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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby garfield15 » Tue Dec 14, 2010 3:51 pm

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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Tue Dec 14, 2010 11:02 pm

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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby Rozza C » Tue Dec 21, 2010 9:52 pm I kinda disappeared for a while, but now I've returned....and I've just watched the latest episode.

And to be honest, there isn't much to say that jumped out at me to be honest..

It was just another quick match with another Inazuma-style narrow win.

Wasn't particularly all that exciting.

The next episode looks like it could be interesting too.

And that's about all I have to say on the matter.
Rozza C
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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Sat Dec 25, 2010 5:38 pm

Image: Oh, hell no!

Episode 110: Hell Army Kai!

Image: For those who care about that little traitor, Agumon won’t be here because he’s gone with TK, Matt, and Gabumon to see the Inazuma Eleven movie. Little dino bastard! Not just him, EVERYONE is gone. Screw ‘em all! I’ll do this all by myself. *sniff* *sniff*
We begin with Girls #1, 2, & 4 doing what they do best. Nothing.
:natsumi3:: I never thought something like this would happen right before the finals tournament. A robot apocalypse maybe but not something like this.
:fuyuka3:: Will they be all right?
Image: No. They’ll all die. I’d tell you to go the hell but you'd get more screen time. Yeah, I’m bitter. Deal with it! Lousy movie clips stinking up the episode. Level-5 ain’t nothing but marketing whores. Still bitter! Team Kidou arrives in hell.
:teres3:: What a dreary looking place.
Image: Not the Palm Springs knock-off you thought I’d be, Teres? Okay, I admit it. Girl #3 looks cute in that outfit. Hard to take demons seriously when the leader has a baby face. And, what the hell is up the short pink-haired chick? Her eyes are almost the same size as her eyebrows! Short story short, Hell Army wants to resurrect the demon lord to take over the world. Why? I say boredom. Instead of killing the humans with their powers, they have a soccer match. Game Start! A hissatsu tactic already, Black Thunder. Babyface easily scores a goal.
:aphrodi:: Rip-off!

Image: Stop whining, Toramaru. You act like you never fought demons in hell before. Time for a pass party.
:fudou3:: F*ck that! Guys like these just need a good bashing!
:tobitaka3:: You want our precious manager to become a sacrifice?! I won’t forgive you!
Image: Have you spoken to Girl #3 or any of the managers, ever?
:tobitaka3:: Shut up and let me act. I need all the close-ups I can get.
Image: Horny girl with the nice voice has a cool hissatsu move, The End. Honey sent that ball to the Negaverse! After some blatant fouls we see the evil version of Go To Heaven called Go To…..uh I forget. Dark Matter stomps Maou The Hand for the goal. Fucking movie promo eyecatch! I hope it bombs!
Image: Down boy. XD
Image: What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the movie Miss Prisoners-Aren’t-Allowed-To-Go-To-Movie-Premieres?
Image: Going with everyone from the chat room, later. Stop sulking. You can watch Ryuu-Rogue’s subbed version when it comes out. XD
Image: When?
Image: About Dec. 28, next year. XD
Image: Team Endou makes their way to hell. Kabeyama says something stupid. 2nd half start! Brutal! Fouls don’t exist in hell.
:kidou3:: Someone put a grenade in my shorts!
Image: A power nod? Here we go! Devil ball from Lady Lipstick. Babyface is gonna end it with Dark Matter. Teres for the block!
:teres3:: Go To Hell? Bitch, YOU go to hell! Hey, Kidou! Stop being a puss and get it together. Offense is the best defense.
Image: Pep talk powers activate! Wait. Where were the guest stars all this time?
:dylan:: In the shower.
Image: *drool*
Image: Teres, Mark, and Dylan proceed to kick ass! Goal!
:dylan:: Ohhhh. Fake out. Welcome to the Dylan School of Ownage!
Image: Happy boys counterattack time! I love Tobi’s Jello Attack.
:tobitaka3:: You see. With the plays and the fire and the winning…
Image: Hahaha! Fudou busted that chick up. Take out Miss goalie, Tora!
Image: That’s a boy. XD
:toramaru3:: Gouenji! Not! Gladius Arch!
:dylan:: I didn’t think you’d use us as decoys and end up shooting it yourself. Man, you are so unoriginal.
:fudou3:: That Toramaru made it in just like I thought he would.
Image: Fudou! /lv
Image: Score’s tied. Let’s do this, Japanmeriatina! Black Thunder! Tachi stopped it!
:tachimukai3:: Kitchen’s closed, cutie…er…punk!
Image: Oh, God Hand. Another Kidou Xavier moment. Here’s the finisher, Radioactive Penguin 3! Oh sh*t! She-he-it killed the penguins.
Image: Not on my watch! Freeman Cameo Attack Bonus!
Image: It’s good. Team Kidou wins 3-2! Hahaha! I love seeing permanently smiling players lose. They look like they don’t give a crap.
:endou3:: You won without me? Let’s pretend this filler never happened.
Image: Babyface and winged brats take off. So, the girls have been standing in the same spot for hours now?
:aki3:: We’re stuck outside. Endou has the lodge key.
Image: One wardrobe change later, we see the return of Sain who I assume is now good but I honestly can’t tell the difference.
Image: Hi. Are TK and Agumon back yet?
Image: Kari?

Image: Next episode: Good and Evil VS Young and Haxor!
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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Sat Dec 25, 2010 6:39 pm

Image: Tai, Gotomon, Stephanie and me went to see the new Inazuma Movie. It was fun!
Image: Grrrrrr!

Episode 111: We Ran Out of Ideas! Dark Angel!!

