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Inazuma Movie: Attack of the Strongest Army, Ogre thread

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Sep 12, 2011 7:59 pm

Image: Alright! Let’s do this! The Inazuma Eleven Movie! I’m so excited!
:agumon:: Me too! I like seeing the first season characters.
Image: First season?
:agumon:: Yeah. The entire movie takes place during the first season.
Image:………. Look at the time! Gotta go, bye!

Image: Still here. Decided to tough it out for my friends.
:agumon::And the free pizza.
Image: You know it.
Image: Start the movie!
Image: Nice animation.
Image: Rozza? You’re sober?
Image: Sober and ready for high flying soccer fun. There’s our star, Endou.
Image: I’m here. Brought beer.
Image: Fuyukaiiiii teacher man…….*hic* H-He looks like my friend’s cat…zzzzzzzzzzzzzz…..
:agumon:: Drunk already!

Image: A montage already. Not wasting time huh movie? Hey, it’s almost everyone I don’t care about. Finally, a new character. He’s good looking, strong, and wears gloves. Must be the main antagonist.
Image: He kicked their asses, literally.
Image: Dude, you used a big word. Cool!
Image: So these guys from the future hate Endou. Why?
Image: His ideology about soccer makes us weak.
Image: Weak to what?
Image: ….Stuff. Lots of stuff.
Image: Seriously, I don’t understand your motiv-
Image: It’ll all be explained later!

Image: Operation Thunder Break? Sounds bad, Davis.
Image: So, are you the government or a private organization?
Image: Shut up!

Image: The Football Frontier. This is so familiar. It’s like I’m watching the live-action movie again but it not. Freaky.
Image: Buncha lazy bums! Screw you season one!
Image: Zzzzzzzzzz………huh? Gouenji. Zzzzzzz…..
:endou:: Umm, can you return- OWW!

Image: Endou was talkin’ all that good shit. Now he got kicked in his chest.
:aki:: Should I run and get help? Nah.
Image: Look at that glory hog Gouenji. Trying to act cool. I was in three movies!
:gouenji:: And got upstaged in two.

Image: It’s the future boy.. Sorry kid, you’re too interesting. Lets go back to the first season storyline we’ve seen already. Much more fun.
:gouenji:: I’ve stopped playing soccer.
:endou:: You stopped playing? Why?
:gouenji:: It’s none of your business.
:endou:: Well excuuuuuse me for caring.

:natsumi:: If you don’t get enough members, or if you lose the match, I will disband the soccer club. That’s the deal.
Image: Gimmie a B! Gimmie an I! Gimmie a T! Gimmie a C! Gimmie a H! What’s that spell? Natsumi!
:endou:: We need more players. Time for another montage!

Image: Megane. God, I hate you. Wait. If I kill him now he’ll never be in GO. Vaccine Blas-
:agumon:: No, you don’t!

:endou:: Hey, you! Kid who’s not wearing a school uniform during school hours which I should question but won’t. Want to join the soccer club?
Image: Darn! Knew I forgot something.

Image: Those old guys are just sitting around watching Endou. What moron would waste their time doing that?
Image: Gouenji gives Endou the brush off again.
:agumon:: Tire training.
:kazemaru:: I need more screen time. Count me in.
Image: Watching others instead of working, lazy season one characters!
Image: You do it at the studio.
Image: Shhhhh!
:kazemaru:: They were watching you even before I came.
ImageImage: *giggle*

:agumon:: With Max and Kageno the team is complete.
Image: It’s Teikoku’s bus, known as the Ozone Sodomizer. By the way, what time is it in the movie? Morning? Lunch? After school? Doesn’t seem like a lot of teaching goes on at Raimon.

Image: Talk about an over the top entrance. Surprised we didn’t see a band playing Teikoku’s school song.
:kidou:: What? No fireworks? Lousy school cutbacks.

:agumon:: Gojou! I love you, Gojou!
Image: Right back at cha’, babe.

Image: Another future character. If you blinked you missed him. Back to season one.
:kidou:: It’s time we show them how Teikoku kicks butt.
Image: Game start! Ownage start! Half time!
Image: How much longer until we see a new match?
:agumon:: You don’t wanna know.
Image: Grrr. I passed up a Kanye West concert for this?!

