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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Wed Sep 26, 2012 5:10 pm

Image: We're taking Suzie home.
Image: Later. Hmm, weird e-mail message. Must be Gennai. "Go to Digital World."? *GASP!* Tagiru and Gumdramon are going home! Yay!

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #20: Flamers With The Soccer!

Image: War is hell. Team Kirino learns first hand. Time to meet Prince Charles, or not. They don't trust someone who says they hear God's voice? Jerks.
Image: I hear bread's voice.

Image: Cool. Kirino and Jeanne get in.
Image: Dauphin? She wants to speak to the Prince! Or, is this a translation error. Knew I should've went with Alumni's subs.
Image: Cold, dude.
Image: Kidding. Anyway, Jeanne meet the prince.
Image: Snot him!

Image: Back in the courtyard...
Image: I'm worried. Let's play soccer!
Image: Tenma must drink lots of water cause he's always pissing on the timestream.

Image: I bet that guy is the prince.
Image: Diamonds and pearls.

Image: Game start. Not Prince is pretty good for a beginner. Five minutes in and he's doing better that Tasuke and the N00b Crew. Damn, that was a lucky goal. Nice shot, Not Prince.

Image: She found Charles.
Image: So sunny.
Image: Power nod.

Image: Yippie. Prince Chairs said yes!
Image: Uh-huh. Orleans is saved. Gold star for you, Jeanne.
Image: Man, those chevaliers are creeps!

Image: More Jeanne x Kirino bait. Sexual tension alert!
Image: Just like when we're alone.
Image: F*ck off. Hahaha! That's right, Kinako. Three's a crowd. Get your ass back downstairs!

Image: Kirino is tired of waiting.
Image: Eating chicken. Makes sense, you are what you eat.

Image: This is not a battlefield!
Image: It is now. Jeanne takes matters into her own dainty hands and attacks with her crew.

Image: Zanark!
Image: My name is Zanark Avalonic. Your argument is invalid.

Image: Zanark rockin' the spray tan. He looks like an evil orange.
Image: Prince Charles is the coach. Sorry Wondeba. Ha. Ha.

Image: Announcer guy in the dog house once again. Zanark on the bench, interesting.
Image: Prince Chairs disguised as cup filler.
Image: We're past that, Guilmon. Fei shows us his elite detective skills.
Image: Something's different.


Image: Game start!
Image: Ha! Ha! Ha! They ignored the prince!

Image: Wow. Gamma easily gets passed Raimon.
Image: Swift Wolf Lycaon! I want it!

Image: Debut avatar VS avatarless Shinsuke, Goal!
Image: Don't worry! Daddy's coming, Jeanny!

Image: Next episode: Running!

Image: YOU sent the e-mail?!
Image: Your body must be extinguished!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Wed Sep 26, 2012 5:20 pm

Image: Ugggh!
Image: Thanks for nothing, Dukemon Crappy Mode!
Image: *SMASH!* ......I'm ooookay..... *PLOP!*
Image: Arresterdramon!
Image: Losers!
Image: Millenniummon's connection to this world must be severed!

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #21: A Vow Upon This Flag Hag

Image: This is it then. The final commentary. *SNIFF!* Whatever, I'm a professional. Let's do this, Tagiru!
Image: Arresterdramon. Get up! Get up! Get-
Image: Okay then. Going solo. Match Resume!
Image: Predict THIS!

Image: Fail! Here's comes the Kirino drama. Poor Jeanne, but to be fair I know a lotta girls that cower in fear around guys with big swords. Charles is trolling Raimon. I love it! Gotta say, I love how Level-5 never lets us hear God's voice keeping whether or not Jeanne really hears the voice of God ambiguous. Good job, crew.

Image: Naturally.

Image: First-Half End! Would like to point out that the managers have been completely useless this time jump. Just sayin'. Second-Half Start!
Image: Troll. Tro troll tro!

Image: Damn, Jeanne. Get a grip, smoke some pot, just calm the f*ck down!
Image: My main position is being a forward! Now I'll get to show my stuff!
Image: I troll think so!

Image: Pass miss party. Don't even try acting like you never did something unfair to win a game, Raimon. Kirino heads for the goal and gets a Defense Command 03 <Coil Upper> for his trouble.
Image: How am I not dead?

Image: As usual, Kirino has trouble getting off his knees. Shindou backs up Kirino.
Image: It's all good. I got ya back!

Image: Maybe it's because I'm minutes away from death but I'm getting choked up. Epic speech time with an avatar cherry on top. Say hello to Kirino's Battle Flag Hag Warrior Brynhildr! Offense Command 04 <Spinning Upper> has no effect on Kirino. The almost up shorts shot on fangirls however...

Image: Believe in the believability of your !