Image: Tai wants to apologize to Agumon.
Image: No, I don’t.
Image: Yes, you do, Bowtai! Stop being a brain dead peon and make up. Maybe a haircut will change your disposition?
Image: No! Anything but that! I-I’ll do it.
Image Image Image: Yay!
Image: Ooooookay. Back to the children’s soccer game with the fate of the world riding on it. Stain can’t break free from the demon lord’s influence. Turning him from a jerk to a douchebag. I don’t get it. What were the angels doing in Hell in the first place? Why didn’t their ancestors just write or pass down details about how the demon lord can be resurrected? Where did they get those uniforms? Damn this filler!
Image: World wild destruction or not, as long as everyone gets proper exercise I’m happy.
Image: A movie clip. I remember that part. They got their butts kicked.
Image: Shut. Up. So, all this talk about the demon lord and we don’t get to see him. In the words of little orange dinosaur, LAME!
:kidou3:: Dark Angel was the demon lord? Well, I’m disappointed.
:endou3:: Didn’t you learn from playing with us about how much fun soccer is?
:rikum: (Sain): No.
Image Image: Hahahahahahaha!
Image: Dark Angel chooses the purest souls. The eleven kids who haven’t read Naruto yet. Should I bring up how stupid this all is? Our boys WON, twice! Ugh.
Image: It’s okay, Cyber Cody. The movie makes more sense.
Image: And looks better.
Image: And is way more fun than this.
Image: Stop talking about the movie! Game start! Dark Angel scores the first point with Shadow Ray.
Image: Lovely. I always had a thing for fallen angels.
Image: Ladydevimon! Gotomon, digivolve!
Image: Can’t a girl watch the destruction of humanity in peace?
Image: Haven’t seen Killer Fields for awhile. Too bad it gets stomped by Go To Hell. Snow Angel returns! Nice, Fubuki.
:fubuki3:: Stay frosty.
Image: Now we get Crossfire Remastered! Demon goalkeeper girl or guy stops it with The End V2.
Image: That’s a guy, dude.
Image: Totally a guy.
:monj: (Deasta): Fear us with our gender ambiguous faces and shaven legs!
Image: 8:27-Big Daddy wants a piece of Rika booty. Oh fiddlesticks! Another Shadow Ray! Phew! It’s stopped by Shinkuuma and Ijigen The Hand Remastered.
:kabeyama:: And The Mountain.
Image: Gravity did more to stop it than you. Kidou got the ball stolen by a blind kid. Sad.
Image: In Hell, physical disability disables you!
Image: That’s not Hell, it’s a damp cave filled with bugs.
Image: Sorry, Blondie. You must be confusing Hell with what’s between your legs. Mahaha!
Image: The forwards want to help but Fudou respectfully declines their offer.
:fudou3:: Get the f*ck back to the front!
:endou3:: You heard the Mohawk. Let us take care of it.
:toramaru3:: Don’t say I didn’t warn you! Cause I did! When we lose and our souls are eaten, I’ll be laughing at you all. Laughing!
Image: Gouenji is a total background character now. Serves you right!
:gouenji3:: Least I won’t be replaced by an idiot clone with no leadership skills.
Image: I’m required by Ry-Ro law to mention Fudou’s butt shot @ 11:09 by order of Splash. Awesome interception by Fudou! Grand Fire VS The End V2! Goal! Score’s tied. Mad props to Fudou!
:hiroto3:: He shows what he means through action. That’s Fudou Akio.
Image: O rly?
:monj:: How could we lose a point?
:endou3:: You don’t win because each individual is strong. You win because the feelings and strengths of the entire team are untied!
:kabeyama:: Yeah!. Losing has nothing to do with having weak players on the team. Right?
Image: 2nd half start!
Image: Where’s the referee? I call foul!
Image: Shut your trap. This is a friendly game.
Image: That boy’s teeth got knock out!
Image: Teeth get knocked out all the time in soccer. Get a grip.
Image: Those guys aren’t being very nice. Do something Tai.
Image: Sorry, Steph. Ate too much popcorn at the movie. Damn you free refills!
:endou3:: Cue the theme song. True Ijigen The Hand!
Image: Yay Endou!
Image: What does Odin Sword + Grand Fire equal? Goa-
:monj: & :rikum:: Denied!
:endou3:: Nuh-uh. Theme song still playing. Megaton Head!
Image: He did it! Endou saved the day!
:endou3:: Like I said, it’s all about me work. TEAM! I meant team.
Image: Team Endou wins! No soul eating for you!
Image: Cool Cameo.
Image: Another wardrobe change later, the angels are back to their superior complex selves. Smiling goggles guy never fails to make me laugh. Endou, you moron. They tried to destroy the freaking world. Lock their tails up!
:monj:: Too late! See ya next millennium, bitches!
Image: Good is stupid. That is all.
Image: Blah, blah, blah hearts. I don’t care about the demon lord anymore. We bid farewell to our guest stars.
:dylan:: Last one in the shower has to pick up the soap.
Image: Practice Time! I thought Girl #2 already quit. What’s with this tacked on drama? Oh well, good riddance.
:agumon:: I’m back! Tai?
Image: Uh, hey Agumon. Listen…I’m sorry, pal. It’s not the same without you. Date whoever you want, but please come back. All these goodie goodie girls are driving me crazy!
Image Image Image: Hey!
:agumon:: I’m sorry too, Tai.
Image: Image Image Image Image: Awww…
Image: Huh? Who are you?
Image: I’m Roll. The new guard.

:fudou3:: Next episode: Mac Donalds!
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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Tue Jan 11, 2011 8:50 pm

Episode 112: The Kingdom’s D*ckhead Coach!

Image: Saaaaave me!
Image: Dang it, WarGraymon! I said Terra Force, not Nova Force!
Image: It’s the same thing!
Image: Stop hitting me with your hair, Willow Smith! Waaaaaaaaaah!!!!!

~Meanwhile, inside the secret Ryuu-Rogue Castle/Go-kart Park~

:masa4: (jpwong): …plan to spike DCTP’s punch with nitro glycerin at their New Year’s Party was a success. Framing Kaito Kid for it was indeed the correct choice, not that I care.
:tai1:(Taito_special): GO TEAM RY-RO! WOO!
Image: I’m back. Got the doughnuts.
Image: Yes! Time for a break. In the mood for Inazuma Eleven? XD
:masa4:: I don’t care.
Image: Oh, the Group B Preliminary final match. XD
Image: What’s up with the kid with the rose? Amazon River Wave does it again.

:kudou:: Now we know who our opponents are in the semi-finals. I’m thinking it’ll take four, maybe five episodes to beat them.
:mac:: We’ll play to keep the name of The Kingdom clea—Can we get another mic? And a DJ? I’m in the mood to jam.
:masa4:: Those girls are pretty, not that I care.

:hijikata3:: You’re not giving your mom—er—the lady next door any trouble, are you?

:mac:: Let me see Endou.
:hijikata3:: Nobody gets in to see the Endou. Not nobody. Not no how!

Image: Endou meeting a future antagonist who isn’t a douche? Shocking.
Image: Wait for it. XD
:mac:: I was looking forward to our faceoff, but…
:endou3:: “was”?
:mac:: …….
:endou3:: ………
:mac:: /|||
:hijikata3:: What? Oh! You want me to go. Fine. I’ll just leave….and hang out with the other guys. Because, I’m popular. Really popular! Heh heh heh……………. God, I’m so lonely.
Image: Oh my g00d! Oh my g00d! He did not ask Endou to throw the match! XD
:mac:: Kidding! It was a joke. Definitely not something you should look into to advance the plot. Here, let me kick this ball in your face.

:endou3:: But Roniejo’s shoot was the real thing. Strong players can’t be bad. Must be someone else behind the scenes.

:masa4:: They’re still promoting the movie, not that I care.
Image: Still can’t believe that Level-5 employee gave us a copy to sub.
Image: Yeah. Too bad our follows won’t get to see it for at least ten months. Got to give them something to look forward to. Hee hee hee hee! XD

:masa4:: Bullying kids out in the open is bold, not that I care.
Image: “Damn you, Garshield?” Little girl got a mouth on her. Now, she’s giving them the finger!
:endou3:: Nosy Power Activate! Do tell us everything unnecessary.

:masa4:: What a snitch, but I don’t care at all. Not in the slightest.
Image: Once again TV teaches us all evil people are rich. XD
:kidou3:: Gentleman, I think we found our new Kageyama.
:hiroto3:: Who’s up for some good old fashioned breaking and entering?
:endou3: :kidou3: :hijikata3:: Yosh!

Image: Metal Gear Soccer.
Image: Splinter Soccer. XD
Image: Their plan is to sneak in wearing their uniforms and opening a window to get in. The Gears of War soldiers are more subtle than them. Busted.
:kidou3:: Told you we needed guns.
:hiroto3:: Zoinks! This mansion is huge.
Image: Eeeew! Green striped pants. XD
:masa4:: This is why you put a password on your supercomputer. Not carin’, just sayin’.
Image: Thought he was going to destroy the bridge.
:hibiki:: It seems we’ve got ourselves some astonishing stolen data. Garshield is plotting to take over the world. Dun Dun Dunn!
Image: Saw that coming a unit of measurement of distance away. Btw, are you ever going to tell Cyber Cody about “that”.
Image: Don’t know. He shouldn’t have lost his memories in the cybernation process. Deep down I don’t think he wants to remember. No telling what he might do if he finds out he’s an “Original”. XD

:gouenji3:: Next Episode: Will I ever get to talk in the show again?
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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Jan 17, 2011 7:24 pm

Episode 113: Garshield’s Socks!

