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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby Rozza C » Tue Sep 06, 2011 2:24 pm


Some hissatsu techniques I absolutely love!!!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Sat Sep 17, 2011 9:52 pm

Image: Where do you think you’re going?
Image: Business trip. We’re meeting Creamyroll for a possible joint venture…in hell.

Image:Whatever. Fill out a Business Transportation Form and save your receipts cause Level-5 isn’t paying a yen for this trip without them.

Episode 16: Penguin-Rising! Teikoku Academy!!

Image:On the road to Creamyroll. Let’s watch an ep of I-11 GO on the way.
Image: Where are all the cute Teikoku players?
Image: That kid looks like the Devil. Tenma stops Satan’s spawn from reaching the goal. The only way to defeat Teikoku is with Ultimate Thunder. I speak for everyone when I say DUHHHHH! I love how Dickweed swaggers in.
Image: Bus-ted!

Image: Time to do Ultimate Thunder. It fails. Tenma Soyo Steps and has a pass party with Shindou who performs Fortissimo. Daaaamn, baby in a soup can! TA’s goalie caught like it was nothing.
:kidou:: Embarrass them more.
:sakuma:: With pleasure. All members, Operation Delta Three!

Image: More ownage from TA. Kidou’s bored.
:kidou:: Take over for a bit, Sakuma. Got to scratch my Twitter itch.

Image: Shinsuke throws Teikoku’s shoot off mark.

Image: Another Ultimate Fizzle. Tension arises between the Super Evil Eye Bros. Back at the game…more ownage. Man, this is boring. I need some hissatsu. What’s with the scars on some of Teikoku’s players? It’s soccer not fight club. Lead Inazuma Japan? Endou’s best friend? Okay, Kidou is one of Endou’s best friends but leading Inazuma Japan? Kidou got owned more times in season three than in the first two combined!

Image: That guy’s hot! Wish he’d knock me down.

Image: Time for Shinsuke’s big moment.
:endou:: Time for my big coaching moment. The sky! Don’t aim for them! Aim for the sky and fly!

Image: Yes! A hissatsu! Full Throttle Jump! ‘Bout time.
:otonashi:: He’s trolling them instead of telling them what to do. Like Coach Kudou.

Image: Another Ultimate Thud courtesy of a TA Avatar.
:kidou:: So this is the Raimon of today. Destroy them.
:endou:: This is soccer not a battlefield.
:kidou:: A movie reference? You really are desperate.

Image: Its Operation Alpha One, Davis!
Image: Dickweed’s brother learns about his connection to Fifth Sector. End the episode already! ….. WHAT DA?!!!! Emperor Penguin 7!!!!! Hell yeah on toast! Oh please, Sangoku. Spin your tail out the door cause you ain’t catching that! Goal! For the love of God Hand, Kidou…get rid of those dumb goggles! You look as intimidating as a mall cop. Twenty-three minutes of yawn, ten seconds of awesome. Way to disappoint, Level-5!
Image: Dude, you’re part of Level-5 too.
Image: Shut up and drive.

:sakuma:: Next episode: [Insert Pikachu Joke Here]!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Sat Sep 17, 2011 10:10 pm

Image:I can’t believe you crashed the car!
Image: Dude, I’m still in elementary school.
Image: Always with the excuses.

Episode 17: Dragged Out! Ultimate Thunder!!

Image: We’re here. One of Creamyroll’s bases. Ry-Ro could be here.
Image: Let’s be on our guard. Keep cool and quie- HISSATSU! Sargasso and Britannia Cross! Maestro VS Dragoon Tedis! You suck Shindou! Dash Train, baby. These hissatsu are pretty violent. Love it.
More fail with Ultimate Crapper. Oh look, another avatar, Black Wings Raven, making episode 16 one of the most pointless episodes ever. Burning Catch does snot.

Image: Big bro chews out Tsurugi. Cute feet.
Image: Big bro is cool, Davis.

Image: First half end. We get it, show. Those two quitters are coming back at some point.
Image: H-Hi. Could you stop trespassing?
Image: Tsuna from Hitman Reborn? You’re on Creamyroll’s payroll?
Image: They’ll bring my show back if I follow them so please go away.
Image: Not happening. Get him before—
Image: Dying Will Mode!
Image: -he does that. Tai Jr. Get him!
Image: Flamedramon time, V-mon!

Image: Half-time dramafest go! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeere’s Dickweed! Alright Endou, lend Raimon your experience and bring Dickweed in.
:endou:: It’s your decision guys.
Image: Why are you in this series? Seriously?

Image: Kuruma’s harping on him because he didn’t show up for practice. What a straight arrow!
Image: Straight Raimon players…impossible.

Image: Alright! He’s in! Tsurugi in a uniform, mmmm!
Image: Oh please. How are you holding up, boys?
Image: Uh! Ow! Fine.
Image: Yeah, nothing a little outpatient surgery can’t fix.

Image: Here we go! The true Ulimate…damn it! It’s gonna work at the last second of the episode, isn’t it?
Image: Why isn’t it working?! Do we have to clap or something? Everyone start clapping!
Image: The Mist! It’s like Kirino’s a pink-haired Jack the Ripper. Serious ownage on Tenma from pretty boy.
Image: You think he’s cute too?
Image: Don’t start. Dickweed’s heart grew three sizes today. Even though I don’t care anymore…Ultimate Thunder works.
Image: Shut up, Cyber. That was great. Mach Wind VS Power Spike! More new moves. Presto Turn and Surfing Pierrot. Coo! Cool! Coo!
Image: What the hell is Surfing Pierrot? Dumb hissatsu.
Image: You be quiet! Avatar fight, round dos. Go Shindou go!
Image: Ouch. She’s in full fangirl mode. I’ll be in the corner.

Image: Full Throttle Jump beat Power Spike! Hugging! Squeeee!!! A stronger Ultimate Thunder! Tenma beat an Avatar! :OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG x 10!
Image: Dickweed does-
Image: Ow, damn it!
Image: Death Drop! Raimon wins! YAHOO! WOO!
:endou:: Kidou, why are you with Fifth Sector?
:kidou:: I’ll tell you next episode.

Image: Zero Point Breakthrough: First Edition.
Image: Flamedramon! He’s been frozen today!
Image: Thanks for nothing, boys. Roll. You’re up.
Image: Huh?

Image: Next episode: Please Don’t Be Natsumi! Please PLEASE Don’t Be Natsumi!!!!!!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Sep 19, 2011 8:27 pm

Image: Roll Buster!
Image: Keep at it, Roll. Help is on the way! Right?
Image:Don’t worry. He’ll be here...unless he cut his phone off.

