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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Jan 30, 2012 6:33 pm

Image: No one attacks me and lives! Destroy him, my shounen minons!
Image: What is that thing?!
Image: no no no no no no no….

Episode 34: Impossible to Defend Until Next Episode! Phantom Shot!!

Image: Finally! I return to this universe to finish what I started!
Image: Dude, why does all this stuff happen when Inazuma GO starts?!

:kidou:: Amagi. This is your arc so you’re in the starting lineup today, okay?
Image: A new opening.
Image: It’s so friendshippy! Yay!
Image: Heard the song on youtube before any of you.

Image: Why is everyone shocked the Pinball Stadium looks like a pinball machine?
Image: Friends should be honest with each other.
Image: That girl’s a drama queen. She could tell Amagi herself. Right Cyber?
Image: no no no no no no no…
Image: Agu, I think your friend is broken.

Image: Game Start! Err-I mean attack Raidramon!
Image: Concentrate, Davis!

Image: I totally called bumpers playing a role in this match.
Image: That gotta hurt. Forget the revolution; child endangerment lawsuits will bring down Fifth Sector.

Image: Acrobat Keep from Nishiki. Flippers!
Image: Amagi VS Mahoro. Fail. I’m sure he’ll do better next time.

:kidou:: Haruna. Make a record of when the bumpers and poles activate.
:otonashi:: I get to do something? Really?! Woo!!!

Image: This isn’t rocket science. Use the bumpers to bounce the ball where you want, Raimon. Woah! Kirino got flipped off!

Image: Dimension Cut! I’m starting to think this show takes place in the same world as Harry Potter. Phantom Shot VS Viva! The Great Wall Of China/Fence of Gaia! Goal!

Image: Time to check in on Taiyou, the future antagonist. So obvious.
Image: He’s a Tenma fan. So much friendship. Can’t wait for him and Tenma to brofist!

Image: Soyokaze Step!
Image: Sidewinder VS Shadow Grab! Blocked. Oh poo.
Image: Mahoro’s having a flashback. Let’s take a look, shall we? Well, that was pointless.

Image: Another magic spell, Trick Ball.
Image: Nothing’s impossible in soccer!
Image: I noticed.

Image: Another Phantom Shot VS Viva! The Great Wall Of China. One more goal for Gen’ei. Half time.

:agumon:: Pepper Breath! Text Tai again, Gaga. I need him to digivolve.
Image: Heyyyy! We’re here to save you!
Image: Yolie! Everyone!
Image: Millenniummon!
Image: You know that digimon?

Image: The audience is so quiet. No one’s talking, just sitting and looking straight ahead.
Image: You tell her, Kageyama. Little brat should solve her own problems.
Image: You haven’t seen each other since elementary. Hug! So, the bullies targeted Mahoro and he didn’t want to get Amagi involved. What a friend!!!!!
Image: What an idiot, you mean. He could’ve told him.
Image: They could have worked together and killed the bullies.
Image: Murdering for friendship, that’s so sweet.

:kidou:: I figured it all out. Still miss Endou?
Image: Death Drop was too fast for the bumper. Goal!
Image: Hamano is hurt!
Image: Was it an arrow to the knee?

Image: Keep attacking, everyone!
Image: No! Everybody run! We’re not strong enough!
Image: Speak for yourself! Fire Style: Great Dragon Flame Jutsu!
Image: Getsuga Tenshō!
Image: Ultimate Fusion!
Image Image: AHHHH!!!
Image: This can’t happen to meeeeeee!
Image: They’re…gone.
Image: Like I said, run.

Image: Next episode: Goalkeeping it real!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Jan 30, 2012 6:40 pm

[Gennai’s House]
[Mission to save Ryuu-Rogue: Complete]

Image: Long story short, Cyber and I are two of the five original digidestined who saved this world from Millenniummon. Cyber was badly injured and turned into a cyborg to save his life but lost his memories in the process. Seeing Millenniummon again freaked him out, but he’ll wake up eventually. Sorry I couldn’t help back on File Island. Was hitting my translating stride. XD
Image: How did you know about Millenniummon, Sheepmon?
Image: Uh…Gennai told me.
Image Image: …….

Episode 35: Shocking Upstage! Nishizono Stole the Episode!!

Image: Cody and Armadillomon. Take Roll, Princess Luna, Ryuu-Rogue and Taichimukai Fansubs back to our world and get Tai. Splash, get your digimon and the rest of the originals. Cyber should be awake by then. We’re going to take down Millenniummon! And get me some popcorn. It’s time for GO.

:agumon:: Mahoro’s Illusory Daraman Crow VS Sengoku War God Musashi! SWGM got Dancing Ghost’d!
Image: Mahoro broke through Viva! and Hunter’s Net! Fence of Gaia blocks it!

Image: Aoyama?
Image: Aoyama x Ichino service!
Image: What are you thinking, Kidou?
:kidou:: For the fangirls, no choice. Speaking of which, Kageyama, you’re up too.
Image: Davis used Presto Turn!
Image: Thief!
Image: New hissatsu from Kagayama, Extend Zone. Goal! Score is tied.
Image: Gen’ei changing goalkeepers.

Image: Nice bumping action, Tenma. Instrumentalist Maestro/Harmonics VS Gambler Diceman/Lucky Dice! Blocked!

Image: Phantom Shot VS Viva! again. Fail. Fence of Gaia fails too.
Image: Time for a pep talk from Kageyama. All better now.

Image: Fakeout from Kageyama. Nishi uses Denrai Houtou, goal!
Image: Drunk too much water. Coach!
:kidou:: Nishizono, enter as goalkeeper.

Image: Shinsuke in his goalkeeper uniform, cuuuuute!

:otonashi:: Isn’t this change a little too drastic?
:kidou:: This change will guarantee our win for this match, as well us connect us to the future.
:otonashi:: Don’t you mean, “as well as”?
:kidou:: You heard me.

Image: He’s not bad.
Image: God’s Baton party to Tsurugi. Sword Saint Lancelot/Lost Angel VS Gambler Diceman/Lucky Dice. Goal, baby!

Image: I forgot about Mahoro and Amagi’s rivalry, Davis.
Image: Showing the flashback clip again. Way to cut corners, Lazy-5.