Image: Put on your pajamas and brush your teeth because tonight we’re having a Digimon slumber party. Hurray, I guess.
:agumon:: Come on C.C. You know you’re having fun.
Image: I was until Gomamon put his smelly fish in my sleeping bag!
Image: But, they like you.
Image: We begin with Count Garshield being scary. Cut to iJapan and where we left off last episode. Hahaha, I love Touko’s expression. Long story short, Garshield is an eeeeeevil oil tycoon trying to start wars so he can raise the price of oil and become richer (and eviler).
Image: What’s the name of his company?
:hibiki:: Murder Oil Inc.
Image: It’s easy to see who the idiots are in episodes like this.
:tsunami3: :endou3: :kabeyama: :kogure3: :someoka3:: Derp?
:agumon:: He also wants to sell weapons. Didn’t Iron Man teach you anything?!
:endou3:: I won’t let him use soccer for something like that!
:gouenji3:: ……..
:megane3:: The data that incriminates the rich and powerful man is in our hands. Once we take this to the police, Garshield, the very rich and very powerful man will be arrested. No doubt about it!
Image: I’m new to this show, but maybe they should post the info on the internet and make a back-up copy just in case.
:tachimukai3:: With this much evidence against him, he can’t escape going to jail!
:agumon:: Or call the inspector for help.
:hibiki:: I’ll take this to the police, all by myself.
Image: Wh47 i5 wr0ng wi7h 7h353 hum4n5?
Image: You’ve been hanging around Izzy too long.
Image: Seriously, what the f*ck Inazuma Japan? Letting an old man walk to the police station with incriminating evidence against the megalomaniac rich guy who built everything on this island might not be a good idea.
:otonashi3:: Now Roniejo-san and the others can play to their heart’s content without having to worry about their families!
Image: What was that?
Image: The sound of every Inazuma fan’s jaw dropping on the floor. Dumb b*tches!
Image: Practice Time!
:mac:: No. Flashback Time.
:agumon:: Mac got busted.
:mac:: I know you’re evil, Coach. But, would it hurt to turn on a light?
Image: Evil guys can go green too.
:mac:: If I activate the RH program… The others will try to keep up with me, and turn into glass, breaking into a million pieces.
Image: Here come the tards.
:endou3:: We solved all your problems in the name of soccer!
:hijikata3:: So yeah, the idiot had all the evidence in his computer. We’ve taken it to the police, so it won’t be long before Garshield is arrested.
Image: This is just painful to watch. Funny, but painful.

:mac:: Thank you, boy.
Image :agumon: Image Image: Don’t thank him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
:hijikata3:: Did you see those happy grins on all their faces? We did good.
:endou3:: Yeah!
:aki3:: Coach Hibiki got attacked by Garshield’s men while he was on his way to the police.
:endou3:: Garshield’s men? I’m legitimately surprised by this new turn of events. Please, tell me more.
:aki3:: They began tailing him ever since he left the lodging house. He managed to get rid of them, but apparently he had a heart condition.
:kidou3:: If only we knew beforehand. We could have sent a three year old blind girl in his place.
:kudou:: Yeah, I knew about it. See, the reason I let Hibiki go alone was because……..I knew he would be forced to go to the hospital. Yeah, that’s it. Oh! Look at the time! Better give the police this valuable data I didn’t copy. That’ll make up for my mistake.
Image: And here comes the drama.
:tobitaka3:: Stupid undefined heart condition!
:endou3:: Is he okay, doctor?
Image: He’s out of critical condition. That nasty appendix won’t bother him anymore.
:endou3:: I thought it was his heart.
Image: Heart? Oops…
Image: Sc4ry 3y35!
:endou3:: We’ve given that evidence to the police. Garshield should be in jail by now-
:hibiki:: Endou. Get a clue.
Image: Hibiki’s vague operation is about to begin.
:kabeyama:: We’ll win and give our victory to Coach Hibiki as a present!
:endou3:: We? Our?
:gouenji3:: …………...
Image: The game’s gonna start!
:rika:: Why aren’t we in the VIP area?
:endou3:: A giant airship. Garshield?!

:kudou:: According to the police, they never received evidence of any sort. I blame Megane.
:mac:: I know a bunch of kids in blue shirts who are getting a foot up their ass.
:endou3:: Time for Plan B: an over-the-top anime soccer game beatdown!
:gouenji3:: Endou is right. We can’t let someone like him get what he wants!
:endou3: :kidou3: :kabeyama: :someoka3: :tachimukai3: :tsunami3: :fudou3: :toramaru3: :tobitaka3: :hiroto3: :sakuma3: :kogure3: :megane3: :hijikata3: :fubuki3:: ………
:gouenji3:: ……..What?

Image: Referee minion alert! Mind control? Ruh-oh!
:agumon:: Hey. A new ending with the team singing.
Image: Mahahahaha!

:hibiki:: Next episode: Soccer makes you lose control!
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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Wed Jan 26, 2011 10:42 pm

Image: Prepare for trouble!
Image: Make it double!

Episode 114: Inazuma Japan VS The Kingdom Hearts

:agumon:: Team Roc-
Image: Shh! Let them finish!
Image: To protect the world from devastation!
Image: To unite all peoples within our nation!
Image: Uhhhhhh….what?
Image: To denounce the evils of truth and love!
Image Image: To extend our reach to the stars above!
Image: Woo!
Image: Jessie!
Image: James!
:agumon:: Roll!
Image: Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!
Image: Surrender now or prepare to fight!
Image: Meowth! That's right!
Image: Damn skippy!
Image: What’s going on here? Team Rocket!
Image: Classic Team Rocket! What happened to you guys? You’re so crappy in the newest seasons.
Image: Oooooooh. We were replaced! Lousy producers couldn’t handle our fabulous nature!
Image: Enough about us. Hand over your pokemon!
Image: We aren’t pokemon. We’re digimon. Digimon Monsters!
Image Image :agumon:: Digimon are the champions!
:endou3:: I’m waaaaiting.
Image: Sorry Endou. Mac got RH’d and is trying to score by himself. Damn, that was some serious Kidou ownage from Mac.
:kidou3:: He’s got so much technique! Remember when I was a badass? Those were the days. *sigh*
:fubuki3:: Snow Angel!
Image: Fail!
:tobitaka3:: Shinkuuma!
Image: F4i1!
Image: Go sit in corner!
:kabeyama:: Does this mean I’ll never get a season 3 uniform?
Image: That’s right!
:hijikata3:: Super Shikofumi!
Image: Fame.
Image: It’s fail, Patamon.
:agumon:: Mac misses the goal!
Image: Oooooh! So many cute players!
Image: So, you are gay. I knew it!
Image: I’m not bound to any gender.
:mac:: Come on, boy.
Image: Well, if you insist. Ooooooh! I’m so naughty!
Image: Rope it in, James.
Image: Rolling Side is cool!
Image: Mac stole the ball from Lagroot!
Image: Meowth! Hello kitty! Wanna play cat’s cradle?
Image: Back off, roadkill.
:agumon:: Another miss. The RH Program is lame.
Image: Hello Brazil Ichinose! Team Brazil learn Mac’s been programmed.
Image: Do the twerps know they’re in the middle of a game? What’s with the drama break?
Image: You get used to it. The Kingdom is getting serious.
:endou3:: What do you think?
:kidou3:: I’m not sure. But I do know that something has changed with The Kingdom’s atmosphere.
:endou3:: Remember when you were a genius strategist?
:kidou3:: Yeah… *sigh*

Image: Rolling Slide makes no sense. And that’s coming from a digital cat who turns into an angel.
Image: 11:18 Man, Kidou. You aren’t even trying anymore.
:agumon:: It’s The Kingdom’s hissatsu tactic, Amazon River Wave!
Image: And Toramaru goes down too. iJapan ate a big bowl of wack before the match. Normal shoot by Mac VS Hammer of Wrath V2! Good job Endou!
Image: Th3 b411 w3n7 in.
Image: Impossible. Endou’s hissatsu beats any normal shoo- WHAT THE F*CK?! Dude! You suck!
:endou3:: Not my fault. My shoe was untied!
Image: Another Surf attack.
Image: Purple hair protected the goal.
Image: First half over. Score is 0-1. Big Daddy gets back on his high horse.
:hijikata3:: Roniejo. Those plays at the start were pretty senseless.
Image: Shut the hell up! If you gave the data to the police this wouldn’t be happening. Moron.

:hijikata3:: It’s gotta be Garshield. Garshield is causing Roniejo and the others to suffer!
Image: Duh!

Image: The evil Dark Elves' talk are overheard by Detective Beard.
Image: Buuuuuusted!
Image: Leon Sams, the real Kingdom coach, goes snitch happy on Garshield. Woah. Woah. Woah. Garshield is admitting he experimented on a child! Guess this season’s just about over. No way is he getting out of this.
Image: They better arrest his assistant too for crimes against fashion. Ewww!
:agumon:: Kageyama was to one who pointed the police in the right direction. What a nice guy!
:mac:: Garshield! I’ve got one last thing to say to you! Kiss my hypnotized, drugged up a$$!
Image: You do know your families are screwed without me, right?
Image: Alright Team Rocket. Time’s up. Get out.
Image: Bye guys! Call me!

