads for the nearest TV, ending the game.
Hey, it’s Manyuuji’s coach. You might think he was hiding but he was only testing his team to make the right judgement call. :wink:
Girl #3 and Kogure have a heart-to-heart.
:otonashi:: My parents died too.
:kogure: Died? B*tch, they abandoned me. On my birthday!
:otonashi: Oh….
Back to Epsilon. Oh no. Not another team on drugs. And not just any drug, purple smoke! The hell?! That can’t be good for your lungs. Alone on the field, Endou meets a mysterious pink-haired boy that I’m certain we’ll never see again. Raimon finally leaves Manyuuji for even more training, leaving Kogure behind. Or not.

Another good episode. I love ya Epsilon. Even though you’re a bunch of drug addicts.

:megane:: If we put him on the team, we’ll lose our chances of winning against those aliens.
:kazemaru:: Dude. You’re the LAST person with the right to say that.

Next Episode: Mr. Smirk Strikes Back
Inazuma Eleven Episode 37: Teikoku Strikes Back (insert Starwars reference) –First Half!!

It’s smirking time!
Let’s play the smirk drinking game! Every time someone smirks, drink a glass of your favorite drink. No alcohol for the kiddies. Everyone else—get plastered! Damn, our first smirk is shown before the theme song. Start chuggin’! The opening’s better when you’re drunk.
It was a hard decision but Manyuuji’s coach is going to let Kogure stay with Raimon. If you listen closely you can hear him crying with happiness after Coach Hottie hangs up. Kageyama’s up to no good again. Screw the police, let a bunch of kids take down the evil mastermind.
:touko:: Who’s Kageyama?
:kidou:: An annoying old man with too much money and free time.
:touko:: Old people? Ew!
The classic whoopee cushion prank. Good job Kogure. Knock that chick off her high horse. Here’s a new tidbit of info: The caravan can drive on water. Bet it turns into a robot later on. Turns out the e-mail sent to Coach Hottie was actually sent by Fudou Akio, a boy with possibility the worst hair in the series. He’s a member of the True Teikoku Academy of Fine Smirking. Don’t forget to take your shots!

More smirking. I don’t even want to think about the hangover I’m going to have in the morning. *burps* The smirk school is on a submarine! Man, evil kids have the best stuff. King Smirk returns! Joining him is Kidou’s former teammates Genda and Sakuma. Dun dun dun! Flashback to Fudou meeting the boys at the hospital. Scary rape face! AHHHH! Feeling guilt for kicking his friends to the curb, Kidou apologizes.
:kidou:: Sorry I won the championship and never bothered to visit you in the hospital. How's the new pancreas?
Bored, Endou challenges Teikoku to a match.
More smirking. I lost count. Oh God. Don’t pass out. Don’t pass out!
Hi Joker! Now I’m seeing penguins. One more smirk for the road. Woo! Too drunk to finish…later.

Episode 38: For the Kidou fan(girls)!

Evil Red Penguin Attack! Easily one of my top 5 Hissatsu moves.
:kidou:: Emperor Penguin No. 1 is a forbidden technique. And it’s cooler than mine, so quit it!

Go on Sakuma. Risk your life for a soccer game. No one will think badly of you.
3:35 Rape Face?
Fearing the greatness of the ERPA, Raimon decides to play Keep Away with Sakuma. Another forbidden technique?! They don’t look that bad to me. A protein bar and some Gatorade and they’ll be as good as new.
Coach Hottie gets b*tchy and orders the team to win now matter what.
:yoshino2: : I canceled my date for this. You little bastards better win!
A new combo shot! The Wyvern Blizzard. Ice Dragon sounds better. Yes! More evil penguins! Don’t listen to them Sakuma. Keep using it!
:ikuto: (Sakuma): The pain! Must…have…morphine!
The game ends in a tie. Before anyone thinks to have a sudden death match, Kageyama presses the self-destruct button and sub go BOOM. Genda and Sakuma go to the hospital and Coach Cool confronts Coach Hottie for taking her personal dating issues out on everyone. She should date Kageyama. And, we end with a look at the masterminds behind it all.

A must see episode for the Kidou fans.

Next episode: Another unpopular character says goodbye.
:shourin: :shishido: :matsuno: :handa: :kageno: : Join us!
Episode 39: The Last Ice Dragon!

