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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

PostPosted: Wed Jun 22, 2011 11:23 pm
by Splash
Cody, Megane Kakeru is also listed in the ending credits if you look. They rarely mess those up (although they have in the past for minor things). Although even I thought for a moment they had they twin Kazuto involved in the whole thing too. Especially since he just looks so different between ep 5 and 6 XD;; I thought he looked a lot better in ep 5 than 6. But it's still very Megane either way :megane: :megane:

Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

PostPosted: Fri Jun 24, 2011 12:28 pm
by Rozza C
I think he knows it's Megane Kakeru, but he just doesn't want to believe it.

Maybe he holds a personal grudge against our spectacled benchwarmer.

Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

PostPosted: Sun Jun 26, 2011 5:15 pm
by cyber_cody

Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

PostPosted: Mon Jun 27, 2011 4:36 am
by Rozza C

Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

PostPosted: Sun Jul 03, 2011 6:43 pm
by cyber_cody
:megane:: It's good to be back.

Don't get to comfy. You're not a season four regular.

:megane:: Yet.
Image: Get back to work! Lousy Inazuma staff. Why can't they be more like the Xros Wars crew?

Episode 7: King Endou Makes His Appearance!!

Geez! Why do bosses always think they have the right to tell employees what to do? Ugh... Anyway, in case you didn't notice, Coach Kudou is awesome. Guess he's going to move in with Fudou. Oh, the hilarity.

Practice time. Make that Whiny Time. Who will be the new coach? Will it be an asshole from Fifth Sector? No! It's an asshole with a heart. Your lord and master, Endou Mamoru! Close-up on his crotch? Whose directing this ep?
Image: Hiiiiii!

No hugging? Damn.
:endou:: I'm the new main Endou Mamoru.

Why are they surprised? How can they not know who he is? Damn show always milking the reaction shots. What the hell is with your voice, Endou? Balls still haven't dropped? Poor Tenma needs to change his shorts. So, they're not gonna listen to one of the world's greatest goalkeepers? You suck, Raimon.

Fifth Sector gotz hack'd. Ha! All the girls are there too.
:endou:: They all want a slice of Endou beefcake.

Practice Time V2. Back at Captain Emo's house. Wait, he's not only the captain of Raimon but rich and plays the piano? Overkill much, Level-5? I hate him even more now. "Suffering"? Shut up, Raimon. I was hoping Tsurugi would kick the ball at Endou, only for him to catch it with his pinky. The gang's all here. Tenma pulled a Tobi.
:endou:: Your turn, Fudou clone.

I get my wish. Death Sword a go-go VS Endou. WHAT? No hissatsu from Endou?????? Damn it!
:endou:: I got style.

Show off. Taking over the entire soccer world? Gasp! Man, Kudou's the only one who could look cooler than Endou during his first official season four appearance. Bye Kudou! I'll miss you.
:kudou:: I'll leave it in your hands. This DILF got things to do. Mostly to young college co-eds.

Endou saved the episode. Not looking forward to Captain Whiny next ep.

Image: ..........

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PostPosted: Tue Jul 05, 2011 6:46 pm
by cyber_cody
Piedmon. You’re spending way too much money on jock straps.
Image: Says who?

Says this memo that mysteriously appeared on my desk.
Image: Fine. I’ll let the little brats go without. Say goodbye to future parenthood kiddies. Lady Devimon! Kill the caterers. My soup was cold.
Image: Right away, Piedmon.

Lady D? What are you doing here?
Image: I’m Piedmon’s assistant. The entertainment medium is the perfect environment for evil creatures like ourselves.

Well, I’m not evil.
Image Image: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

Episode 8: Shut up, Shindou!

We open with Tenma and Nishi watching Captain Angst. Time to suffer though a Shindou epis- HISSATSU! Fortissimo, okay for an early hissatsu. The one time they can play a real game and Raimon loses. Man, they sink. At least season one Raimon had the excuse of being beginners. Hey, it’s Endou! Hi Endou!
Image: Stop acting like a fanboy.

I wanna see his hissatsu, damn it! Holy Road? Eh, why not? It’s Shindou and uhhhhhh the douche. Practice Time. Holy sh*t! Calm down you crazy biatch! Shindou takes the time to change into his uniform only to pose and walk away? What a f*cking drama queen! Must everyone in the school act like a crap bag?
God’s Baton? Wait, was that a hissatsu tactic? Thought it was just mad skillz. Shindou resigned! YAY!!!! Don’t let the automatic doors hit you on the way out! Look at that piece of Tauros dung hamming it up. Your captain just quit. At least pretend to be sad.