:mac:: Next episode: Dance Dance Hissatsution!
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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby Rozza C » Sat Jan 29, 2011 5:23 pm

Episode 115 = Best. Episode. EVER!!

Rozza C
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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Thu Feb 03, 2011 9:35 pm

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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby Rozza C » Fri Feb 04, 2011 2:29 pm

Lol. As always, a great episode summary! XD

Yeah. He kinda annoyed me a little bit in this episode. Kinda felt like he was talking out of his ass.
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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Sun Feb 13, 2011 9:48 pm

Image: Begin the evaluation.

Episode 116: LEAB!

Image: A strait-laced man with a lackey plotting stuff. Where have I seen that before?
Image: Cool! The semi-finals match between Orpheus and Little Gigant!
Image: Why aren’t they in school! Study first, over-the-top sports battles second!
Image: Calm down, President Chi-Chi. It’s summer, I think.
:endou3:: How come you didn’t wake us up?
:aki3:: I had to slip your pajamas back on firs-errrrrrr you wouldn’t wake up! It’s all your fault!

:endou3:: We promised, Fidio. We’ll fight each other again at the finals! You’ll win against that mysterious team that’s been barely introduced, I know you will!

Image: His friends lost. Renamon! Laugh all over them.
Image: Yes, Rika. Ha. Ha. ….Ha.

:fidio:: Sorry, Captain. You left this match in my hands, but we couldn’t win.
:hide:: You don’t have to apologize for anything. I did this because I believe in your potential. Guess I was wrong, oops. Oh, well. Better luck next time.

:endou3:: Fidio! What the f*ck happened to your team?
:fidio:: You saw what happened. Go away.
:endou3:: Actually, I over slept and missed it. Sorry.
:fidio:: Screw you! Whatever. Begin flashback.

:fidio:: Little Gigant. No matter how much information we tried to get, they’re still a mystery team with an unknown playstyle. Maybe I should have watched their previous matches. Stupid late foresight!
Image: Italy gets the ball. Freeze Shot against the goalkeeper. It’s not very effective.
:rococo:: One hand block. Consider yourselves embarrassed.

Image: The ball jumped out his hands!
:endou3:: Blasi couldn’t stop a normal shoot?
:fidio:: After that, we came to know even further of what real ownage felt like.
Image: Weak people should just die.
Image: Little Gigant didn’t use a single hissatsu? This is so sad. Glad it wasn’t me.

:fidio:: Sorry, Mamoru. Could you leave us alone for a while? We need a little rest before we jump off Condor Stadium into the loving arms of death.

Image: This is it. This is it! What we’re waiting for!
:natsumi3:: Little Gigant is my team.
Image: Oh hoo hoo hoo! This is Class A biatching! Bravo!
:endou3:: Are you saying the one who had analyzed Orpheus’s soccer was… Natsumi, you did it for them?
:natsumi3:: Yep. We better go. Don’t want to be late for our victory party. Laters!

Image: I’m also impressed, Natsumi.
:natsumi:: Thank you. I try.
Image: Hold on. No official decisions will be made until the end.
Image: Even more bad news for Endou. This show is cruel but so good!
Image: Why did they ruin it with good news about that old fart?! Stupid modern medicine!

:natsumi3:: Back story time. I used my many talents to find Endou Daisuke to learn the truth about the 40 year old bus sabotage. I tried to confront him but passed out before I could dazzle him with my epic nagging. Eventually, I made him reveal everything to me.
Image: So, what happened forty years ago?
:natsumi3:: Like I would tell you. Wait like everyone else who hasn’t played the third game.
Image: Wake me when the backstory ends.
:natsumi3:: This is Endou Mamoru-kun.
Image: Now that’s the face of a soccer idiot!
:natsumi3:: Want to see a picture of your daughter?
Image: Does she play soccer?
:natsumi3:: No.
Image: Maybe later then.

Image: I’m bored now. Renamon. Let’s go to Starbucks.
Image: Aren’t you the rebel?

Image: After finishing Ogre, I realize I had to put together a team to fight Endou.
:natsumi3:: Endou-kun. Your grandfather’s a big person. So very big. ………….YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!

Image: So, you joined Little Gigant so you wouldn’t be kicked off the show? And in doing so betrayed your friends?
:natsumi3:: More or less.
Image: Okay, you’re in. Welcome to the League of Extraordinary Anime Biatches!

Image: There’s more. Yeesh! Will this episode ever end?
:otonashi3:: Let’s all go visit, Coach Hibiki. N-Natsumi-san! What are you doing here?
:natsumi3:: I’m Little Gigant’s….wait for it….

:natsumi3:: …manager.
:kidou3: :gouenji3: :kabeyama: :kazemaru3: :kogure3: :otonashi3: :aki3: :tsunami3: :tachimukai3: :fubuki3: :someoka3: :hiroto3: :toramaru3: :tobitaka3: :fudou3:: *GASP!*
:endou3:: I told you guys that an hour ago!
:kidou3:: We were at the movies then. Don’t make big announcements while we’re watching The Green Hornet.
:aki3:: Someone’s destroying the Cotarl Area.
:endou3:: Who’s doing this? Seriously, no clue who would be evil enough to do such a thing.
Image: You can kill my friends, make me go into hiding for forty years, and experiment on innocent young boys. But, NO ONE interrupts a soccer tournament! It’s on!

:rococo:: Next episode: Don’t play ball threw the house!
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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby Rozza C » Mon Feb 14, 2011 2:41 pm


Love it!
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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Sun Feb 20, 2011 11:08 pm

Image: Mindless destruction… If I’m dreaming, don’t wake me up.

Episode 117: Attack of the Ultimate Enhanced Humans!! Huh? Didn’t we do This Back in Season Two?!!

Image: Seeing iJapan’s shocked face again made me realize something. Why is Fudou surprised? Actually, why should he care?
:fudou3:: I’m surprised she wore those boots with that blouse. What was she thinking?!

Image: Why is the reporter dressed like he’s in a war zone? It’s still Liocott Island. There’s a fricking water park and Walmart less than thirty meters away!
:endou3:: To the Inazumamobile!

Image: Hahahaha! Everyone looks so serious expect Girl #4.
:fuyuka3:: Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuur….
Image: Oh yes! More! More destruction!
Image: I know I should be sad but this is just stupid. I spent all my suspension of belief points on evil glowing nuclear soccer balls from last season.

Image: The boy holding the old lady is cute.
Image: Hey! Don’t go fangirl on me, Roll. Uh-oh. Rococo’s shoulder got hit by a plot device.
:rococo3:: It only hurts when I laugh.

Image: Cotarl’s shortie is smaller than the kid he’s saving.
Image: Inazuma Japan arrives. Where’s the police, you ask? Busy playing Marvel VS Capcom 3.
:rococo3:: Come on, kid. This is no time to be playing hide –n- seek.

Image: Endou saves Rococo.
:rococo3:: Thanks for stealing my thunder.
:endou3:: No prob. It’s what I do.

:tsunami3:: So you finally show yourselves!
:kidou3:: Who are you people? Show your faces so the authorities can arrest you!
Image: Okay.

Image:Team Garshield? What happened to being subtle? You spent decades coming up with this big evil plan and now you’re painting a huge target on yourself. What the fork, man?!
Image: Play no attention to the logic behind the curtain!

Image: Stop acting like you knew all along it was Garshield!
Image: This is payback for not dying in that bus accident, Daisuke Endou!
:endou3:: I knew it. He is my grandma.
:aki3:: Grandpa, Endou.
:endou3:: Y-Yeah, grandpa. Knew it all along.