Episode 18: Breaking A Revolutionary Wind!

Image: Better get this done quick before I get taken out by Tsuna. Keeping defrosting Flamdramon, Davis!
Image: Dude, my breath can only do so much.

Image: Dickweed is getting praised for saving the day. More Teikoku. Was this place built by Dr. Light? Tuition must cost a bitch.
:sakuma:: Welcome Raimon Eleven. No food or drink allowed beyond this point. No photos either. We sell them in the gift shop.

:kidou:: We’re a rebel army.
:endou:: This is not a battlefield.
:kidou:: You know what I mean. It was all so I could build up Teikoku’s soccer club as a rebel army.
:endou:: Rebels? Emperor? Someone’s been watching the new Star Wars blue-rays.
:endou:: All this to find the Seeds?
:kidou:: Yeah. I expect they will be leaving Teikoku very soon, most with my size 12s up their butts.

Image: And now we meet the leader of the Resistance, Coach Kudou!
:kudou:: Pimpin’…er…resisting ain’t easy.

Image: Woah! Kudou isn’t the Leader? It’s the old school!
:endou:: Why didn’t you tell me?
:hibiki:: You blab too much. Remember when you posted what I said to you on Twitter?
:endou:: I thought everyone knew about your erectile dysfunction.

:kidou:: Raimon, keep winning or we’re all doomed. No pressure.

Image:Another mysterious school is a comin’, Kaiou Academy. Time for some main character bonding.
Image: Yes! I’ve been waiting for this! My Endou x Tenma senses are off the chart!
:endou:: I’ll help you create a new hissatsu. We’ll call it God Wind.

Image:A tender moment with Shindou and the quitters. Bleh. Main Character Practice Time!
:endou:: You almost had it, kidding. Say, want to drop by my place? Have dinner!
Image: WOOOO!!!!!! Hot smex on a platter!

Image: Chill out, Yolie.
Image: N-N-N-N-Not funny. *brrrr*

Image: See Yolie? Endou’s married.
:natsumi:: Welcome! I’m Endou Natsumi.

Image: Yolie? Cyber? Oh, man. They’re out cold. Oops, sorry Flamedramon.
Image: N-N-Need hot c-c-cocoa…

Image: Natsumi cooks like Jun.
:endou:: I didn’t marry her for her cooking skills.

:natsumi:: I knew about the rebellion.
:endou:: Why didn’t you tell me?
:natsumi:: I’m a biatch, remember?
:endou:: I keep forgetting.

Image: X-Burner!
Image: Eeeiiikk!
Image: You’re the only one left. Give up.
Image: No way, dude! I’ll beat you as soon as I finish the commentary. Practice Time!
Image: I feel something coming inside me!
Image: It’s time we had the big talk, Tenma. Tenma’s avatar is coming soon. No way am I missing that! Flamedramon!
Image: RAHH!!!! I’m free!
Image: I’m awake!
Image: I’m mad!
Image: I’m here!
Image: I’m attacking!
Image: I’m taking you out and going on pixiv! Give me your digimental, Davis. Hawkmon, digimental up!
Image: I’m Allomon, the Dino of Courage!

:natsumi:: Next episode: Spitting Seeds!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Tue Sep 20, 2011 10:51 pm

Image: Dino Burst!
Image: Thunder Blast!
Image: Gah! Not giving up. XX Burner!
Image: My flames are gone!
Image:Don’t underestimate the power of a housekeeper robot with a built-in fire extinguisher!

Episode 19: Hino Reads One Piece?!

Image: Not so tough when you aren’t flaming!
Image: I'm tired.
Image: You didn’t do anything!
Image: Shh! Ep’s starting. Our first look at Team Kaiou. That eye patch kid looks like Garshield’s assistant. New opening with spoilers! Hot damn!
Image: We saw it a couple days ago.
Image: This is what happens when you slack off.

Image:Cool game! I should ask for a transfer to the game department. Practice Time! Quitters joining is confirmed by opening, stop being sad and rejoin already! Dickweed VS Tenma, Dickweed wins. UGH! Megane! An assassin? Kill him! Kill him good!
:kudou:: Kudou Roll’d.

Image: You can do it, Tenma! Or not…
Image: Get an iphone, Endou.
:endou:: I’m part of a revolution against Apple too.
:kudou:: Endou, every player on Kaiou is a Seed.
:endou:: *BEEP* *BEEP* WTF! *BOOM!*

Image: Look at them. Excited to face off against a team of seeds. My have they grown. All except Hayami. He better get over it this ep. More practice time.
Image: You can’t beat two monsters with special powers? Pathetic.
Image: Oof! Reborn!
Image: Dude, I’m not fighting a baby.

Image: Cue Hayami freak out scene in 3…2…1!
Image: I hate whining.
Image: Me too. Unless it’s me. More build up. Get in the damn bus and go! Ha ha ha! They finally come crawling back!
Image: Cool speech, Shindou!
:endou:: Meh…

Image: At least haze them, Raimon. Only a couple minutes left in the episode, must be time to start the match. We all know how this is going to end. We’ve seen it all before. Game Start!
Image: They really are pirates.

Image: Opposing team is strong, check. Enemy hissatsu introduction, check. Enemy team getting a goal before the episode ends, check. Badass splash of enemy team before end credits, check. Another by-the-book ending. New ending! A song about phones? Damn you, Piedmon!

Image: Let’s go Tsuna. I'm tried of looking after those two. So annoying.
Image: Hi Cyber Cody. Can you smell your breath in that helmet?
Image: Hello.
Image: Awkward Agumon! And…Kate Moss?

Image: Next Episode: The Strong World of goalkeeping!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Tue Oct 11, 2011 4:36 pm

Image: You’re members of Tachimukai Yuuki Fansubs?
Image: Yes. Creamyroll wanted easy access to Inazuma Eleven Go episodes.
Image: Thank you all for saving us. We just ran out of organic low fat gourmet granola bars.

Episode 20: Pose! Tenma’s Avatar!!

Image: Let’s continue the Kanto district prelim finals. Looking closer at the pirates, anyone else notice #12 looks like evil Knuckles. And, that number 7 is either a girl or the world's best underage drag queen. Game Resume!

Image: Dude, check out Ichino’s legs. Huge!
Image: I hate to say it but stalker chick looks cute with stockings. Good color choice. A new hissatsu, Sidewinder! Hydro Anchor shuts it down.