Image: Bipolar much?

Midori. I lov- like you. Beat the snot out of them! Welcome to I-11 Go Cribs. Basically, Shindou is treating soccer like an annoying girlfriend. Breaking up with her before you start hating her. Ugh, drama. Better wait it out. So, Lady D, how is your day?

She’s gone! Don’t leave me to endure this alone! Shindou is afraid of Tenma’s passes because they make him feel funny inside. Tenma goes super nag on Shindou forcing him to give in to his demands. I would’ve asked to play his PS3 but that’s just me.

Image: Soccer time. I’m back.

Traitor! Fortissimo VS The Soccer Net! Goal! Real soccer is dead? Then, why are you still playing? It took eight eps but we get Tenma’s hissatsu, Soyokaze Step. Was it worth the wait? No.
He’s over the angst! Finally! “Wanting to see him smile?” Pixiv blew up, again. Tsurugi told Shindou Fifth Sector’s order! What a…honest guy. Creep. Tenma, dude, you REALLY need to learn how to read the atmosphere. Next episode, the beginning of a tournament! About time, Hino!

Image: ………….

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2011 4:25 am
by Rozza C

Soyokaze Step was awesome! Fortissimo was kinda bland. I was expecting something amazing from the captain. But sadly, it didn't live up in my eyes.

Tsurugi is such an ass. But I still think he's awesome. I can totally see him switching to the good side eventually.

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PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2011 10:37 am
by cyber_cody

Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

PostPosted: Wed Jul 06, 2011 11:09 am
by Rozza C

Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 9:25 pm
by cyber_cody
I get what you're saying, but I still don't like it. Guess I'm whiny due to hissatsu deficiency. I hope Nishi's hissatsu is better than that.

As much as she annoyed me, I feel kinda bad for Aki. Her life seems so dull post season 3.

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PostPosted: Sun Jul 17, 2011 7:31 pm
by cyber_cody
Had no idea so many different animation studios were in the area.
Image: Yeah. Most of the animation district is rented out to companies. Even I know that.
Image: Hello, Cyber Cody.

Heeeeeey…. Crystal Meth?
Image: Twilight Sparkle.

Oh, yeah. Hey heh heh heh.
Not sure I wanna know what's going on over there.

Episode 9: About Damn Time! Holy Road!!

Normally, anime with tournaments annoy me but I’m a hissatsu whore ready to strut in my best fish nets for incomprehensible soccer moves. Practice time~~~~~~! Just tell Sangoku, Shindou! Strategy meeting~~~~~~! Endou using his brain. Trippy. And, the truth comes out. Thanks, Dickweed.
:endou:: We’re going to win this match.

F*ck yeah! Shut up, Sangoku. Grow a pair! Damn, these kids are more concerned about their permanent record than most colleges. F*ck you, Raimon! You are officially the worst version of Raimon ever! Shut up, stalker chick. Practice time, bummer version.

Sangoku meets Tenma and they have dinner together, then HELLO MILF! Her hubby’s dead? Yes! Call me baby! Jets? Fighter jets flying over the opening of a jr. high tournament? This world’s military really has nothing better to do. AGGHHHHHHH!!! I can’t f*cking take this!!!! This is why I need a co-host. So I can walk out and get a beer instead of watching these spineless little—Agumon! I need you! *sob* *sob*

The Holy Emperor dresses like a reject from a cheesy 70’s cop movie. More trash talk for douches getting a free pass. The hell is up with that dude’s eyes?! Game start! Nothing much to say. Jerks being jerks. Wimps being wimps. Shindou blocked the kick! Shindou uppercuts physics with a fake pass to Tenma. Tenma Soyo Steps evil eye. Evil Eye sounds a little like Zoro. How does that baton thing work? Is he literally shooting light? Is this the soccer version of a power point presentation? Fortissimo for a goal! Up yours, Fifth Sector! Here’s hoping the rest of the team wets themselves.

Image: Hey, who are you?! Why are watching him like that? Watching is fun but that’s what watches are for but looks like you don’t have one. You should get one. I have five. One is purple, one is blue, one is yellow, one is green, and the last is……..guess! Come on! Guess! Guess! Guess! It’s pin—
Image: Snake Bandage!
Image: Mumf! Mumf! Muummmfff!!!!

Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

PostPosted: Fri Jul 22, 2011 5:41 pm
by cyber_cody
Image: He’d be perfect for a filler arch. Mind if I ask why you won’t let me hire him?