Image: Oh, God Hand. Oh, God Hand! This is it! Phantom Shot VS….Atlantis Wall! Blocked!!!! SQEEEE!!!! Consider me a cubby fan!

:agumon:: Game Over! Raimon wins!
Image: I’m so pumped! We’re going to kick Millenniummon’s butt!

:otonashi:: See, we’re important too.
Image: Shipping scene with Amagi and Mahoro. Mamagi? Another Shipping scene! Yay Tenyou!
Image: I bet Jun directed this episode.

Image: …uhhhh. My head. What’s going…you? YOU!!!
Image: Hi, Cody. You still mad?
Image: Kill that digimon, now!

:gouenji:: Next episode: How to save soccer while losing your soul.
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Fri Feb 17, 2012 12:23 pm

Image: For the tenth time, I’m sorry! Not like I wanted you horribly injured and stuff. Geez!
Image: Don’t care. Not going. Retired from the digidestined game.

Episode 36: Too Much Pressure

Image: You can’t give up. What about Millenniummon?
Image: You got four other originals and the current kiddies, more than enough. Oh, look Inazuma’s on!
Image: We need yo-
Image: La-la-la-la-la-la! Can’t hear you! Surprise, surprise. Another uber super team Raimon has to beat, Arakumo Academy.
Image: Hey! We’re not finished! …….First years fanboying over Kurama, squee!
Image: Oh no! Fifth Sector is acting like jerks again. Seriously, what’s the big deal? Win the tourney and bring back the schools.
Image: How can a soccer organization abolish entire schools? The PTA and government would have their heads.

Image: I’m sure a lot of jr. high school students right now are in a lot of trouble because they don’t have a school.
Image: I’m sure most of them are sleep or playing Final Fantasy XIII-2.

Image: Keeping students away from school. All my fault. I feel so dirty. Bawww!

Image: Dude, why is Kirino wearing a skirt?
Image: That’s Yuuka. Using a flip open phone? Isn’t this the future?

Image: I can’t play soccer knowing an evil group is doing evil things.
Image: You leave your balls at home or what?!

:agumon:: Gouenji meets Tenma.
Image: That damn suit. More proof all hipsters are evil.

Image: Epic conversation happening.
Image: Waaa waaa waaa. Soccer is good.
:gouenji:: Blah blah blah. It’s your fault.

Image: Nice trolling there, Gouenji.
Image: A mugger, Davis!
Image: Didn’t know real crime existed there.

Image: Why are you standing there, Gouenji?
:gouenji:: Wait for it.
Image: Owned!

Image: Cute office lady. Get her digits, Tenma.

:agumon:: The truth comes out. Gouenji saved Tenma years ago.
Image: Why are you acting like a total douche?
:gouenji:: If you want to know the answer, win through Holy Road.
Image: What do you mean?
:gouenji:: I mean I’ll tell you when you win the final match.
Image: I don’t understand.
:gouenji:: ….I’m outta here.

Image: Dat car!
Image: Gouenji didn’t destroy the other schools. Glad they mentioned it. Had to be one person who didn’t figure it out.

Image: Dickweed VS Gouenji!
Image: Gouenji got busted!

Image: Aaaaaaaaand we get the “Gouenji isn’t really evil but protecting everyone in a misguided way” crap that was bound to happen sooner or later. Yeah, yeah. Don’t tell Endou. You haven’t made a lick of sense since GO started. Why start now?
Image: They’re so setting up the next arc after Holy Road.
Image: I know right? …Shut up! I’m still mad at you!

Image: Shindou is worried about Tenma.
Image: Aww.
Image: Come to think of it, this is my first time in your room.
Image: Kiss. Kiss. Kiss!
:aki:: If they do I’ll upload it on youtube.

Image: Shinsuke, we need a goalkeeper after I leave. You’re it.
Image: But, I’m too cute to be goalkeeper.
Image: Don’t make me guilt trip you.

Image: Back to Shindou and Tenma. I like to think they made out off-screen.
:aki:: Sending the link now.

Image: One pep talk is all it takes for Tenma to get back on his feet, or not. This whole self-pity fest could easily be solved with a group hug and ass slap.
Image: That dog is old.

:agumon:: A few licks and hand strokes makes Tenma feel better.
Image: To be fair, that works for most guys.

Image: All better now. End the episode.
Image: A portal. It must be Cody and originals!
Image: Later losers! *jump*
Image: Cyber! He jumped in the portal!

:agumon:: Next episode: Ball Grabbing 101!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Fri Feb 17, 2012 12:39 pm

[Digital World]
[Gennai’s House]
Image: Texted the originals, no reply. No idea if they’ll get here in time. XD
Image: Luckily, Onkei kun decided to help.
Image: Fighting evil by moonlight, subbing anime by daylight. We dragging Cyber back?
Image: Leave him be. Sheepmon followed him. This may be fate.

Episode 37: Level-up Shinsuke

[Human World]
[Level-5 Animation Studio]
Image: Meet Arukenimon, our writer turned new executive producer. I don’t see any receipts so I’m going to deduct your pay for unexcused absents. Welcome back.
Image: I heard you were a lazy good-for-nothing. Don’t expect me to do your job.
Image: ………yum yum hottie…..
Image: Oh, man. Uhhhh. Okay, so the episode’s about Shin becoming a goalkeeper. Could use a little help here.
Image: You called?
Image: Not much happens in the first half.
:otonashi:: Oto sense is tingling!

Image: Gouenji coaching da next game?! Da match is gonna be awwwesome!
Image: Back at the hospital. Taiyou is talking to Fuyuka about his whateveritis. Will he ever play against Raimon? Who knows.
Image: Please. Everyone figured that out in his debut episode. Practice end.
:kidou:: Get some rest. Most of you don’t matter this episode.

:otonashi:: Time to do what I do best, name drop and ask favors from friends.
Image: Looking good Gouenji.
Image: I’ll say. Eeeeee!

Image: Man, what a drama king. I like Skyrim but I ain’t dying over it. Ha! Ha! Ha! Toramaru looks like a high school kid.
:gouenji:: He reminds me of that man. Forgot his name. The American kid with the hair. Was he gay? I think he was gay.

Image: It’s the Big Boss!
Image: President Hino?
Image: The evil guy.
Image: President Hino?

Image: And here comes the big philosophical soccer debate.
Image: Let me get this straight. Big Boss is doing evil things because lousy players can’t win games?
Image: Basically.

