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Inazuma Eleven GO Movie: The Ultimate Bonds, Gryphon thread

Postby cyber_cody » Sat Dec 29, 2012 10:16 am

[Sometime Ago]

Image: Well, I'm bored. Let's watch the GO movie.
Image: Soccer became so popular the government shoots anyone who doesn't own spiked shoes.

Image: The reason for Fifth Sector's existence is so stupid. Making my brain ooze out my ears.
:gouenji:: All shall love soccer and despair!

Image: Wake up, Tenma. Time to make a movie!
Image: 1
Image: Come on! At least have him take off his shirt before changing scenes.

Image: More back story for parents forced to take their kids to the movie.

Image: Tenma and Shinsuke in space.
Image: And still not the craziest thing I've seen in I-11.

Image: Opening credits over. The real movie starts now.
Image: What was that, Davis?
Image: That kid was going Super Saiyan, V-mon.

Image: Ah! Another one!
Image: I think I'm in love!

Image: Hi Chairman Asshole and Principle Twat!

Image: Shindou. Do you feel something wrong about this, too?
Image: About an evil organization we're fighting forcing us to go to an unknown place? No, I don't.

:kidou:: We aren't going.
Image: Endou might be there.

Image: Let's go. Worst case scenario we die and our bodies are never found.
Image: All aboard the party bus!

Image: And there they go leaving the most useless members behind. Bye losers!
Image: Driver used Gas. Super effective!

Image: Passed out then awakened in a field. If I had a dime...

Image: Kidou and the girls are gone.
Image: Kidou, you pimp.

Image: They only now notice the huge structure built on a mountain?
Image: This place is called God Eden. It's an isolated island that holds a training facility meant to produce Seeds.
Image: Got all that audience?

Image: Such reckless driving.
Image: Anyone wanna tell me why a soccer organization needs armored cars?

Image: Nice outfit, Kibayama.
Image: They say if you can't beat them, join them. Or, in this case if the can't beat them, kidnap them and force them to join you.

Image: Unlimited Shining. Cool name!
Image: Sup Tsurugi!
Image: Eat a d*ck, Hakuryuu.

Image: We have two groups involved in a dispute. You know what that means?
Image: A debate from both parties to solve said dispute in a calm mature matter?
Image: No. Soccer game!

Image: I see Kibayama made his boyfriend the team manager.

Image: Game start!
Image: Not the I'm-So-Good-I'll-Just-Stand-There move.

Image: Soyokaze Step!
Image: Hakuryuu stopped Death Drop with his soccer splooge and counters with White Hurricane!

Image: Fence of- SH*T!

Image: Goal! Not having a coach is affecting Shindou.
Image: Don't see how since he never relied on a coach in the past but whatever excuse to make Raimon weak in the first match, right Level-5?

Image: He jumped thirty meters in the air! How could he score a goal from that angle?
Image: Who cares? He's cute.

Image: Oooh! Hakuryuu destroys Raimon's defense. Another White Hurricane!
Image: Fence Of Gai-
Image: How did I get- Oof!

Image: Goal! Nine goals later...

Image: That didn't work out. Best two out of three?
Image: Unlimited Shining is strong. Thank goodness none of this matters because they can't enter Holy Road since they probably go to school on the island.
Image: ...I didn't think of that. Nice.
Image: Fifth Sector can enroll them in any school.
Image: Since when?
Image: Since I just thought it up.

Image: Mysterious people saved Raimon, Davis.
Image: Just like I planned.
Image: Liar!

:endou:: I'm back! Miss me?
Image: Yes!
:kazemaru:: Miss me?
Image: Yes!
:fubuki:: Miss me?
Image: Yes!
:kabeyama:: Miss me?
Image: .......
:fudou:: Miss me?
Image: Yes!

Image: The natural response to Hikaru's last name. BTW, people actually BLINK in the movie. So refreshing.

Image: Info dump!
Image: God Eden is where Fifth Sector create Seeds, sometimes forcing kids to do so against their will.

Image: Kidou and the girls!
:kidou:: We're most likely inside a Fifth Sector establishment. We need to find a way out somehow and get more information.
Image: I missed you Duh Kidou.

Image: Hmm? No toilet in there. Uh-oh.
Image: 2

Image: Main character meeting!
Image: Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Kiss! Come on! Kiss!

Image: 3

Image: Ring the alarm. Played soccer for too long. But I'll be damned if I see an Avatar on your arm!

Image: Fifth Sector challenged them to a match in three days!
:endou:: I smell training montages!

Image: At Level-5, we love showing establishing CG shots.

Image: Ishido Shuuji!
Image: Moving hallways. Lazy Mofos!

Image: Project Zero. I don't like the sound of dat.
Image: I do. Sounds cool!

Image: The people who lived on the island played a game similar to soccer, of course.
Image: Hello Shuu.

Image: You guys suck. I can't forgive that. GTFO.
Image: Let us train here.
Image: Beat us in soccer if you can.