Image: This is exciting, Davis.
Image: Lots of crotch shots. Are they wearing underwear?
Image: Uhhhh…

Image: Tenma leveled up and learned Spiral Draw! Stalker chick looks stoned.
Image: Marijuana? That barely does anything. You could use it to make a cocktail. …A-At least that’s what I heard…on MTV. Yeah, MTV and Youtube.

Image: Tsurgi’s so cool. He doesn’t need a hissatsu to dodge.
Image: Dickweed does Death Drop. Is that new?
Image: Who's the robot, Yolie?

Image: Goal! Score is tied!
Image: That’s some serious neck cracking, buddy.
Image: Crack? Where?!
Image: … … Okay, so Luffy brings out his avatar, Sonic Speed Barius! Zoro calls out Sea King Poseidon! Goal! Didn’t get a chance to spin, Sangoku.
Image: Wow. Look at all the powder that kid’s making!
Image: That’s smoke, Kate. It’s the hissatsu, Dash Train.

Image: And here comes Franky with his avatar, Elite Soldier Pawn! Tenma gets pawned. Flying Fish VS Spinning Catch! Goal! First half end.
Image: Tenma a goalkeeper? What the f*ckmon?!

Image: What the hell are you doing, Endou?
:endou:: Being vague, like every other coach on the show.

Image: Sangoku is pimp. Aoi took off running.
Image: Don’t forget my sandwich!

Image: He’s gonna change on the field? Yes!
Image: I wonder how big his nipples are.

Image: Why are you watching the game in the dark, revolutionaries?
:kudou:: Can’t afford lamps. lost my job, remember?

Image: Second Half Start! Nice Bugs Bunny Turn from Shindou. Go Inazuma!
Image: Sonic Speed Burst VS Tenma & Theme Song!
Image: Kaio-ken!
Image: Tenma’s Avatar, Davis!

Image: Hi everyone. Like these bracelets? They go perfect with my jacket.
Image: That is one metrosexual avatar.

:otonashi:: Did you make Tenma-kun the goalkeeper in order to draw out his power?
:endou:: Yeah. I is smart.
Image: Avatars live inside humans. Does that mean they watch them pee or do they pee with them?

Image: Sangoku’s goalkeeping again. Oh my God Hand! Hayami realizes how much of a buzzkill he’s been! YES! YES! YES!
Image: Zeroyon!

Image: Dickweed scores with Death Drop! Shindou scores with Fortissimo! It’s tied!
Image: SSB VS Burning Ca-
Image: Not this time. Fence Of Gaia!
Image: Unbelievable! I’ve seen ultimate digimon weaker than these kids!

Image: Sea King Poseidon VS Metro God Pegasus!
Image: You can’t beat me. I workout!

Image: Elite Soldier Pawn is taken down too.
Image: Full Throttle Jump VS Hydro Anchor! Goal! Goal? It’s over? That’s great! A hissatsu filled tournament match that wasn’t drawn out. Ladies and gentlemen, Inazuma is back! Hamano grabbed Hayami’s ass! Inazuma is indeed back.
Image: Wait! I wasn’t looking! Go back! GO BACK!!!!

Image: Yolie and I were going through Creamyroll’s files. Seems like Ryuu-Rogue is being held captive in the Digital World.
Image: What are we waiting for? Let go to the Digital World!
Image: …

:kogure:: Next episode: Tall, dark and Kogure!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Fri Oct 14, 2011 4:39 pm

Image: Got my laptop. Is everyone ready?
Image: No.
Image: What’s your problem?
Image: Nothing much. Just that I almost DIED last time I was there!
Image: Dude, if you’re a digidestined. Where’s your digimon?
Image: Don’t remember. So never, EVER ask me that again!
Image: need…throat…to breathe.

Episode 21: He’s a SEED, You Idiots!

Image: Alright! Back in Digiworld!
Image: Woop dee freaking doo. Almost time for the Nationals. Hey! A new character. He’s evil.
Image: Yep.
Image: Definitely.
Image: Absolutely.
Image: Evil.
Image: I say evil too.
Image: It could be a fake out.

Image: Shut up, Davis. Endou’s hitting Raimon with a speech bomb.
:endou:: As long as I’m the coach, you can win. Right?

Image: Practice Time. Wait? Who the hell is Minamisawa?
Image: He was the boy with the…uhhhh…
Image: Don’t look at me. I got no clue.
Image: Why did the teacher call on Tenma? The girl next to the empty seat makes more sense.

Image: God Hand damn this guy is sooo fake! Dumbass Raimon. What the f*ck and cheese?! He did an evil smirk in front of the whole club. Tell me you caught that, endou!
:endou:: Hm? Sorry. I was thinking how to play soccer on motorcycles. Oh hey, a new student. Do you like Rebecca Black? Yes? Okay. You can join.

Image: More practice. I wonder if they use deodorant?
Image: Why did you come with us?
Image: Kate wanted to meet more digimon.
Image:Winter’s coming and I need more fur coats.
Image: ….!
Image:Don’t worry. I only use dead, dying, or stupid digimon.

Image: Dude! He knocked the crap out of Tenma!
:endou:: Can I pick ‘em or what?

Image: Kidou!
Image: Joining the regular cast again. Welcome back.
:kidou:: All thanks to my fangirl army.

Image: Yes, Tenma. Tell the SEEDman everything about the revolution. Give him your parents’ credit card numbers while you’re at it. Come on, Kidou. You too?!
:kidou:: Always good to have new members derp derp.

Image: Kogure! He’s tall and still has a baby face, freaky.
:kogure:: I work for Aperture Science. Stop by if you ever need a couple bucks.

Image: Kogure lives with Aki! Squee!
:kogure:: Yes, it helps me save up a lot but the hidden cameras are annoying.

Image: Was that a dude welcoming Kogure?
Image: Nah. Believe it or not Aki’s a girl.
:aki:: Very funny, ipunk.

:kogure:: Play my team. You still have five minutes in the episode to kill.
Image: Game In Progress!
Image: Sidewinder VS Senpuujin! Kogure wins!
Image: Johnny took Japanese classes from Dylan. Uh-oh. SEEDman is sh*t stirring.
Image: Kariya, you jerk! Don’t hurt Kirino!
Image: No one likes a transvestite hater.

Image: Nobodies using established moves just like in the games.
Image: It’s Dance of the Wind God!
Image: Woah… They used Emperor Penguin No. 2?! That’s cool! SEEDman blocks it with Hunter’s Net, little sh*t.

