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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby Rozza C » Sun Apr 17, 2011 9:48 am

Best. Match. EVER.

Splash, is there any way you can use your awesomeness to somehow get episode 125 from the future and sub it so I can watch it right now? =o
Rozza C
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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Tue Apr 19, 2011 7:32 pm

Image: WarGreymon! You, Steph and Tai take care of Machinedramon! The rest of us will take down Piedmon!

Episode 124: Wear a Diaper! Yes, It’s That Awesome!

Image: Help me!
Image: More importantly, more IJ VS LG! It’s half-time with the score tied 1-1. Katy Perry and the Angry Video Game Nerd are performing during the half-time show.

:desarm3:: Is Kageyama’s son a member of Little Gigant?
:rococo3:: Inazuma Japan is awesome! I’m so buying their character songs!
Image: Time to do something unexpected.
:rococo3:: If you mean me becoming a forward, it was spoiled in the preview.
Image: Damn editors!

:desarm3:: We begin the Inazuma Japan strategy meeting.
:endou3:: Everyone get in a circle and stick out your butt. Let’s go, guys!
:kidou3:: What’s the plan, Endou?
:endou3:: Huh? That was the plan.
:kidou3:: How will that help us-
:endou3:: Don’t question me!!!

:desarm3:: Sounds like you are.

:sakuma3:: Never thought I’d see Rococo as a forward.
:kidou3:: Makes sense after seeing his kick. Foreshadowing, we’ll get you next time!

:gouenji3:: Endou. I’ll score the goal for sure.
:endou3:: Yeah right. Just don’t get in Hiroto’s way, loser.

Image: Second half start!
Image: Oh crap in a basket! Piedmon!
Image: Next time save me before watching the episode!
Image: We’re taking Hino, Bozo. Back off!
Image: Stop you? I’m here to enjoy the show. My show. Poor Fudou didn’t stand a chance.
:fudou3:: He’s so pretty close up. C-couldn’t move.

Image: Fubuki stole the ball.
:kabeyama:: I helped.
Image: Stop talking before I shoot you with my Vaccine Blaster. Perfect against virus digimon or wack defenders.
Image: Ooooooh Scary. Look! Hiroto is doing Sky Drop.

Image: What?! I thought the second goalie was a loser. He stopped Hiroto’s shoot! Shut up, Fidio! Stop telling us the obvious. What the hell is that?! Air Ride? B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-B-But that’s impossible. And that’s coming from a guy who just watched a kid kick an entire galaxy at someone! I need a moment.

Image: That’s all I need. Clown Trick!
:desarm3:: I won’t let you! Agh!
Image: Even evil digimon have houses. Mine is lavender. You’re next after our two goalies face-off.

:endou3:: Bring it, gorgeous…er...Rococo!
:rococo3:: X Blast!
:endou3:: God Catch! My nose!

Image: Rococo gets the point and you get to spend eternity in my back pocket. Clown Trick!

Image: Okay, brain is back on. What did I miss? Oh….
Image: Now what, Mamoru? Thought you had game playa? You ain’t nothin’. Welcome to school baby!

:hibiki:: Endou Daisuke. Now THAT’S a coach.
:kudou:: I got owned. So what? My coat is more expensive than this stadium. Screw this game. I look good. Haters.
:hibiki:: Shup up, Kudou.

:rococo3:: Dat teeth!

Image: Go, To, and Fu try to use a new hissatsu.
:fudou3:: Damn it… We forgot to yell its name.

Image: Alright, Kidou. Using that brain. Grand Fire is blocked by God Hand X Remastered! Cain is a beast! I’m liking him more than Rococo! Drago, stop blocking the benchwarmers behind you.

:rococo3:: I love soccer. I’ve come to love it even more!
Image: That sounded dirty. Must not look directly at Air Ride V2 or I’m dead.

:sakuma3:: Those guys are getting even stronger!
:fudou3:: Stop stealing our shtick!

Image: Emperor Penguin No. 3, crushed by True God Hand X! My idea.

:rococo3:: X Blast!
:endou3:: No one out evolves me! God Catch!

Image: Blocked! More! Give me more hissatsu! Next up, Big Bang! Goal! Score is tied 2-2! I’m seeing more crazy space visuals here than in a season of Doctor Who. Cain hurt his hand trying to block the creation of a universe, pansy. Rococo is back as goalkeeper. Oh damn, I hear theme music! Here comes the awesome!

Image: Double Grenade, God Catch, Big Bang, and Spirit The Hand. Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Image: Still pics? The hell, Piedmon?
Image: Blame Hino and his pocket sized budgets.
Image: Mom always said never work with clowns.