Image: Mixi-hax on Kirino! He's now an official drag queen! Lookin' good momma! So fitting Kirino haxxed into a cheerleader. Hmm, upon closer look, it's Dickweed mixi-haxed in the opening, not Kirino like I originally thought. AA Dickweed VS Keeper Command 07 <Gyro Saving>! Goal! Score's tied. Mixi-trans Shindou/Split-second Boost VS Keeper Command 07 ! Goal!!! Raimon wins! Oh, and about 80 soldiers died but whatever! So much for Windows Vista, uh, Protocol Omega 3.0. One last Jeanne x Kirino moment. Just kiss her, dude!
Image: But she's a girl!

Image: Oooooh! A brand new antagonist team. Nice! Can wait to see tha-.....oh.......

Image: Next episode: Def Comedy Jelly!

Image: Please! Please. I'm a girl but I have an organic body again. I'm begging you, don't take it away from me.
Image: Blazing Helix!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Oct 22, 2012 7:01 pm

[Digital World]
Image: That jerk! Going to the Digital World without me!
Image: We'll find 'em, Frogmon. Cyber's just fine, I know it.
Image: It's not that. He knew I would've asked him to pick me up something from Digitamamon's diner! Anyway, lets check out Go on the way.

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #22: Liu Bei Is Stupid!

Image: Should we be watching this now?
Image: Don't be such a grump. Practice time. Shinsuke is working hard at sucking.
Image: It's okay to fail as long as you win. Just give it all you've got!
Image: That doesn't make-
Image: You'll understand one day.

Image: Taiyou's back and completely healed!
Image: That's great! Now lets never speak of it again.

Image: Taiyou joins Raimon, yahoo!
:gouenji:: I asked him to join.
Image: How? You aren't Raimon's coach, soccer is banned, and he doesn't go to Raimon.
:gouenji:: ....Time paradox.
Image: But-
:gouenji: KONGMING'S SCROLL! I brought it with me.
Image: You know what that means!
Image: No. No, I don't.
Image: Three Kingdoms period! In China!
Image: If you say so, buddy. Two powers in one time period. That'll save time....
Image: Three Kingdoms backstory.

Image: Do they need all three managers with 'em?
Image: Don't need any but they're popular so they get top priority.
Image: No fair!

Image: Don't mind me. Just stirring the Sansuke pot.

Image: Time jump! 207 A.D., Later Han Dynasty (Current China)
Image: That must be one of the powers.

Image: He has a cannon but his specialty is bombing.
Image: This guy's strange. Raimon helps him with his cannon.

Image: He's Liu Bei?!


Image: Wowie! The Danball Inazuma promo! I can't wait!
Image: Heard at least three writers went insane trying to get it to make sense. They failed. Back to the show, Sanji...uh I mean Liu Bei doesn't believe they come from the future but lets them join him anyway.

Image: So... they're planning to take Liu Bei and Kongming's powers... Oh well, time for my nap.
Image: A door that opens upward. That there guy is quite the thinker.
Image: The estate is full of traps.


Image: Zanark puts the whammy on Liu Bei's brothers!

Image: Don't bring a sword to a soccer battle.
Image: This is not a battlefield!

Image: Who cares about creating paradoxes that can unravel time itself? I'm trying to win a soccer match.

Image: Battle start!
Image: You won't get past me!
Image: Liar!

Image: Pass it to Liu Bei, Tenma! Huh? ...Uh-oh!

Image: Next episode: Robots of the Three Kingdoms!

Image: ...blasted by that huge fire bird! I passed out and when I woke up the bird was gone. Candy was... *sniff*

Image: She’s gone! This can’t be happening!!!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Oct 22, 2012 7:11 pm

[Digital World]
[Digitamamon's Diner]

Image: Welcome back to my humble but trendy shop.
Image: .........

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #23: Improbable! Kongming's Fortress!!

Image: More fish!
Image: Keep your shirt on! I'm coming!
Image: Turn up the volume on the TV. I love this show.
Image: Liu Bei broke rank.
Image: You can't leave the goal. Who will protect it if I stupidly let the ball get stol- ....Yeah. Just like that.

Image: Shindou protects the ball! Yeah! Fire Tornado Double Drive! Hell yeah!!!
Image: Goal. Mission accomplished.

Image: You suck, Liu Bei.
Image: Next trap activated. Failure.

Image: I will nag your beard off!

Image: Take two.
Image: A ball the size of a soccer ball. Maybe...if I kick it?
Image: You're a genius, Tsurugi!

Image: Clay statues, oh yeah! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Image: Where did that modern soccer ball come from?

Image: I'm goalkeeping and there isn't a God damn thing you can do about it!
Image: Except picking him up off the ground. Man, I'm loving Shinsuke this episode! Total boss!

Image: Game start!
Image: Anyone want to tell me how mechanical puppets with A.I. and hissatsu exist in ancient China?

Image: Gear Drive VS Liu Bei, blocked! Taiyou is breaking out Sun God Apollo! Prepare to eat sh*t muppets!
Image: Beat Fist fails, goal!