Image: Game start, Davis!
Image: Hi!
Image: Nice trolling Ancient Dark.

Image: Olympus Harmony!
Image: So how does that work? The opponent is blinded by the pretty architecture?

Image: Devil Burst!
Image: Blocked by Kill Bridge!

Image: Ancient Dark's strong point is perceiving the enemy's movements and going Cirque du Soleil on their power!

Image: Major ownage!
Image: Let wrap this up then go get cookies.

Image: Baby goat!
Image: I'll save you! Step step and away!
Image: Nice save, Tenm- Oof!

Image: Alright everyone. Pretend you're interested in the goat and maybe they'll stop the match.
Image: You like goats, we're done here.
Image: And that's why I'm the captain. Heh heh.
Image: I like baby goats too. Baked with a bottle of white wine.

:endou:: You guys were playing soccer and didn't invite me? Shame on you.
Image: Changed my mind, you can train here.
Image: Who died and made you lord of the forest?

:endou:: In case you didn't know, we're about to start training.
Image: Spider-Shuu. Spider-Shuu. Does whatever a spider
Image: F*cking showoff.

Image: Woo!
Image: Calm the hell down, Shinsuke! So hyper this movie.

Image: The training begins.
Image: Boring!


Image: Okay, I'm interested. Ha!

Image: I wanna water slide train too, Davis!
Image: Me too, V! Looks like fun!

Image: Oooh! Sandboarding! Count me in!
Image: Seems more like summer camp than training.

Image: 4

Image: Musical training montage activate!
Image: Male bonding time!
Image: I love it when guys bond!

Image: Happy, fun talk.
Image: Ominous, tragic past talk.
Image: Looks like they're getting along well.

Image: Unless your soccer is strong, you can't protect what's dear to you.
Image: Also, deciding important matters with soccer and sacrificing people is stupid.

Image: The next day...
Image: 5

Image: Surprise surprise. Raimon completed their training.

Image: Hakuryuu talks with Tsurugi, Davis.
Image: You used to be a lone wolf who didn't open up his heart to anyone. And now you're hanging around with friends and playing nice? I bet you have a Facebook page.
Image: Leave Facebook out of this!

Image: Team Kidou finally escapes.
:kidou:: Kidou Smash!

Image: Team Kidou witness the harsh Fifth Sector training.
:kidou:: Harsh but effective. Maybe we can swipe a training booklet on the way out.

Image: You dumb b*tch!
Image: Aoi went for the camera!
Image: You dumber b*tch!

Image: 6

Image: Time for the ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny.
Image: God Eden.
:endou:: We know, Tenma.

Image: Yep. Fifth Sector does evil training. Stop acting like you're surprised and get in the stadium, Raimon.
Image: It's filled with angry teenage boys.
Image: Like a video game forum.

Image: The King and Queen of God Eden arrives.
Image: Raimon! Welcome to die!

Image: Uh-oh! Ancient Dark teamed up with Unlimited Shining!
Image: You double crossing sons of Misty!

Image: Just so you know. I'm in this team upon my own free will.
Image: I see. Not brainwashed, just an asshole.
Image: Correct.

Image: Project Zero. Bringing together two teams with two different play methods. Makes sense to me.

Image: And there's Aoi stuck in a cage to mark one more shounen trope off the list.
:kidou:: Hey Endou.
:endou:: Kidou! Wow! Totally forgot you were on the island.

Image: Game start! Let the ownage begin. Pass party from Zero.
Image: God's Baton didn't work.


Image: Hahahahaha!!!
Image: Ooof!
Image: Goal! Dude, you're getting trashed all the time now.
Image: I told them I needed special training too, but would they listen? Nooooo!

Image: Instrumentalist Maestro!
Image: The days when characters didn't use Avatar Armed. We were so young.

Image: Holy Beast, Shining Dragon AKA Surfing Avatar witch slaps Shindou.
Image: Sword Saint Lancelot!


Image: I f*cking love this movie!
Image: Demon God Pegasus!
Image: Eat manicured fist!
Image: Fail.

Image: White Breath VS Fence Of Gaia! Goal!
Image: Minty fresh!

Image: Three Avatars VS one. Easy win.
Image: Good idea except this is a Seed facility.
Image: Oh...yeah...

Image: With Raimon blocked by the Avatar chess set from hell, Hakuryuu uses White Breath! Raimon's defense is crushed.
Image: Shindou and Tsurugi with Fence Of Gaia for the save!

Image: Beat down party!
Image: First half end!
Image: Nice coaching there in the first half, Endou.
:endou:: Wait? I'm coaching the game? I thought Kidou was!
:kidou:: I thought YOU were!

Image: Soccer isn't something to enjoy like you think it is. It's not a game.

Image: What's the plan, coach?
:endou:: Work harder!
:kidou:: And win!
:endou:: Yeah! That too.

Image: Second half start!
Image: More Raimon losing, Davis.
Image: Demon God Pegasus Arc!
Image: Plot hole?
Image: Hmm. Maybe. Let's go with yes.