Image: Raimon is so negative. You sure we’re not watching I-11 Go?
:endou:: We won’t know which side the goddess of victory will smile upon until the match is over!
Image: Goddess of victory=Fat lady sings.

Image: Evil Hibiki’s gonna soc-block Gouenji. Nice.
:gouenji:: Your hate only makes me stronger.

Image: Second half start! Death Zone and more ass kicking. I’m really enjoying Raimon getting destroyed. They need a wake-up call and Kidou’s just the over priced clock to do it. I should probably make a balls to Endou’s face joke about now but I’ll let you dear readers make your own.

Image: Davis blocked the ball with his head!
:endou:: Now I’m mad. I will definitely protect this goal!
Image: One Hyakuretsu Shot later.
:endou:: AHHH! You made me a liar! I’m no longer fit to be a role model!

:megane:: I don’t want to play anymore!
Image: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I love it! Play it again! HAHAHAHAHAHA! Again! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! One more time! MAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

:gouenji:: Yuuka loved soccer. She got caught in a car accident while she was on her way to cheer for me. Obviously, it's my fault not the reckless driver, so I decided not to play soccer anymore. Watching it is okay though.

Image: Gouenji’s ready to rock. Where did he get the rest of the uniform? It’s Faux Yuuka.
:agumon:: Gouenji defeated Faux Yuuka.
:gouenji:: An evil ghost clone of my sister. That was weird. Better not ever think or mention it again.

Image: A referee was there the whole time? Teikoku should’ve been red carded 50 times by now.
:agumon:: Gouenji is running toward the goal.
:endou:: He’s running there because he believes in me.
:gouenji:: Actually, I want Gojou’s autograph.

Image: It’s God Hand, Davis!
Image: Otonashi? Way to come out of nowhere.
Image: Fire tornado! Goal!
Image: Teikoku forfeits.
Image: We are an organization comprised of hundreds with vast unlimited resources with the ability to time travel and we still can’t stop a junior high school kid from winning a soccer game?

:agumon:: Time for a Football Frontier montage.
Image: All the work Ry-Ro did to get HD episodes and we get a movie animation quality version of season one. The lesson: Helping others is meaningless, especially fanboys.
Image: Cool song. Let’s dance!
Image: Yeaaaaahhhh! Wooooo!
Image: Could you stop dancing on the table, Rozza? You’re Cat Daddy-ing on the cheese balls.

Image: Hurry up and get to the big fight!
:agumon:: Endou has a match with Hibiki to force him to coach.
:endou:: Who doesn’t like hanging around loud hyper young boys with boundless energy?
:hibiki:: That’s… God Hand!
:endou:: Oh, yeah. I can do God Hand. Thought I mentioned it before.

Image: Now that Hibiki’s the coach. Things are going to get interesting.
:hibiki:: Yeah, so…keep winning.
:endou:: Simple, yet powerful. You really are the perfect coach.

Image: Time for the district finals against Teikoku. The Commander in Smirk tries to murder Raimon by dropping steel panes. Totally forgivable if he was trying to hit Kabeyama.
:agumon:: Did the steel panes disappear?
Image: Just shoot him in the head Evil Hibiki! It’s not hard to kill someone. At least for me.

Image: Game start, Davis!
:agumon:: Dragon Tornado VS Power Shield! No go Raimon.
:kabeyama:: I won’t let you make a centering!
:kidou:: Riiiiiiight.

Image: Gouenji totally fouled Kidou! Yellow card him!
:gouenji:: Snitches get stitches.

Image: …Emperor Penguin No. 2. Hee hee, number 2…zzzzzzzzzz.
:endou:: I’m smacking you back to Pittsburgh. God Hand!
:agumon:: Goal!
Image: Death Zone VS Domon’s skull. Both lose. Here comes Twin Boost. It’s Bakuretsu Punch! Blocked!
:agumon:: Dragon Tornado scores a goal!
:gouenji:: Not only will I score but I’ll tell how I’ll do it at the same time.
Image: I do the same when I score with Steph.