Image: Hey guys.
Image: Dear Stephanie from the Lazytown set. Welcome.
Image: Heard Cyber’s back. Where is he?
Image: Love struck.
Image: Oh, it’s Tachimukai.
Image: Guy looks like a Jr. High schooler.

:tachimukai:: Goalkeepers must be fast, strong, and summon demons.
:otonashi:: I’m so lonely. HAPPY! I meant happy.

Image: I love it when Tenma stares at Shinsuke. So cute.
Image: Minamisawa’s here and he brought the real training.

Image: You can do it Nishi!
Image: Cranking it up with hissatsu.
Image: Shinsuke VS Hissatsu. Hissatsu wins.
Image: Oh my! Sword Saint Lancelot/Lost Angel VS Shinsuke! Blocked with an Avatar!

Image: Back at the hospital, Taiyou was discharged and Tenma learns he’s very ill, sort of. He’ll never play soccer again.
ImageImageImage: Riiiight.

:tachimukai:: Next episode: SPF 38!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Thu Mar 08, 2012 5:11 pm

Image: My home away from home, the-
Cardboard Box! The best place to watch Danball Senki in public without getting beat up.
Image: Don’t you mean Inazuma-
Image: Eleven. The hell?!

Episode 38: The Sunny Avatar Of The Unleashed!

:hitomiko:: Welcome to the Steel Tower. And no, I don’t wanna join the Mile Low Club so stop asking.
Image: You probably should be fighting Millenniummon, Cyber.
Image: Trust me, Steph. They can handle it. Time for the semi-finals!
:otonashi:: He’s looking like a real captain.
:kidou:: He’s been acting like a real captain for quite a while.
:otonashi:: I know. But, no one’s paying attention to me.
:kidou:: Buy a cat.

Image: Blah blah blah Arukumo Academy. They’re sooo perfec- HOLY SH*T! DAT COACH!!!! Commercial with cute voice actress. Thank you, Splash! Music video is too girlie. Bet Jun directed it.
Image: Desert Stadium. Because grass is for wimps.
Image: Still waiting for the Mobster Stadium, complete with guns and referee bribing. And here he comes, Mr. I-Can’t-Believe-He’s-Playing-No-Wait-I-Can-Because-It-Was-Painfully-Obvious Taiyou.

Image: Taiyou! OMG! My mind is officially blown!
Image: He loved soccer so much he practiced even though he was sick. That’s so sweet.
Image: How come no one knows about him if he’s so gifted? Huh? Huh?!
Image: Oh, behave.

Image: Sangoku’s getting into it.
Image: Left hand, pull. Right hand, pull. Tongue, pull. I’m so ready.

Image: Damn it, Otonashi! You’re supposed to research the genius player BEFORE you get to the stadium.
:otonashi:: I was busy organizing the managers. Someone has to make sure the girls are handing out water bottles the proper way.

Image: Exposition from Pinky. Basically he’s the bigger bad guy. Gotta make sure the three year olds know what’s going on.
Image: Game Start! Quicksand! The fast kind, not the sinking kind.
:hitomiko:: The little bastard is fast. I give him that.

Image: Taiyou breaks out his avatar, Sun God Apollo! Fence Of Gaia has no chance. Goal.
Image: Shinsuke’s drooling over Sangoku again. Lots of emphasis on Sangoku and Shindou. I’m sure that’s only a coincidence, derp.

Image: Sky Walk is so cute! I want to hug Shinsuke so much!
Image: Fortissimo VS Iron Wall Gigadon. B to the locked.
Image: Sun God Apollo/Sunshine Force VS Hunter’s Net/Atlantis Wall/Fence Of Gaia. Goal!
:kidou:: Time to fight Avatar with Avatar. Nishizono!

Image: Kurumada takes Shinsuke’s position and the game continues.
Image: This match isn’t fun. My world is shattered!

Image: Nice punch, Shinsuke!
:hitomiko:: Sea Emperor Neptune/Heavy Aqua Lance VS Planet Guardian God Titanius! Blocked!
Image: Hot damn with cheese! That’s an awesome avatar!
Image: God’s Baton is leading the charge. Instrumentalist Maestro/Harmonics VS Iron Wall Gigadon/Gigantic Bomb! Goal!

Image: Avatar party! Sun God Apollo/Sunshine Force VS Planet Guardian God Titanius/Majin The Hand?! Blocked! God Hand damn! Theme song is playing, prepare for epics.
Image: Fake out from Shindou. Sword Saint Lancelot/Lost Angel VS Iron Wall- Who cares?! Goal!
:hitomiko:: That genius know-it-all is getting his tail kicked.

Image: Tenma, you f*ck up! You missed! First half end. Dickweed is pissed.
Image: I’m delivering the cliffhanger. Get your sh*t together or leave.

Image: Next episode: TVT on your HDTV!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Thu Mar 08, 2012 5:20 pm

Image: You ready, Cyber?
Image: ….No, Ginga. I don’t have a-
Image: LBX
Image: LBX?
Image: If you want to bey battle, I need a beyblade.
Image: Is it me or is reality warping?

Episode 39: Avatar VS Avatar

Image: Come on, man! Steel Tower will make the perfect base for my new beyblade empire but I have to battle for it.
:hitomiko:: Or, you could ask ME, the owner! Answer is no by the way.

Image: More semi-final fun. Tenma’s having another moral crisis. Eighth one I think. Coach Yummy isn’t much of a strategist. Taiyou did all the talking.
:kidou:: Kurama, girls like naïve boys these days. You’re switching with Kageyama.
Image: Second half start! Nice moves from Kageyama. Taiyou intercepts!
Image: Taiyou giving Tenma ownage juice.
Image: The Emperor’s true motive? I hope the payoff is worth it.
Image: It won’t be.
Image: Nice play from Taiyou. Goal!
Image: I get it. Taiyou likes soccer so I should too. That gives me an idea, I’ll fly over the sun. Birds do it all the time.
Image: No. they don’t.

Image: Soyokaze Step. Sun God Apollo (not really) and Iron Wall Gigadon/Gigantic Bomb VS Demon God Pegasus Arc! Goal! Tied!
Image: Like my new outfit? Goes great with my perm.