He tried to kill me.
Image: Then fire me and half the crew.

AND…he’s a weapon toting maniac.
Image: Uh huh.

Okay. Okay. We’ll keep him around as an intern for now. You stay behind the scenes and out the way!
Image: Sir, yeeeees Sir !Hee hee hee.

Episode 10: Sangoku Grows a Spine!

Shindou finally came out his funk! Praise the Digital Gods! MILF alert! Look at the chick standing further back. Camel toe alert! Don’t say I never gave you anything, fanboys.

Game continue! Those guys must be former hockey players, ouch. Oh come on, the fans would be losing their minds by now cause of the rough plays. Not to mention this game is probably being shown on tv. Better tell Hino- Hm? I’m starting to take this job seriously. Not good.

I hate those

Poison their water bottles, Endou!
:endou:: Already peed in them.

We get some Avatar action. Birdman Falco! Lipstick Boy makes a goal with Falco Wing! You suck, Sangoku. Half time! Hit them with a speech bomb, Endou!
:endou:: Locked and loaded!

Holy crap! That was doozy! Someone’s been taking public speaking courses. Second half start! Still being butt holes, Raimon. A flashback? This ain’t Naruto! Get that sh*t out of here! MILF! Okay, keep it in. Sangoku’s on board now. Woo hoo! God Baton with a hint of Soyokaze Step! Nishi being awesome too. That’s the Raimon I love! Lord Gaga uses Falco Wing again. Semi-block from Tenma and Shindou. Don’t go emo on me, Shin! Burning Catch stops it! I'm so close to crying right now, but I’m not sad. Is this…true happiness? Freaky.

Time for a classic last minute win. Tenma starts it off with a Soyokaze Step. Shindou brings out his Avatar, Instrumentalist Maestro and uses Harmonics! GOAL! Raimon wins! F*ck all the players who didn’t help! And f*ck you, Holy Leisure Suit Emperor! I can’t wait for season 5. Hopefully, like season two, most of Raimon will be replaced. Bunch of weak sauce sons of non-MILFs!

Back to work. God, I need a secretary.
Image: You called?

What the?! Who are you?
Image: Your secretary, silly.

So, all I had to do was call? Call…. I need a girlfriend!
It was worth a try. Hm?

Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

PostPosted: Sat Jul 23, 2011 8:35 am
by Rozza C
Good god...when will this team get some balls!? (no pun intended)

In other news...even though he scored an own goal...Tsurugi was so bad ass...

Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

PostPosted: Wed Jul 27, 2011 7:38 pm
by cyber_cody
Can you believe that? All I wanted was a date with the woman who kidnapped and locked me in a dungeon for over a year. Now I’m terrified my old digimon partner is coming to visit while dealing with producing a Japanese soccer anime. And, I’m not even Japanese! At least, I think I’m not. I don’t know. What do you think, doc?

Image: You’d look better in a bow tie. Bow ties are cool.

Yeaaahhhh…. Thanks for the doctor referral, Splash.

Episode 11: Dickweed’s Secret

Haters gonna hate. Naturally, the Rai-ginas are complaining about WINNING a soccer game! Grrrrr!!!! Stay calm, me. Just hold out until season four when they’ll be replaced. That’s right, Endou! Tell those bootlickers to f*ck off! Dickweed can’t get under Endou’s skin.

Yes, this is the “Bad guy has a reason to be an ass” episode. Whatevers! EWWWW! Tsurugi’s happy smile. Well that was a quick reveal. Dickweed paralyzed his brother and needs money to heal him. Dickweed wants to play, uh oh. Shut him down, Endou.
:endou:: You can play.

Idiot! Shut up! Shut up! SHUT UP, RAIMON! I can’t take it anymore! I’m done with this episode! Mummymon, take over.

Image: Uh, well… The pretty boy quits and the one-eyed boy is angry. The other pretty boy is scared. The coach is very convincing. Soccer isn’t a person little boy. Time for the next match. The girl, no, boy decided to fight Fifth Sector. Good for you. Game Start. Wow! Didn’t see that coming. Mean boy scored a goal against his own team. Exciting ending, right boss?

Yep. Thanks for the assist, Mummymon. Commenting is more fun when you don’t have to talk about the crappy parts. Looking forward to the next episode.

Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2011 4:11 pm
by Rozza C
Looks like the team finally grew some balls!

About time, as well!

As for the next episode...Shinsuke's getting a Hissatsu!

Let's hope it's a little more impressive than the ones we've seen so far..