:agumon:: Emperor Penguin No. 2 VS God Hand: Round 2. Double-handed God Hand! Endou did it!
Image: Hissatsu orgy. Shippuu Dash, Tatsumaki Senpuu, and…a normal kick from Handa.
Image: Set haxxor to 11. Full Power Shield VS Inazuma One Otoshi! Raimon wins! They won everyone!
:agumon:: Tai…we know. We’ve seen it all before. Raimon goes to the Nationals.

:endou:: We’ll work hard in your stead.
:kidou:: I’ll be there too. I’m too popular to leave the series…er…flashback…er…movie.

Image: Alright! More Football Frontier!
Image: Shut. Up.
:agumon:: Zeus skipped the ceremony to go drinking.
Image: Zzzzzzz….good times.
Image: Poor Zeus girl. Hahahahahaha!!!!!! Raimon wins Round 1 via highlights and Zeus destroys Teikoku. Shock face!

:agumon:: Kidou joins Raimon to take revenge for Teikoku.
Image: That has to be illegal.
:kidou:: Only if you get caught.

Image: Second Match start, half, and almost end! Endou speech activate!
:endou:: Blah blah passion. Yak yak our soccer.
Image: One goal score later…
:endou:: Our hissatsu is our passion but having Inazuma Break doesn’t hurt.
:agumon:: Ichinose!
Image: Time for Match 3, or 2 if Ry-Ro had their way. Tri-Pegasus? Was that in the original? Never mind, I don’t care.
:domon: :ichinose: :endou:: The Phoe-ngh!

Image: I knew how it’d turn out so why didn’t I send Ogre earlier? Damn Alzheimer’s.

Image: Holy Angemon! Zeus lost 36-0!
Image: Anyone else feel the sudden need to go to 7-Eleven?
:endou:: Ogre Academy? Were they at the opening ceremony? No way players can appear out of nowhere and fight in a National competition.
:ichinose:: Yeah!

Image: Wake up, Devimon! This is it! The Football Frontier finals!
Image: About time!
Image: Hey guys! Sorry I’m late. Was teaching kids the proper way to put on socks.
Image: Steph!
Image: Hey, babe.
Image: Hey, bowtie.

Image: Frontier Stadium was transformed. Magic or holograms? You decide.
:endou:: Battlefield? I like to think of it as an athletic rave.
Image: Wish I could change clothes like that.
Image: Did their underwear change too?

Image: Game Start!
:agumon:: The stand-there-and-look-cool maneuver. Classic.
Image: Davis stole the ball from Someoka!
Image: These guys are cutting more than an emo schoolgirl in a razor blade factory.

Image: Get it together you germs!
:shishido:: Why couldn’t you score?
:gouenji:: It’s like the plot wouldn’t let us.

Image: Two-thirds in and I still haven’t done anything. Hurry up, Professor!
Image: Second half start!
Image: Oh! Raimon is using the statue maneuver too!
:agumon:: Counterattack. The Phoenix VS Needle Hammer!
Image: Blocked, damn.
Image: Needle Hammer. I like it.

Image: Phase 3. Start.
:endou:: Phrase 3? Why is he counting his sentences?

Image: Death Rain. Now that’s an attack name. And, it’s destructive. I’m getting goosebumps.
Image: Goal!

Image: Handa, Max, and Kurimatsu! No!
:hibiki:: Kageno, Shishido, Shourinji, to the slaughter.

Image: Death Spear. So…gorgeous. I peed myself a little.

:endou:: Majin The Hand!
Image: Goal! Score is 2-0.
:shishido:: Medic!
:otonashi:: Here, let me spray you.
:shishido:: That’s perfume.

Image: Endou Mamoru. Abandon your soccer or we’ll kill your friends.
:endou:: My soccer? All this violence, this whole game is about me? I knew it. The world does revolve around me!

Image: Death Spear!
Image: This is it! Do or die, Endou! Give it your all!
Image: No way! Still got to do my big scene.
Image: Unauthorized person on the field. Where’s the ref?
Image: Killed by Death Rain a while ago.

Image: I’m Endou Kanon. I came here to fight on your side. As Endou Mamoru’s great-grandson!
:ichinose:: Who’s your great-grandmother?
Image: Beyonce Knowles, I think. Never really thought about it.
:someoka:: Endou having sex. *shiver*

:endou:: It’s my granpa’s notebook. He’s the real deal.
:kidou:: Or a thief but beggars can’t be choosers.