Image: Garshield is big! Must be all the Vitamin E he takes. E for Evil!
Image: Shut up, android!
Image: Robot. He’s the android.
Image: No, I’m a cyborg. You are the android.
Image: Technically, I’m a robot and a-
Image: Just watch the show!
:aki3:: 40 years ago, Coach Endou Daisuke and his legendary Inazuma El-
Image: ARGHHH! Get to the match!

:natsumi3:: Garshield has acquired control over the world’s soccer as part of his plans for world conquest.
Image Image Image: Of course!

Image: You may think I was hiding, but I’ve kept investigating and chasing after you these past 40 years.
Image: 40 years? You must be real close to foiling my plans.
Image: That’s right! All I needed was another 20 years for me to stop you!
:endou3:: We accept your challenge!
Image: Stop, Mamoru. This problem is between me and him.
:endou3:: You’re wrong, Grandpa. I won’t sit on the sidelines while you eat up all the screen time. Let’s power nod and take this guy down.
:rococo3:: I want more screen time too.
:endou3:: Not until the finals. By the way, is your voice actor a woman? You sound kinda girly.

Image: An announcer? Guess ESPN is filming it too. Welcome to the Dumb Villain Club, Garshield.
:kidou3:: Always knew Kageyama was just misunderstood.
Image: Game START! Pass party up the field.
:kidou3:: Dodge power! No one can defeat me after eating a healthy balanced breakfast!
Image: Ball stolen already. Stop slacking off, mammals!
Image: Lackey the Hedgehog spin dashes past Kazemaru.
:kidou3:: I get it… These guys have the RH program too.


Image: We used Orpheus and The Kingdom to perfect the RH Program. Aren’t we naughty?
Image: I think you’re too old to be playing with kids.
:hijikata:: Yeah!

Image: Blah blah blah experimenting is wrong. We know, we know. Judge Through 3? Wonder which lazy story editor thought that name up? Ohh, Gunshot. Now that’s a good hissatsu name! True Ijigen The Hand Remastered V8 failed!

Image: The real fight is in the second half, then. Watch the players’ movements carefully.
:natsumi3:: Coach is testing me to see how much my skills as team operator have improved under his command.
Image: Actually, I was hoping you had an idea on how to beat them cause I got nothin’.

:endou3:: Next episode: I get something the rhymes with tower pup!
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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Sun Feb 27, 2011 11:45 pm

Image: That damn Hino! Doing things on his own again!
Image: The big bully doesn’t get it.
Image: Time to begin the plan.
Image: Agreed, my friends. Time to close the curtain on President Hino and his little company.

Episode 118: The Surprising Easy to Defeat Team Garshield!

Image: Game Continue! The cyborgs….druggies…brainwashed? Whatever the RH Program does keep owning iJapan. Even Superman can’t jump that high! Woah! That’s some serious speed.
:kazemaru3:: Get me a new pair of Air Jordans and I’ll show you speed.

:natsumi3:: Being a team operator isn’t easy. Even worse if you don’t get paid.

:agumon:: He stole Domon’s hissatsu! Lame!
Image: Holy crap! It’s Dual Typhoon! Is that new?
:agumon:: We saw it before, I think. Yeah, I’m sure we did…maybe.
Image: Gladius Arch VS Big Spider! Spiderman wins! It’s do or die, Endou.
:endou3:: I’ll block it this time!
:rococo3:: Yeah, right!
:tachimukai3:: What the feet does that mean?
:endou3: :rococo3:: I get it! If you wear glass slippers…

Image: And one more point for Team Monocle.
Image: That’s not it! It’s not Bibbidi, Bobbidi, Boo! It’s bing... bang… diggariggadong!
:megane3:: How’s that any different?
:tachimukai3:: Don’t ask me. I haven’t done anything useful in months.
:endou3: :rococo3: Image: I get it! That’s how it works!

:tsunami3:: Why am I always hit with Judge Through 3?
:agumon:: Endou is blocking the attacks.
Image: Still not getting it! Just forget what I said and go Super Saiyan.


Image: First Half End! Team Meeting Go! WHAT??????????? Kabeyama a forward?!
Image: Welcome to the mindf*ck.

:natsumi3:: Garshield’s team can’t multitask. You’d think someone would realize and correct such a glaring problem but evil people never analyze data.
Image: I think I’m going to be sick! If Kabeyama scores a goal, I’m blowing chunks! Second Half Start!
:agumon:: Gouenji got passed the blindfold kid.
:gouenji3:: No mercy for the physically challenged!

:kidou3:: Endou Daisuke is a genius. Wonder if he’ll let me join Little Gigant?
:agumon:: Henktacker steals the ball.
:kabeyama:: The Mountain! I-It worked, daaaaaaamn!

Image: Tiger Storm VS Peter Parker! Spidey gets burned! The theme song is playing. You’re in trouble now, Team Garsh*t!
:hiroto3:: Begin the hissatsu smackdown. The Hurricane!
:agumon:: A Shinkuuma V2 cake for the steal with a Grand Fire G2 cherry on top!
Image: That’s it! I’m outta here!
Image: Goal! Inazuma wins!
:kabeyama:: And I was the forward.
Image: Shut up!
:kabeyama:: Forward. Me.
Image: WAHHH! ACK! *barf*

Image: I can’t believe a bunch of college kids lost to junior high students! Call the valet! I’m leaving!
Image: Are you abandoning us?
Image: You know it. And, don’t try to act surprised. You know how I roll!

Image: And naturally, Garshield is busted by the police because he didn’t leave when he had the chance. Smooth, Tardshield.
Image: It’s not my fault! It’s the economy! Someone has to keep the world safe from raising oil prices!
:rococo3:: Good job, Inazuma Japan but we’ll win the FFI championship.
:endou3:: Keep dreamin’ pretty boy.

:agumon:: Coach Hibiki is awake!
:hibiki:: Hellooooo nurse! Let’s celebrate my awakening with a prescription date. Once you go old, you’re passion will explode.
:endou3:: Grampa? Hello? Would like a hug if you don’t mind.
Image: Another awesome episode. Huh? Who are you?
Image: You have an appointment to keep, Pres. Hino.
Image: More like a private engagement. Yoink!
Image: Help! I’m being kidnapped by pop stars!
Image: The hell?

:endou3:: Next episode: My Grandpa is back. Your argument is invalid!
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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Sun Mar 06, 2011 8:40 pm

Image: With Onkeikun in Africa, it’s up to you to lead a team to find and save President Akihiro Hino. XD

Episode 119: The Prettiest Rival!

Image: Been a while since I left Ryuu-Rogue Fortress. It’s gonna be one of those episodes, Agu. Pure build-up to the real fun, the final match. Let’s finish this up quick and go bowling.
:agumon:: Cool.

:endou3:: Grandpa. Would you like to talk to her? We can call her on my cell.
Image: Who?
:endou3:: My mother…your daughter.
Image: Oh? OH! Her! I’ll surprise here with a visit after the tournament. It’s been forty years; she can wait another few weeks.

:agumon:: We learn what happened to Grandpa Endou.
Image: Garshield was responsible for crashing our bus before our big game. Instead of going to my detective friend, I decided it was best to fake my death and move half a world away. For some reason, I didn’t have enough resources or man power to gather enough information to go against a powerful oil tycoon. But, I made some friends and coached soccer so it’s all good.
:endou3:: Thanks for the notebook, Grandpa. Stealing your ideas is what pushed me to never give up.
Image: Mamoru, do you like soccer?
:endou3:: F**k yeah! Thanks for the power-up hint from the last episode.
Image: Oh, that. Those words just slipped out of my mouth. They don’t mean anything unless you wear pink sweatpants.

Image: Intelligence reports say Hino was taken to…huh? Why would they go there?
:desarm3:: This is getting interesting.

Image: Natsumi, you’re fired. This is your stop.
:natsumi3:: Why?
Image: Everyone is calling me a lolicon. Can’t blame them since I look like a sugar daddy. It’s either stop wearing my sunglasses at night or kicking you off the team. Later, my dear. Look me up when you become eighteen, make that seventeen.