Image: Tenma gets groped by his teammates and all is right with the world.
Image: Aww. I like Arukumo Academy. Nice boys.
Image: Oh please! They just admitted they suck and the only reason they got this far was because of Taiyou. Whatever!

:hitomiko:: Hold on to your soccer balls. Things are about to get crazy.
Image: And if Avatars weren’t haxxor enough, we get a new version, Avatar Drawing.
Image: Sh*t just got real.
Image: Why do I get the feeling future matches are gonna be Avatar love fests instead of hissatsu and strategic plays?

Image: This is almost more over the top than my show.
Image: You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Play the theme song. Uber Apollo/Sunshine Force VS Demon Emperor Gryphon!
Image: My eyes! They bleed!
Image: Welcome to GO, bitch!

Image: Despite never attempting it before, despite them being on the opposite side of the field…
Image: Dude, just walk away from the goal. You ain’t blocking that sh*t.
Image: Game end! Raimon wins! Taiyou!
Image: He’s fine. Drama queen. You okay there, Ginga?
Image:…….. uggggggggggh.
Image: You’ll live.

Image: And the Tenma/Taiyou fanfiction increases by another 200%.
Image: Poor Shindou, can’t handle the Tenyou bromance.
Image: Cyber!
Image: Ryo? Oh, crap.

:endou:: Next episode: Tenma Becomes Captain. Did I Spoil it? U Mad?
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Thu Mar 08, 2012 5:32 pm

Image: The Digital World is being destroyed, causing this human world to shift realities and you’re watching anime in a bar!
Image: Was hoping if I ignored it, it’d go away. That’s how most problems are solved these days.

Episode 40: Captain Tenma! The Game Master!!

Image: This is your fault by the way. You and your warped convoluted relationship with Millenniummon doomed us all! Anyway, I’ll go. Team Davis is probably delivering the final blow as we speak.
Image: Actually, we-
Image: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. One more commentary before we go. We begin the episode at the hospital where we find out what’s wrong with Shindou.
Image: Oh my goodness! Poor-
Image: Yamano!
Image: Shindou. I meant Shindou.
Image: Roar. Roar. Roar!
Image: I know, man.

Image: Alright doc. What’s wrong with him?
Image: His fizzle frazzle was damaged which caused his hoot tuber to get infected.
Image: What the hell does that mean?
Image: …I was hoping you could tell me.
:fuyuka:: The operation was a success. He’ll be all right.
Image: Operation for what?
:fuyuka:: Soccer flu.
Image: You don’t know either do you?
:fuyuka:: …no.

Image: His leg in a cast? How the hell he break his leg?!
Image: Uhhhh…a wizard did it?
Image: What. The. Fu*k. Hino needs to get off this sick kid plot device. Makes as much sense as Nichijou.

Image: Practice time. Their little hearts aren’t in it.
:kidou:: I don’t care if your captain’s in the hospital. I want that championship trophy!

Image: Seidouzan advances to the finals. 16-0! Damn, man!
:endou:: I’m baaaaack!
Image: Kidou’s a better coach.
:endou:: You want a God Hand slap upside your head?

Image: Oh man! NOW Endou wants to come back. Nice timing, buddy. Only one match left.
:endou:: I learned a lot about Fifth Sector but can’t tell you without the audience knowing so don’t ask.

Image: Guess what? Tenma’s the new captain. Surprise!
:endou:: Tenma, Hino…er…Shindou personally asked for you to take over.

Image: Endou opened the a-hole gate. Here come the cowards who ran away way back in episode one. Losers.
Image: Running away when things get tough. Sounds like someone I know.
Image: Fu*k you, Ryo! That’s why no one likes you.
Image: I have friends, but I choose to be a loner.
Image: Whatever, friendless. Time for the practice match. Naturally, Tenma does a crap job first time out.
Image: Pass? To whom? Pass to Sheepmon!
Image: Wait a minut- OW!

:hitomiko:: Did they poke Tenma in the butt?
Image: The quickest way to cheer him up.

Image: What’s with Yuuka picking up boys this season?
Image: Roar! Roaaar!
Image: No, it’s not like that.

Image: Endou and Kidou meet Hiroto and Midorikawa at Revolution HQ. They took over the Kira Financial Group.
:endou:: What does your company do?
:hiroto:: Make clones and harvest their organs for rich clients. You know, the usual.

Image: Fifth Sector hasn’t paid their taxes. Those bastards!
:midorikawa:: We’ll get on their tail soon enough.
Image: You’re making this too easy.

Image: It’s the give Tenma confidence part of the episode featuring Shindou.
Image: I suck.
Image: You’re the main character. I know you can do it.
Image: Dickweed wants to practice a new technique, Fire Tornado Double Drive, with Tenma. Why bother? It won’t be perfected until the actual match.
Image: I was thinking the same thing.
Image: Nice to see you two getting along. Now, can we go-
Image: To the Digital World. Let’s get it over with.
Image: No. We’re going to recruit the Digimon Emperor. You were right Cyber. We don’t need you, we need him.

:hiroto:: Next episode: How To Ace Your Final!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Mar 12, 2012 10:34 pm

[Outside The Digimon Emperor’s Door]
Image: What the hell do you what? How did you get my address?
Image: The Digital World is in danger.
Image: So? I got more important things to worry about.
Image: Well, we tried.
Image: Either he goes to the Digital World or you.
Image: ….
Image: Awww, D.E. fell asleep. We’ll just let ourselves in.

Episode 41: Bout Time! Amanomikado Stadium!!

Image: Wake up Kenny. We have a surprise for you! Inazuma Eleven GO and…Wormmon!
Image: Hi bitches!
Image: Digimon aren’t real. They can’t exist in our world!
Image: What did you think we were? And the Digimon at Level-5?
Image: Cosplayers.
Image: Anyway, Tsurugi and Tenma are failing at Double Drive.
Image: Ha ha ha ha! The one person in the whole world you didn’t want to see you practicing saw you. Life’s a biatch sometimes.
Image: Tell me about it. Every time Ken’s in the D.W. he farts likes its going out of style. I’m like, bitch! Just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean I don’t have a nose. Plug that damn hole!

