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Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Jun 11, 2012 9:56 am

Welcome soccer fans to another fun Inazuma series. As per course, I encourage all fans to comment on every episode and expect most of you won’t. Seriously, I can’t be the only troll who watches this show every week. Enjoy! ~Cyber Cody.

Image: Splash in a coma?
Image: Yes, Master Sangokushi. Onkeikun is awake but still in the hospital. Ryuu-Rogue is in total disarray.
Image: Perfect. The stage is set for my comeback. Ryuu-Rogue will be mine again!

Image: She’s gone! This can’t be happening!!!

Image: Alright. I’m been really busy baby stitting so instead of one, we’re doing a review of the first four episodes instead of a commentary. Here with me are Agumon, Biyomon, Palmon, and Gotomon. Let’s get right to it.

Inazuma Eleven Chrono Stone #01: Sanity Disappeared

Image: Tenma came back to Raimon, time was altered, villain was clichéd, and new friend looked feminine. What did everyone think of episode one?
:agumon:: Weird.
Image: Dumb.
Image: Bright.
Image: Fun.
Image: You’re all wrong. It was stupid as hell! How the hell was Tenma allowed to miss THREE MONTHS of school to help some brats learn soccer?
Image: They had to get him away from the school somehow.
Image: The school teacher was hot so I can’t complain too much.
:agumon:: I liked everyone not knowing who Tenma was.
Image: Funny!
Image: I thought soccer didn’t exist. People were acting like they never heard of it.
:agumon:: Alpha was cool!
Image: He was a total clone of the baddie in Inazuma Movie 1! This whole plot is a rehash of the movie. I can’t believe Hino is so lazy!
Image: Pot. Kettle. Black.

Image: I liked Fei Rune.
Image: I like his hair.
Image: His “create a player” hissatsu was interesting. Does that confirm hissatsu are basically magic powers?
Image: I didn’t like Fei Rune until the episode two.
Image: Yeah. Let’s jump into episode two.

Inazuma Eleven Chrono Stone #02: When This Baby Hits 88MPH…!

Image: Eppie two, the exposition episode. We meet this season’s coach/mascot, learn more about what's going on and we get another opening! That’s right! We get TWO openings this season b*tches!
Image: Oh yeah, the openings. I love them both!
:agumon:: I like the first one more.
Image: Second for me!
Image: Sadly, we only get one ending and it sucks hard.
Image: It’s cute.
Image: F*ck the ending song! Stupid Aoi!
Image: Come on, Biyomon. Aoi is great, especially her sexy legs.
Image: Anyway, we see the Mixi-max-haxxor gun turn Fei Rune into a badass. Nice.
:agumon:: Nothing wrong with using dinosaur power to win. Ha! Ha!
Image: He looked hot. I approve. Didn’t matter because Omega forfeited the match.
Image: The Tenmas!
:agumon:: Ha! Ha! Ha! I love that name!
Image: Lots of funny moments in Chrono Stone.

Image: The series isn’t just doing time travel they’re going the parallel world route too.
:agumon:: Things are gonna get freaky.
Image: They weren’t already?
Image: That Chairman Toudou is scary!
Image: And ugly.
Image: And acts just like every other big boss in Inazuma. I knew it was coming but damn, Hino! At least you could’ve made him a sexy woman!
:agumon:: Well, the plot makes sense enough.
Image: Really, Agu?
:agumon:: Relative to other plots in the franchise.
Image: Ah! I see.
Image: I didn’t get what’s going on.
Image: Good. We at Level-5 encourage our viewers to be confused. Our little way of screwing with you.
Image: From what I got: In the future, El Dorado wants to eliminate mutants by sending sentinels back in time to kill Prof. Xavier and prevent the X-men from creating soccer.
Image: Sounds about right.

:agumon:: Avatar Armed. Cool or what?!
Image: Totally! Love it! Love it! Love it!
Image: Very shiny too. Thumbs up!
Image: No complaints. Much better than standard Avatars.

Image: So going thought time & space gives you a power boost? Tenma learned two new hissatsu.
Image: Contrived, but I like it.
:agumon:: Aggressive Beat is great!
Image: Wonder Trap is hype too. Before we move on, what do you all think about Wondeba?
Image: He looks like a digimon.
:agumon:: Acts like one too.
Image: I’m sure I’ve seen him on File Island.

Inazuma Eleven Chrono Stone #03: Rinse! Revive! Repeat!

Image: In this episode; I-I can’t do it. Can we please skip this episode? Do we really need to see ANOTHER version of Endou creating the soccer club? We’ve seen it several times in previous seasons, the movie, and an f*cking stage play! No! I’m not talking about this ep. I’m gonna check-up on that brat and his brain dead digimon. Give him more scissors to run around with. Take it away, Agu.

:agumon:: We had a lot of action. True Mach Wind was awesome. I liked it.
Image: Endou knowing hissatsu and having an Avatar was explained. Didn’t make sense but at least they gave an excuse.
Image: I cheered when Tsurugi Yuuichi showed up. He made the episode. Demon Soldier Pendragon Armed, wow! I wonder who gave him that bracelet?

Image: Wondemon turned pink. Looks good on him. Forget Endou, that skank Aki was annoying! Bite her head off next time, Wondeba!
Image: The episodes so far are all fast paced. This is how Inazuma Eleven should be.
:agumon:: I’m with Gotomon. Everything is moving quickly but it’s more fun this way. In the end, Protocol Omega forfeits again and everything is fixed expect our Tsurugi.
Image: Does kid Endou now know about Tenma? If the movie is cannon then he’ll learn about other characters in his future too. Maybe it’s a different Endou. My head hurts…..
:agumon:: I gotta go! Meeting Princess Luna at the park.
Image: Dumping Lady Gaga for Princess Luna. You digidog you.
:agumon:: Well *cough* *cough* see ya!