You know what they say—“You can’t make an omelet without breaking some eggs”. Well, someone’s gonna get cracked. So, who’s the unlucky chump leaving the team this time? Let’s find out.

The gang’s back in Inazuma Town to train for the upcoming match against Epsilon. There they meet Sugimori and Shadow the human.
:shadow:: I like strong guys. *cue screaming fangirls*
Sugimori is assembling a replacement…excuse me, “back-up” team, to fight against the aliens. The team takes a break before training. Endou says he visited the former Raimon members in the hospital. They’re injuries are almost healed and can't wait return to the team.
:endou:: Riiiiight.
Instead of rest, the team decides to practice, including Someoka. Summoning a dragon with a hurt foot can’t be good. Kogure goes drama queen on Girl #3. Poor kid was abandoned by his mom. In her defense, he did set their house on fire the night before.
Someoka’s injury is getting worse. Seriously, why don’t you rest for a week?!
:someoka:: I’m fine.
But, you’re clearly in a lot of pain.
:someoka:: I know what I’ll doing!
*crack* And Someoka goes down. Coach Hottie kicks him off the team so not to injure himself more.
:yoshino2:: He was injured?
With that, the new ace striker is Fubuki.
:fubuki::You thought I wasn’t already?
Kogure shows everyone his new technique, the Senpuujin! Raimon is sent to Osaka to find the alien’s base. Does this world not have an army? Someoka bids them farewell.
:someoka:: I’ll be back!
:handa: :matsuno: :kageno: :shishido: :shourin: :agumon::No, you won’t.

Next episode: Attack of the Fangirls!

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, 2010 1:39 am
by Naglfar52
So uh. Are these episodes uploaded to any video streaming website anywhere?

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, 2010 3:25 am
by Splash

Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:12 am
by Naglfar52
But I'm lazy. ;-;

Well, alright, I may soon. As long as it's not torrent.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 15, 2010 4:05 pm
by Splash
Downloading from these sources is easier for me than youtube-ing, plus you're watching the original files from RyRo.

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 8:01 pm
by cyber_cody

Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

PostPosted: Sat Apr 17, 2010 8:15 pm
by cyber_cody
Episode 45: Suit up! The Stylish Team, Genesis!!

Welcome to the next level.

Hiroto. That sneaky bastard fooled us all, but I admit Genesis has the best uniform. Only the best when you’re sponsored by Sega. Crazy Fubuki moment comes early today. Don’t forget to wash you hands my friend(s). Kidou has a plan.
:kidou:: Is that all right with you, Coach?
:yoshino2:: *snore* Huh? Yes. I leave the decisions to you. Try not kick the ball too loud. *goes back to sleep*

More pressure on Fubuki.
Game Start. Press A
Damn. That was fast. Genesis scores a point. The result from training with blue hedgehogs no doubt.
:gran:: Chaos Control!
Ten points already! This is insane. Awww, look at the little cute evil bunny girl.
Fifteen points!? See, Raimon. This happened because you acted like jerks to Yokato. Karma’d no jutsu.
:gran:: Are you done already, Endou-kun?
:endou:: M-must use Game Genie.

Fubuki gets the ball. Maybe he’ll get over his insecurities and put Genesis back on the shelf. Or not. Nice going, Failbuki. How nice of everyone to let him have a conversation with himself in the MIDDLE OF THE MATCH. Fubuki finally makes a shot…….and it’s blocked by a five year old. More crazy Fubuki. Glad they don’t have guns or this episode would end in the worst way. Gran gets the ball.
:gran:: I’m in love, Endou-kun…with those eyes of yours!

Fubuki blocks Grandow’s Ryuusei Blade with his face. And with that, Genesis has beaten Super Raimondo. Drama alert!
:kurimatsu: :kabeyama: :domon:: Bawwwwww!!!

NOW they figure out Fubuki had issues. Geez Raimon, you’re slower than a fat plumber jumping over ledges.
:yoshino2:: I knew all along.
:aki:: Then, why did you put him on the team?
:yoshino2:: Cause I’m a b*tch.

Kidou rallies the team before they all start wearing black and writing depressing poetry. The emo wave has passed. Yay! Oh crap. Not you too Kazemaru.
:kazemaru:: F*ck this. I’m out!

That was depressing. Screw you Kaze. At least now things will start getting back to normal, right?

Next episode: Happy fun soccer returns!

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 20, 2010 11:22 pm
by cyber_cody
Episode 46: The Captain’s Moody!