:kudou:: Raimon Natsumi will be joining our team as of today.
:kabeyama:: Natsumi-san was with Little Gigant before now, wasn’t she?
Image: Nothing gets pass you, Mountain Man. Will they take Girl #2 back?
:endou3:: It’s good to have you back, Natsumi.
:agumon:: That was fast.

:aki3:: Come on, Natsumi-san, it’s time to get ready for practice, practice!
:otonashi3:: We’re working together again, Natsumi-san.
:natsumi3:: Actually, I’m the team operator now. That makes me your boss. Fuyuka, you’re on underwear washing duty today. Get going!
:fuyuka3:: *sigh*

:gouenji3:: A hissatsu technique better than Tiger Storm?
:toramaru3:: Yes. Something like Panther Storm or Lion Hurricane!
Image: Ha! No new hissatsu for you, Go-Go.
:gouenji3:: No comments from the peanut gallery.

:fudou3:: Let’s try a three way. More fun that way. [cue screaming fangirls]
:sakuma3:: “Yeah, you.” That’s my only line today?! Whatever!

Image: If Girl #2 is the team operator, what is Megane’s job? He doesn’t even name hissatsu techniques anymore! Congratulations on being the most useless member of iJapan.
:megane3:: I’m not useless! I can fill a water bottle in ways you can’t imagine!
:agumon:: Gross.
:megane3:: That’s not what I meant!

:endou3:: Glad it didn’t hit little endou.

Image: In your current state, your team is no match for my boys. In particular is my captain. Rococo Ulpa is, without any doubt, the strongest in the world.
:endou3:: How can a teenager be the strongest in the world?
Image: ….Where’s Hino when you need him?

Image: Practice ends. Natsumi and Endou find Rococo Puffs beating up Endou’s tire for its lunch money.
Image: Tire fight! Tire fight!
Image: Blah blah pissing contest between the two captains blah. Another flashback.

:rococo3:: I suck.
Image: I agree. And because you know you suck, you will become the strongest.
:rococo3:: That doesn’t make sense.
Image: Shut up and punch some tires.
:rococo3:: I’ve always wanted to ask… Why did you choose me, Daisuke?
Image: It’s your eyes. I thought you were a girl. The thought of training the world’s strongest female goalkeeper sounded nice.

Image:Back to Tire Fight 2011! Spinning tires! Sh*t just got real!
Image: Hit her! Hit her! Hit her!

:endou3: :rococo3:: God Hand!
Image: Awww!

:endou3:: He’s faster than me? Must be an animation error.
:desarm3:: Get serious, everyone. We must rescue President Hino at all costs!

:fidio3:: Next episode: All aboard the training episode!

~Meanwhile, at a certain animation studio~

Image: Right this way, Pres.
Image: The animation studio? I don't understand.


Image: Welcome Akihiro Hino! We have so much to talk about!
Image: Inazuma Eleven's anime producers?!
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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Thu Mar 10, 2011 8:23 pm

Image: The anime follows the game. The Inazuma Eleven games are more important than the show!
Image: Not anymore. We’re tired of playing co-star to a video game. My fellow producers and I are taking over your company and renaming it…!

Episode 120: Fidio’s Whiny Friendship Training!

Image: Still making our way to the Inazuma Animation Studio. We begin the episode with soccer loser, Fidio, reminiscing about his horrible loss to Little Gigant.
:hide3:: You win some, you lose some.
:fidio3:: Screw you!

:agumon:: Tire practice time.
:endou3:: Scooby Dooby DOO!

Image: Lots of introspection happening. Boring!
:agumon:: Every episode can’t have a major soccer match, C.C.
:desarm3:: He should be thinking about me. I’ve had more than enough inspirational scenes to help him.
:endou3:: Learning Haki/Chakra/Reiatsu is hard.

:agumon:: It’s Fidio and the rest of Orpheus. Creepy smiling there.

:fidio3:: Make sure you become number one in the world!
:endou3:: I’m already number one. This tournament only makes it official.
:fidio3:: I’ll help you practice if you watch our lunch time flashback.
:endou3:: *sighhhhh* Okay.
:fidio3:: Flashback Start!

Image: Flashback End! It’s not worth seeing.
:fidio3:: Jerk!

:fidio3:: I’ll help you win against Little Gigant because I’m bitter. Those bastards turned our loss against them into an AMV using a Limp Bizkit song. Unforgivable!

Image: As you already know from watching their past games, Little Gigant-
:someoka3:: Watch?
Image: You haven’t watched a video of them playing yet?
:kidou3:: Nah. That’ll take away from our practice time. That’s all we need.
Image: …..O-Okay. We brought a video.
:otonashi3:: Time to be useful. Glasses DOWN!

Image: As you can see, Little Gigant is strong and fast.
:fidio3:: They also stole our passes.
:hiroto3:: Yeah…We kinda figured that on our own. Got any useful information?
Image: To win against them, you’ll have to suppress that speed and power!
:hiroto3:: So, in order to win we have to be better?
Image: Yes.
:hiroto3:: Gee thanks. Couldn’t have done it without you. You can let’s yourselves out. Bye!

Image: Forty minutes later, it’s finally time for the faux finals match.
:kudou:: Kidou, you’re on bench.
:kidou3:: What?! Bitch! Don’t you know who I am?! I’m Kidou Yuuto, mother******! The best player on this sorry *** team! Don’t you DARE even think to tell me what to do!!!!!!

:fudou3:: Here’s something to think about while on the bench. I’m dating your sister. Ha!
:kidou3:: NANI?!

:fidio3:: Mamoru. This match is 15 minutes with half-time. That’s our limit because we suck.

:agumon:: Everyone is a forward?
:desarm3:: We’re almost at the studio.

Image: Game start! Orpheus begins with a pass party.
:fudou3:: Think you can get past me?! Nevermind.

Image: Quick ownage of Kogure and it’s a Odin Sword Remastered shot to the goal.
:endou3:: Huey Dewey LOUIE!
:agumon:: Point goes to Orpheus.
:fidio3:: Little Gigant’s attacks are even stronger!
:hiroto3:: Another helpful tip. You’re full of them today.

Image: Now everyone on Team Italy is on defense.
Image: We surrender!
:fidio3:: No, Italy. We’re winning.

:kabeyama:: Aghhhhh!
:fidio3:: *ZIP!*

:kabeyama: ……………………. *cough* *cough*


:agumon:: Another Odin Sword Remastered!
:endou3:: Wash Rinse REPEAT!
:tai1:: OHHH! SO CLOSE!
:endou3:: Damn it. Why can’t I do it? Why won’t it work?
:sakuma3:: It won’t work until the end of the episode. Am I the only one who reads the script?

Image: …………………..
:agumon:: Uhh…so it’s half-time.
Image: Things won’t work out at this rate.
:fidio3:: I’ll trust Mamoru to the very end and keep kicking his ass.

:desarm3:: Fidio gives a pep talk.
:fidio3:: This is our last episode guys. Maybe a cameo later, but this is all we’re getting. Let’s make it count!
Image: The way he says that reminds me of Hide.
:hide3:: I would help train Inazuma Japan, but the newest issue of The Walking Dead came out. Sorry.
Image: Yep. Just like him.

:tachimukai3:: How are we supposed to fight against a super strong team?
:kabeyama:: We’ve never played one before!
Image: ………………………….!

:natsumi3:: There’s no such thing as a perfect number.
:kidou3:: Yes, there is.

:gouenji3:: Endou. Regardless of who we’re up against, I’ll score the goal.
:toramaru3:: Me too!
:gouenji3:: Stop ruining our EnGo moment.

:desarm3:: Second Half Start.
:kidou3:: Oh no! Damn it, Fudou! I keep thinking about you and my sister making out!

:agumon:: Kidou finds a weakness.
:kidou3:: We have to kick the ball between the players. I’m a genius!

:agumon:: Radioactive Penguin 3!
:fudou3:: G2 version!
:agumon:: It’s blocked by a lackey!
:gouenji3:: Blasi. Prepare to get screwed by me!

:sakuma3: :kidou3:: High 5!