Inazuma Eleven Chrono Stone #04: The Lost Bromance

Image: Back. I’d rather b*tch about Inazuma than put up with that little brat. In episode four we get more Temna x Dickweed shipper bait, innocent brotherly love shipper bait, and the good guys finally win a match without a forfeit.
Image: More armed action. Can’t get enough!
Image: Agreed. Tenma’s avatar armed looks good. All the arms are great. Good to see Shindou and Nishi in a match.
Image: Any thoughts on the announcer?
Image: Funny guy. Hope he stays. Great moment with the Tsurugi brothers playing together.
Image: Mimi loved this episode. She’s been writing fanfiction about it for weeks.
Image: Thanks for the warning. Thought the ending was good. The whole mixi-max merge and Death Drop worked well. Gonna miss Yuuichi. A clear improvement over Dickweed.
Image: The very end with soccer being banned. Shocking!
Image: A law banning soccer, God Hand damn! My brain nearly melted from the red hot absurdness of that plot twist.
Image: I didn’t see it coming.
Image: No one with an I.Q. higher than a mechanical pencil would. Okay, overall thoughts on the series. I like it. At least it isn’t boring.
Image: No bad. Want to see where it goes.
Image: Needs more girls but other than that it’s great!
Image: The best start of a season yet. Could be the best season in the series.

Image: And that brings us to the end dear readers. This season is gonna be a wild ride. Hope we all don’t puke when it ends.

Image: Next episode: First Megaupload, Now This?!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Tue Jun 19, 2012 5:18 pm

Image: Join me on my Inazuma Eleven promotional tour.
Image: Sounds fun! What’s the catch?
Image: No catch. Just invite one of your commentary fans with you. Those commentaries are enjoyed by millions of Inazuma fans all over the world and I want to reward you for all your hard work at making our show more popular.
Image: You don’t go to the forums, do you?
Image: No. Why?
Image: No reason. Consider it done, Hino.

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #05: Comedy! Soccer Is Banned!!

[President Akihiro Hino’s Office]

Image: HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! This is the funniest opening ever! Dumb enough soccer is banned but burning soccer balls and letting crying kids watch, hilarious! Laughing so hard…I’m crying. HAHAHAHA!!!!
Image: This is serious. The school soccer club is disbanded.
Image: Oh ho ho!!! The look on everyone’s face when Tenma and Nishi talk about the soccer club! Best episode yet Hino!
Image: A dark time for soccer fans everywhere.
Image: A Japan VS America match where JAPAN are the assholes? Wow! Has to be a parallel world.

:otonashi:: Bear?


Image: Meet our kinda new antagonists, Diamond Dust—er---Protocol Omega 2.0. The leader’s named Beta. I’m sensing a pattern. What’s with the heavy exposition? Do we really need to take this much time explaining time travel?
Image: Don’t want to confuse young children.
Image: So, you explain time travel but not hissatsu or Avatars? Really Hino?
Image: ….Soccer is fun.

Image: Doctor Aruno. You can tell he’s eccentric because he doesn’t wear socks. Blah blah blah Time Travel 101. Wait. They’re going to switch places with the American team? Won’t everyone notice the entire American team is Japanese?
Image: America is a melting pot.
Image: EVERYONE on the soccer team is Japanese-American?!
Image: Fei officially joins Raimon.

Image: Don’t ignore me! Whatever! Time for time jump.
:otonashi:: It’s flying…
Image: And she’s the smart one. Aoi and Midori could be the dumbest Inazuma characters ever created. For a show full of jocks that’s quite the accomplishment.

Image: 1 Month Earlier. Exciting!
Image: Distracting the guard, nice.
:endou:: He knows we’re here. He’s pretending not to notice. Job apathy as its finest.
Image: Speaking of apathy. The hypo ball is doing a number on everyone. People sitting around watching others get brutally hurt. This is soccer not hockey!

Image: Flashback. Exciting!
Image: Prison for losing a soccer game. Yeah, sounds about right.
Image: So exciting!
Image: Knock it off! Beta, this chick is a total biatch. Natsumi would be proud. Game resume! HAHAHA!!! Dickweed got Clotheslined!
Image: Wonder Trap! Great hissatsu.
Image: Sengoku War God Musashi/Bushin Renzan VS Manboobs. Boobs wins!

Image: Beta’s Avatar, Athena, debut. Armed.
Image: Unassisted Hand VS Crazy Biatch! Goal! Time for Tenma’s Avatar Armed, or not.

Image: Next episode: Disarmed and Dangerous!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Tue Jun 19, 2012 5:29 pm

Image: He came from another dimension caused by cracks in space-time when Millenniummon was destroyed. Until I figure out how to get him back to his world I want you to take care of him.
Image: Why me?
Image: You are the only one still affected by Millenniummon’s reality altering power. There may be a connection. And he’s annoying.

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #06: Fierce Muthaf*ckas! Protocal Omega 2.0!!

Image: Touring the world. Won’t stop me from watching Chrono Stone. Back to the match. The gang is losing big time. Kurama gets it in the gut. Dash Train is derailed. Everyone’s getting a big slice of owned pie.
Image: One more time. Demon God Pegasus Arc! Armed!
Image: Fail.
Image: She’s cooooming!
Image: Unassisted Hand VS Teenie-bopper! Goal!

Image: Half Tiiime!
:endou:: You guys are hurt. Need a doctor. Dr. Pepper, I’m thirsty!

Image: You can’t Avatar Armed because River Song hates you.
Image: Second Half start! Time for a new plan. Be a**holes. Well, more a**y than before. To be fair, the I-11 referees do suck. Good one, Orca.

:endou:: What a horrible game! I’m losing!
Image: Shut up, Traitor! *ahem* Moooore switch outs!
Image: And….they got stomped. Bring out the holograms. Who is Fei? Don’t know but if he turns out to be Tenma’s descendant I’m gonna rage!
Image: *whistles*

Image: Oooooh! Justice Wing VS Girly Parts! Block!
Image: Beta…….I think I’m in love.
Image: I taught yooou hated her?
Image: A thin line between love and hate, little Tamano. Sweet Beta mows down Raimon.
Image: He come the Avatars.
Image: Let’s get it on, brat!