Image: Practice time! Practice over!
Image: We’re doing it today too.
Image: Kinky!
:endou:: A power nod? Hmmm…

Image: Back at the Home for Disgruntled Old Soccer Fans, they finally have proof Fifth Sector is doing naughty things.
:midorikawa:: We also found some secret files related to the next episode.
:hiroto:: That codename is Dragon Link. Let the speculations begin.
:hibiki:: D-ra-gon Li-nk.

Image: More practice.
:endou:: Tomorrow’s the big day. Make sure you stay in good condition so that you can play at your best tomorrow. That means no Skyrim!

Image: Tenma and Tsurugi are working hard, unlike you two.
Image: Screw you, Ryo! That’s why you don’t have a girlfriend.
Image: I heard he only has two friends on Facebook. Splash and Cyberdramon.
Image: Shut up! I have five friends for your information!

Image: Bromance moment.
Image: Say, why did you ask me to do this technique with you?
Image: You’re the one who showed me the path back to soccer.
Image: What?
Image: Nothing!

Image: Because it’s required by law, a scene at the hospital.
Image: Mo’ drama for yo fat mamas.

Image:: Some mysterious guy is giving mysterious money for Yuuichi’s mysterious operation.
Image: Bet you it was Fifth Sector.
Image: Mustn’t…cry…in front of…Tenma.

Image: And there goes Tenma tellin’ that boy’s business.
Image: Tsurugi’s brother said he’ll do his best so that he can run again. And, Tsurugi cried. Then, they hugged and I took a picture. Want to see it?

Image: More bromance. The fangirls must be in heaven.
Image: You’re in my-er-our hearts.

:aki:: Good luck, Tenma.
Image: Betty White called. She wants her outfit back.
:aki:: Veeery funny, Asstro Boy.

Image: Ah, yes. Commericals. You know, it’s all about the marketing. Getting little punk kids to buy our crap. That’s what life’s about. Of course, I get all the Inazuma merchandise I want for fee.
Image: Free?! I only get a 20% discount!

Image: The Holy Road finals.
Image: Being held at a stadium no one with English as their first language can pronounce correctly. Coach Hottie, old people, losers; everyone is there.
Image: Roar!

Image: A reunion of useless proportions.
:natsumi:: Hey! Nice outfit.
:aki:: This old thing? I throw it on when I can’t find anything else to wear.
Image: Liar!

:gouenji:: Play to your fullest and win. A shiny mood stone necklace for each player if you win.
:toramaru:: Is there a reason I’m wearing gloves?

Image:: Seidouzan’s captain is too nice. Be mean so I can hate you!
Image: Holy crap! You see that guy with the white eyes and x scar? I wanna know his story!

:endou:: Play well, have fun and don’t be afraid to foul. Just kidding, don’t have fun. I kid! I kid!
Image: Pump them up, Tenma.

Image: Game start, bitches!
Image: Triple teamed out the box. No passes for you, Raimon.
Image: Sangoku for the block.
Image: Ballista Shot VS Net. Goal!
Image: I wasn’t ready, damn it!

Image: Sidewinder VS Shoot Break! Blocked!
Image: Soyokaze Step. Gotta wonder why you didn’t use it earlier Tenma.
Image: Waiting for the right moment. Yeeeeah….

Image: Death Drop VS Shoot Break. Goal, bitches!
Image: An episode ending with a tie and not Raimon in trouble?! Wow! No reality warps either. Things are looking up.

:toramaru:: Next episode: A Dragon Link To The Past!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Mar 26, 2012 5:55 pm

Image: Alright D.E., time for your long overdue trip back to Digicountry. W-What’s up with my voice?
Image: Cyber?
Image: What?
Image: Hoe. Lee. Sh*t!

Episode 42: Blatant Cheating! Dragon Link!!

Image: This is unacceptable! I’m the Digimon Emperor, not some…who the hell am I?
Image: A brony?
Image: Look. Just keep calm and wait for it to pass.
Image: I’m a f*cking girl, Ryo! God Hand damn! No wonder I felt a draft. Damn short skirt.

Image: Chill out, Rupaul. Inazuma’s on. The finals continue.
:endou:: What’ll you do, Gouenji?
:toramaru:: I see you checking me out, Endou.

Image: Round Spark! Tenma’s shocked to see it.
Image: Hardy Har.

Image: Flame Demon Gazard. Not the first flaming Avatar we’ve seen. Bakunetsu Storm?! Oh my my my!
Image: Hunter’s Net does jack. Fence Of Gaia FTL! Goal! Pinky is going to use Dragon Link.
Image: Hiroto and Midori figure out what Dragon Link is. A bit late guys.
:midorikawa:: I was in the mood for early 2000 techno music. Stupid Youtube.

Image: Air Bullet! Tenma gets taken down by a blind kid, awesome.
Image: The Mist. Perfect for sneaking up on unsuspecting boys. No surprise it’s the hissatsu most fangirls would like to use.

Image: Roar Roar Roar! Roaaaar!
Image: You said it, man. Awesome goal. First-half end! No word for loss? You’re part of an organization that rigs game so everyone can win at least once. No way you haven’t lost a game. What a liar, right C.C.?
Image: Why is this skirt so F*CKING SHORT?!! Might as well be see through!
Image: Focus, man. The stupid part is coming.

Image: Show some confidence, Tenma. Mood killer.
Image: Don’t worry Tenma. Endou and Kidou have a full proof plan to deal with Seidouzan.
:endou:: Uhhh…yeah. Sure. Say, Tenma. The strength of a captain is most needed during a crisis.
Image: Wait a minute. Are you dumping everything on Tenma?
:endou: Yes, but its for his own good.
Image: How?
:endou:: Time for a bathroom break. Cya.

:gouenji:: You want orders? But, I’m the coach. You don’t need me in the championship finals. Take pride in your results up to this point and fight freely.
:desarm:: And don’t do smoke. Trust me on this.

Image: Pinky gets thrown in juvie and decides to start an organization so kids don’t have to steal soccer balls? Makes sense to me.
Image: Gouenji VS Pinky, Go!
:gouenji:: If Seidouzan wins against Raimon in this match, I will place my full intent into serving Fifth Sector.
Image: What happened to you becoming a doctor?
Image: Shhhh!