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 12, 2011 10:47 pm
by cyber_cody
Yeeeesssssss! Splash & crew is gonna release the movie soon! I can’t wait! Actually, I can and did but you know what I mean. Heard Coach Hottie has a nude scene! Awwww yeah!
Image: Who told you that?

Tai. Hm? Wait a minute. Better call Splash to confirm. Mummymon, take care of that, would you?
Image: Sure, after my nap.

Episode 12: Former Hockey Players! Mannouzaka Jr. High!!

Last episode, Dickweed scored against his own team. I’m dumping 20 lbs. of Lugia poo on his door step.
Game start! Tenma starts strong with his Soyokaze Two-Step. Ball is stolen and OH! Right in the chin! Damn, Team Bloodlust isn't playing around. Referee must be on a date. No one hurts my favorite GO character! Where’s my Vaccine Blaster?! Did Tenma get hit in the crouch? This is horrible. If I knew Raimon was gonna get the sh*t knocked out of them I would’ve brought popcorn. That’s what you wimps get for being…er….wimps. Ha! Poor Girl #3. Your lover boy won’t be so pretty after this match.

Image: Dude, Shindou is trying to win the game.

Oh, yeah. I’m on an evil buzz. I better calm down. Time for Temna’s big scene. The ole never give up trick. This is being shown on TV and in front a crowd, right? How the f*ck can Dickweed get away with all this?!!!!! Internal bleeding, brain damage, and smashed testacies = okay. Broken leg = bad. What…EVER! Dickweed scores a goal, against the other team. Endou, you lucky bastard. You couldn’t have known this would happen.

:endou:: I read the episode spoilers.

First half ends. Not this sh*t again! Shut the f*ck up! I’m sick of this team and all the whining! Screw it! I’m ending this and going back to work. Peace!

Image: My turn. Welcome to the Davis & V-mon Wrap-Up!
Image: Second half start. Davis gets the ball. Wow, he’s even better than Davis!
Image: Tsuruji uses Death Sword. An Avatar! Machine Soldier Galleus! Death sword is blocked, bummer. Another Avatar, Conjurer Purim! Magician’s Box VS Burning Catch. Goal! Score’s 2-1. Aww man, that’s the end of the episode. Tune in next time for more Davis & V-mon Wrap-Up.
Image: If Cyber has another temper tantrum. It’s the trailer for the new movie, Davis!
Image: Awesome, V-mon! Looks good. Hope my stunt work makes the cut. Woah, a card battle game! Let’s go buy some and play!
Image: But, we spent all our money on string cheese.
Image: Stupid yummy dairy snack!

[Some Time Later]

Ugh. The one time I do some work and It’s a f*cking music video for the theme song. I never want to hear that song again! Better read up on the next assignment I avoided. An I-11 GO movie?! Why wasn’t I told about it?
Image: I didn’t tell you? So sorry. We finished filming last week. Maybe if you did some work around here…

Those girl no-no parts don’t deserve a movie!
Image: Couldn’t reach Ry-Ro’s fortress but someone from there is here to see you, Boss.
Image: Cyber! I-It’s terrible! Ryuu-Rogue has been destroyed!

Oh. I see. What about the movie?
Image: …stolen.

Image: Next episode: Whine-mon Awakens!

Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

PostPosted: Sat Aug 13, 2011 8:26 pm
by cyber_cody
It’s been awhile but I’m back at Ry-Ro Fortress or what’s left of it. This place is a wreck. No staff or prisoners around. Poor Spash. Poor Onkeikun. Poor those other guys whose names I forgot. Don’t worry; I’ll avenge your deaths.
Image: Dude, we don’t know if they’re dead or not.

Thinking they’re dead makes it easier to steal their stuff.

Episode 13: I Still Hate You?!

Image: Still no answer from Ry-Ro Castle. How does a fansub group get a fortress and a castle/go-kart park?

You don’t wanna know. Okay, let’s knock out this commentary and get to looting. Whine-mon, yes I’m stealing Mummymon’s joke, has to beat a team with three seeds. Be grateful they don’t own a gundam. Seed fight! Tenma is blocked by a five year old, sad. Slip? What the hell are you smoking, Kakuma? Dickweed gets a soccer ball massage but manages to steal the ball. DW decides to work with the others, no surprise there. Tenma gets banged from sides with Elephant Foul.

Image: Boomerang Feint is cool. Can you do that, Davis?
Image: Nah, I’m not Australian.

I really don’t like moves that change the shape of the ball. It’s so improbable.
:endou:: But, summoning a deity to block a soccer ball is?