Image: Beta Avatar Armed/Shoot Command 07 <Double Shot>. Gooooal!!!!
Image: Game suspended! El Dorado wins! This episode…so much wins.
:endou:: You forgot I small detail. I’m a sore loser! God Hand V!
Image: Shooow off!
Image: Am I crying? This is so good!
Image: Take that you jerrrk! Nice job, Beta!

Image: Nice speech there. Guess everyone’s going fight back.
Image: Think again.
Image: Wha?

Image: Not bad, huh?
Image: Hino! You magnificent bastard! I’m loving this!
Image: Ooonly those with Avatars and bows are immune to mind control waves.
Image: Gotta beat Protocol Omega 2.0 to get the gang back together. I smell new characters coming!
Image: Training time!

:gouenji: Next Episode: Inazuma Eleven GOuenji!

Image: I’m ordering you to pretend to like my commentaries and join me on my promotional tour with Hino!
Image: Okaaay.
Image: No buts! I need someone familiar with the show that can be pulled away from studio duties. Suck it up- Did you say okay?
Image: Yessss! I love the show. That’s why I’m here afterall. My only reason…
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Sun Jun 24, 2012 6:19 pm

Image: Not going Cyber.
Image: Come on, Frogmon! It’ll be fun!
Image: I have responsibilities at the studio. Ask Tamano. He’s the biggest Inazuma fan here.

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #07: Failing at God Eden!

Image: Who knew you could buy sleeping powder at a TV convention?
Image: Planning on a good night sleep?
Image: Yep, but not for me.

Image: Sup Candy! Can I watch Chrono Eleven too?
Image: It’s Cody. and no. I thought we agreed while we were on tour you would stay out the way and look after your weak a$$ digimon?
Image: Gumdramon is the strongest digimon ever!
Image: Uh-huh. We begin with was left of Raimon locked out their clubroom.
:otonashi:: If only Coach Endou and Steve Jobs were alive. They’d never let this happen.

Image: If Taiki died I’d go back in time and save him!
Image: Don’t care. We all know Endou is really alive and not well. Time just pissed on him for disappearing.
:otonashi:: If you middle school boys say he’s alive without proof, I believe you.

Image: Taiki would never get brainwashed by a soccer ball!
Image: Basically, if Raimon beats Protocol Omega they win. Can we move the plot along?
Image: Let me explain why you can’t use Avatar Armed again.
Image: Ugh!

Image: Training time!
Image: Denied! Gotta love the No Soccer signs. This government has too much time on their hands.
:otonashi:: Got a call from Gouenji. Date time!
:gouenji:: Shhh!

Image: No self-respecting adult would believe anything we say about Endou, time travel, and the soccer ban.
:otonashi:: Agreed. What!?

Image: That was easy.
Image: Time for everyone’s favorite time traveling doctor to make an appearance.
Image: Second favorite.

Image: Gouenji got a time bracelet sent by Supporter X.
:gouenji:: Usually it’s engagement rings from fangirls.
Image: Alright. Who decided to put Dickweed and Gouenji in a card game commercial?
Image: The question is why didn’t I think if it sooner?
Image: So surreal….

Image: Supporter X has to be Taiki!
Image: As likely as you joining a debate club. Uh-oh. Some evil kids I don’t give a crap about are plotting something. A soccer match, maybe? Who am I kidding? It’s ALWAYS a soccer match. Guess they don’t like working for biatches.
:gouenji:: Call me anytime if something happens. I’d go with you but I haven’t seen the Avengers Movie yet. Ready Otonashi?
:otonashi:: Let’s go!

Image: In case you didn’t know, God Eden is where the first GO movie took place. At least, that’s what Meowth told me. Was too busy playing Marvel VS Capcom 3 to go.
Image: Tagiru!
Image: Gumdramon! Where you been?
Image: The convention. My Little Pony panel, so cute~~~!

Image: Time to learn Avatar Armed...or not. Enjoy the montage of fail. Not a lot happening….
Image: It’s those bad guys. I’ll protect you Cody!
Image: Don’t look at me like that. I’m really a guy.
Image: You’re so funny!
Image: Team A5 arrives. If Raimon wins they’ll undo all their horrible deeds and provide financial retribution to everyone affected by their careless actions. Never mind, they had their fingers crossed.

Image: Gaming started!
Image: *sigh* Shoot Command 06 <Plasma Ball> VS PGGT/Majin The Hand! Goal! Time for bed kids.
Image: You’re a kid too. And it only 4:30!
Image: True. Have some soda.
Image: It taste weird.
Image: Nighty night!

:otonashi:: Next episode: Movie Spoiler Attack!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby Rozza C » Sat Jul 28, 2012 12:01 pm


You're not the only troll!!

However, I'm curious to know your thoughts on the series so far?
Rozza C
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Aug 27, 2012 10:36 pm

Sorry for the late reply, Rozza. Computer died and I didn't want to come to the forums until google gave it a clean bill of heath.

Thoughts so far, MUCH better now. I was so tired of Fifth Sector. Glad Raimon is traveling to different time periods. It's taking longer than I thought to get Shindou's power-up. Wondering if it'll take this long to get the others.

Also, with ten more Raimon players needing a historical power up either the brainwashed kids are coming back or we're getting new characters. Hope we get new characters. All in all good stuff, except the constant training, of course. /bzz
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Tue Aug 28, 2012 10:51 am

Image: I'm sick of boys staring at me!
Image: You could wear pants.
Image: And deny myself free pizza from horny nerds?! Hell no! Wendy?! What are you doing at an anime convention?!
Image: Promoting Fairy Tail on Crunchyroll. The best anime streaming site on the internet! Tee hee!
Image: Using a cute kid to promote themselves. Typical evil corporation.
Image: We took the idea from Level-5.

Image: I never told you? Yeah. He's an original digidestined too.

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #08: Hope You Saw the Movie! You Didn't?! Sucks to be You!!