Image: What an idiot! If he's hurt he should give up.
Image: No way, man! Liu Bei got balls taking all those shots.

Image: He's going to switch with Shinsuke after all.
Image: The puppet used Transfer Move. Impressive!

Image: Gear Drive VS ....dude! Come on!
Image: Sorry, I was busy monologging.

Image: Denrai Houtou VS Beam Fist! Blocked! Gear Drive VS Mochi Mochi Soy Flour Mochi! Blocked!

Image: A little encouragement goes a long way. Shinsuke is back in the game. Gear Drive VS Full Throttle Punch! Blocked!
Image: That's my boy!
Image: Sun God Apollo/Sunshine Force VS Beam Fist! Goal! Assignment complete!

Image: It's ending right when Liu Bei is about to meet Kongming. Sucks!

Image: Next episode: Donkey Kongming Country!

Image: Hey! You gonna order something or what?! Huh? Where'd he go?

[Outside Digitamamon's Diner]
Image: *hah* *hah* Need...more time.
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Thu Nov 15, 2012 6:58 pm

[Digital World's Recycle Bin AKA That Place in "Now Apocalymon" Apocalymon sent the Digidestined When He Deleted Them. Yeah, That Place]
Image: This place get Inazuma, Splash?
Image: We're in the digital equivalent of heaven. Of course it has Chrono Stone. XD

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #24: High Altitude Soccer!!

Image: Kongming is a transsexual! Surprising but on the other hand it's not. Why isn't this show on LOGO TV?

Image: Kongming checking out Raimon. XD
Image: What a snob! All Liu Bei wants is her to join him to overthrow a country. Jeez!

Image: He wants to push her down, he likes her. XD
Image: Awesome has arrived.
Image: Soccer anyone?

Image: Poor Wondeba. XD
Image: That ref isn't getting booty anytime soon.

Image: Oops! Got to stop drooling during every Liu Bei x Shinsuke scene. XD
Image: Saving my drool for Kongming. Post OP or not, this chick is smokin! Game start! Zarnark goes Sesame Street on us.
Image: Today's episode is brought to you by the letters F and U.

Image: Red card! XD
Image: Zanark's hissatsu, Disaster Break VS Planet Guardian God Titanius Arme- never mind. Goal!

Image: And so begins Taiyou's character development. XD
Image: Kirino Mixi-drags. La Flammer in yo face! Zanark mixi-trans to Cáo Cāo! Who's that?
Image: The guy Liu Bei is rebelling against. XD

Image: Dickweed Avatar Arms but Zanny shuts him down with Black Tortoise of Herculean Strength. Someone was drunk when they came up with that name.
Image: Thanks Endou.
Image: Anything for a fan.

Image: Taiyou is f**king up big time. Pretty sure soccer isn't played by knocking the sh*t out of people, evil mask guy.
Image: You sure about that? XD

Image: He's afraid of breaking his body beyond repair again. Pussy.
Image: Sun God Apollo does jack sh*t.
Image: How embarassin'.

Image: Kongming is going fangirl on us. What the hell? Who called a time out? Even Shinsuke is there!
Image: Don't give up Taiyou! We're all here for you! Call me! XD

Image: Wonder Trap from Tenma. Fei mixi-trans. Fake out!
Image: Sun God Apollo/Sunshine Force VS Sand Cutter! No goal! XD

Image: Sun God Apollo/Sunshine Force VS Mixi-trans Cáo Cāo/BTHS! Oopsie! Taiyou's outta mana.
Image: My body wasn't ready.

Image: Super strong passes from ZD. ZD

Image: I need haxor!
Image: Kongming gives Taiyou some vitamin D. Ladies and gents, mixi-trans Taiyou.
Image: *drool!* :O

Image: Next episode: Boom!

Image: Zhuqiaomon was right after all, huh?
Image: Yep. Millenniummon was in your new body feeding on energy from digimon battles. He used most of it against Zhuqiaomon. XD
Image: Now my soul is stuck here with you. *sigh* Always knew this world would kill me.
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Thu Nov 15, 2012 7:04 pm

[Digital World]
Image: This game is so much fun! What's it called again?
Image: "Fight Every Digimon We See Today".
Image: Way better than Call of Duty.
Image: You gonna tell us how you escaped Zhuqiaomon?
Image: He let me go. It was all a misunderstanding.

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #25: Explosion! Zanark Is Da Bomb!!

Image: Time for another commentary.
Image: If we must.
Image: Mixi-trans Taiyou VS Mixi-trans Zanark, Taiyou wins and scores a goal! President Hino's in a commerical!
Image: I see.
Image: Uh, thought you'd be a little more, I don't know, happy or mad or something.
Image: Oh, yeah. I'm very happy for our president and mad because I'm a jealous jerk who only likes good things to happen to others when I also benefit.
Image: That's more like it.
Image: .......

Image: First half ends.
Image: Hearing Liu Bei speak makes me blush.

Image: Shinsuke's still can't mixi-max.
Image: Zanark mixi-mixed!