Oh lookie another fire hissatsu, Bound Flame. Yawn!
Image: Sangoku’s fighting fire with fire!

Man, these last couple of eps are brutal. Somewhere, Devimon is watching this with a box of tissues. That’s right Girl #2, tell those little sh*t heads off! Kurumada steals the ball with Dash Train. About damn time, jackass! And now everyone except One-Eyed Douche joins the fight. Someone remind me to poison his food.
:endou:: I love it when a plan comes together.

What plan? This was dumb luck.
:endou:: Dumb luck was the plan. Best coach ever, that’s me!
Image: Soyokaze Step!

Who cares? I want new—oh baby! Surfing Pierrot! Weird but cool. What’s this? A non-sucking wall hissatsu? Incredible! I love Viva! The Great Wall of China! Even One-eyed Douche joins in. Avatar fight! Lost Angel VS Guardian Shield! Goal! Nice one, Dickweed. Evil Goalkeeper ran out of MP. Fortissimo VS Delusional Goalie. Goal! Raimon wins. Not sure if I like it or not.
:endou:: Am I awesome or what?

I blame the writers. Later we see the most delicious cake ever. Guess you're good for something after all, Aki. Wait. Is that a receipt over there?
:aki:: N-No I made it with my own two hands. Don’t you remember me making lots of cakes in junior high?

Damn, even the dog gets a cake. Hope he doesn’t get diarrhea. And we end the ep with Dickweed about to get smacked around by a middle-aged man. Nice. What’s nicer? The Whine-mon Arc is over! Thank God Hand!

Image: Next Episode: Victory party!

Pinkie Pie? What are you doing here?

Image: I followed you. Looked like you were going somewhere fun!
Image: Hey Cyber! I found a prisoner! Says he knows what happened to the fortress! Easy, buddy.
Image: Uh… I-It was….

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 26, 2011 9:24 am
by cyber_cody
Image: Me.
Image: Way to interrupt, rude-o.

Episode 14: Shinsuke Becomes Relevant!

You did all this Sasuke? Why?

Image: Not telling.
Image: He's working for Creamyroll.
Image: Big mouth. Yes, I’m an agent for Creamyroll. Crunchyroll’s unlicensed fansub division and that movie is debuting on our site. …Are you listening?

…Shinsuke episode. Dickweed is being scolded by evil guys. That reminds me, exactly what is the Holy Emperor? A religious figure? A government employee? Or, just some rich jackass playing around cause he got nothing better to do?

Image: Die!

Davis. V-mon. You mind?

Image: Huh? Sure. V-mon digivolve!

Image: Shinsuke wants a hissatsu technique. He’s so cute. I want a Shinsuke doll! I’ll put it over my bed with my Chopper doll and they can have sleepovers every night! Let’s have a slumber party Cyber!

….uh. Okay, training time! No, practice time! There’s my favorite little stalker. Bet 5 cupcakes Shindou gave her a restraining order.

Image: You’re on! I don’t know what’s going on but I want a uniform like that. But pink and white with stars instead of lightning bolts. Never underestimate the power of hair dye. Why don’t you use an avatar anymore?

No fourth wall breaking. The Fifth Law has to be the stupidest thing I ever heard! Sports were created to show who’s the strongest. That’s the point! Worse excuse for an evil organization ever. Endou brushes off Chairman Slime.
:endou:: I won’t be changing my mind or my internet provider.

I really like 2/3 of the managers. Don’t give them a focus episode and everything will be fine. Hm? Thought I heard Piedmon laughing. Oh well, more practice time. I saw some energy/chi/haki. Shinsuke’s hissatsu is a comin’. Poor Aki. She remembers the good ole days, back when she had a life. Peaking at junior high, sad. More training. Boring. How you doing guys?
Image: V-Laser!
Image: Shouldn’t it be called X-Laser since it’s shaped like an X?
Image: Davis?
Image: V sounds cooler.
Image: No it doesn’t. Admit it, you suck.
Image: Only in yaoi fanfiction. Keep attacking XV-mon!

The third-years help with even MORE training. Who wrote this episode?! I’m so firing him when I get back. Dickweed’s conflicted, don’t care. Back to…no more please! Lunch break. Woah! Rewind. “So this is the taste of Aki-nee that you mentioned earlier?” Daaaaaaamn. Looks like Tenma’s been training at home too. Heh Heh.

Image: Tsukuyomi!
Image: Wow XV-mon! It’s Michael Bay! I love all your movies dude!
Image: Awesome Davis!