Image: We begin episode 8 with Raimon in trouble, as usual. Only two points to win a soccer battle? And you tell them after scoring a point? Trolloful work, Team A.SS.
Image: Nishiki still can't use Armed but instead uses Bushin Renzan. Wow! A shoot chain with True Mach Wind! Keeper Command 03 <Boom Shout> blocks it!

Image: Offense Command 04 <Spinning Upper> shuts down Dickweed. Damn! You see how he bounced? Guy should be dead.
Image: Fell on my keys...ugh.

Image: Shoot Command 06 <Plasma Ball> VS Movie Cameo Guy. Blocked! By the way, that was cheating. Raimon should be disqualified for that. Just sayin.
Image: Friends help each other.
Image: By interrupting a match agreed to by both teams apparently. Nice ethics lesson there, Hino.

Image: Beta talks to Team A5.
Image: Your basic internal power struggle. Because evil organizations never get along. Moving on.
Image: Shuu! He's from the Inazuma Eleven Go movie.
Image: Available for illegal download at a computer near you!
Image: Or support the creators and buy the DVD or Blu-ray! Still have eight more payments left on my yacht.
Image: One short movie synopsis later, Shuu is gonna teach the boys to Avatar Arm or Armed or whatever the proper grammar is.
Image: The managers are really nice.

Image: Training time! Tap into the spiritual side of soccer. Yeah, I can't believe I said that either.
Image: Think about what you want to protect and wish to gain even greater strength. Feel the love of the hyper combo.
Image: This is some Grade A pretentious tauros chocolate I'm hearing.
Image: I think it worked.
Image: Best ten minutes I ever spent.

Image: If you're so smart Shuu. Why can't you do Avatar Armed?
Image: I sense much fear in you.
Image: It's distain.

Image: Team A5 is back! Go for it, Raimon!
Image: Game start! First to score wins. Tenma does Wonder Trap and Avatar Arme-false alarm.
Image: Olympus Harmony!
Image: Kawaii!
Image: From Greece, Wendy. Not Hawaii. Shindou fail Armed. Raimon's losing, time to cheat-er-Mixi-max! You fangirls wanted Shuu x Tenma, Level-5 delivers.
Image: He did it! Tenma Avatar Armed!
Image: Keeper Command 03 <Boom Shout> VS Tenma Armed. Goal! Raimon wins!
Image: Yay!
Image: Ending the episode on a high note for a change, Hino?
Image: Wait for it....
Image: Demolish the soccer building? Can't they, I don't know, LET ANOTHER SPORTS CLUB USE IT?!
Image: Why isn't Shuu going with them?
Image: Contract negotiations.

Image: Next episode: I, Robot!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Tue Aug 28, 2012 12:07 pm

Image: I heard rumors something bad might happen at the Inazuma Eleven GO Tanabata Festival.
Image: What? Crunchy planning an attack?
Image: Not us. The Alumni.

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #09: Mission Improbable!

Image: Time to go onstage President Hino. Good luck!
Image: Thanks, Toy Agumon.
Image: And while you do that I'll check out episode nine with today's special guest, KMC! Welcome!
Image: Are you really a girl now, Cyber Cody?
Image: For the ninth time, yes!
Image: Show me your ***** after the show.
Image: That'll cost you a couple of Fukuzawas. Anyway, the eppy begins with Raimon arriving 200 years in the future, where everyone plays the Nintendo Wye U and Japanese p0rn is no longer censored.
Image: Finally!

Image: Flashback to the present. So they're tearing it down for the baseball club. F**k baseball!
Image: Okay, so the kids are sad and stuff and the bear remembers the holy book of champions that can solve all their problems. Convenient.
Image: Not really cause it's in code.
Image: I didn't know Master P played soccer!
Image: D! Master D! Probably Luffy's great-grandkid or something.

Image: Fei's family is dead. Killed by Queen Beryl and the negaverse.
Image: We see another flashback of the gang planning their heist. These are the good guys, people.
Image: Don't be so hard on them Cyber. Who hasn't broken into a museum or four nowadays?
Image: Where the f*** is Tom Cruise when you need him?
Image: Is this a museum or a level from Mega Man?
Image: And why the hell are all the boys there? It's one book! Three guys is more than enough. Not like a soccer battle is gonna happen...

Image: Everyone is crawling around in the air ducts except Shinsuke.
Image: Short people rule!
Image: Form a human ladder!
Image: Short people...I can't reach it.
Image: You suck!

Image: Almost fell in the bottomless pit. ....Why is there a bottomless pit?
Image: Robots. Can't have a future without one-eyed robots. It's required.
Image: You ever think how hot Midori will look when she hits high school age?
Image: Shut up and watch the talking bear hack the security system.

Image: If I can avoid homework, I can avoid this.
Image: Tenma dodges the sensors, mostly. Busted! I'm sure those state-of-the-art robots will easily catch-they ran into each other...

Image: Somehow it turned into a soccer match against robots from the future. For a group that hates everything soccer, El Dorado has a lot of it. They have to score before they leave. Like me at an afterparty.
Image: Game Start! Blitz Bridge zaps Nishiki!
Image: Must save the day!
Image: AA Tenma VS Robots. Goal! Raimon wins!

Image: We'll decipher the holy book of champions and make the strongest team ever!
Image: How?
Image: Well...
Image: I thought so.
Image: Candy! Look what I found! Cool toy, huh?
Image: .....! That's.....BOMB!!!!!!

Image: Next episode: Old and Sexy!

Image: Yesss. I understand. The mission will not fail.
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Tue Aug 28, 2012 9:50 pm

Image: Got anymore free t-shirts?
Image: Come with us, Akihiro Hino.
Image: I don't think soooo.

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #10: The Return of Duh Kidou!!

Image: Diffusion of bomb in process.
Image: Awesome as always, HiAndromon. We begin the episode with Gouenji and Kidou.
:gouenji:: Soccer is in danger.
:kidou:: Again?!