:agumon:: More Endou failing to digivolve.
:endou3:: Gum Gum BAZOOKA!
:endou3:: Why so SERIOUS?!
:endou3:: Card games on MOTORCYCLES!
:fidio3:: You’re not even trying anymore! Just act over-confident like you always do.
:endou3:: Oh, yeah! Thanks, Fidio.

:desarm3:: Last play of the day. Come on, Endou.
:fidio3:: True Odin Sword Remastered G2 V2 Deluxe Big Gulp!

:endou3:: Gan! DWAN! Darren Shan was the problem all along!
:fidio3:: The movie was crap, but I love his books.
:gouenji3:: The manga is good too.
:fudou3:: What are you talking about?!

:endou3:: I’m the man again! Number one player right here!
:megane3:: Let’s call it God Catch! See? I’m still useful, Cyber Cody!

Image: Welcome to the studio, losers!
:agumon:: Tai! Wake up!
Image: Car rides always make me sleepy.
Image: This time you’re finished!
Image: KABEYAMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Image: Ow! Stop! Stop it! I’m n-not Kabeyama!
Image: What the-
Image: Metal Arm!
Image: EEEP!!!
Image: That was easy. Let’s find Pres. Hino!

:megane3:: Next Episode: I’ll call it Filler Fun!
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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Mar 21, 2011 11:02 pm

Image: … then the fish people kick the ball at the announcer giving Endou and his adopted sister a chance to win the game.
Image: Noooo! This is worse than Hibiki x Tobitaka doujinshi!
Image: Some anime fanboys arrived to rescue Hino face.
Image: Be a gem and take care of it Puppetmon.

Episode 121: Padding The Show! Anybody See Danball Senki?

Image: Welcome to another crap filler.
:agumon:: You are the worst Inazuma Fan ever.
Image: First season characters! Noooo!

:desarm3:: Good for you, Raimon.
:handa:: We’re the sh*t now!
:shishido:: Us older members are the best players here. We’re kinda hoping you come back and win us some games.

Image: What the f*ck are you doing to Endou, Kabeyama?!
:endou3:: No means no!

Image: Your club is full of soccer posers. Ha!
:gouenji3:: Someone’s jealous of our new training Jacuzzi.

:fubuki3:: I started thinking that my team—uhhhhh uhhhhh what’s their face must be feeling the same way. What’s their name? Anybody remember? The snow team? Oh, well.

Image: Time to stroke Endou’s ego.
:hiroto3:: How he wants to face the finals… Maybe that smile of his is his answer. Or, his ass. Probably both.
:someoka3:: Is there anyone on the team who isn’t gay or bi?

Image: 5:18; look at Fudou and Tobitaka. They don’t want to be there.
:fudou3:: It’s this crappy animated episode. I look like an extra on Beyblade.

Image: You weeboos are in big trouble!
:gouenji3:: Stop ruining my big scene! Hey Endou, let’s talk about the early days of the soccer club.
:endou3:: Why talk when I can flashback it?

Image: I’ll kill you during the flashback, then it’s back to producing. After my pre-work Marvel VS Capcom 3 match.
Image: Dude, I love that game! Best two out of three. We win and you back off. Deal?
Image: Deal.

:endou:: Anyway, I was a kid and found my grandpa’s smelly notebook under dad’s “bathroom books” and-
Image: I’m first! Ryu baby!
Image: Ryu? Dummy! Sentinel will rock your world!

:endou:: Shut up! I’m reminiscing! Mom didn’t want me to play soccer because she thought grandpa—
Image: What now? What now, bitch?! Ha… Ha… Yes! NO!
Image: You lose, loser!

:endou:: This is important information! Okay, so when I got to junior high, I decided to join the soccer club right away, but—
Image: Kick his tail too, Sentinel!

:endou:: Screw it! Met Aki. Created soccer club.
:aki:: I made posters!
:endou:: Someoka and Handa joined. More people joined. I’m awesome. The end.
:desarm3:: Beautiful.

Image: Score’s tied! Round 3!
:tai1:: COME ON JEAN!
:endou3:: It was real crappy back then with only seven members. But even then, none of them quit! That’s why we’re here now. “We” being the best players and Kabeyama. Glad all their hard work wasn’t wasted.

Image: Youdeadyoudeadyoudeadyoudead!
:tai1:: UH! NGH! GAH!

:endou3:: Up yours, Grandpa! I’ve grown to understand that what’s vital about making those techniques is the heart.
:gouenji3:: In other words, you have no one to thank for your success except yourself.
:endou3:: Damn skippy!

Image: Believe in yourself, Taito! You can do it!
:tai1:: I LOST! WAHHH!
Image: F*ck you, Taito!
Image: Die, weeboos!

:agumon:: He blew up?!
:desarm3:: I stuck a bomb on his back during the match. That’s what good guys do, right? Unknowingly strap bombs and blow up their opponents?
Image: Yeah…sure. Good job! Girl #4 stole Endou’s book.
:natsumi3:: Let’s read all eleven soccer points/rules/thingies.

[One bathroom break later]

:natsumi3:: The heart, #11: the heart to persist even if one hits rock bottom.
:aki3:: Hm, there’s a 12th rule. Always use a safety word. Empowering S&M Escort.

Image: So annoying. Get back to the guys.
:aki3:: Shut up, trash compactor!

Image: Last practice time!
:fubuki3:: I’ve finally got more development. Feels good. Kidou? Hiroto? Want in on a new hissatsu?
:kidou3: :hiroto3:: Hells Yeah!

:rococo3:: I can’t wait to beat down Endou!
Image: Let’s take that arrogant brat down a peg, with love.

Image:The Dark Masters are the producers? That’s random.
:agumon:: It’s cool, C.C. We can beat them.
Image: Yeah. Just smash though them one at a time then--

Image Image: GRRR!


:kogure3:: Next episode: The light at the end of the filler tunnel!
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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Fri Apr 01, 2011 9:44 pm

Image: Faster Metal Graymon! FASTER!
:desarm3:: Feels like we’d been running away forever.
Image: Or at least for a week and a half.

Episode 122: Skip to the Second Half of the Episode! You Ain’t Missin’ Anyting!

Image: We begin the episode with girls in the kitchen. Insert joke here.
:megane3:: All the bags are here. Now to count the water bottles. I’m important.

Image: Woah! Did Coach Kudou smile?
:kudou:: I like to call it frowning upside down.

Image: Watching the team get ready for the final match or being chased by two evil mega digimon. Which one is worse?

:fuyuka3:: I wonder what would happen if Midorikawa-kun and Kurimatsu-kun could have stayed to play with us…
:kudou:: We’d have lost.
:fuyuka3:: I’ll cheer them on with all my strength.
:kudou:: I hope so. Not like you do anything else around here.
:fuyuka3:: I love you too, Dad.

Image: “Let’s win the championship?” What have you done to help, Fuyuka?
:fuyuka3:: I once picked a candy wrapper off the floor. I love helping.

Image: Give up and I’ll make you official Inazuma Eleven commentators.
Image: You’re lying!
Image: How did you know?
Image: I do now!
Image: I got outsmarted by you?! I need a break. Stay on ‘em, Machinedramon! Be back soon. Need a multivitamin.

:kudou:: You should be the one to coach over this finals match, Hibiki-san.
:hibiki:: I just got out the hospital, you lazy bum. Don’t drop this on me!
:kudou:: But, there’s an one-day manga sale today and-
:hibiki:: Don’t make me take off my glasses.

:natsumi3:: About time you stopped playing around. I need to re-negotiate my contract.

Image: You? Go away little girl. Popular or not, we’re tired of dealing with your late arrivals and annoying entourage. We’re keeping the old cast except you. Get out!
:natsumi3:: We’ll see about that. GIRLS!

Image: Yep. Still running for our lives.
:endou3:: Stop eating up our special effects budget, Natsumi. Wind machines don’t pay for themselves.
:desarm3:: Endou is excited to play his Grandfather’s team.
Image: Yeah. Thanks for dragging that out again, show.
Image: Stop talking like you understand anything. Creating a popular show takes hard work and unapologetic murder. Giga Cannon!
Image Image Image :tai1: :desarm3:: WAHHHH!!!!