Image: Take off the weights on your chests.
:rococo3:: They’re called “bras” and no.

Image: Air Ride V3. Okay, I’m used to it. HAHAHAHAHA! Kabeyama got Heat Tackle’d!
Image: Consider it a present to you.

Image: Rococo pulls an Endou and charges the field.
:rococo3:: Time for the cliffhanger. Ready, Endou?!
:endou3:: Bring it, Rococo!
:rococo3:: X Blast V2!
:endou3:: God Catch!
Image: Vaccine Blaster!
Image: Eeeeek! You sneaky little brat!

:fubuki3:: Next episode: The winner is…
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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby Rozza C » Wed Apr 20, 2011 5:48 am

LOL! Love it!! XD
Rozza C
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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Tue May 03, 2011 5:44 pm

Image: We stopped that grumpy old Machinedramon.
Image: Come on, guys! We have to see the end of the finals!
Image: And save C.C.!
Image: Yeah…that too.

Episode 125: Theme Song Smorgasbord! Winning is Everything!!

Image: One more shot and you’re dead, Piedmon.
Image: Killed by a robot, how droll.
Image: Say goodnig- HOLY CRAP! Endou stopped X Blast V2! Crappyama gets Zigzag Spark’d. Dual Strike V2 is caught.
:endou3:: My back! I’m getting too old for this sh*t!

:fidio3:: Whether as forward or goalkeeper, Rococo is the axis giving shape to his team’s harmony.
Image: Stop talking to yourself and watch the game.

Image: Woah! This is intense!
Image: Popcorn! We need popcorn!
Image: God Catch VS X Blast V2 again!
:endou3:: You’ll never defeat me! Hm? Did Aki leave the stove on? Darn it! Lost my concentration! No!!!
:gouenji3: :toramaru3:: To the rescue!

Image: Heat Tackle Remastered. Hope they’re wearing sunscreen.
Image: Zigzag Spark V2. Hope Gouenji’s wearing metal underwear.

Image: Big hissatsu attack barrage from LG! Japan’s getting pounded.
:fubuki3:: Ow! My butt!
:hiroto3:: Yeah, that last attack was brutal.
:fubuki3:: No, it’s been like that since last nigh-…Uh, yeah. Last attack. Right.

:hibiki:: With a few words, he’s brought out this much of a change among his players. As expected of Daisuke-san. But Inazuma Japan has me.
:kudou:: Screw you too, Hibiki!
:hibiki:: You read my mind?
:kudou:: No. I just like saying it.

Image: Unbelievable! Coach Kudou is about to do something!
:kudou:: Listen up, everyone. These are my last instructions. Win the game!
:gouenji3:: Win the game?
:endou3:: That’s just crazy enough to work. Yes, Coach!

Image: What the hell? Stop having fun! Get serious! I want blood and violence!
Image: Oh hush up. Nice guys are in this year.
:endou3:: Really? Nice slide, Kidou! Nice one, Sakuma! Nice hair, Hiroto!

Image: It’s working. IJ is catching up to LG.
:rococo3:: No, you don’t. Eat power-up, Endou. X Blast V3!
:endou3:: Time to get serious. Play the season two theme song!
Image: Endou levels up God Catch too!
:endou3:: Sha-la-la, b*tch.

Image: Coach Kudou is smiling!
:kudou:: Can’t help it. Must be the alcohol.

Image: Only a couple minutes left! I’m so nervous. Tai, hold me.
Image: Shhh! Busy!

Image: Endou has the ball!
:endou3:: I’m running down the field with the ball, theme song playing, and there’s only a minute left before the game ends. Yeah, you’re screwed!

Image: Wha? The show’s getting trippy again.
:endou3:: This is how it’s done, Fudou. Jet Stream!
:rococo3:: Tamashii The Hand! The theme song stopped. I can still win this!
Image: Goal!
:rococo3:: Fffffffff!!!!!!

:endou3:: Did we win?
Image: Sure did! Now let’s be good winners and enjoy it with grace and composure.



Image: Damn it! This is f*cking upsetting! It really f*cking upsets me! Listen up! Tonight we egg their lodge and bus!
:rococo3:: Yes, sir!

:endou3:: Coach Kudou!
:kudou:: Damn, I’m good. Turned you sorry nobodies into the sorry somebody’s. Your coach is pleased. Now, all of you put on your sunglasses. We’re strolling out for ice cream.