Image: Listen to the disembodied voice, kids. Soccer is too violent. Stick with boxing, rugby, and hockey.
Image: How long you think it'll take 'em to figure out Master D is Endou's gramps?
Image: I'd say a week after never. Yes. Yes. Let's summarize the plot AGAIN. Stupid kids.
Image: Cut 'em some slack, homeboy.
Image: Homeboy? In what universe is that still a cool word to say?

Image: Anyway. The two girls sharing my bed tonight reveal the author is Endou Daisuke, Endou's gramps. Dunn dunn dunn!
Image: To the Soccermobile!

Image: Back in the future, Beta saves Team A5 from prison. Why? She's a whore.
Image: I don't think that has anythin-
Image: The bear is getting on my nerves. Furry whore.
Image: He's funny!
Image: Shut up, Tagiru.
:kidou:: Let me help you bring back Endou and 90's fashion.

Image: I knew we couldn't escape it for long. More scenes in a hospital. FYI, the reason the hospital doesn't have a name is because the original sign was damaged in a paint ball fight. True story.
Image: A'right. Walk in Daisuke's room and tell him what's going down.
:kidou:: I'll go meet him alone without any proof of being from the future. That'll get him on our side.

Image: Duh Kidou is back. God Hand damn, this ep is boring! Blah blah blah Daisuke doesn't believe Kidou.
Image: Bomb is disarmed.
Image: You da man, HiAndromon.
Image: I'm gonna hunt you, HiAndrom-
Image: KMC is his partner, idiot! So, Kidou failed and Aoi is gonna try her luck. If only they had a talking bear from the future, that would convince Daisuke they're telling the truth. Morons!!!

Image: Aoi convinces Daisuke to help.
Image: Not like I have anything better to do.
Image: Cute nurse. I'm so stealing her from her boyfriend.
Image: Thank you, Beta! I was about to fall asleep! Time for some action. Game start!

Image: Wonder Trap. And Tenma still loses the ball.
Image: B*tch Please Command 04 <Spinning Upper> shuts Nishi down.
Image: They ignored the girl. That's mean!
Image: Nothing wrong with ignoring pests. You should know, right? Shoot Command 06 <Plasma Ball> VS Excellent Breast!
Image: No boobs=no excellent!

Image: Goal! And the fail train keeps tugging along with Tenma's fail Armed. I thought we were over that?
Image: Nothing worse than a super powered whore.
Image: Armed Beta/Shoot Command 07 <Double Shot> VS Goalie's face. Goal! First half end.
Image: I'll be the coach for this game! Kidou, get me a sandwich!

:kidou:: Next episode: The Strongest-
Image: Sandwich! Now!

Image: A report from Tamano at the festival. Confirmed Alumni attack.
Image: Is President Hino safe?
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Tue Aug 28, 2012 10:01 pm

Image: Thanks from Brazil!
Image: You're welcome okay?! Stop staying it!

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #11: Find Them! Because Training Doesn't Work?!

[Level-5 Animation Studio]
Image: Where is he?
Image: Hanging out with President Hino. LadyDevimon's calling him now. Watch some Inazuma while you wait.
Image: Neato! I haven't seen this one! Raimon's behind by two and Master D is coaching!
Image: *sigh* Might as well watch.
Image: The key to winning is 3D, huh? Maybe we need 3D glasses?

Image: Why doesn't the coach tell them the meaning?
Image: Because we need to drag this out as long as possible. Not easy making a half-hour show every week you know.

Image: Avatar Armed!
Image: Wrong.
Image: Full Throttle Block!

Image: 3D...I get it!
:kidou:: Me too!
Image: No, you didn't.
:kidou:: Shh!

Image: Raimon's new hissatsu tactics, 3D Reflector!
Image: Armed Tenma scores! Super Fei's Ancient Fangs ties the score!

Image: Eat your Avatar!
Image: Did you say eat or kill? I'm down with either.

Image: Tsurugi Armed!
Image: Keeper Command 03 <Boom Shout> fails. Goal!
Image: Ghost Mixi-max? Uh-oh.
Image: She gave power to her team and can still use Armed! Wow!
Image: Shoot Command 07 <Double Shot> VS Slow Shinsuke! Goal!
Image: More goals. Raimon lost.

Image: Run Master D!
Image: Tell my nurse I love her!
Image: Master D got stoned!

Image: Beta took the book and left.
Image: Bummer.
Image: Doctor What for the exposition win!

Image: Stoned people can talk?
:kidou:: Talk, yes. Make sense, no.

Image: Time to outline the eleven you'll be seeking for the next thirty episodes.
Image: This is going to be tough.
Image: Unless we use the Mixi max gun and our time machine.
Image: Oh yeah. I forgot.

:kidou:: I will look and see if there's another way to save Endou. Here, in the present with modern toilets.
Image: The kids decide to use Oda Nobunaga's samurai swords as an Artifact to find him.
Image: Too bad we can't break into the museum and steal them cause that would be wrong. Derp.

Image: How convenient. A former soccer player working at the museum willing to lead an ancient sword to junior high kids. Don't look at me! I didn't write it!
Image: Time jump! That's the end.

Image: Cyber's at the Tanabata Festival. He said President Hino collasped.

Image: Next episode: Past the Ball!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Tue Aug 28, 2012 10:22 pm

Image: We're here to protect you.
Image: A bit late, don't ya think?
Image: Not President Hino, you!

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #12: Horrible Histories! Nobunaga's Village!!

:chika: :yoshino:: It's starting! It's starting! The 1500's were so sexy!
Image: Clothes change!
:chika: :yoshino:: Squee! OMG! Tsurugi!!!! Did their underwear change to?
Image: Midori.....*drools*
Image: Nishiki! I got pregnant just looking at him!

Image: Aura Radar. Sounds handy.
:chika: :yoshino:: That b!tch ruined Shindou's clothes! No wait! Now he'll have to take them off. SQUEEE!!!!
Image: Okatsu is definitely one of us.
:chika: :yoshino:: One. Of. Us. One! Of! Us!