Image:: Guys, come on out with an over-the-top entrance!
:fubuki:: Can’t do a movie without me, Fubuki Shirou from Hakuren Junior High!
:toramaru:: One order of salty butt kicking coming up. Utsunomiya Toramaru from Japan’s national team, Inazuma Japan!
:tobitaka:: Tobitaka Seiya! Hate on, haters.
:hiroto:: Previously from Aliea Academy’s Genesis and co-hosting the MTV Movie Awards… Kiyama Hiroto!
:fidio:: Italy’s national team, Orpheus and level 58 Blood Elf! Fidio Aldena!

Image: Shut up, fangirls! I can hear you drooling.
:fubuki:: Actually, all of us here know you already.
Image: In other words, they’re friends that you’ll be meeting in the future.
:kidou:: Isn’t knowing the future dangerous?
Image: Yes. But the fate of a soccer game is at hand. It’s a risk we have to take.

:someoka:: It may be the morphine but I’m trusting everything to you guys.
Image: Can we continue? It’s been twenty minutes.

:hibiki:: Okay, switch players to the six kids not enrolled at Raimon. Rules be damned.
Image: Cheaters!
Image: My foot!
:gouenji:: I warned you.

:agumon:: Second second half start!
Image: Toramaru steals the ball and does Tiger Drive!
Image: Here comes the insanity. If you haven’t turned your brain off, do it now.
Image: Maximum Fire and Tiger Drive shoot chain, Davis!
Image: Wolf Legend/Maximum Fire VS Electric Trap. Blocked. Good. Have to earn your win, Raimon. Preferably through blood and sweat, mostly blood.

Image: Kanon does God Cannon! Nice one!
Image: Foul his brains out.
:agumon:: Kanon’s getting trashed. Kazemaru with the save!
:kazemaru:: I won’t let the new guys get all the cool parts! It’s in my contract.

Image: Odin Sword/God Cannon shoot chain!
Image: What the hell? Zagomel spawned two defenders and stopped the shoot.
Image: Woah, foulpalooza.

Image: Death Spear!
:tobitaka:: Shinkuuma!
Image: Alright Tobitaka! Play a theme song. Time for the final attack!
:hiroto:: Ryuusei Blade!
:kidou: :gouenji:: Prime Legend!
Image: Don’t even bother with High Voltage, Zag.
Image: ….I’m awake. Please don’t let it be over.

Image: Another death attack. Haven’t been this happy since Angemon got slapped by Angewoman at the amusement park.
Image: Tell me about it later. Team Ogre does Death Break. Majin won’t save you now.
:endou:: Omega The Hand!
Image: Wait a minute! How is that….no no no no no! My brain switched back on. The pain…AHHHHHHH!
:agumon:: Game over! Raimon wins 3-2!
Image: Looks like we'll find out why Ogre wants to destroy Endou.
Image: Is the player with the pigtails a girl, Davis?
Image: That kind of thinking is weakening the people of the future. That’s why we’re trying to change the future.
Image: Weak to what? Give me details. What’s so bad about the future you need to go back in time to change the past?
:endou:: Endou speech activate!
Image: All better now.
Image: What? Wait! I still wanna know!

Image: This show is better drunk. I need a beer!
:fidio:: We’re all looking forward to the day when we get to play soccer with you again.
:endou:: I can’t wait to tell your present selves about this!
Image: I better erase your memories.
:endou:: You’re able to do that?
Image: …No. But let’s pretend it didn’t happen.
:endou:: What about everyone in the stands? And, I think this was shown on TV. I’m sure the current versions of the future members are watching this.
Image: Uhh…well. I’ll get The Doctor on it. Take care, Great-Grandpa.

:someoka:: We won! Sorta.
Image: Ooooo….system rebooted. I’m okay now. Time for the after credits. Kidou made a joke!
:kidou:: I was being serious.

Image: Should I even bother talking about the insane damage to the time-space continuum and overall change to the first series this will cause?
:agumon:: Cyber, did you like the movie?
Image: Yeah, I guess.
:agumon:: Then be quiet and applaud.

:endou:: The Inazuma Eleven the Movie’s proverb today is… As long as you have courage and a time machine, you can change the future! That’s all!
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