Image: Mixi-trans Taiyou is cooking up hissatsu tactics.
Image: He missed. I laugh at your misfortune.

Image: They used the Cute Men Do Jipper Formation!

Image: I got this. King of Destruction, Zodiac!
Image: That's his true Avatar! He's going Armed!

Image: So much for the maze hissatsu tactic. Disaster Break VS PGGT!
Image: Mommy!
Image: Goal!

Image: Is it too late to bring Sangoku here?
Image: You think that's bad? You should smell my breath.

Image: Zanark's fuse is lit.

Image: Offense is the best defense. Power nod if you agree.

Image: Battle Flag Warrior Brynhildr VS King of Destruction, Zodiac!
Image: Move! Pimp coming through! Disaster Break!
Image: I didn't sign up for this!

Image: Woo doggie! Saved by Tenma Armed, Fei Rune mixi-trans and Taiyou.
Image: I peed my pants.

Image: Unnecessary retreat line from Kongming for commercial break was unnecessary.

Image: Sad.

Image: Liu Bei smacks Shinsuke with his massive speech.
Image: All better now.

Image: Maxi-pad!
Image: 20% cooler. 80% cuter.

Image: Disaster Break VS mixi-max Shinsuke, block!

Image: Mixi-maxi Fei Rune gets past Zanark.
Image: Mixi-trans Taiyou VS Sand Cutter, goal!

Image: I feel funny. Not ha-ha funny, more like boom-boom funny.

Image: Cool guys don't become explosions.

Image: Kongming and Liu Bei are now partners and Shinsuke and Taiyou are buddies.

Image: Zanark is alive and becoming a Second Stage Child, nice! We should get back to the studio, Cyber.
Image: Yeah, I think I'm done here. Time to visit some old friends.

Image: Next episode: Stuff happens!

Image: If Millenniummon goes to the human world we'll be stuck like this forever! XD
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Sat Nov 24, 2012 11:29 am

[Digital World]
Image: Hold it guys. Cyber, what happened to Zhuqiaomon?
Image: Gennai? He let Cyber go, right?
Image: No. Can't you feel it? The Digital World is imbalanced. Zhuqiaomon is dead.
Image: Busted!

[Human World/President Hino's Winter Condo]
Image: Ouch!
Image: That's for the cease and desist order! And, this is for no hot springs episode this year!

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #26: Big Boys Represent!!

Image: I couldn't have given a C&D cause I was here relaxing while filming a commerical.
Image: How is filming a commerical relaxing?!
Image: Inazuma's on.
Image: Don't change the subj- Sakamoto Ryouma's photograph! I'd do him.
Image: Shockiiing. -_-

Image: Ryouma will mixi-max with Ryouma. Thought of it myself.
Image: Yeah. Yeah. Whatever. Hint that Tsurugi is getting Okita Souji's power. Can't wait!

Image: I will now announce the members. Everyone who played New Super Mario Bros. U. That is all.

Image: Welcooome to 1867 A.D., Kyoto. No wifi.

Image: The animation looks a bit cheap today.
Image: Looks fine to me.
Image: Yeaaah, the animation budget does seem small this episode.
Image: Lies!

Image: Nishiki and Midori are so cute together. <3
Image: They say Okita Souji was hot as hell. His buns are mine!

Image: Seems like the guys are interested if he's as cute as they say too.
Image: Purely out of curiosity, of course.

Image: Did they get run ooover by a fat guy rolling down the hill?

Image: Don't mess with fat guys!
Image: Zanark Domain arrives.
Image: A soccer battle? Seems kind of unnecessary.
Image: Soccer is fun.
Image: There's nothing at stake here. Nothing but episode padding.
Image: Shinsuke stops the ball with his Mixi-trans.
Image: Ignoring people won't make the show's flaws go away, you know.
Image: Mixi-trans Shinsuke is cute.
Image: Sure is! ...HEY! Stop doing that!

Image: They've gained more people who can Mixi-max.
Image: You already knew that, dear.

Image: Exteeend Zone. Goal, Raimon won.
Image: Measuring Raimon's power was their goal? Their last soccer match couldn't have been more than a week ago. Totally pointless.
Image: But cool, right?
Image: I think you've been working too hard, sweetie.

Image: Ha! Ha! He's hungry because he's fat.
Image: Ugggh!

Image: Team Midori is saaaved from noobs by Shinsengumi commander Kondou Isami.

Image: What? How did they miss seeing him? He's standing in the middle of the street.
Image: Oh look! Zanark captured Kondou!
Image: *sigh!*

Image: Fat guys eating is funny!
Image: Is heee gonna fart too?

Image: The kids are going to love this episode!
Image: I'm getting a headache. Looks like Team Midori found the Shinsengumi headquarters but so did Zanark.

Image: I'm taking over this joint. Time to hypnotize.

Image: Fat guys sneezing is funny!