Image: Full Throttle Jump VS Senpuujin! Raimon wins!
Image: Boo! Kogure should’ve stopped that! It’s Aki’s fault! Her crap coaching ruined Kogure!
:aki:: I hope your digimon bites your head off.

Image: Nice moment with the lady and demon man-child.
Image: We end with Kirino getting a clue. Whatever.

Image: Look Yolie! A digimon being chased by a group of Numamon!
Image: Help!!!

Image: Next episode: Return of the forgotten!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby Rozza C » Sun Oct 30, 2011 8:25 pm


That turns out that Kariya is actually just a bit of a dick with trust issues...but I like him still...

And Kageyama's back to haunt the Raimon team in the form of his son (?)

And OMG at the preview!!

Rozza C
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Thu Nov 03, 2011 6:06 pm

Image: Thanks for the help!
Image: No prob nezucho. Where’s the rest of Ry-Ro?
Image: I don’t know. I was saved by Gennai before meeting them. He wanted me to wait until he discovered their location but I can’t! Now with your help, my friends, we will stop Creamyroll and bring justice to the Digital World again!
Image: *sigh* ….give me strength.

Episode 22: Field Hazards? Well, This Is Based On a Video Game!

Image: Queen VS Creep, Go!
Image: Dude, punch him already!
Image: So freaky how he looks evil then good.
Image: I think it’s cute.

Image: Pinky and the Dickweed talk about Kariya. Here’s an idea: Tell Endou.
:endou:: Tell Kidou.
:kidou:: Tell Otonashi.
:otonashi:: Oh yes! Please tell me! I want to matter again!

Image: Kariya should ask me what I’d do if he were a seed. It involves a bitch and a slap.
Image: Punch him, Tenma!
Image: Every time someone says “you won’t get past me”, they do.

Image: Oh. No. He. Didn’t.
Image: What a slime ball!
Image: Sport ball or testicle?
Image: Faker!
Image: I’m appalled by his lack of friendship.

Image: Ha ha ha! The whole bus can hear them whining.
:kidou:: You two must be ready at all times so you can go out when necessary. Someone has to get half time snacks.

Image: Russian roulette stadium. I like the sound of that.
Image: You would.

Image: Attack of the clones.
Image: It may be evil but the opening ceremony is cool, Davis.
Image: Another time jump. Major cutting down on padding.
Image: Yes, yes. I work hard to trim the fat on the show.
Image: Oh, shut it.

Image: I want a Holy Liner put in my backyard.
Image: Dude, that thing is sick!
Image: An ice field? How the heck does that work?

Image: It’s that guy! Oh yeah, I remember him now.
Image: So…the teams just stare at each other during the ride? Creepy.
Image: Neat.

Image: Lots of jerks this episode.
Image: Speaking of which, this episode is sponsored today by…


Image: How dare the opposing team talk smack before a game!
Image: Friends should never fight.
:endou:: Let’s do our best! That way, we’ll have Minamisawa understand how douchey he’s acting!
Image: Cyclone Stadium? Why do they call it that, Davis?

Image: GK’s getting on their knees.
Image: OMG! President Hino read my fanfic!
:kidou:: What’s happening? What could possibly cause them to brace themselves in a place full of giant fans?

Image: Holy smokes! What kind of sadist puts tornado making fans in a soccer stadium?!
Image: Isn’t soccer wonderful?

Image: Kurama should be dead. Thank God Hand for cartoon physics.
Image: I hope they have a dynamite stadium.

Image: Kariya blocks with Hunter’s Net. Wish my nails could do that.
Image: Sonic Shot. A lame hissatsu for a lame character. Naturally, it’s blocked by Fence Of Gaia. Kidou gets a clue.
:kidou:: I was pretending not to know earlier. Yep…pretending…

Image: Mmmm, Tenma booty.
Image: Tenma Two Steps passed the tornado! I guess Gouenji’s immune to fire cause he can do fire hissatsu. Bye-bye logic. Have a nice trip.

Image: Sidewinder VS Gigantic Bomb, courtesy of Giant God Gigantes!
Image: Ba-lock-ticked!
Image: God’s Baton, Davis!

Image: Damn it, SEEDman!
Image: Sonic Shot and tornado VS Sangoku. Goal.
Image: You finally admit being a Seed, you sh*t stain. Drop a steel beam on his ass!
Image: I love this series as much as the next fansubber but can we get back to finding my subbing partners?
Image: Yeah, sure. After we find some trading cards.

Image: Next episode: You spin me right round, baby. Right round like a record, baby. Right round, round, round.
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:00 pm

Image: Welcome to my home, dear friends. Never thought I’d see you back in the Digital World, “Cyber” Cody.
Image: Not by choice. What’s the plan?
Image: Nitephire is being held at the Amusement Park on Server. Half of you will go save him while the others stay here. My informant will be back soon with the location of another member of Ry-Ro.

Episode 23: Pink Rage!

Image: Onward to Six Plugs Magic Mountain. Raimon’s losing by one point. Kidding my butt. Kariya is a SEED. Don’t fall for it Pippi!

Image: Man, I hate that guy!
Image: Don’t listen Amagi!
Image: F*ck Nite! Let’s go kick that sh*t head’s @$$!
Image Image Image: Yeah!
Image: Calm yourselves. Hate leads to destruction. We have our mission.
Image: …Fine. F*ckin’ hippie. More Two-Steppin’ from Tenma.

:endou:: In case anyone forgot, Gassan Kunimitsu knows when the cyclones appear.
:kidou:: I thought we were calling them tornados?

Image: ….Claymore. What the fish was that?! I-I need a moment to recover.
Image: Bad first half, Raimon. Tenma, get a clue.
Image: Shinsuke is switching with Kurumada.
:endou:: Kirino meet bench, bench meet Kirino.

Image: Then who will you switch in, Coach?
ImageImage: …!!
:endou:: We’ll fight the second half with these ten players.


Image: Mega drama, Davis.
Image: Movie promo eyecatch.
Image: I'm gonna watch the raw when we get back. Mahahaha!
Image: Dude. The movie’s done. All copies are being held in the vault until the premiere.
Image: Damn it! Next time we do a movie wake me up! Second half start! Sh*t stain is fast, big deal. Blah Hunter’s Net blah.

Image: Kariya is evil but cool.
Image: He has the body of a fiend but the soul of a friend.
Image: Traitors!
Image: Tenma enters the cyclone with Spiral Draw!
Image: Shoot chain, Davis!
Image: Mach Wind + Sidewinder = Goal! Score one for teamwork!