:endou3:: It’s all worth it to hold the trophy.
:toramaru3:: Can I hold it?
:endou3:: Don’t make me kill you.

Image: That was fantastic! What? The episode isn’t over? Ugh. Let’s speed through this. Blah blah old people talking.
:hibiki:: Old people with sunglasses. The best kind.

Image: Blah blah blah soccer is awesome.
Image: Really awesome.
Image: Who are you?

Image: Endou. Become Endou Mamoru.
:endou3:: Done. That was easy.
:rococo3:: Goodbye, Endou.
:endou3:: Enjoy your last moments on the show.
:rococo3:: Last? I’ll be back in season 4. Right? Right?!

:fidio3:: You and Rococo. Inazuma Japan and Little Gigant. Just watching it fired me up. I wish I was playing there with you.
:endou3:: Fidio…when did you get here?
:fidio3:: I…was here the whole time.
:endou3:: Really? Oh.
:fidio3:: Anyway, let’s meet at the world tournament again. This time, at the finals.
:endou3:: You? At the finals? Only if you come down and greet me from the stands. Ha!

Image: Endou says goodbye to the training tire.
:endou3:: I’ll just leave it on the beach. No one will know.

:someoka3:: Let’s raise Endou up into the air!
:endou3:: Any excuse to grab my butt, huh guys?

Image: Awesome eppie. Now let’s finish off Piedmon and go home.
Image: No! I won’t let you!

:someoka3:: Next episode: Back to school.
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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Mon May 09, 2011 1:05 pm

Image: There. The humans are back to normal.
:tai1:: WOO! YES!
:desarm3:: I smell like lint.

Episode 126: Time Skip Sandwich! Flashback Pudding!!

Image: Can’t believe you’re keeping him around, Pres.
Image: No choice. We’re short staffed.
Image: Only because the Dark Masters killed most of them.
Image: We practice a one strike policy here.
Image: No more “we” Piedmon. The only Dark Master staying is you and you’re demoted to director.
Image: True artists are never appreciated.

:agumon:: Are we going to talk about the episode?
Image: Why? No soccer match, who cares! Except, who’s the hottie voiced narrator? Yum!
Image: Ahh, the wrap-up. So hard making an episode out of nothing but I succeeded. It was directed by Gary Oak, who-
Image: Don’t care. Time skip! Endou’s dad needs a headband. That’s right, dad. Don’t go to your only child’s junior high graduation. Gotta crunch those numbers at work.

:agumon:: Endou’s mom knows about Daisuke!
Image: ‘Bout time. Aki’s skirt is short today!
Image: Mine is shorter.
Image: That’s why I love you.
Image: Huh?
Image: Oh. Uhh…kididing! I love you for your personality.
Image: Oh Tai! So sweet.

:endou3:: I’ve been all excited since last night! Shut up! You know what I mean!

:desarm3:: Toramaru congratulates Endou on graduating.
:endou3:: Well… President Hino?
Image: A soccer wizard tutored them during the FFI.
:tai1:: I NEVER SAW A WI-
Image: Invisible soccer wizard! Moving on!

:endou3:: You know, Toramaru. I’m not Raimon’s captain anymore. The captain now is…
:toramaru3:: I know!
Image :agumon: Image :tai1: :desarm3:: We don’t!

Image: Bet its Kazemaru.
Image: Nah, it’s the creepy kid. Gotta be.

:toramaru3:: I’ll even surpass Gouenji-san!
Image: Got that right!
:gouenji3:: Keep dreaming.

:endou3:: Let me talk about how the club first started since there’s no way I would’ve mentioned it before now.
Image: Flashbacks. Ugh! Just end the series now!

:agumon:: Remember when Kidou was a self-centered jerk?
:kidou3:: Now I’m Gandhi compared to Endou.

Image: Aki drooling over Kidou in his uniform. Skank.
:aki3:: I’ll take you apart piece by piece, Astro Boy!

:toramaru3:: How nice. It’s so cool to have such close friends.
:aki3:: Boys being close friends. It’s why I love yaoi.

Image: Did anyone else see a picture of Shourin and Kurimatsu wearing cheerleading uniforms? Natsumi dressed as a witch, no irony there.


Image: “Yes!” Natsumi’s Dad did a M. Bison impression.

:desarm3:: Time for the graduation ceremony.
Image: Kazemaru is graduating? There goes my new captain pick.
Image: Creepy guy’s graduating too? He never did anything.
Image: Max too? Megane’s graduating! Hell yeah! Get him outta here!
:megane3:: Meanie!
Image: Shadow the Human is graduating?! He hasn’t done sh*t!
:shadow3:: I scored the winning goal at last year’s FFI. It was cut out for time.