Image: Instrumentalist Maestro/Harmonics, Death Drop, and DGPA Tenma VS Serpent Fang! Goal!

:gouenji:: Serious Biz Net time!
Image: Avatar party!
Image: Hunter's Nest and Deep Mist take down an Avatar!
Image: Viva! The Great Wall Of China and Full Throttle Jump take out another!
Image: What did Full Throttle Jump do? Answer: Nothing.

Image: Raimon stole the ball!
Image: Extend Zone, love that hissatsu! Fake out! Sengoku War God Musashi/Bushin Renzan for the goal! Score's tied!
Image: Nice job, Nishiki. Almost forgot you were in the movie.

Image: 'Ello cats & kittens!
Image: Gojou! Oh sh*t! Agumon is gonna die when I tell him he missed you!

Image: Adults VS kids is against the rules.
Image: Shut up, it's Gojou!
Image: Lets spank these brats!
Image: Super ownage! Hell yeah!

Image: Stop!

Image: Don't think so, kiddo.

Image: Black Ash!
Image: Goal! Go Zero! Go Zero! Go Zero!
Image: Whose side are you on?!
Image: Gojou's, of course.

Image: Man, everyone is hurt. Poor Sangoku isn't moving. Is he dead?

:endou:: Grandpa taught me how to be a coach and I'm gonna use that knowledge to become a player!

Image: What...just happened? Are they kids or is this eye candy for the fanboys?
Image: Hell if I know. Hino being Hino, as usual.

:kabeyama:: The Wall!
:kazemaru:: Shippuu Dash!
:fubuki:: Eternal Blizzard!
:kidou:: Emperor Penguin...
:kazemaru: :fudou:: No. 2!
Image: This is so awesome! Gravity Point blocked it?! What?! They freed Aoi!

Image: Aoyama and Ichino finally did something. Being human pillows.
Image: Fu, Rin, Ka, Zan Destroyer VS God Hand V! As if they could stop Endou!

Image: Old school giving advice to the new school, sweet!
:kazemaru:: If she has sores there don't do it, or at least use protection.
Image: ...Yeah, sure.

Image: Joker Rains blasts through Gravity Point! Goal!

:gouenji:: Get your old butts back on the bench.

:kidou:: Why are you working with Fifth Sector, Gojou?
Image: Just doing the cameo thing, Kidou baby. Can't have a movie without old Gojou if you wanna reign in the big bucks.

Image: Tenma and Hakuryuu Avatar fight.
Image: You're not hitting my handsome face with that tail!

Image: Oooh! Full Throttle Jump/Justice Wing shoot chain! Goal!
Image: God of Darkness, Dark Exodus!

Image: Axe of the Demon Lord! Block it, Sangoku!
Image: Fenc- You know what? F*ck it!
Image: Goal!

Image: Zero is using Avatar Drawing to bring out Shining Dragon. Add in Shuu's Avatar, blend, and cover until ready to serve and we get Holy Knight Arthur.

Image: Sword Excalibur, Davis!
:edgar:: Fake!

Image: I hate this movie!
Image: Goal!

Image: Tenma has a plan, oh no!
Image: It's a good one, C. Merging Raimon Avatars to create Demon Emperor Gryphon!
Image: All except for Nishiki. You ready suck in this movie.

Image: Too much flashy eyes!
Image: Sword Of Fire! Ignition!
Image: Scream!
Image: Scream louder!!!
Image: Scream LOUDEST!!!!!

Image: You have balls to try and stop that hissatsu, snake kid. You will be missed. G. O. A. L!

Image: Sappy speech, villain redemption time!
Image: Soccer is fun.
Image: Soccer is cool.
Image: They're right.
Image: I love soccer again!

Image: Activate Sweat-o-vision!
Image: So sweaty! So dirty! Love it!
Image: Squee!

Image: Zero Magnum VS Unassisted Hand! Blocked!
Image: Finally!

Image: All the children are becoming happy and sweet.
Image: Ascending Dragon from Nishiki! Another hissatsu, Evolution!
Image: Serpent Fang breaks goa-
Image: Zero Magnum for the block! Game end! Tie. It's a tie!

Image: What's this weird feeling?
Image: I think I'm feeling it too. It's warm but...nice.
Image: It's contentment and happiness.
Image: I like it. Someone should chop it into powder and sell it.

Image: Soccer really is fun.
Image: Told you.

Image: Shuu is a ghost! Surprised? Only if you're an idiot.
Image: Shuu's a ghost?!

Image: Well that's about it. Awesome new hissatsu and blinking we'll never see in the series. Can't forget the Second Stage Children and Supporter X name drop to keep the kiddies watching the TV series. Hope you enjoyed the movie!
Image: 7

Image: Okay, what the hell are you doing, Awkward?
Image: Making my Sh*t List, Cyber.
Image: What?
Image: I counted all the times Tenma probably took a sh*t between scenes.
Image: brain....*sigh* I'm outta here.

Image: See you next movie, kids!
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