Image: There he goes again, little troll.
Image: Dude, nobody likes a troll.
Image: Unless it’s Cyber.
Image: I’m nothing like him. It’s GK’s hissatsu tactic…Tactics Cycle. And it looks as lame as it sounds. It’s just running with the ball. Fake drama is fake.
Image: Kariya’s Hunter’s Net is ineffective.

Image: I’ll admit it. Tactics Cycle is crap but Rocket Head is cool. GK has the most badass shorty in the series. Score’s 1-2. You benched Pippi so he’ll learn to tolerate a troll?
:endou:: That’s right. Being a defender is more important than choking trolls. Sometimes I’m so wise it scares me.

Image: Bravo, Kirino. Trust your team and they’ll never fail you.
Image: I see why Numamon was throwing sh*t at you.
Image: Kariya and Kirino break pass Tactics Cycle!
Image: Demon God Pegasus, Davis!
Image: Oh, NOW you call me. Can’t do it BEFORE I get my manicure, right?

Image: Demon VS Giant ends the eppie.
Image: Onward to Six Plugs!

Image: Next episode: Was that Coach Hottie?!!!!!!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Nov 07, 2011 10:18 pm

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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Fri Nov 11, 2011 8:43 pm

Image: You too, Natsu?
Image: Creamyroll hired every magic guild to capture you. Too bad, I got here first!
Image: What’s up with that time skip?
Image: Don’t talk about the time skip!!!!

Episode 25: He’s Back! Now Stop Whining!

Image: While Natsu captures the rest of Team Cyber, let’s check out GO.
Image: They’ll save us. Friends never let each other down.
Image: Whatever. The walking fangirl bait is revealed to be Kageyama’s nephew.
Image: The newest Raimon players in the opening. Nice.
:endou:: Kageyama Hikaru, do you like M&Ms? You do. Then there’s nothing more to ask.

:kidou:: It’s true that the things Kageyama Reiji did to Raimon’s soccer club are unforgivable.
:otonashi:: Didn’t you forgive him before he died? You took off your goggles, bowed, and everything.
:kidou:: I was caught up in the moment. Geez, now I forgot what I was saying. Thanks a lot.

Image: He’s been playing for only two months?! Ladies and Gents, the new Tobitaka. Practice time! Sh*tstain’s trolling again. Kage is gaining 2x experience points. Let me guess, Nishiki is the new player in the opening. Subtle as always, Level-5.
Image: Fubuki! Now that’s a true friend.
Image: Gee, I wonder if Fubuki’s gonna be in the episode since he was mentioned? Oh, looky. It’s Fubuki. I’m totally surprised and awestruck. -_-

:fubuki1:: I’m back and I brought exposition.
Image: To sum it up, Fubuki wants Raimon to kick Hakuren’s butt next match. If case you haven’t figured it out this is a step-up ep. Blah blah beat Absolute Barrier blah.
Image: Working together to defeat an enemy. I love this show!
Image: Lame way to stick in the proverb, Level-5. Boring ass training montage.
Image: It’s not boring. They’re working hard to accomplish something great together.
Image: Are you part Care Bear or what? More Nishiki build-up. I bet at least half the team popped boners talking about him. Yep, he’s not saving their assess next game. Nope, not at all…
Image: Touching flashback.
Image: Touching? You’re making it too easy for me.

Image: Yukimura, no! Don’t give in to Fifth Sector!
:fubuki1:: Yukimura! Bawww!

Image: The new hissatsu tactics is done. I’m sure they now have everything they need to win the match. Sh*tstain’s getting laughed at, cool. Man, the episode is boring. End already!
Image: Nishiki’s back!
Image: Yeah. Yeah. Let’s watch Thundercats.

:otonashi:: Next episode: Frosty the Snow Field!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Fri Nov 18, 2011 2:56 pm

[Human World]
[President Hino’s Office]
[The Past]

Image: Look Mimi I’v-
Image: No! You look! Inazuma Eleven’s ending with poor Fubuki as a background character!
Image: But, season two was practically all about him.
Image: Shut up! You’ll pay for this. Lilymon!
Image: Waitwaitwaitwait! How…how about a small Fubuki arch in the new series? I’ll even throw in some fanfic bait.
Image: ….How much?
Image: Enough to last a year, I guarantee.

Episode 26: Be Ice To Me!

[Human World]
[The Present]

Image: More Fubuki! Squee!!!!!!!
Image: Calm down, Mimi. An ice field? To play soccer? That makes no sense.
Image: Saw it coming a mile away. Otonashi! What a cutie!
Image: Palmon? You like girls?
Image: Only the cute ones.
Image: Nishiki is coming! I wonder who I should pair him up with. Endou called Otonashi, Haruna! Ménage à trois!!!

Image: Where did he get that bike? And, why didn't he take a cab?
Image: Hush Matty. Oh poo. Hakuren needs more cute players. Game start!
Image: You kids and your ice soccer. In my day, I played soccer on dirt and liked it!
Image: Yukimura is so cool!
Image: You just had to say it.

Image: Sexy flashback!
Image: In my day, flashbacks were black and white.
:fubuki1:: That’s an amazing shoot you have.
Image: “Shoot” means butt up north.
Image: Since when?

Image: I sincerely thought that I’d found someone I could believe and copy for the first time.
Image: He learned Eternal Blizzard! Squuuueeeeee!!!!
Image: Mimi. Please calm down. You’re going into meltdown.
Image: OMG! They keep staring at each other! Palmon, charge my ipad. It’s gonna be a loooong night.

Image: Panther Blizzard VS Fence of-. Goal!
Image: More flashback shipping bait! Oh God, he waited! Poor Yukimara! Bawww!!!
Image: There. There.

Image: Those whipper snappers finally figured it out. Use those spikes and get me a pillow while you’re up.
Image: Top buttonless Nishiki chest, mmmmm.

Image: Surfing Pierrot looks fun.
Image: Soyokaze Step. In my day, you’d get in trouble for shooting wind out your butt.
Image: Sidewinder VS Crystal Barrier! Blocked!
Image: Did Midori make an absence gesture with her arms?

:kidou:: Looks like everyone’s got the hang of it.
:endou:: Told you they would. You owe me 500 yen.

Image: Absolute Barrier VS Tsurugi’s face. No go.
Image: Absolute Barrier VS Double Wing. Failure.
Image: It’s not working! They need Nishiki!
Image: Duh.