Image: The Shinsengumi arrive for Sakamoto Ryouma.
Image: He was the fat guy all along! Surprised?
Image Image: No!

Image: What the heck is that?!
Image: TenMameshiba. Cool, huh?
Image: I'm outta here!

Image: Next episode: Big ideals, bigger bellies!

Image: Go to your body, Cyber. Worst case scenario, Millenniummon deletes your now digitized soul. XD
Image: Oh joy. God Hand I hate the Digital World.
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Sat Nov 24, 2012 11:44 am

Image: Close the opening to Human World!
Image: Too late! Goodbye Digital World! I'll be back!
Image: Damn it!

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #27: Sick Guy In the Late Edo Era! Souji Boy!!

Image: This is so unbelievable.
Image: Just go with it, Cody. I'll hang out in your body until Millenniummon is found. God Hand it's great to be back in a body with balls!
Image: No touching!
Image: Anyway the others will find that body snatcher, back to Inazuma. Team Nishi escape the Shinsengumi. Still don't understand the whole reveal you're from the future thing. What if they demand specific details about their future in exchange for their power? Ah, to be young. Oh wait, I am! Hahahaha!!!

Image: Calm down, Cyber.
Image: Can't! So happy! So Notorious R.Y.O. agrees to help if they teach him soccer. Convenient.

Image: There's no way Okita Souji isn't a hottie.
Image: Spoken like a true fangirl.

Image: Wow! That Sakamoto catches on quick!

Image: The Ryouma twins Mixi-max didn't work and not one viewer is surprised.
Image: Then what does the vessel that Daisuke-san is talking about need?
Image: Achieving Avatar Armed maybe. Like ALL THE PREVIOUS MIXI-MAXED OUT MOFOS! Get a clue Ten-Ten.

Image: A hottie!
Image: AKA Things girls say on Tumbir.

Image: Stop being annoying, Kinako.
Image: Gonna have to sneak into HQ to meet Okita.

Image: Gool ole Zanark. Walking around like he owns the place.
Image: I have a mind controlling soccer ball. Your argument is invalid.

Image: Okita isn't having it.

Image: I didn't know Zanark can heal.
Image: Energy breath, healing eyes. Why can't Fei do that crap too? Slacker.

Image: Okita shouldn't give in to false power.
Image: Look Cody. Anyone would jump at the chance to have a healthy young body. I love being me, again!

Image: Souji VS Ryouma!
Image: Dickweed for the save.
Image: Sit your $5 butt down before I make change!

Image: I hijacked their minds 'cause I'm bored.

Image: Why did you explode last match?
Image: Found out Disney bought Star Wars and making Episode VII.

Image: More soccer. If Raimon lose Ryouma gets sliced. See? You can make me care about a soccer match, Level-5.
Image: You work for Level-5.
Image: Technically, YOU work for us too. So you know, I'm taking half your pay, you don't need it.

Image: It'll work out somehow!
Image: You so lame, Tenma.

Image: Why the hell can't Wondeba Mixi-max Okita with someone? He's tried doing that plenty of times without permission! Consistency please!

Image: Game start!
Image: I won't let you pass!
Image: Amateur.

Image: Okay, so now Zanark can give people the ability to play soccer even though Okita never saw a soccer game in his life? Really?
Image: Think that's bad? You haven't read the Inazuma VS Danball Senki script.

Image: Chill out Okita. It's just a soccer game with the fate of a historical figure in the balance. Drama king.

Image: Why isn't Zanark playing?
Image: Because... You see... My plan is............... Give me a minute...

Image: Fei has a plan.
Image: Give the ball to Okita.
Image: That's the dumbest thing I ev- It worked?!

Image: Armed Tsrurgi scores! Raimon wins!

Image: Ryouma gets the hell out of there setting up future development between Okita and Dickweed.

Image: Cool commercial for Neppuu/Raimei. Spoliers: Look closely and see a future character someone will Mixi-max with.

Image: Next episode: Hour Long Soccer!

Image: Oh, great. He's gone. Goodbye cybernetic body, my body... My...body? My body!
Image: Whoa! You okay there, Cody?
Image: YES!!!!!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Fri Dec 14, 2012 7:08 pm

Image: Alerted all the originals but Millenniummon is still hiding.
Image: Awesome! More time in my old body for me!
Image: *sigh*

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #28: Soccer Battle! Chubby Daddy VS Twink!!

Image: We're live at the Hida house for some family commentary goodness! Hour-long episode powers, activate!
Image: Let's play Wii U after this, Cody Two.
Image: Sure thing Gramps. Okita is dying and wants to protect the Bakufu, whatever that is.
Image: You're Japanese. You should know this.
Image: Why is my nickname Cody?
Image: You win this round.

Image: Dickweed is man-crushing on Okita big time. Ryouma is at the a castle. Opening credits! Keep On!!! God Hand, I'm so f*cking happy!
Image: So how did Ryouma not notice the kids until after Tenma greeted him?