Image: Nice outfit, Shindou!
:chika: :yoshino:: Mmm legs! Wish they had subway vents back then!

Image: Another important character is introduced, Tasuke.
Image: So cute!
:chika: :yoshino:: Cute boys without pants. Christmas came early!

Image: Raimon is pretty relaxed considering failing their mission results in a permanent change to the time-space continuum.
Image: Shindou looks like he's on a date.
:chika: :yoshino:: My husband is cheating on me!

Image: They're kidnappers! Oh no!
:chika: :yoshino:: Kidnapping the ugly boy? You're doing it wrong!

Image: Don't you touch Aoi!
Image: Hunky guy saved them!
:chika: :yoshino:: I can't believe it! He's Toyotomi Hideyoshi! Who's that? Some guy with huge junk I think.

Image: He loves Oda Nobunaga! My heart...can't take it! Palmon!
Image: Already checking tumblr for pics, Mimi.
:chika: :yoshino:: He wants to be by his side! This is so hot!

Image: Shindou will get Nobunaga's aura.
:chika: :yoshino:: Nobunaga will be inside Shindou! Kinky!

Image: Pimp alert!
Image: That's how you do it, girl! Take off his clothes then give him food. After that, he's all yours!

Image: Oda Nobunaga and his entourage!
Image: Mmmm! Dat eyes!

:chika: :yoshino:: OMG! A horse! How will they avoid it?!
Image: Moving out the way works.
:chika: :yoshino:: Saved by the mighty pimp hand! Hooray!!!

Image: Mixi-max gun didn't work.
Image: I smell exposition brewing.
:chika: :yoshino:: I don't understand anything the doctor said.
Image: Basically, Shindou has to train more.
:chika: :yoshino:: Without a shirt I hope! Woo!

Image: Party crashing? I like where this is going.
Image: The White Deer Gang kidnapped Tasuke!
:chika: :yoshino:: Kill them! No one touches him but me!

Image: Beta! You dirty skank! Trying to hog all the cute boys for yourself. Not happening! Take her down, Raimon!

Image: Next episode: Dear Beta, You Suck!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Thu Aug 30, 2012 4:01 pm

Image: The recent attack at the festival was the final straw. Akihiro Hino is exhausted and must take a break from all Level-5 duties starting immediately.

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #13: N00bs VS Trolls!

Image: Atomic Ray!
Image: Aghhh!!!
Image: Thanks guys. Tagiru, clean up this mess while we watch Ina-Go-Stone.
Image: I want to hunt digimon!
Image: Fine! Go look for digimon in traffic! Anyway, it's the White Deer Gang VS Raimon. Flashback.

Image: I could capture you all now but lets have a soccer match.
Image: For someone who hates soccer you love setting up matches.

Image: Kinoshita suggests having the kidnapped kids help Raimon in the game. I love how no one thinks this is a bad idea.
Image: It's Raimon's uniform! Made from the finest polyester money can buy!

Image: Kidnappers VS kidnapped with a kidnapped announcer.
Image: Game start! Yeaaaaaaaaah...they don't know how to play soccer. Dumbasses.

Image: #24 gets a Swallow Counter in the gut.
Image: Arquebus Bullet VS Nishi without his avatar, the hell?!
Image: Goal. Come on, he didn't know Beta gave them steroids.

Image: On the job soccer lessons!
Image: Don't look so smug, Kinoshita. It's still a stupid idea.

Image: Okehazama Wall. White Deer Gang prevent Tenma and Tsuruji from using Avatar Armed.
Image: I would complain about there not being a ref but we all know they don't do sh*t anyway.

Image: Ghost Demon Kamaitachi/Whirlwind Blade!
Image: That stings!

Image: Arquebus Bullet VS Avatar-less Nishi. Goal. No excuse this time! First half end.
Image: Props to Kinoshita for not sugar coating the n00bs sorry performance.
Image: Second half start! Put the losers in the back where they belong!

Image: Those losers protected the goal.
Image: Tsurugi Armed up and makes a goal!
Image: I can't lose to them!
Image: Yeah. You're too busy losing to the White Deer Gang.

Image: Arquebus Bullet VS AVATAR ARMED SHINSUKE! Blocked!
Image: Hm? A text from Mimi? "So cute! <3" Ugh!

Image: God's Baton in full effect!
Image: Sengoku War God Musashi/Bushin Renzan VS creepy hissatsu-less jerk. Goal!
Image: Terriermon!
Image: Well, he is!

Image: Losers should go ahead and lose.
Image: B!tch, you're their leader. Your ass lost too!

Image: White Deer Gang is done. Raimon's showing off now.
Image: Yeah, Raimon can be dickish when they wanna be. Denrai Houtou, Death Drop, Aggressive Beat, and True Mach Wind. Game end! Congrats Raimon. You beat a bunch of middle aged men who never played soccer before. A great moment in soccer and history.

Image: Fist bump!
Image: Too bad Raimon is killed by the White Deer Gang and they continue kidn- Oh! No, they let themselves be caught by some kids and spill their entire plan. Not the shiniest metal asses on those robots.

Image: And now we learn why Beta and her cronies didn't play themselves. Interesting how the bad guys are more concerned with wreaking time than our heroes. Who's Imagawa Yoshimoto?
Image: Aren't you Japanese?
Image: Hell if I know!

Image: Having a meeting about future events in front of Kinoshita? These brats really need adult supervision.
Image: The episode's still going? Blah blah blah, Shindou is sad. Blah blah blah a fangirl wants to jump his bones.

Image: Pretending to be dancers? That won't work.
Image: Works for your band.
Image: Shut up.

Image: Next episode: Dance Dance Revolution!

Image: So, the Digital Gods want me dead because Millenniummon's reality altering powers are still affecting me?
Image: Yes.
Image: F**K!
Image: You get p****, you pay the price. Hahaha!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Thu Aug 30, 2012 5:16 pm

Image: Begin the next phase.

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #14: Dancing with the Soccer Balls!