Image: Panther Blizzard VS Fence of Gaia. Blocked.
Image: Yukimara has an Avatar!
Image: Abounding Snowfall Saya. I think I’m in love!
Image: Ep’s over and I have the title of my first Yubuki fanfic, Bumpin’ Ice Cubes!

Image: Next episode: Chill Out!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Sun Nov 27, 2011 9:09 pm

Image: Aaaaaaaand…we’re all captured.
Image: At least we found Nitephire.
Image: I liked Inazuma Eleven before it was cool. Anyone who doesn’t watch the raws isn’t a true fan.
Image: ………I wanna go hoooome!

Episode 27: Icebreaker!

[Human World]
[Steel Tower Club]

:hitomiko:: Welcome to the Annual Inazuma Forum Party. No hissatsu tactics inside the building!
:agumon:: That Cyber! Why didn’t he tell me he was going to the Digital World?
Image: Too bad. I was going to introduce him to Cammy.
: Hi! Cool, it’s starting.
Image: Two points behind? Homosapien simpletons! Hmm…
Image: Stop staring at Kitahara Sayaka.
Image: I’m not!

Image: Another failed Double Wing. Can I get a beer?
Image: Stupid human. Fifth Sector fired Fubuki.
:agumon:: First Half end.
:fubuki1:: They had their eyes on your abilities, so they separated me from you!
:chika: :yoshino:: Squeee!!! Hey! Did you read Mimi’s Yubuki fanfic? OMG! “French kissing takes practice too.” Ahh! I almost died!

: Nishiki shows up. Second Half start! How is Nishiki able to do Double Wing without practice?
Image: We try not to mention things like that, Cammy.

Image: Absolute Barrier VS Double Wing! Blocked!
Image: The truth comes out. Woo! Another beer!
Image: One more idiot joins Raimon.
:agumon:: Kageyama wants a shot.
:endou:: Sending in a rookie? That’s just crazy enough to work.
ImageImage: ….. /|||

Image: Double Wing VS Absolute Barrier. Goal!
: Absolute Barrier is useless, like pants in my closet.
Image: You have pants?

:agumon:: Sword Saint Lancelot + Lost Angel = Goal!
Image: Creepy Fifth Sector guy!
Image: Grizzy Bear, I like your style!
Image: Sangoku, no! You big bear bastard!

:endou:: Take two teaspoons of Endou speech and call me in the morning.
:agumon:: They need another goalie.
:endou:: Goalies must have talent or popularity. Since we don’t have the former…Tenma, you’re up.

Image: The Mist. Sneaky. I like it.
:agumon:: Defense party!

Image: Just started and Tenma’s already better than Tachimukai.
Image: Seki should join Raimon.
Image: God’s Baton! Yeah baby! Woohoo!

Image: New hissatsu, Acrobat Keep! Simple but effective.
:agumon:: Instrumentalist Maestro + Harmonics = Goal!
Image: No end game whistle?
Image: Episode was short. Had to stretch it out.

:agumon:: Abounding Snowfall Saya + Icicle Road – Hunter’s Net (Demon God Pegasus + Theme Song) = Raimon wins!

Image: Alright! Go Raimon! Go Raimon!
:hitomiko:: Get the hell off my bar counter!

:endou:: What did you want to talk about? If it’s about you and Yukimura I already know.
:fubuki1:: It’s about the plot.

:chika: :yoshino:: Endou and Kidou are alone!
:endou:: I’m leaving Raimon. Fifth Sector’s true goal might not be the management of soccer.
:kidou:: Is it world domination? It’s always world domination.
:endou:: Have fun breaking their spirits. Cya!

Image: I stole a copy of the new Inazuma Eleven Go movie. Let’s watch it!
:agumon:: Cool! This is the best Forum Party ever!

[The Digital World]
Image: The card game is an obvious attempt to get as much money as possible. True Inazuma fans should only watch the show and play the games.
Image: Shut Uuuuuuup!

:kidou:: Next episode: This is Spartan training!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Sun Dec 04, 2011 6:10 pm

Image: Welcome to File Island, new slaves.
Image: Princess Celestia?! Wait. It can’t be!
Image: That I’m the leader of Creamyroll? That I’m the pony who’ll control all entertainment on the internet? Oh, it is.

Episode 28: Coach Kidou’s Sadism

Image: Fission Mailed. I blame Davis. Anyway, more Inazuma.
:endou:: Attention everyone: I’m out.

Image: Naturally, everyone is sad.
Image: He dumped me? But, we were getting along so well.

Image: I agree with Dickweed. You don’t need Endou. He never did anything!
Image: It always hurts losing a friend.
Image: I lost friends before it was cool.

:kidou:: Why me?
:endou:: Because you’re pretty much my second-in-command. Makes sense for you to take over.
:kidou:: I’ll only do it if I can treat them like sh*t.
:endou:: I expect nothing less.

Image: Dude, you call those push-ups? Weak.
Image: Kidou treats them like slaves, Davis.
Image: I can relate.
Image: Because we’re slaves now?
Image: And I’m an intern.

:kidou:: Dance puppets. Dance!
:otonashi:: I’m worried but won’t say anything. Does that make me a bad person?

Image: Hahahaha! Poor Raimon. Having a coach that does something is too much for you? Heeheehee!
:otonashi:: You’re being a dick.
:kidou:: They can take it. Not like they’ll quit or anything.

Image: Amagi, Kageyama, and Shinsuke quit. Saw that coming a mile away.
Image: Oh no. I can see Shinsuke x Kidou fanart off on the horizon.

:kidou:: I’m going to turn around and pretend you didn’t come in my office asking me something.

Image: That’s obviously Tobitaka. Any true fan can tell.

:otonashi:: Time for my big dramatic scene! Huh? You had a reason for working Raimon to death all along! Why didn’t you tell me?
:kidou:: Why didn’t you ask?
:otonashi:: Touché.

:kidou:: Maybe I should tell them why I’m doing this… Nah!
Image: I really hate these fake drama episodes. No real tension, only a big misunderstanding that could have been easily avoided.

Image: Cool speech, Nishiki.
:tobitaka:: Let me show you how it’s done.

Image: Speech bombs dropped. Time for the big confrontation.
Image: Shinsuke! Friendship really can overcome anything.
Image: Blah blah blah don’t give up. Why do sports anime have to be so damn positive?
Image: Sounds like you need a hug.
Image: Hug my @$$!

Image: Raimon learns Kidou had their best interest in mind.