Image: Fission mailed trying to meet the shogun.
Image: Fission mailed? ...OH! I get it!

Image: Ryouma. Y U no have chairs?
Image: Ryouma trying to meet with the shogun to discuss the future of Japan and Tenma says...
Image: Let's practice more soccer!
Image: Dude, seriously? Priorities?

Image: Why doesn't Okita arrest Zanark for impersonating his boss?

Image: What's wrong?

Image: Dickweed learned the Float Walk hissatsu. Memo to myself: Tell the animators to start making people blink.

Image: Obvious trap is obvious.
Image: No way!
Image: You are the Homer Simpson of GO.

Image: They used a flying caravan in front of everyone. Isn't that bad?
Image: They don't give a f*ck, Gramps.
Image: Watch the language, Two.

Image: Great speech, Ryouma.
Image: I learned this in history class. What an educational show!

Image: It's a-me, Zanark!
Image: Another soccer game to determine the fate of the world.

Image: Know it's a running gag but the world and all of history is on the line. Let the damn bear coach!
Image: Tenma knows this. What a douchebag!

Image: Quite the firecracker wife there. Reminds me of your grandmother Codys, rest her soul.

Image: Game Start!
Image: Nothing beats a good dose of Zanroids!

Image: Disaster Break VS Mixi-trans Shinsuke, goal!
Image: He got stronger. No fair!

Image: Bungee Thrust? I don't get it.
Image: Mochi Mochi Soy Flour Mochi. Yummy!

Image: Mixi-trans Fei loses to Screwdriver.
Image: Tyranno won't even work!
Image: Did you hit your head recently, Tenma?

Image: New move from Dickweed, Devil Burst! Still lost to Sand Cutter, ha! In case you didn't know Okita reminds Dickweed of his brother. Derpy Derp.

Image: Ogre Blade VS Shinsuke Armed! Goal!
Image: You suck Shinsuke! First half end! Okita is kicked off the team.
Image: You're fired!

Image: I would bitch about Dickweed revealing he's from the future but fuc- uhh fudge it.
Image: You said bitch.
Image: Grandpa!
Image: Oops!

Image: Stop being a jackass, Okita. If I can do it, so can you.
Image: That is one stubborn son of a bitch.
Image: Armadillomon!
Image: Sorry, Cody. Cyber is rubbin' off on me.

Image: Special is half done.
Image: Who wants yogurt?
Image: Hey gramps, someone shaved Cody's pubes. No, wait. He never had any!
Image ImageImage: HAHAHAHA!
Image: Stop being vulgar, Cyber!

Image: Stupid quiz. Ignoring it.
Image: Cyber! See that CD cover with Tsurgi, Tenma, and Aoi?
Image: OMGod Hand! They're holding hands! What are they, four?!

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #29: The Dudes Who Create Eras

Image: It's starting!
Image: Give us your power before you die!

Image: Second half start!

Image: Pass party. Hunter's Net does crap.
Image: We're gonna toy with you until you power-up. Best plan ever.

Image: They're playing dirty!
Image: Why are you surprised? We're bad guys.

Image: Hell yeah! Dickweed getting smacked down! Double roundhouse to the face! THE FACE!
Image: Little help here!

Image: Tsurugi Mixi-maxed with Okita!
Image: God Hand, now he's even sexier. Cody, we're growing our hair out and getting a tan!
Image: No.

Image: Kiku-ichimonji, eh? Impressive. I used to do a similar move in Kendo.
Image: Goal!
Image: Think I need a mixi-max gun too.

Image: Hunter's Net V2. Alright!
Image: Okay. Okay. This ain't going my way. I get that. It's cool. Just need to calm down...

Image: Tenma got Screw'd. Ogre Blade VS Armed Shinsuke, blocked!
Image: The f*ck?! Serious Time!

Image: Zanark broke.
Image: See, Cody? This is what happens when you don't drink prune juice.

Image: Nishiki saved Zanark.
Image: If Ryouma has acknowledged his big heart, then it should definitely work!
Image: I thought mixi-max had to do with power capacity?
Image: Heart capacity too!
Image: Since when?
Image: Quiet! I don't make the rules!
Image: You do! That's why they're traveling through time, cause of your dumb ass "perfect team" rules!
Image: Stop harassing me! I'm old!

Image: Nishi mixi-max VS Zanark mixi-max! New move from Nishi, Kuroshio Ride!
Image: Mixi-Shindou used Split-second Boost! Goal!

Image: Score's tied.
Image: Not for long.

Image: Bungee Thrust from Maze but stopped by Kinako's Mochi Mochi Soy Flour Mochi!
Image: Ancient Fangs blocked by Sand Cutter!
Image: Ogre Blade VS Mixi-Shinsuke, blocked!

Image: Wonder Trap. Mixi-Fei/Ancient Fangs blocked by Sand Cutter. Come on, Fei. Ancient Fangs sucks! We all know it!