Image: I won’t miss Aki!
:aki3:: Screw you and your Playstation mama!

Image: Stop yelling. Digimon are trying to sleep here.
Image: Kidou taking his goggles off to wipe his eyes. Aww!
:endou3:: That’s right. Cry for me! Cry for the best character on the show!

Image: No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. No. NO! Kurimatsu is NOT the new captain! He can’t be!
:kurimatsu3:: Ta-da!


Image: Captain of the managers? Because making rice balls and smiling on the sidelines require supervision.

Image: AHH!
:otonashi3:: Thanks Aki.
:aki3:: You’re welcome.

:agumon:: Kurimatsu. It could be worse.
Image: How?
:agumon:: …….. Give me a minute.

Image: Ichinose and Domon!
Image: Hold on! What about Ichinose’s injury?
:ichinose3:: What are you talking about?
Image: The reason you played so hard in your final game against Japan? You didn’t know if you would ever play soccer again.
:ichinose3:: Doesn’t ring a bell. Sorry.

:desarm3:: Tachimukai and Kogure are captains.
:kogure3:: It’s because I’ve shown myself to be a good leader throughout the show.
Image: I’m so confused.

Image: And now, here’s Fuyuka with the Duh Moment of the Week.
:fuyuka3:: Teammates and friends are such a nice thing to have.

Image: N00bs VS Old School.
Image: Team Old School is doomed. And new challenger steps in at the last minute? Thank God Hand this episode is over.

Image: And with that, I’d like to announce Cyber Cody as my new producer.
Image :agumon: ImageImageImage :tai1: :desarm3:: WHAT?!

:shadow3:: Next episode: The end of…
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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Sun May 15, 2011 12:47 pm

:agumon:: Splash?
Image: Pres says she owes him a favor.
:agumon:: Are you sure about this? This means no more, us.

Episode 127: The Kickoff Towards The New Series!

Image: It’s really here, the final episode of the original series.
:agumon:: And our final commentary. *sniff*
Image: Keep it together, Agu. On the plus side, I’m free. No more dungeon!
:agumon:: Wahhhh!
Image: *ahem* Okay, we begin with the mysterious vehicle being Teikoku’s tricked out school bus. Shocking, huh?
Image: Doesn’t look very environmentally friendly.
Image: Bet tuition there is murder.

:fudou3:: We came to watch since it’s the last episode. Damn, I look good in this uniform!
Image: Hey! It’s the commentary guy. Agu, you can continue the commentaries with him.
:agumon:: WAAAHHHHHH!!!!
Image: Guess that’s a no… Come on, Agu. Say it.

:agumon:: …Game Start.
Image: That’s the spirit. Destroy the season one players!
:kabeyama:: You won’t get passed me.
Image: You’re off my X-mas card list Domon.

Image: Toramaru’s become a smug little brat.
:gouenji3:: Don’t need the competition?

:agumon:: True Gladius Arch VS God Catch (G5). Endou stops it.
:endou3:: Come on! Keep on shooting!
Image: For the sake of decency, I’ll leave that alone.

Image: Battle of the clones!
:handa3:: You’re the clone.
:ichinose3:: No, you’re the clone!

Image: True Senppuujin is so cute!
Image: Damn it, Touko. You ruined my shorty face-off! Whoa, super ownage from Fubuki!
:fubuki3:: I’m still the coolest.
Image: Coolest? Oh! I get it! Hahahaha!
Image: Don’t look at me. He’s your boyfriend.
Image: *sigh*

:tsunami3:: Who’s the coolest? The Typhoon V3!
:kurimatsu3:: Spinning Cut!
Image: …….!!!

Image: You’re doing it wrong.
Image: I’m back. Tsunami! Toramaru! Get your heads in the game!
Image: Ease up, Cyberman. Only a friendly game.
Image: I don’t want the originals to win the final match. That’s like losing to a zubat after beating the Elite 4.

:someoka3:: Dragon Slayer V3!
:tachimukai3:: Maou The Hand (G5)!
Image: Blocked! Yay Tachimukai. He’s cute.
Image: Whaaaaa?!
:endou3:: Good job, Tachimukai! I wanna beat your team one day!
:tachimukai3:: Okay, Endou-san! We accept your offer of future embarrassment!

:otonashi3:: Speaking of which, Megane-san, you used to participate in the matches before, didn’t you?
:megane3:: Someone remembers!