[Steel Tower Club]
Image: *sip* *sip* Ah! I needed that.
:hitomiko:: And now the newest episode of Inazuma. Subbed by The Alumni.
Image: WHAT?! Them again!
:agumon:: Calm down, Onkei Kun. The real fans know Ryuu-Rogue is best!

Image: Calm down, Fei. At least we know we're the ones that stopped the White Deer Gang.
Image: Huh? I don't care.
Image: Me too.

:agumon:: Shindou is training to Mixi-max with Nobunaga.
Image: Is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Image: Thanks for Brazil!
Image: Yeah. Yeah. Note Nishiki had the right idea all along, using something new to impress Nobunaga.
Image: Wondeba should die in a ditch. Not that I care or anything.

:agumon:: Nishiki and Wondeba dance like Rozza when sober and drunk respectively.
Image: Watch me dougie.
:hitomiko:: Off the table!

Image: Sleeping Tsurugi. Thumbs up!
Image: Thanks for Brazil!
Image: You're welcome, okay!

Image: Worst dancing I've ever seen.
Image: Tasuke arrives and suggests getting Okatsu to help. Don't care tho.

Image: They're improving.
Image: Not Nishiki. :D

Image: Everytime Wondeba is on screen I want to scream. I don't care, just sayin'.
Image: We know, Jpwong. Cheer up, Shindou. I believe in you. So does Okatsu. Okatsu x Shindou shipping!

:agumon:: Avatars come from love? Cyber and I think they come from mutants.
Image: Don't care but Raimon aren't X-men.

Image: When is the movie coming out?
Image: When you stop asking!
Image: When is the movie not coming out?
Image: Ryuu Tiara Magic!

Image: You can doooo eeeet, Shindou!
Image: Poor Nishiki. LOL!

Image: ....Old hater......*hic*
:agumon:: Drunk again!

Image: Does Nishiki have a mental disorder?
:agumon:: Hard to tell.
Image: Faaaaaail!

Image: Failure montage. Care? Me? No.
Image: When's the movie coming out, Jpwong?
Image: When you get an avatar. Anti-care activated.

:agumon:: I forgot about Daisuke.
Image: Thinking is hard.

:agumon:: Raimon gets in with help from Kinoshita.

Image: Let's do it!
~Hey, I just met you,
And this is crazy,
But here's my number,
So call me, maybe?~
Image: Whoops! Wrong song.

Image: Nobunaga isn't liking our dance at all.
Image: How can you tell?

:hitomiko:: Entertaining people with soccer. It's crazy enough to work.
Image: Mixi-max didn't work.....zzzzzzzzz

Image: Liar! Don't listen to her!
Image: Professional Sh*t Stirrer. Thou does not care.
:agumon:: Careful Raimon! Those sticks look strong!

Image: Onkei Kun. This is for you.
Image: A cest & desist letter....from Level-5?!

:hitomiko:: Next episode: Make Love, Not Soccer!

Image: Did you hear? Yukio Oikawa is running Level-5 while Hino recovers from work exhaustion!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby Rozza C » Sun Sep 02, 2012 6:10 pm

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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Tue Sep 04, 2012 7:39 pm

Image: You have to follow the schedule!
Image: No I don't. Hino's gone so I'll promote I-ll wherever I want!

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #15: Last Train to Owariville!

Image: Team Cyber is broadcasting live from Fashion Week! Hm? More devas? Tagiru. Henry. Do your thing.
Image: Die abomination!
Image: Your existence must end.
Image: Devas?! Terriermon digivolve!
Image: Gumdramon, go!
Image: Anyway, the kids got in trouble. Now they get to plead for their lives. Isn't time travel fun?
Image: Interesting fashions in ancient Japan. You could fit a lot of pills in those sleeves.

Image: We have traveled here through time!
Image: It's called lying, Shindou. It's not hard to do. Shindou and Oda have a chat about the future and how he won't be the one to unite Japan.
Image: Spoilers.
Image: You've been waiting to say that, haven't you?
Image: Of course.

Image: Protocol Omega 2.0, representing Imagawa Yoshimoto, challenges Oda to a duel. Duel being a soccer game. Yep. Whatever.
Image: Very cute outfits from Protocol Omega. Would look good with a pair of Paris Hilton Kylies.

Image: As you may have guessed Raimon will battle for Oda. Dinner time! Raimon fills Tasuke and the feudal fangirl on what's really going down. Did I mention this episode is boring as hell?

Image: Fighting digimon is so much fun!
Image: Need a hand, Tag?
Image: Don't worry your pretty little but-er hair! We'll take care of this!

Image: Toukichirou c-blocks Wondeba. By that I mean coach block.
Image: And he brought more kids to train. Look at the tongue on that one. Hmmm....

Image: F*cking training eps! F*ck you, Hino!
Image: Aren't you the producer? This episode is your responsibility.
Image: I don't understand you futuristic mumbo-jumbo.

Image: Shindou should become a model.
Image: More Shindou armed fail.

Image: Aww. Someone has a crush on Shindou.
Image: A guy stumbles on some nude Shindou pics on pixiv and all of the sudden I'm-
Image: I was talking about Okatsu.

Image: I'm gonna kill Piedmon for making this crap ep!
Image: Who's paying for all that food?
Image: Our food budget....damn it!

Image: As long as you like soccer, it will answer back to you.
Image: Shut the f*ck up, Tenma!

Image: A combo technique?
Image: One-Night Castle. Is that where you go for one-night stands in those days?

Image: They did it, good for you past kids. Can we end the episode now?
Image: After my close-up.
Image: Go for it.
Image: I'll crush you all with one blow! Once this ends, you'll never play soccer again!
Image: We won't let you!
Image: ....That's your comeback, Tenma? God hand, you suck.

Image: Next episode: I'm a whore. What?! WHO PUT THAT ON THE MONITOR?!!

Image: Took care of those two.
Image: Fantastic job. How about a bag of coke?
Image: Don't you mean can?
Image: Coke comes in cans?!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Tue Sep 04, 2012 7:50 pm

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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Tue Sep 04, 2012 8:08 pm

Image: Keep an eye on them, Devimon.
Image: As you command!