Annnnd he does it. Full Throttle Jump. Not bad for a first hissatsu. Finally its ove- HOLY SHIT IT’S KIDOU!!!!! This episode was awesome! Best one so far!
Image: Tsukuyomi!

Vaccine Blaster!

Image: Ahh! But…my Tsukuyomi…

Doesn’t work on Cyborgs. Now traitor, where’s the movie?

Image: You want it? You have to beat me first.

Pinkie Pie. Take Ginga back to the studio. Things are about to get…violent and stupid.

Image: Okie dokie.

:endou:: Next episode: Kidou Komes Back!

Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

PostPosted: Fri Aug 26, 2011 9:48 am
by cyber_cody
Image: You should be happy we’re letting this low grade movie on our site.

Actually, you do have a point.

Image: Cyber!

Yeah. Yeah. You destroyed the fortress and killed Ry-Ro. You’re going to pay for that.

Image: They’re not dead. Captured. We’re making them work for us. Lucky, huh?


Image: Davis!

Okay! Let’s fight, after the episode.

Episode 15: The Fangasm With Kidou Yuuto

How the hell can the Holy Emperor switch a team to a different block? Future match-ups must be known to the public. Is no one questioning such a radical move? Sorry, forgot to turn my brain off. Raimon’s next opponent is Teikoku Academy.
:endou:: I admit it. I peed myself a little.

Without Dickweed Raimon only have ten members. Big problem. Practice and planning time. A never before mentioned hissatsu tactics? Fine with me. Ultimate Thunder fizzles out.
:otonashi:: Endou, look.
:endou:: Oh crap in a diaper.

Yep. Kidou, thought to be playing soccer in Italy (with Fidio?), is coaching TA.

Image: Getsuga Tenshō!

I said wait, damn it!

Image: Not happening!
Image: X-Laser. Don’t worry. I got your back, Davis.
Image: X-Laser does sound cooler.

Shindou and Kuruma fail at kicking. Only Dickweed has the power to complete Ultimate Thunder. No surprise there. Over at Teikoku, Kidou’s one-eyed fanboy Sakuma is back. And here he is, Kidou! What’s up with your hair? You should probably let your hair dresser finish tying your dreads before leaving. And, why are you wearing Lady Gaga’s goggles? Nice suit though.
:endou:: Kidou… Why did you become Teikoku’s coach?
:kidou:: Benefits mostly. You should see my 401K.

Kidou with Fifth Sector? It’s a fakeout. Has to be. Or Kidou officially loses 90% of his character development from the first series.
Image: Fire Style: Great Dragon Flame Jutsu!

Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow!

Image: Give up, Cyber. I know you’re glad I destroyed the fortress. Stop playing good guy and join us.

Do I get a company car?

Image: No.

I’ll never join you! Anyway, Tenma follows Dickweed to the hospital and gets busted. Dickweed gently tells him to piss off. What’s this? Raimon actually trying to succeed. Still not used to it.
:endou:: Tenma. Practice making shoots. Main characters are required to do it.

Image: Chidori Senbon!

Damn you. Let me finish my commentary!

Image: No more Inazuma for you. Feel free to gripe about it. I like it. Kirin!
Image: Giga Blaster!
Image: What? No fair!
Image: K-blocked. Sup, Cyber!

Metal Graymon! Keep him away from me for awhile.
Image: Yeesh. Don’t get all chocked up or nothin'.
Image: Tai!
Image: Davis!

Let’s get to the good stuff. Raimon VS Teikoku, game start! Teikoku steals the ball and almost knocks Sangoku on his butt with a normal shoot. God’s Baton doesn’t work on Teikoku’s defense players. And we end the episode with Teikoku’s captain about to get the ball. Nice eppie. Vaccine Blaster!
Image: Mega Claw!
Image: X-Laser!
ImageImage: EEEEEP!
Image: Let’s go Ichigo. You haven’t seen the last of us. I’m so gonna blog about this.

:agumon:: Cyber!

Agu! I missed you buddy! Let’s team-up to get the I-11 movie back from Creamyroll.
:agumon:: It’s already out. Splash gave me a link to it months ago. I made it public.

And you didn’t tell me?!
:agumon: Splash made me promise, sorry. Hey! We can do the movie commentary together if you want.

Cool! Let’s do it.

:kidou:: Next episode: 1. Soccer 2. Smirking 3. ???? 4. PROFIT!!!

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PostPosted: Fri Aug 26, 2011 10:19 am
by Rozza C