Image: Roll call.
Image: Pay attention, Misty!
:natsumi3:: Are you renewing my contract or do my friends and I have to persuade you to change your mind?
Image: I’m not scared of you!
:natsumi3:: Attack!

:kudou:: Let’s win this for job security!
:endou3: :kidou3: :gouenji3: :kabeyama: :kazemaru3: :kogure3: :someoka3: :fubuki3: :tachimukai3: :tsunami3: :hiroto3: :tobitaka3: :toramaru3: :fudou3:: Yeah!

Image: Ow…. Why am I risking my life to save President Hino, again?
Image: Splash will tear you a new waste extraction unit if you don’t.
Image: Oh… yeah. Forgot. The game is finally about to begin, thank God Hand!
:hitomiko:: Eat cameo, jerks!

:endou3:: Let’s go, guys!
:kabeyama:: I need to go to the bathroom!
:endou3:: Go on, we’ll wait.

:endou3:: Okay, he’s gone. Everybody out and lock the door behind you.

:rococo3:: To think we’d be fighting against Mamoru’s team for the world’s best… I’m so excited!
Image: All these years and I still have no clue how you get your hair like that. Anyway, we may get a spin-off series if we win. Shall we head off to the world’s peak and TV pilot possibilities?

Image: Time to digivolve into WarGraymon!
Image: ‘Bout time!
Image: Now’s the time to let loose everything.
:rococo3:: All right! Everyone, let ‘em loose!
:aki3:: Squee! Squee! Squee! Squee! Squee! Squee! Squee! Squee! Squee! Squee! Squee! Squee!
:natsumi3:: Each one weighs 20kg. They’ve been playing their matches with those on.
:megane3:: And you were planning to tell us when?
:natsumi3:: After your testicales dropped. In order words, never.

Image: Starmie! Hit him with Ice Beam!
Image: Sakuyamon. Spirit Strike!
Image: River of Power!
Image: Where’s your Eva?
Image: Impounded, and I refuse to pay the towing fee!
Image: Anyone else confused right now? Doesn’t matter! I’m doing commentary for this group. Game Start!
Intense right out the box, oh baby!
:kidou3:: In every game played we start out being overwhelmed. Not this time.
:gouenji3:: True Bakunetsu Screw!
:rococo3:: Ownage is 3, 2, 1…God Hand X! The X makes it edgy.

Image: Wow bow! He kicked the ball to the other goalie!
:endou3:: Show off!

:kidou3:: Never try to out cool a guy in a cape. Hissatsu tactics…Route of Sky!
Image: A new hissatsu failed! Goggle boy is hit with Circle Play Drive!
:kidou3:: Green smoke? What is this? The Wizard of Oz?

Image: Double Jaw VS God Catch! Little Gigant scores!

Image:Fuck yo Catch, Endou!

:endou3:: Uhhh…I wasn’t ready!

Image: Sakuyamon! Fox Drive!
Image: Starmie! Use Psychic!
Image: Ughhhh! I-I'll never renew y-your contract.
:natsumi3:: Your loss. Wind machine on! Full power!
Image: Aghhhhhh! You’ll pay for thiiissssss!
Image: Blown away. This might be your final season after all.
:natsumi3:: Hmm… Better call my agent. Let’s go ladies.

:kudou:: Next episode: God Catch-22!
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Full-time Toujinshi
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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Fri Apr 15, 2011 4:27 pm

Image: Last time on Inazuma Eleven…


Image: And now, part two or one. Whatever.

Episode 123: F*ck Yeah! Welcome to the Good Stuff!

Image:Can we PLEASE have a cease fire until the end of the episode?
Image: Yes, but only because I directed it.
Image: Yeah!
Image: Alright!
Image: You should probably call Steph, Tai.
Image: Nah. I bet she’s already watching.
Image:No, really. You should call her.
Image: It’s cool. She wou-
Image: No, you idiot! CALL HER! Wink. Wink!
Image:……………. OOOOOH! Yeah. Okay. I’ll call her.

:desarm3:: An opponent scoring against Inazuma Japan first? Inconceivable.
:endou3:: Well…that was annoying.

Image: It won’t be a real match unless you take the first goal.
:rococo3:: Is this about you impressing a girl?
Image: Rococo, soccer is always about impressing girls.

:someoka3:: Dragon Slayer V3!
:rococo3:: God Hand X!
:tai1:: DENIED!
:someoka3:: Lousy dragon. Last time I watch Lord of the Rings when thinking of new hissatsu.

Image: Kazemaru uses Dance of the Wind God Remastered!
Image: Remasted? Looks exactly the same. Cheap ass animation.
Image: Most of the episode’s budget was used on hair gel and dye.

Image: Ryuusei Blade V3 VS God Hand X!
:rococo3:: X marks the spot!
ImageImageImage: Boo!
:rococo3:: Boo yourself!

:desarm3:: Shikuuma V3 from Tobitaka. Pass to Gouenji. He will defeat God Hand X.
:gouenji3:: True Bakunetsu Screw!
:rococo3:: God Hand X!
Image: Hahaha!
:gouenji3:: I hope Director Machinedramon bites your head off.

Image: That back-up goalkeeper boasts a lot for someone who’ll never be on the field, ever. Maxy? The Max clone is named Maxy? Come on, show. Come on! Doublemint VS God Catch!
:endou3:: I got it. I got it. I got it. I…don’t got it. My back!

Image: Dual Strike is awesome.
Image: Isaac Newton is spinning is his grave.
Image: The fig guy?

Image: Oh. My. God. Kabeyama did something.
:kabeyama:: Thumbs up, bitches.

:endou3:: Did you just poof out on me, God Catch?!
:desarm3:: Someoka is injured.
:someoka3:: At least i-it was highly a-animated. Ack!
Image: You’re welcome.

:kudou:: I think he’s dead. Toramaru. Switch in.
:toramaru3:: I’ve got a tweet for all of you from the coach.

Image: The entire team goes into defense mode!
:kidou3:: Endou. Until you master God Catch and relearn a valuable lesson…
:gouenji3:: We’ll score drama points with you!

:kudou:: I’ve been thinking about it for an hour. What exactly is Inazuma Japan’s strength?
:hibiki:: Isn’t it because of the training you put them through?
:kudou: :hibiki:: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
:kudou:: Good one, Hibiki. Seriously though, it’s close-ups. The more close-ups they get, the more powerful they are. That and speeches. Can’t forget the speeches.

Image: I love how the bench kids are having a thoughtful, introspective conversation and Girl #4 is just sitting there looking clueless.
:fuyuka3:: Peaks? Circle? Why are you speaking French at a time like this?

:megane3:: Coach, I don’t think that would convey the concept of circles and peaks to him…
:kudou:: And that’s why you’re bench fodder. Got to keep things simple for the simple minded.
:endou3:: Hmm… I got it! I’m the captain! All better now!

Image: Double Jaw VS God Catch: Cape Mode!
:endou3:: I did it. Praise me!
:desarm3:: Bro fist. I need a tissue.

:endou3:: Start the theme song. It’s our turn to attack!
Image: Welcome to the awesome part! After kidou recovers the ball, that is.
:kabeyama:: I tried. That’s what matters, right?

Image: Woah! This is awesome! The entire team is taking it to LG’s goal!
Image: I really don’t get this circle crap everyone is spewing.
Image: Shut up. Don’t ruin the moment.

:fidio3:: It’s because Inazuma Japan is incomplete they can evolve.
Image: What?
:fidio3:: Well, it made more sense in my head.

Image: Endou’s charging too! What’s this? Hiroto has a new move! Tenkuu Otoshi! HOLY SHIT!

:rococo3:: I’ll stop it. God Hand X!
Image: GOAAAAAAAL!!!!!!!!!!

:endou3:: Score’s tied. Time out! Party!
Image: First half over already?
Image: Great episode?
ImageImageImage :tai1: :desarm3:: Yeah!
Image: Glad you liked it. Now die!
Image: Not so fast!
Image: Steph!

:tsunami3:: Next episode: More finials fun for freaky fans!
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