Image: Where's Akihiro Hino?!
Image: Top secret, my dear. Only the upperest of upper crust know that. How DARE they not tell me! I was suppose to kill you but I'll help out of spite. I'm such a bitch.

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #17: Armed Out the Closet

Image: Check out the latest episode, Onkei Kun. It begins with Raimon losing 1-2.
Image: Keep your cool, Shindou!
Image: Is the fat defender a boy or girl?

Image: Another Avatar Armed failure from Shindou. Pathetic.
Image: Oda is getting annoyed.
Image: One-Night Castle worked? Pure luck.
Image: Shindou slips up again.
Image: Weak water sack. You are an embarrassment to your entire species!

Image: Gimmie the ball!
Image: Denied!

Image: Oda mad. Oda smash!
Image: Shindou got cussed out, old school style.

Image: I hate her so much! He's not worth it!
Image: Yes, he is!
Image: Shut up, fanho!

Image: Oda is smart.
Image: Oda is sexy.
Image: Biyomon is nauseous.

Image: New plan: Shindou can't touch balls.
Image: Eeeek!

Image: This is it! Shindou's Avatar Armed!
Image: Oooooooooh! I have the same outfit!
Image: Wow! That makes James' flaming moltres costume look macho.

Image: Avatar Armed Shindou VS Keeper Command 03 <Bo-
Image: Goal!

Image: I support Shindou getting shot.
Image: The moment we all been waiting for, mixi-max!
Image: Shindou! *BOOM!* I think my ovaries exploded.
Image: Mine too!

Image: Split-second Boost!
Image: No way are you blocking Oda Shindou's debut hissatsu Beta. Goal! Raimon wins!
Image: I don't believe it. We lost to a bunch of n00bs and a gay samurai.

Image: No more mind controlled Raimon players but Endou is stuck at El Dorado HQ.
Image: Endou is a Chrono Stone too!

Image: Introducing Gamma.
Image: What a jerk!
Image: I like him.
Image: Me too.

Image: Afterparty!
Image: Nobunaga's resolve to unite Japan is still strong. Good job, Shindou.

Image: I love listening to this song at this part.

Image: Okastsu...Shindou. Don't cry Onkei. Don't cry...
Image: Oh God...this is too much... Wahhh!
Image: Stupid bitch!
Image: Biyo!
Image: I meant Okatsu.
Image: Oh......Biyo!

Image: Next e-episode: *cries* WHITE TOFU! *baww!*
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby Rozza C » Thu Sep 06, 2012 7:37 am

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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Sep 10, 2012 10:02 am

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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO 2: Chrono Stone Subbed Episodes Discus

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:09 am

Image: Suzie, hand over your D-Arc.

Image: And that's that. Bye-bye Devas. Henry take Suzie home, she's annoying. Tag, you and your digimon take a nap or something, you're annoying too.

Inazuma Eleven GO Chrono Stone #19: The Boys In Tights

Image: We're here.
Image: And late. Now shut up and let me watch the new opening. Spoilers ahoy! Oh, that hospital kid is joining. More Japanese historical figures and El Dorado douchebags. Interesting.
Image: Shouldn't you already know this?
Image: Been busy. Yeah, kiddies. This ain't Call Of Duty. This is the real anime deal.
Image: War hurts people.
Image: Observant as always, lizard butt. Raimon got busted by the medieval po-po. Not because they're Japanese. Blame your multicolored and moussed up hair from hell kids.
Image: We're from the future.
Image: Idiot.
Image: Yes?
Image: Not you, Guilmon. Meet Jeanne d'Arc. Putting the long awaited L in our LGBT series.
Image: We should be honest and tell her about time traveling.
Image: Wish you had balls so I can kick you in them. Things are getting intense! Sh*t about to go down!
Image: Yummy candy!
Image: Never mind.

Image: Wonder what flavor it is?
Image: I like butter flavor.

Image: We zip over to Zanark and the Zoo Crew wreaking the forest. Why? Padding. Keeping it real in Cybertown.
Image: Captured and our target isn't giving off a strong aura. Let's play soccer!

Image: Dickweed VS Kinako. Who should I wish injury on more? Like choosing between xbox or ps3.
Image: Fei wants to create a hissatu with Tenma. Cool!

Image: Does no one think introducing soccer to people in the past is bad? I'm no expert but maybe that's why time paradoxes keep happening.
Image: I like boxes.

Image: Yeah. Teach Jeanne soccer. Then, show her how to make electricity and skateboard. Geez, why don't teach her how to speak Japanese whi- ..........Uh...*cough* *cough*

Image: Candy!
Image: Mixi-hax fails. Jeanne has to level up.
Image: Soccer is like war.
Image: This is not a battlefield!

Image: Jeanne x Kirino shipper bait. A little something for you straight shota fans.
Image: Like Takato.
Image: Quiet Guilmon!

Image: Saved by soccer again, Raimon. Lucky bastards. Another Jerino moment. Get a room you two! This is a serious scene but I can't get over how Kirino looks even MORE like a drag queen in that green outfit. His father must be proud.
Image: I sure am!

Image: Jeanne wants them to escort her to King Charles.
Image: Digi-armour energize!

Image: Jeanne on her knees next to Kirino. Jun directed this episode, didn't she?
Image: I wanna wear armor too!
Image: You combine with Guilmon to form a digimon with armor! Eppie is over, time for the new ending.
Image: Say it.
Image: ......... *wobble* *wobble*
Image: Say. It.
Image: *sigh* As much as I hate to admit it, Dickweed has a great voice.
Image: Feel better?
Image: *vomits* ...Yes. Yes, I do.

Image: Next episode: Zanark zegins zis zttack!

Image: Iopmon warp digivolve to Cherubimon!
Image: Wowzers!
Image: How did you-
Image: Original DD, baby! I ooze awesome. Everyone, attack!
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