AsanoHa is a lucky bitch a.k.a his timeline

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AsanoHa is a lucky bitch a.k.a his timeline

Postby Toraie » Tue Apr 28, 2009 8:39 pm

Repost from the old old forum. TY Google Cache.
OK so I had this on the old forum but it got deleted so Im recreating it. A full timeline and explanation of all things Onmyou Taisenki.
This post includes the history of the 3 sects, the story of the manga, the backstory for the anime, and a summary of the first half of the anime.

Be advised: Its possible that I got the timing off for the manga because there seems to be a time skip right after Yakumo gets the Zero Drive. Please help me out if you can!

1200 years ago
-Japan was divided into many states that constantly made war on one another. Eventually the Shikigami were involved in these battles. Because of these battles, all the Shikigami ended up in Naraku and many children lost their parents.
-With the loss of the Shikigami the 24 seasons were thrown into chaos. Many people died because of the harsh weather.
-During this time a boy with no name was born who lived in harmony with nature. This boy befriended the youkai who plagued the land and named himself Kuu Utsuho.
-Many orphans and lost people gathered around Utsuho where he lived in the woods and mountains. These people included Gasshin, his older sister Usubeni and a young man from Kyoto named Taizan. There they founded a village and the Shikigami granted Utsuho the power of the Yondaiten.
-Using this power Utsuho and the villagers traveled around the country and used the Yondaiten to restore Japan to its former beauty. They also sealed the youkai in their own realm so they could no longer harm people. This was the Fukumaden.
-However those who sought the power of the Yondaiten trick Utsuho who knew no distrust. Taizan betrayed the location of the village to government Toujinshi and Utsuho and his followers are sealed inside the Fukumaden are sealed within the village using the Mirror In. Those lost include Usubeni who loses Seiryu no Kibachiyo to Naraku. Taizan’s reasoning for his actions is that someone must be evil to protect all the kind villagers. Only Taizan and Gasshin escape.
-The fledgling Ten-ryuu and Chi-ryuu, now controlling the Yondaiten, pursued Gasshin and Taizan within the Fukumaden where they were eventually sealed
-The Ten-ryuu is formed to maintain the seal to the Fukumaden while the Chi-ryuu is born to defeat the youkai that escape.
-Overtime Utsuho will be affected by the madness and hatred of mankind and become wrathful and hateful.

1000 years ago
-The descendents of those who followed Utsuho now call themselves the Jin-ryuu and work in secret to undo the seal on him and the villagers.
-The Ten-ryuu have been using provisions from the Fukumaden to make themselves wealthier while many Chi-ryuu perish fighting youkai.
-The Ten-ryuu Souke, Raihou, is weak-willed and begins to be influenced by Utsuho. The Ten-ryuu deposes and imprisons Raihou and installs his sister’s son Youmei as the new Souke.
-The enraged Chi-ryuu attacked the Ten-ryuu base with the help of Raihou who had been released by Utsuho. Raihou forces a Chi-ryuu contract with Byakko no Kogenta and immediately uses a Daikoujin.
-The Chi-ryuu destroy the Ten-ryuu Dai Kimon and attempt to kill the Souke but are foiled by Youmei’s mother Shoushi who sends the toddler 1000 years into the future after his father Issei attempts to have him fight by giving him his Drive. The Ten-ryuu ceases to exist as a true organization from this point on.
-Youmei’s parents flee into the Fukumaden as the base is destroyed. Shoushi and Issei free Gasshin and raise him for a time. Shoushi passes her Drive onto Gasshin and asks him to use it to atone for the sins of the Ten-ryuu and tells him of Youmei’s appearance in 1000 years.
-Gasshin travels to Naraku and takes on his sister’s contract with Kibachiyo. After that he finds and frees Taizan who renews his contract with Souka no Onishiba and together they meet up with the Jin-ryuu on the surface: Zenjou, Shoukaku, and Taishin. During this time the Jin-ryuu try many times to undo the seal but fail.
-The Jin-ryuu have been foiled in their plot to free Utsuho and can find no method to undo the seal. Thus, Zenjou, Shoukaku, and Taishin seal themselves within the Fukumaden to wait 1000 years for Souke to appear.
-Masaomi and Taizan flee 1000 years into the future themselves with the intent of manipulating the Souke of that into undoing Utsuho and the villagers seal. Gasshin will act as Ten-ryuu Seiryu user Oogami Masaomi while Taizan will act as the Department Chief of the Ten-ryuu Subjugation for the Chi-ryuu. However, unlike Gasshin, Taizan is aware of Utsuho’s malice and plans to use it to create a world where Toujinshi rule.

The Recent Past
-Chi-ryuu Toujinshi Mikazuchi starts his own company which becomes incredibly successful due to his use of the Sakashiki with his Akagane no Itsumu. Through the Sakashiki he will come to be influenced by Utsuho.
-Mikazuchi usurps the role of Souke from the proper heirs and founds an incredibly strong and organized Chi-ryuu with the goal of creating four Kimon around the country and one great Kimon with which they will control the country.
-The Chi-ryuu begin to take aggressive actions against the remaining Ten-ryuu around Japan.

15-16 years ago
-A powerful Toujinshi named Mahoroba leads a sect of Toujinshi whose goal is to create the White World by destroying all the Yin or Evil in the world. This organization is headed by Mahoroba and his Five Revolving Element Kings
-On a mission to exterminate a very powerful youkai, Earth King Yoshikawa Monju is forced to sacrifice his Shikigami Byakko no Akatsuki (Kogenta's name at the time of his contract with Monju). Monju vows to never make a contract again.
-Sometime late Monju comes to believe that Mahoroba's White World is not truly justice and will destroy the balance of the Taikyokushin. Mahoroba allows Monju to leave his service despite Monju's vow to stop him at any cost.
-Many Earth Doctrine Shikigami rebel with Monju and are killed in retaliation. One of these is the father of the Houjou sisters who come to blame Monju for the murder.