Image: You shouldn’t root for the bad guy but firing the entire team and coach in the middle of the final match is pretty badass.
Image: True, but what’s the point in raising the stadium? Here’s Dragon Link. And they’re ALL smirking.
Image: Okay. I’m been distracted this episode but this is total bullsh*t. You can’t change an ENTIRE team half way through the game! Seriously, you’ve had some crazy ass ideas Hino but this? THIS?! You’re out of your Pinkie Pie mind!
Image: Fifth Sector did this, not me.
Image: They’re calling themselves by a different name! They are a completely new team! Raimon is fighting TWO teams in one game! Total bullsh*t!
Image: This is exciting.
Image: None of the players have played in an official match before. They don’t even go to the damn school! It makes no sense! Only someone with the IQ of a Koopa Troopa would buy this!
Image: I like turtles.
Image: …Whatever dude. WHATEVER!

:endou:: Gouenji became the Holy Emperor to keep an eye on Fifth Sector and Senguuji’s movements.
:otonashi:: Really?!
:endou:: Duh!

Image: Second half start! Dragondouzan gave Raimon the ball. Giiiiirl, they don’t give a damn. They goin’ win no matter what.
Image: Elite Soldier Pawn. Four Avatars. Saw that coming.

Image: Show’s over. Let’s go to the Digital World. Our digimon are immune to the reality warps so maybe going will change us back. You coming, Cyber?
Image: *sigh* Fine.

:otonashi:: Next episode: Chessboxing!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Mar 26, 2012 6:08 pm

Image: Ahhh! Ooof! Smooth ride Kenny.
Image: Stop complaining, Cyber Cody. We’re here aren’t we? The Digi-what happened?
Image: I’m still a girl!
Image: No. This isn’t the Digital World.
Image: Is…is that what I think it is?
Image: Raah!

Episode 43: Moronic! The Fudged Up Holy Battle!!

Image: Keep running!
Image: Thanks for the tip, Ryo. Never would’ve figured that out without you.
Image: You were nicer when we first meet in the Digital World.
Image: What are you talking about? We’ve never meet before today!
Image: You really don’t remember me?
Image: Raah! Ruh!!
Image: Less talking, more running…and talking about Inazuma GO.

Image: Avatar shoot VS Fence Of Gaia! Blocked!
Image: Sangoku blocks another Avatar shoot and gives the finger to the he-can’t-block-avatars haters.
Image: Avatar shoot VS Atlantis Wall/Pimp Punch. Block.
Image: Ouch. That looked painful, Sangoku. Another block.
Image: B-Bury me nude…

Image: Nishi takes over.
Image: Tenma has a plan.
Image: Keep the ball away from the forwards. I’m sure the other players in the secret team that’s Fifth Sector’s last ditch effort to stop us don’t have avatars.

Image: Soyokaze Two-Step!
Image: Demon God Pegasus Arc VS Wise Sovereign Kingburn/King Fire! Blocked!
Image: Didn't the ball burn up or is that a new one? Well, everyone in Dragon Link has an Avatar. I’m so shocked. *yawn*.
Image: Hey its the two guys who should’ve called Endou instead of racing there like idiots.

Image: Kuruma gets it in the gut. Poor bastard.
Image: Avatar shoots as passes? That’s…pretty smart. Good thinking cheaters. Planet Guardian God Titanius/Majin The Hand VS Avatar shoot. Goal!

Image: Fudou! Kazemaru! Kabeyama! Cool!
Image: Kabeyama, bleh.
:kabeyama:: Take this money, buy a bottle of Vagisil, and shut your trap.

Image: Kageyama takes over for Kurama. Tenma has another plan.
Image: Fight Avatars with Avatars. I'm using my brain.

Image: Welcome to another Avatar party. Korra Nation R.S.V.P.
Image: Avatar against Avatar? Dumbass. I better get down there.
Image: Stop him Fuyuka. A patient can’t just walk out a hospital.
:fuyuka:: You can go.
Image: I hope they fire your ass.

Image: More Avatar whoring.
Image: You sure we should be doing this?
Image: We have eleven Avatars, they have four. It’ll work!
Image: No, we have four, they have eleven.
Image: …..Oh. Well…it can still work. They all probably have bladder infections. Once the pain becomes too great we’ll turn it around.
Image: ………….What?

Image: Raimon can’t bring out their Avatars anymore. Derp.
Image: Atlantis Wall/Dry Hump VS Avatar shoot! Pixiv block.
Image: Avatar shoot VS Kirino & Kariya’s butt mash! Fanfic fodder block.

Image: B*tch, you aren’t Endou. Get your failed perm butt back to the goal.
Image: Wise Sovereign Kingburn VS Metro God Pegasus Arc. Fail’d.
Image: Give me a break. I just came back from shopping!

Image: Half dead Shinsuke VS Super Goalie. Goal!
Image: Can’t have a finals without all the players on the ground hurt. Where have I seen this before?
Image: It’s my fault.
Image: Actually, it’s Endou’s fault. Do something!
:endou:: I’m standing as hard as I can!

Image: Cry baby cry
Make your mother sigh
She's old enough to know better.

Image: Love how the game stopped to let Tenma cry his eyes out. Gotta love the refs.
Image: It’s Shindou. He looks pissed.
Image: Zombies everywhere! We’re surrounded!

:kazemaru:: Next episode: Teamwork is dreamwork!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Apr 16, 2012 3:34 pm

Image: Thanks for the help, Rick.
Image: Sure. But, why did you want that old laptop. There’s no internet anymore.
Image: Ryo?
Image: It’s faint but…connection established.
Image: We’re outta here. Have fun in zombieland, Ricky.

Episode 44: Reach the Trophy! Everyone’s Soccer!!

[Digital World]
Image: We made it! Digivolve Wormmon. We need him and Cyberdramon to fly to…him.
Image: Told you I could get us here with these bodies. Huh? I’m back to normal!
Image: Me too!
Image: The f*ck am I still a girl?

Image: I fail as a captain!
Image: No argument here.

Image: Is Shindou pulling a Kidou by talking to Tenma with a monologue?
Image: It’s about feelings. Not power, skill, or strategy. Feelings!
:endou:: Tenma. You messed up. You, not me. Soccer isn’t about players getting tired. It’s about overpowered moves fueled by high emotions.
Image: Everyone’s off the field. Was a time out called?