Image: Wow! Zanark Armed VS Nishiki Armed! Goal! Raimon won!

Image: Give us back Coach Endou!
Image: Okay, catch!

Image: Old man for the steal!
Image: You see, Zanark Domain aren't officially part of El Dorado. I never mentioned that? Thought I did. Btw, to defeat El Dorado once and for all we have to go to the future and fight them on their turf. Just sayin'.

Image: Blah blah history back on track blah blah ze yo.
Image: Touching moments all around to be converted to hentai manga by fans.

Image: Last minute baddie meeting with Zanark, Old Fart, and the N00b who looks like he came from Dragoncon. Feida? I like the sound of that. Can't wait for next eppie! The preview clip show? A F*CKING CLIPSHOW?!!!

Image: Next episode: Been There, Done That!

[Digital World]
Image: I hope this works, Nezucho.
Image: Cyber said take Splash's body to the Digital World to save her and I believe him. He's our friend after all!
Image: *yawn* About time. XD
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby Rozza C » Fri Feb 08, 2013 5:55 am

Looks like it's just me and you, Cody.

So, the latest episodes of Inazuma have been really good!

I was getting a little annoyed with the whole time travel thing but now I'm loving.

Some of the Mixi-Trans are just amazing!

I'm curious to know who Kinako actually is. But then, I've been curious since she first appeared on the scene.

Rozza C
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Wed Feb 13, 2013 11:09 am

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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:48 pm

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #31: Jurassic Parking!

Image: Welcome everypony to P & G's Splash Fansubber Comedy Roast!
Image: I'm not missing this so excuse the noise. Perfect Cascade, sounds like a drink served at horse racing after parties.

Image: Got to hand it to Splash. Watching all those Inazuma Eleven videos to fansub. She's had more crotch shots in her face than a over-friendly dog!

Image: Doctor Aruno drops some exposition bombs.
Image: Those shadowy little boys look so scary. Pfff!

Image: Dinosaurs! Sounds fun!
Image: No wonder, you evolve into one.
Image: I came for over-the-top soccer not a history lesson, Shinsuke!

Image: Splash is indeed cute but her releases are so slow people think Ryuu-Rogue's a govenment agency.

Image: Then maybe I'll get to Miximax this time!
Image: But its a dinosaur.
Image: You might grow fangs.
Image: And only pretty girls are allowed on the show because eye candy is all we're good for.

Image: I'll announce the members: Everyone important and Hayami.
Image: Poor, Hayami. Master D hates you. Only invited you to use you as dinosaur bait.

Image: Time jump!
Image: Back at Dark Room Central, El Dorado can't find Zanark and Perfect Cascade, the team they should've pitted against Raimon at the beginning, is after our heroes. Seriously, why the f*ck did you wait this long?!

Image: The Cretaceous Period.
Image: Damn it, Shindou. I wanted to bitch about the stupid clothes change first!

Image: You think Shinsuke gonna pop a fossil?

Image: They're gonna get eatin'!

Image: Splash runs Ryuu-Rogue so well due to her love of giving orders. So much so that she has a cigarette every time she goes to McDonalds.

Image: Ten & Shin are saved by Tove, a caveboy and soon to be newest Raimon player. No bitching about spoilers, we all know its happening.

Image: A dinosaur bridge. Someone's been watching the Flintstones. Tove's Dad is a Quetzalcoatlus or a really good cosplayer.

Image: Tove calls Tenma Dummy. Notice how no one disagrees with that.

Image: Begin interrogation!
Image: An old female rockstar...must be Pat Benatar! Nice job, making Tove's existence in this time period a subplot, Hino.
Image: Speaking of subplots, Fei's ability to mixi-max with a dinosaurs means he went to this period at some point.
Image: Nice thinking, Me.

Image: The next day, Raimon makes there way to Rockstar on foot while Ray Rukh from Perfect Cascade teleports there like a boss. Flying van, remember?

Image: That's that. See you next eppie.
Image: I won't say Splash is obsessed with Inazuma Eleven yaoi but let's just say the balls she's searching for on pixiv aren't made of leather.

Image: Next episode: Perfect Introduction!

Image: Begin forming the team. XD
Image: Right away, Splash.
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:58 pm

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #32: Another Dead Rockstar!!

Image: Let's get this commentary out the way and get back to dating advice.
Image: Fine by me. Ray Rukh does something to Rockstar and Raimon slowly gets there.
Image: They finally arrive and are greeted to a Rockstar tripping on acid.

Image: Gonna take more than an Avatar to beat a Rockstar on drugs. I should know.
Image: Yeah, its gonna Whatever.

Image: Death Drop fixed her!
Image: Are they surprised El Dorado f*cked with a dinosaur? Kinda tame compared to the other crap they pulled so far.

Image: We meet Big and thank Led Zeppelin it's not a cat. Death Horn the triceratops wants to take down Rockstar but Tenma ain't havin' it.
Image: Kill it with soccer!
Image: Fortissimo!