Watch muted while listening to Depeche Mode.

Kazemaru leaving doesn’t sit well with Raimon.
:aki:: Why didn’t you stop him?
:yoshino2:: Because now I have more room for my luggage.
:domon:: All hail Queen Biatch!

Time for practice.
:endou:: Not me. After 45 episodes, I need a break.

Little Endou is sad because the friend he knew for a week betrayed him.
:endou:: Wahhhh! Kazemaru! Wahhhh! I’ve been a bad captain!

Kidou doesn’t let Girl #3 give Endou an umbrella.
:kidou:: Pneumonia’s a small price to pay for missing practice.

Girl #2 tries to order Endou out of his funk…and fails.
Girl #1 tries to make Endou eat rice balls laced with Prozac…and fails.
What’s this? Coach Hottie vs Girl #2? Finally, some action. Battle of the year, start!
………oh. What a letdown! Team Raimon plays badly today except for Kabeyama and Kurimatsu who already suck. Kurimatsu leaves the team too.
:agumon:: Hooray!

Even that good news doesn’t cheer up Endou. Bad news a comin’.
:yoshino2:: I have a headache so I’m kicking Endou off the team. Kidou’s the new captain. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have puppies to drown.
:kidou:: I refuse.
:yoshino2:: You little bastard! I’m leaving tomorrow with or without you. *flies away on her broom*

Raimon realizes that leaving Endou to rot in self-pity is actually a bad thing. Plan Happy Endou—Begin! It’s gonna be tough, but they’re determined to help Endou slowly but surely.
:aki:: Look at Tachimukai, Endou.
:endou:: He learned Majin the Hand? All better now!

Tachi joins the team, Fubuki’s back, and Gouenji may return. So, did we really need to be sad over Kaze and Kuri leaving? This episode gets a big fat WHATEVER!

Next episode: Spring Break!

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PostPosted: Sat Apr 24, 2010 10:00 pm
by cyber_cody
Episode 47: Vacation At The Southern Seas!

Did you barricade the doors?
:agumon:: Check.
Lock the windows?
:agumon:: Check.
Electric fence?
:agumon:: Check! All set.
Good. Let’s begin.

Our episode starts on a high note with Megane drowning. Fearing he’ll swim to shore, Endou readies to jump in and finish the job. Who’s that? That jerk saved Megane!


Uh—so goggles guy yells at Megane (Yay!) and leaves. Stuck on an island paradise for the day, Endou decides to relax. Wait, practice? Are you serious Endou?
:endou:: Beach parties are for losers.

Did they make the nets or were they already there? Hey, it’s Goggle Boy.
:tsunami:: Is soccer something you can do on the beach too? Lame. It’s called volleyball, kids.


Ahem…. Touko wants to do Butterfly Dream with Rika because her kicks suck.
:rika:: No way! Darling will do it with me.
:ichinose:: I’d rather eat paint.

Touko hits Taichi while practicing Butterfly Dream. Pimp slap for Touko? No, only a thank you. Back at Pillar Valley, scary boys in shorts talk about Endou. On the beach, a stray shot heads for Davis but he kicks that sucker back! Pink-haired boys are cool!
:someoka:: Damn straight!
:agumon:: Who are you?


Endou wants Takato to try playing soccer but he’s not interested in anything that doesn’t involve a surf board or digivice. Kidou tricks him into playing. We learn the surfer’s name is Tsunami.
:chika: :yoshino::

Oh no! The fangirls broke through!
:chika: :yoshino:: Look at his soccer outfit. Its sooooo cool! Eeek!
:agumon:: Shut up!

Tsunami kicks---
:chika: :yoshino:: OMG! Did you see that kick?! He’s so strong!
:agumon:: Pepper Breath!
:chika: :yoshino:: My fanfiction!

Tsunami learns there’s more to soccer than cool kicks. Ball in the face, ouch. The girls prefect Butterfly Dream.
:touko: :rika:: We’re not useless anymore!
:aki:: You’ll be back.

Is he…surfing on a soccer ball? Damn. Just….damn.
:tsunami:: Tsunami Boost!
:chika: :yoshino:: Tsunami-sama!
:agumon:: Where’s my gun?!