Image: Don’t bow to him! If Kidou explained himself earlier-
Image: Kidou’s a genius!
Image: You said it, Davis!
Image: So wise! The last scene, so wonderful.

Image: Silence! Nezucho and Nitephire will join the other Ryuu-Rouge prisoners. The rest of you will work on Creamyroll’s first reality series, Data Pop. Here come the stars now.
:agumon:: Cyber!
Image: Ooh la la!
Image: You gotta be kidding me!

:gouenji:: Next episode: Coach me if you can!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Thu Dec 15, 2011 7:31 pm

Image: …all working together. Now let’s make this the best 24 hour Inazuma special ever!

Episode 29: The Fated Confrontation! Inazuma Fanboys!!

Image: Uuuuuuuuh…
Image: Oooh! I think the president is at his limit.
Image: They’re showing a Danball Senki tournament. Oh, please!
Image: Let’s watch this episode of Ina Go instead.

Image: Adult Aphrodi. I’d hit it!
Image: Looks like the games are coming out.
Image: Took them long enough. And I thought the producers were lazy.

Image: Practice time.
Image: Wamming Jump practice. Down they go.
Image: Flashback shuffle.
Image: Gotta cut corners somehow.
Image: LadyD!

Image: Taking a coffee break. Eighth one. Love that Kariya. Taught him everything I know.
Image: Eeeee!!! Locker room scene!
Image: We did a three month study and found most fans want more nudity.
Image: Who doesn’t?

Image: Nishiki’s being tight lipped about Italy.
Image: Major spoilers for future episodes. Gotta keep quiet.
Image: All this pasta talk is making me hungry.

:kidou:: He’s trying to hit that blue mark? Why am I talking to myself?
Image: Next match is against last year’s champ, Kidokawa Seishuu.
Image: Try saying that three times fast. Gossip talk. Now I’m listening.

Image: They fight like me and dogs.
Image: Here comes Mr. Prettyboy.
Image: But, I’m already here.

Image: Day of the match!
:kidou:: Aphrodi! Sh*t got real!

:aphrodi:: …….
:kidou:: ……. I’m winning this staring contest no matter what!

Image: Water World Stadium.
Image: FOOD!

:kidou:: What’s the trick this time? And what’s with those metal hinges? I just can’t figure it out.

Image: Kidou’s announcing the starting line-up.
:kidou:: All the cool kids. That’s all.
Image: No fatties.

Image: Game Start! Aphrodi fixed the team.
:aphrodi:: Beat Raimon, then kill each other. Deal?

Image: That’s the trick. Knew it.
Image: We all did.

Image: LadyDevimon, Hino just announced Cyber Cody’s temporary replacement.
Image: Hi there.

:someoka:: Next episode: Ta-da!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Thu Dec 15, 2011 7:35 pm

Image: Beat me or you’ll never reach the pyramid.
Image: You some type of ninja?
Image: I play a card game.

[One Kick in The Balls Later]
Image: Let’s go.

Episode 30: Magnificent Hair! Kidou VS Aphrodi!!

Image: Finally, the pyramid!
Image: Let’s go save Mitch, Yolie.
Image: In a minute. Go is on. It’s Someoka!
Image: Or a south seas pimp.

:kidou:: Pitch-down. Aphrodi didn’t know about it?
:aphrodi:: I want to seem nice so the producers will let me win.

Image: A water trick at a water stadium. Make sense to me.
Image: Presto Turn. A good move to use when mugging people.

:kidou:: Crap! Did Aphrodi figure it out first? This is what I get for not eating a balanced breakfast.
Image: Is that boy blind?
Image: I hope so. That’ll make it more interesting.

Image: God Triangle? Not the flashiest hissatsu tactics name.
:kidou:: Note to self: Teepee Aphrodi’s house tonight.

Image: That guy stole Kidou’s Illusion Ball!
:kidou:: I better get royalties.

Image: Kidou figured out how to beat pitch-down.
:kidou:: Flying Route Pass. Duh!
:aphrodi:: Waiting to use the obvious strategy against pitch-down. You still got it, Kidou.

Image: Surfing Pierrot!
Image: KS is breaking out an Avatar!
Image: A card game commercial.
Image: Ignoring.

Image: Gallop Buster VS Fence Of Gaia. Goal.
Image: What’s up with Nishi?
Image: I smell a development episode coming. And, wet underwear.
Image: No go for Hunter’s Net. Triangle ZZ. Goal!
Image: Love the pose! *drool* First Half end.

:aphrodi:: Don’t underestimate Raimon. Driving them deeper and deeper into a corner only makes them bring out new haxxor power that evolves them further.

Image: Someoka is Nishiki’s master?!
:someoka:: I’m living the good life in Italy. A pro team, making tons of money, and bitches galore. My shades? Cost more than all your houses put together.

Image: Hawkmon, remind me to go on Pixiv for Someoka x Nishiki art.
Image: Ugh. Second Half start.
Image: Nishi’s avatar, Sengoku War God Musashi! Goal.

:someoka:: Basically, I saved the day. Did I tell you about my pet smurf?
Image: Theme song playing! You know what that means!
Image: Hunter’s Net and Soyokaze Step! Avatar fight! Tie!

:aphrodi:: Theme song’s over. Payback time.
Image: Hey, you kids! Off my lawn!

:someoka:: Next episode: More me!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Wed Dec 28, 2011 1:31 pm

Image: Hi, everyone. Can you give me an hour or so? I haven’t finished cleaning the pyramid. It’s a dust bomb!

Image: Mitch! We’re here to save you!
Image: Save from what? He started cleaning on his own!

Episode 31: Pimps, Punks, and War Gods!!

Image: Look, I’m just keeping him here to keep Celestria off my back. A top music producer like myself has more than enough royal pains without that princess neighing over my shoulder.
Image: I’m tired Metal E. Can me and the Auto-Tune take a break?
Image: For the eighth time, Ke$ha, my name is ShogunGekomon!

Image: An easy win. My favorite kind.
Image: Let’s watch some Go while we wait for Mitch. Score’s tied thanks to Nishi.

Image: In-fighting from KS. Maybe they’ll start spitting in each other’s face.
Image: Aphrodi, you got paint on your hair.
:aphrodi:: What?! That’s what I get for napping during practice. Just for that I’m going cryptic on their little butts.

Image: Sibling argument. It’s not easy being partnered with difficult people.
Image Image Image Image Image: Tell me about it!

Image: Flying Route Pass. I know a DJ with that name.
Image: God Triangle. I know an admin with that name.