Image: S-Shishido beat Kidou! F*cking Shishi-………..
Image: He’s out again. Agu?
Image: Stop whimpering and get to it, buddy!
:agumon:: Right! Aki remembers Ichinose’s condition!
Image: Hooray! I’m not crazy!

:kabeyama:: The Mountain V3!
:agumon:: Nice, Kabeyama!
:kabeyama:: Deal with it!
:agumon:: Uh, I like you.
:kabeyama:: Oh. Don’t…deal with it.

:agumon:: Kageno’s so cool he stopped the theme music!
:kageno:: Free hugs if we win.

:gouenji3:: Toramaru, your growth these past two years has really been spectacular.
Image: Unlike you.
:gouenji3:: You’re not allowed to respond to my thoughts. Take good care of Kurimatsu. Good care, MAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

:agumon: Fake out to Shadow!
:shadow3:: True Dark Tornado!
:endou3:: True Ijigen The Hand!
:shadow3:: Damn it! I don’t get a flashback montage!

:agumon:: Second Half Start!
Image: You miserable bastards! How dare you not invite me to the finals! I was waiting at Ryuu-Rogue Dungeon for weeks!
:agumon:: Devimon! Sorry, we had to save the world. Well, a soccer anime.
Image: Die!
:agumon:: Wait! We can do the movie together. Okay?
Image: Will it be in HD?
:agumon: Maybe.
Image: Agreed.

:otonashi3:: Watching games on a big stage like always is fine, but I wish I could watch today’s game forever.
:aki3:: Me too.
:otonashi3:: Good things there’s Inazuma Eleven Go. A new series starting with double the action, drama, and teen angst. Check your local listings for time and channel!

Image: Dragon Slayer V3 is ineffective against Perfect Tower. Dragon digimon are forever shamed by your lack of power.

Image: Gouenji has the ball!
:endou3:: You shoot and I defend. Let’s keep being winners from now on!
:gouenji3:: True Bakunetsu Screw!
:toramaru3:: Maou The Hand!
Image: Haha! Blocked!
:gouenji3:: I’m dating your sister.
Image: WHAT?!

:toramaru3:: I look forward to seeing your plays in high school!
:gouenji3:: Yeah!
:agumon:: Didn’t your father say you couldn’t play soccer anymore?
:gouenji3:: …President Hino?
Image: It was a parallel world? Yeah. Parallel world.

Image: High school? That reminds me, why didn’t high schoolers or soccer pros fight the aliens? And, is there a FFI for high school players?
Image: All of your questions will be answered in the next series.
Image: Really?
Image: YeahbutIgottagonowbye. *zip*

:agumon:: We end it with classic hissatsu. Emperor Penguin No 2 and God Hand.
Image: Game Over! 0-0, a tie!
Image: I for one love Tai. Hee hee.
Image: Nice one, Steph.
Image: Get a room, pests.

:endou3:: Closing comments? Me? You know I’m not good with speeches.
:kidou3:: Stop milking the camera and do it.
:endou3:: Everyone, let’s keep playing soccer!

:kidou3: :gouenji3: :domon3: :ichinose3: :rika3: :kabeyama: :kazemaru3: :kurimatsu3: :matsuno: :handa3: :kageno3: :natsumi3: :aki3: :otonashi3: :fuyuka3: :kogure3: :touko3: :shishido3: :shourin3: :someoka3: :fubuki3: :tachimukai3: :tsunami3: :toramaru3: :shadow3:: Yeah!
:megane:: Wait. Was that a jab at me?
:tobitaka3: :hiroto3: :midorikawa3:: At least you got to be in the final episode.

:fudou3:: Time to show how much I improved! It’s ending? Up yours, Piedmon!
:agumon: We get a sneak peek at the new main character. I guess that’s it.
Image: I’m awake. Is it over?
:agumon:: Over? WAHHHHH!!!!!
Image: I’ll miss you, Agu. You know, you can always visit. Who knows…maybe…
:agumon:: Maybe?

Image: Alright. Let’s wrap it up! Inazuma Eleven Go isn’t going to make itself. I’m the new Vice President of Level-5 by the way. Your new boss.

The End(?)
Wow. Can't believe I finished season three. It was fun. Will I do commentary on the new series? Don't know. But, I will still come to the forum and talk about the new series. And there's always the movie.

All in all, it was a good series. Lots of fillers but not all of them were horrible. Great characters and great matches. Looking forward to Go.
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Re: Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby Rozza C » Sat May 21, 2011 9:36 am

I've started a new thread for the Inazuma Eleven GO episodes chat. :)


You can find it there. :)
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