Raimon relaxes after a hard day of training in a shack. Guys, you realize you can ask Girl #2 to put up money for a hotel room, right? It’s Coelamon! No, its only Tsunami. Tsunami reveals he’s fifteen.
:endou: I had no idea that you were an upperclassman, T-Tsunami-san…
:tsunami:: Oh, it’s fine. Not like we’re in Japan or anything. No wait—

The team leaves for Okinawa. I wonder if we’ll see Tsunami again.
:chika: :yoshino:: We will!
:agumon:: No spoilers! Spitfire Blast!

We end with Mr. Evil opening his eyes. That bastard!

Next episode: Where in the world is Gouenji Sandiego?!

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, 2010 5:13 pm
by cyber_cody
Episode 48: The Flaming Striker!

Okinawa! Raimon arrives to look for Gouenji.

:someoka:: GOUENJI!
:agumon:: Back to obsecurity—err--the hospital.

Backstory. Raimon has few clues to go on.
:kidou:: Where’s Coach Hitomiko?
:natsumi:: She said she’d meet up with us later. It seems she’s busy gathering valuable information at the mall.

The Pikachu Eleven go searching. Endou makes little kids cry.
:kidou:: Endou, what did you do?
:endou:: Showed them my leet skillz. Buncha haters!

The kid’s father shows up. He’s making them call him their “brother”? What a creep! Endou explains the situation to….
:masaru4: (Hijikata): I’m Hijikata Raiden. I’m a junior high schooler like you guys.
:endou:: You look twenty.
:masaru4:: I failed the same grade five times.

Hijikata’s strong! Coach Hottie returns from her shopping trip. Girl #2 gets her caught up on the team’s status. Princess Peach wants Coach Hottie to put Gouenji back on the team. Coach Hottie says no. No one’s surprised. Searching montage ahoy! Who’s that evil looking kid that looks like one of the alien pillar guys? Nagumo Haruya? Well, I’m sure it’s a coincidence. Hijikata meets the rest of the team. Endou offers him a spot but he can’t leave his kids and turns him down. Domon and Fubuki shows up with the flame striker.
:domon:: He’s not evil, really. /hmm

This show is many things, subtle isn’t one of them. Not Evil-kun sets up a test for himself. It begins. Major ownage by Not Evil-kun.
:burn:: Did I pass your pitifully easy test?
:endou:: Yeah. Welcome to the club.

Gran shows up to narc on Nagumo.
:gran:: He’s from Aliea Academy you morons!
:burn:: And I would’ve got away if it wasn’t for that meddling kid.

He’s called Burn, first name’s Sun. He’s the captain of Team Prominence. Gran and Burn basically argue over who’s bigger then leaves. Raimon starts their flame search all over again. Cue mystery boy staring at him. This must be the 12th mystery guy we’ve seen so far.

Can’t have an episode without training. Endou continues to perfect his new move. On the bus with Endou tonight is Kidou.
:chika: :yoshino:: Whooooo!
:agumon:: Stop ruining the moment!

A new day, more training. The Girls decide to look for the flamer but we all know they won’t find him. Hijikata and You Know Who arrive at the end.

Next episode: Ipod Soccer!

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 27, 2010 8:06 pm
by coldbell
Oh lawd, I had to make an account to say how awesome your ep recaps are, cyber_cody. Also I miss the old team members :(.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 9:58 am
by cyber_cody
Thanks coldbell. Hope you keep posting.

I'm trying to lure more Inazuma fans to the forum. It's a fun series that deserves more people talking about it.

As for the old members, I don't miss them at all. /sry
Maybe it's because I didn't start liking the series until Raimon entered the national tournament. Guess I never gave the first members a chance. That, and in the beginning I only watched the show for the hissatsu moves. It's my favorite part of the show.

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:44 am
by Splash
Awww XD I certainly miss them at least. Especially Handa and Max. And the others~
But at least the story keeps moving. And it's gooooood~

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 12:48 pm
by coldbell
Aw I love all the characters, though I didn't realize it till they left. I'm so cheesy sometimes.

Oh god I miss Handa and Max so much ;_; Max always hat such great hats, lmao. :matsuno:

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 11:11 pm
by cyber_cody
I can barely tell Handa and Ichinose apart.

I miss Max's hat more than Max.
:matsunob: = happy

Sorta miss Kageno. We need at least one creepy guy on the team.

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PostPosted: Mon May 03, 2010 7:40 pm
by Splash
Creepy guy XDDD; Indeed~~~

trufax, this is what you get when you put Inazuma Eleven ep 47's script on ep 49