Image: Dick move from Sousuke!
Image: Dick? Where?

Image: Slow-mo save from Shinsuke.
:aphrodi:: They help each other and don’t piss in other team members’ lockers. That’s Raimon’s soccer.

Image: Mean brother gets Death Nail’d.
Image: Big Scissors knock down Nishi! God Triangle again.

Image: If I had a whiny little brother like that I’d be a jerk too.
Image: OMG! Rage Jump Defense! So awesome!

Image: God’s Baton. Uh-oh! Mean Brother is using his avatar, Iron Horse Warrior Knight. Use Demon God Pegasus, Tenma!
Image: Glad I bought waterproof mascara. Metro pawch!

Image: Sengoku War God Musashi with Bushin Renzan VS Heavy Machine Soldier Baron and Guardian Shield! Is anyone else thinking of Musashi’s pubic hair?

Image: Goal. Gold shirts win. What the hell is a Hat Trick?
Image: When you penetrate all three orifices durin-

:aphrodi:: You lost. I knew it. But, now we’re a real team. Now, lets go get some pizza and cherry-flavored Aqua of the Gods.

Image: Sangoku wants Shinsuke to be a goalkeeper! Baby Endou FTW!
Image: Sangoku inspires the bench patrol.
:someoka:: Yeah, it’s not easy being a supporting character. Let me tell you in a flashback.
Image: “Being Japanese is definitely about the rice!”? That sounds a bit…

Image: More Someoka x Nishi shipping! Rough training indeed. WOOHOOOOO!!!!
:someoka:: No matter how hard it got-
Image: WOO!!!!
:someoka:: and even when he couldn’t see any progress, he’d keep at it day after day.
:someoka:: Shut up! Anyway, work hard and help each other and you too could someday get TV endorsements and have one night stands with your teammates’ sexy sisters. Peace out!

Image: Kidou x Someoka shipping too! I love this episode!
Image: Ready to go, Mitch?
Image: If you want to defeat my sister, you’ll need my help.
Image: Why do weirdoes always appear after an episode?

:someoka:: Next episode: Avatarded!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Jan 16, 2012 7:53 pm

Episode 32: Recap Of The Revolutionary Wind

Image: Hurry! Hurry! It’s starting!
Image: I can’t wait. We get to learn the secret of the Avatars! Shinsuke’s eating a lot, like Genta.
Image: They should have eel rice too.
Image: Hey. Hey.

Image: Not a lot is happening.
Image: We’ll have to wait until the end for the secret.
Image: I’m hungry.
Image: No surprise there.

Image: Ayumi thinks Shindou is cool.
Image: More schools are joining the revolution.

Image: Didn’t we see this before?
Image: I see. This is a recap episode.
Image: Recap?!
Image: Total filler.

Image: We could still learn the secret of the Avatars.
Image: Not happening.
Image: Your wrong, Conan.
Image: I’ve never been wrong in all the months you’ve known me.
Image: Months? Feels like years. Seventeen years at least.
Image: You’re so silly, Genta.

Image: Commericals! Yay!
Image: Did they just…reveal a major spoiler?
Image: Tenma’s gonna be captain!

Image: More recap.
Image: *yawn*
Image: It’s Endou. Here it comes! …It’s over.
Image: Told you. Now lets go find a murdered body while playing so we can find the culprit while making the police look incompetent.

Image: What’s that sound?
Image: Ultimate Fusion!
Image Image Image Image Image: AHHHHHH!!!!!!

:endou:: Next episode: PSAmagi!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Jan 16, 2012 8:02 pm

Image: Your friend helped me find you. He’s quite reliable.
Image: Cody!
Image: /bzz

Episode 33: In Case You Didn’t Know! Bullying Is Bad!!

Image: Come on, Cody. Don’t be mad. We didn’t tell you because Cyber wanted you to say behind as back-up.
Image: So you trusted this Cyber more than me?
Image: And this here digimon more than me?
Image: Uh, sup…

Image: Let’s make up and watch GO on our way to File Island.
Image: Sit back and enjoy the ride.

Image: Practice Time.
Image: An Amagi episode. He looks so sad. Where are my tissues?

Image: A fat joke. I don’t like that guy.
ImageImage: Ha! Ha! Ha! Good one, Kariya!

Image: Next opponent is Gen’ei Academy.
Image: I smell backstory.
Image: A 100% accurate hissatsu? Whoa.

Image: That Phantom Shot guy looks evil. Reminds me of my old boyfriend.
Image: Young Amagi! Cute!
Image: And fat.

:kidou:: Amagi. Leave the grounds and develop your character.
Image: So everyone noticed Amagi acting sad but didn’t do anything.
Image: Bro Code, Yolie. You wouldn’t understand.

Image: Flashback time.
Image: *sniff* *sniff* Amagi…
Image: This is why killing children should be legal.

Image: Who’s the little girl there?
Image: Sister? Ex-girlfriend? Drug dealer?

Image: Mahoro! They meet again after all this time. Oh no! It’s cloudy. This won’t end well.
Image: Tell him Mahoro.
Image: Come on, partner. Just tell the truth.

Image: OMG! Bawww!!!!
Image: What a skeet head! F*ck you, Mahoro!
Image: Wet underwear.

Image: Purple hair shipping ftw!
Image: Another sad flashback.

Image: I had no idea Raimon was full of geeks.
Image: I was bullied too when I was young. At school the kids-
Image: Shhh! I’m trying to hear them scream.

Image: Tenma stalking Tsurugi.
Image: Oh! A non generic looking character. He’s joining the main cast eventually. Woo! New boy x Tenma shipping!

Image: Intense soccer.
Image: That was cool. Soccer is wonderful. You can play and not get your hands dirty.

Image: Fuyuka! You got hotter!
Image: She’s a cutie alright.
Image: …….

:fuyuka:: I help people with vague illnesses and pull the plugs on elderly patients without heath insurance.
Image: Those eyes. It’s like she’s staring into your soul.

Image: The bigger villain appears. And, he's cute!
Image: Amagi’s better now.

:kidou:: One less thing I have to worry about. Go me!

Image: Awkward shuttle to the Stadium.
Image: I love that part.

Image: It’s the little girl. Not so little anymore.
Image: Mahoro’s being a creep to Amagi because learnig the truth would hurt him? Oooookay….
Image: Scary stare!
Image: Almost at File Island.
Image: Your plot is mine, big sis!

:fuyuka:: Next episode: Tilt!
:fuyuka:: What’s that sound?

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