Image: Raimon used Power Nod. It’s super effective. Time to kick ass.
Image: Why am the only one? *sigh* Anyway, back at team douche, Pinky explains why Fifth Sector is needed. Yeah, I can see how putting kids who want to play soccer on a super secret team instead of building soccer parks or creating more soccer tournaments and activities would work. This man is a visionary.

Image: And we FINALLY restart the game. It’s been, what, at least a half hour. Is the audience even awake?

Image: Raimon gets Pawn’d and Bishop’d and Knight’d. It’s a chess theme. Get it?
Image: Here comes the Queen.
Image: Kirino or Cyber?
Image: And the Rook but nobody likes him. Read it in a databook.

Image: Dragon Link is made of kids that wanted to play soccer so bad they stand around after attacking. God Hand, this team.
Image: Shinsuke for the block.
Image: And now comes the part where we learn how Tenma gave them the whatever to play soccer. Bleh.
Image: You’re the producer. How can you be so negative?
Image: You’re the VP in charge of the animation department. How can you be a kid…and evil?
Image: I concede.

Image: A little foreplay to stop the ball.
Image: Yes. Yes. Tenma is like a virus infecting his team with sugar happy feelings. We get it!

Image: Extend Zone to Tsurugi and Tenma. Fire Tornado Double Drive (we love Tenma version) VS Wise Sovereign Kingburn/King Fire! Goooooal!!!
Image: Pinky finally figured it out. Gouenji tricked him. You’d think seeing him teaching DD to Dickweed would be enough.
:gouenji:: Where’s my Emmy?

Image: Hamano and Hayami are out the closet.
Image: You mean out the game?
Image: That too. Aoyama and Ichino are in.

Image: Hunter’s Net. Soyokaze Step.
Image: Theme song playing. You know what that means! The Super Generic Bros. do Britannia Cross! Denrai Houtou VS Teenage Mutant Ninja Kingburn/King Fizzle. Goal! Score’s tied!

Image: Upgrade hissatsu! Death Drop/True Mach Wind VS King Loser/King Hot Plate! Goal! Game End! Raimon wins! Sweet sweet hissatsu!

Image: Tenma. Shindou. Now I’m crying.
Image: And with that Raimon saves the world.
Image: You mean soccer.
Image: Same thing.

Image: Lets toss his salad! Grab him!
Image: Pinky turns good and the new Holy Emperor is Hibiki. Blah blah blah speech about free soccer.
:hibiki:: Soccer is a sport. Sports have winners and losers. Seriously, what the hell? Managed soccer? GTFO Fifth Sector!

:endou:: Thank you for saving soccer, Gouenji.
:gouenji:: And looking good doing it. Don’t forget to mention that.

Image: I think we won because our feelings for it were greater.
Image: Yeah. Who needs practice when you got feelings.
Image: We’re here.
Image: Millenniummon!
Image: New toys to play with. These are all broken.
Image: Tai! Wargraymon! Everyone!

Image: Next episode: Flashback Filler!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Mon Apr 16, 2012 3:56 pm

Image: Good news, Tai and the others are alive. Bad news, they got their butts kicked bad! They aren’t waking up anytime soon!
Image: Ryo! You will all die!
Image: Hold that thought. Ryo, the pliers.
Image: What ar- AHHH!
Image: There we go. One extracted dark spore, or seed if you’re nasty.
Image: Wo..woah. I feel chipper.
Image: Good for you. Say? How about helping us kill Millenniummon?
Image: Time to biomerge, Cyberdramon!

Episode 45: Who Cares? Bring On the Next Arc!

Image: Oh goodie. A fight with Millenniummon and a boring GO episode. Life is good. I’m so sick of practice time.
Image: Justice Burst!
Image: Weak!
Image: Keep it down you two!
Image: Orders Cyber?
Image: Don’t screw up and get my body trashed like you did last time. In fact, find a corner and stand in it.
Image: Man, I thought you let that go.

Image: Shindou returns.
Image: I’m here to pick up the trophy. It’s going on my piano.

Image: And people say I have a big ego.
Image: We’re the sh*t!
Image: Who’s the best team ever? We baby, we!
Image: The real pimps brought real soccer back!

Image: Gouenji minus the 70’s disco bar suit.
:gouenji:: Dear Fangirls, you’re welcome.

Image: Tenma walking the dog. This show is intense! Ugh!
Image: Spiking Strike!
Image: A little help here, Cyber?
Image: Left my digivice at home. But…
:aki:: Not a little kid, huh. Stop wetting the bed and maybe I’ll believe you.

Image: Oh, drat! Dagnabbit!
Image: There goes our PG-13 rating.

Image: Aoi runs into Tenma. I smell a flashback…and burnt fur.
Image: Flashback time. Just a dirty soccer ball, no-name biatch girl. It won’t bite.
Image: Wish I had hands so I can smack that little…
Image: What an annoying, useless character! Bet she’s a manager now.
Image: So watching others have fun is fun?
Image: Let that be a lesson to all you girls out there. Don’t have dreams. Find a guy and live for his dream. That’s the anime way!

Image: You said you didn’t want to see Raimon practice. Now you get to see one-shot characters practice.
Image: I swear I’m gonna murder everyone associated with this episode!
Image: Cyber! Help?!
Image: God Hand damn dude! I am! Look what I picked up.
Image: Davis’ digivice.
Image: Time to form Imperialdramon, Kenny!
Image: But, V-mon is unconscious.
Image: But, Stingmon isn’t. Let’s do it!

Image: That’s a girl? Hard to tell in this town.
Image: Rain is a character created by a fan. That’s creepy level cute. Rainbow Bubble Shot makes a goal. It’s a hissatsu made by a different fan.
Image: Yes, Aoi. Girls can do things other than serve and watch guys. Surprising! Half forced digivolving complete. How you holdin’ up Imperialdramon?
Image: Soooooo sleepy…
Image: Good enough. Attack!

Image: More flashback. Why haven’t you played soccer with anyone else, Tenma?
Image: I love soccer so much I thought if I did it’d make sense.
Image: ……Huh?

Image: *yawn* Mega Crusher.
Image: Pest!

Image: We see the original pictures the winning fans make for the create a character and hissatsu contest. Did you know about it, Cyber?
Image: Yeah, but as with most things I ignore it if it doesn’t impact my life. Tenma’s turn. Is the defender wearing a soccer or KFC uniform?
Image: Tenma fails and starts acting like a brat.
Image: I don’t pass? No! You don’t pass! Your momma don’t pass too!