Image: Rockstar died protecting her son who now has total control over her estate. Expect a Best of CD to drop within the year.

Image: I'm performing at her dedication concert.
Image: You wish. Anyway, Tove wants to learn soccer-fu and more Fei development.
Image: My parents hated me. My hamster too.

Image: And now its time for Level-5's tauros sh*t excuse to have a cave boy member of Raimon. Why travel in time with a baby in an experimental machine? How did a dinosaur wipe his baby butt? You don't need to know that because Tove is good at soccer.

Image: Raiman meet Ray. He's here to kick your ass.
Image: Tove wants in on the action and the played out coach gag rears its head again.
Image: Dump that guy, apron girl. I'll give you my personal squid stick.

Image: Oh God Hand! No more Perfect Cascade close-ups! Those soulless eyes...

Image: Game Start! Goal for Perfect Cascade!
Image: And here comes the ownage!

Image: Guys, don't let them score any more goals!
Image: Good plan. Better if you said it TEN GOALS AGO!

Image: And the losers keep losing. Even Mick Jaggerwock couldn't help!
Image: 0-19 lost for Raimon.

Image: Did anyone beside Shinsuke Mixi?
Image: Who knows? Doctor Aruno saves the team, I think. The old rival team formula in full effect. *yawn!*

Image: Next episode: Soccer Pale Kids!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby Rozza C » Wed Apr 24, 2013 6:06 pm

Rozza C
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Thu May 23, 2013 11:43 am

Chrono Stone. You know, I'm starting to see a pattern to this show and frankly, I'm getting bored. Okay, I haven't did commentaries for awhile and the reason is I was deeply burnt out with the show. Still am in a way. I like Inazuma Eleven but I don't love it anymore. Guess I was expecting too much from a tv show based on a video game. Who knew? At any rate, I think I'm done doing those type of commentaries for now.

So, Chrono Stone is over. Have to say I really like the ride but overall it went down the old cliche road and left me going bleh. The Dinosaur Arch was average with the only real highlight for me was the android team and their coach. The King Arthur Arch was bad, possibly the worst arch in Chrono Stone. It was too long and not enough happened to hold my interest.

The Future Arch saved me from completely dropping the series, at least the beginning did. It was a fantastic start with Team Inazuma and Team El Dorado working together. The first match was great but after that the arch went downhill. I blame Fei Rune for most of my disinterest. I just don't care about him. And his VERY late backstory reveal had me saying, so what? And don't get me started on Kinako taking everything a stranger said about her getting married and DYING so calmly. Fei's father tells her she's going to die soon after giving birth in the future and she barely reacts. No one who believes that would react like that.

Thank God Hand the Fei thing blows over and we get more Zanark screen time. I like this guy. He's at least interesting to follow. Endou comes back and the eleven mixi-maxers are all assembled. Time for the last battle. This had to be the worst final match in the entire series. I couldn't care less about Saru. He was a by the books villain in every way and of course became good in the end by using every cliche known to anime man. From the we-so-uber first point to Endou saying the same "have fun" stuff that's been said many times before to the talk-with-the-bad-guy-in-our-minds scene, everything was resolved in a boring way.

I feel sorry for the non-mixi max characters. They were never fleshed out enough and from what I saw from the new season they never will be. And poor Master D. The guy forms one the greatest teams in history and no one besides Endou bats an eye when he fades from existence and yet I see comments from people crying over Kinako. Whatever. Yeah, if you don't realize it yet I don't like her character but I'll never have to see her again. At least, until the next Inazuma Movie comes out. Well, she might not be in it but since Saru's two main flunkies didn't do jack squat I'm guessing Level-5 is saving them for the next movie.

Overall, like with past seasons, the main story is good but the execution is lacking. We get some good moments but then we get moments I want to flash forward through. This show is so polarizing to the point I don't know whether to laugh at the bad parts or laugh. In the end, I am more entertained than now so I'll keep watching. I'll probably watch the show in batches now, seems better that way.
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby Rozza C » Tue Jul 09, 2013 11:00 am

I think the main problem with the arcs in this series was that they started with STUPID long ones...then ended the potentially far better ones after like 3 or 4 episodes.

I agree with you about Zanark...he's just pure awesome.

Fei is....a weird one....
It's like he's a main character....but he doesn't deserve to be...if that makes sense.
His being there wasn't exactly very influential to the storyline until like...the Dinosaur arc in which he got his Mixi-trans and the end where he was revealed as part of the big bad...which didn't even last long anyway...

I also agree with you on the other characters and the fact they were just shunted out of the story (quite harshly, I might add)

The new series only shunts out even more characters, which bugged me quite a bit (especially Shinsuke, I mean what the hell!?)

All that being said, I still do enjoy the series, even if just for that rare awesome character and the awesome Hissatsu techniques.

Now hurry up with Galaxy 06!!! >=|
Rozza C
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