Image: You can’t beat me!
Image: Ughhh!
Image: Ahhh!
Image: Owwy!

Image: Hey guys!
Image: Sorry we’re late!
Image: Where the hell have you two been? What were you doing?!
Image: Uhhh….playing….video games? Yes! Playing video games!
Image: Yeah, that’s right! Heh. Heh. Heh.
Image: Whatever. Just attack. A stray dog wants to make Aoi his new chew toy.

Image: Gehenna Flame!
Image: Eden’s Javelin!
Image: Now I’m getting annoyed! Ultimate Fusion!
Image: Dodge!

Image: Tenma saves Aoi but fails the tryout. Thanks, Aoi. Kenny, we need more power!
Image Image: Imperialdramon! Mode change!
Image: Positron *yaaawn* Laser!
Image: That hurt! No more playing around! Ultimate Fusion! Ultimate Fusion! Ultimate-you get where I’m going with this.

Image: We’re about to die. Better wrap this up. A flashback in a flashback. ….You know? I welcome death if this is what I have to live for. Aoi and Tenma become friends yadda yadda yadda.
Image: They tried to make a soccer club and failed. Sucks.
Image: You become a soccer player, Aoi? Bullsh*t! Who the hell wrote this?!

Image: Cyber. I kinda broke into your room and found this.
Image: My digivice?!
Image: You still have all the digimentals from our Digital World in there. Come on. Let’s give it one more go. Not for me but for me kicking Millenniummon's butt. Cause in the end, its all about revenge. Am I right?
Image: ….Okay. We’re pretty much dead anyway so why not. What’s this? I have the Digimental of Miracles? Forgot all about it! Armor up!
Image: No more Sheepmon for me! Tusk Missile!

:gouenji:: Time for another scene with me.
Image: Gouenji! Squee!!!!
Image: Gouenji! Oh, wow!
Image: What’s this light?! It’s burns!!!

Image: Ophanimon…mode changed?
Image: No way are we dying during a Gouenji scene!
Image: Holy Destroy!
Image: Impossible! Wah!

:gouenji:: I’m legally binded to ask you to take care of soccer, okay?
Image: Guts does Dinosaur Break! Tree’d! Tenma gets it with his ball and they all live happily ever after until the next season. Blast him!
Image Image Image ImageImage: Cliché-Everyone-Attacks-Together-Blast!
Image: Noooo! This…This can’t be! It can’t…AHHHH! Image

Image: We did it!
Image: Hell yeah!
Image: Woooo!
Image: Nice job, Murmukusmon!
Image: Saved your butt again, T.K.
Image: Time to celebrate. Party at Gennai’s!
Image: We have get Tai and the others medical attention first.
Image: Then we party!

Image: Next episode: TV Tropes!

[Some Time Later]
Image: Hey! Why am I still a girl?!!!
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby Rozza C » Sun Apr 22, 2012 10:24 am

Yeah I somehow totally forgot about this thread....

Nice to see cody was still posting his episode summaries!

Inazuma Eleven GO is still awesome though..
Rozza C
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Re: Inazuma Eleven GO Subbed Episodes Discussion

Postby cyber_cody » Fri Apr 27, 2012 8:36 pm

[Inazuma GO Season Wrap-Up Party]

Image: Woo! We did it team! Finished the season and defeated an uber evil digimon. Not bad!
Image: Too bad Splash is still in the hospital. Think she’ll ever wake up from her coma?
Image: Way to bring the room down, Elephantmon. Just for that I’m changing you to Frogmon. Digimental Up!
Image: Whatever. I’m still cute.
Image: I just got word from President Hino. The Digimon Emperor is quitting to start a detective agency. Our new Vice President in charge of this department is Yukio Oikawa.
Image: Who cares! Pass the Heineken!
Image: Also, Hino wants two more episodes made before the new season.
Image: *sffppttt!* Son of a b-

Episode 46: The Season Recap Is Here!
Episode 47: We Don’t Give A Damn!

Image: I thought you hated recaps?
Image: I do. I also hate working while drunk but this is all we can do.
Image: A TV interview recap? How unoriginal. We need someone to be the TV reporter. There! You! The girl who threw up in the corner. Get over here, my dear.

:handa:: Can I make a cameo?
Image: How did you get i- Yes. Yes. Fine.

Image: How am I supposed to write a script this fast?!
Image: Just throw something together. Inazuma fans will watch anything. It’s embarrassing.
Image: Maybe I can do something with all the riverbank scenes. And do something with the girls…
:otonashi:: *sniff* *sniff* I smell screen time!
:natsumi:: Bout’ time.
:aki:: Can I wear something sexy for the new scenes?

Image: No time for new clothes.
Image: Gary. Any ideas to make this crap look like we put in real effort?
Image: How about a half-assed new opening and ending made of old songs and clips? Put in some new eyecatches. Something simple, won’t take more than five minutes.
Image: Do it!

Image: How’s it going Cyber Cody?
Image: Good. Good. We’re working hard to deliver the best as usual, miss hottie executive producer. Gratz on the promotion, by the way.
Image: Well, I do have “connections”.

Image: What about episode 47?
Image: Let’s do the same thing but recap the first series.
Image: Wait. You want to recap the original series, again! Even the first movie was a fu*king recap. No! Even we can't be that evil.
Image: Oikawa wants the episodes on his desk for review in one hour.
Image: Recap hoooooo!

Image: Where’s Kakuma Keita?
Image: Making out with that girl he brought. Bet you she’s an escort.
Image: You’re on!

Image: Sasuke’s licking his balls again!
Image: Keep filming. No one will notice.
:endou:: Had six glasses of wine. Can we film this sitting down?

Image: Damn it, Davis. Work faster!
Image: Dude, I just got out the hospital.
Image: Don’t be a baby!
Image: You can do it, Davis!

Image: All that’s left is filming the mysterious ending setting up Chrono Stone.
Image: Done!

Image: Alright people! It’s a wrap!
Image: Looks like everything’s gonna be okay.
Image: Cyber.
Image: Gennai? What are you doing here?
Image: We have a problem.
Image: Big?
Image: Wow! This place is cool! Hm? Digimon! Let’s hunt them! Yeah!!!
Image: Huge.

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