9 years ago
-Youmei appears from the Kimon in Ten-ryuu’s Tachibana Shrine. Tachibana Soutarou realizes who Youmei is but chooses to raise him as his grandson Tachibana Riku.

5-6 years ago
-Monju is now the head priest of the Taihaku Temple in Kyoto. Mahoroba is nearing completion on his plan. Monju gets wind of this and heads to Mahoroba's location with his head priestess Izuna.
-Inside Mahoroba’s headquarters Monju defeats Gyoujaku no Kaniemon and Aogane no Tsukumo. Monju comes across his former master just as he’s completing the Sakashiki ceremony. Monju binds Mahoroba and with Izuna takes his former master back to Taihaku Temple.
-Monju and Izuna attempt a Toujinshi Burial on Mahoroba, but Mahoroba completes the Sakashiki Ceremony despite his sealing. With his youth restored, Mahoroba summons Byakko no Rangetsu to destroy Monju.
-Having returned home, Monju’s son Yakumo takes up his father’s Toujinki to defend Monju. Upon touching it Yakumo is tested by the Taikyokushin who determines that the Byakko species is suitable for Yakumo. With this Akatsuki is reborn as Byakko no Kogenta.
-Having no idea how to use a Toujinki, Monju directs Yakumo’s actions. The battle seems evenly matched until Monju passes out leaving Kogenta and Yakumo to bicker. Kogenta instructs Yakumo to call him by the name he gave him but despite the new teamwork they are defeated by Rangetsu and Mahoroba who spare them.
-Before leaving Mahoroba seals Monju using the Human Pillar Technique and Yakumo is forced to face the dangerous life he has chosen. Monju implores Kogenta to protect Yakumo.
-Mahoroba sends his minions out to change the flow of time and thus expose the Taikyoku so that he may obtain it. Izuna shows Yakumo the Mirror of Time with which he will traverse time so as to stop Mahoroba. Kogenta and Yakumo continue to bicker but Kogenta promises to strengthen Yakumo as per his promise to Monju.
-Yakumo uses the Mirror to travel the 10th year of the Tenshou Era. It is the last stand of Oda Nobunaga and Mahoroba’s minion Ranmaru acts as Nobunaga’s aide trying to compel him to live on and take over Japan. Nobunaga on the other hand has accepted death and when Ranmaru calls for Ikazuchi no Takamaru, Yakumo and Kogenta defend him.
-The battle goes poorly for Kogenta and Yakumo due to Takamaru’s speed; however, Kogenta explains that as he is an Earth Type and Takamaru is a Fire Type they actually have the advantage. Yakumo slices the In to attack directly and finishes Takamaru. Yakumo receives an attribute changing talisman and Nobunaga executes Ranmaru. Nobunaga thanks Yakumo and dies in the fire caused by their battle. Yakumo returns home stronger.
-Yakumo trains at home in the basic In and Kogenta instructs him of the Five Elements. Having previously been spurned in her attempts to train him, Izuna gives Yakumo a difficult task. Yakumo must defeat three Kamaitchi Youkai and thus gain his father’s gauntlet and forehead protector. Yakumo accomplishes this task with the advice Izuna.
-Mahoroba calls together his four remaining Five Element Kings: Fire King Shiranui, Metal King Kagerou, Wood King Unryuu, and Water King Nagi. The Kings witness the power of the Sakashiki and the growing threat that Yakumo presents. Kagerou elects to defeat him.
-Yakumo travels to the past and finds an old man Toujinshi controlling Ikazuchi no Fusanoshin already in combat with Kagerou and his Kurogane no Fuji. The man’s village is already in flames. Working together they manage to defeat Kagerou who retreats. Yakumo is scolded in the present by Izuna for being rash.

3 years ago
-The Asuka family happily runs a Chi-ryuu shrine in the country side of Japan, but on the day of their eldest son Yuuma’s Toujinshi inauguration, Mikazuchi pays their father a visit after which he disappears having been place under the Human Pillar Technique at the Chi-ryuu base. The Asuka’s mother soon follows her husband to Tokyo.
-Out of desperation Yuuma makes a contract with Byakko no Rangetsu in order to protect others like his father. Yuuma and his younger brother Souma travel to Tokyo and witness the supposed defeat of their mother and her Ikazuchi no Fusanoshin.
-Yuuma becomes Mikazuchi’s protégé and Souma goes to the Chi-ryuu orphanage and eventually makes a contract with Fusanoshin using his mother’s Drive.

Present Day
-Youmei is now known as Tachibana Riku grandson of Soutarou. Riku begins middle school with his childhood friend Jouzenji Momo. At school Riku befriends a boy named Yamase.
-When Riku takes Yamase to see the shrine that his grandfather tends to it is revealed that Yamase is a Chi-ryuu Toujinshi. Soutarou, a Ten-ryuu priest instructs Riku to take the Drive and Riku makes a contract with Byakko no Kogenta in order to defeat Yamase’s Aogane no Tsukumo. Soutarou slips into a coma due to the fatigue.
-The Chi-ryuu is now aware of a new Ten-ryuu Byakko user and sends many Toujinshi to defeat Riku over the course of the next few weeks but all of them lose.
-Meanwhile, Riku joins Tenjin Middle School’s boat with Momo and two new friends Asou Rina and Kamiya Ryuuji and their teacher Yumi-sensei as the coach. Riku is also roaming the countryside on the weekends searching for new In for Kogenta and learning more about the ways of the Toujinshi.
-Not long into this, Riku encounters Chi-ryuu’s Byakko user, Asuka Yuuma and his Byakko no Rangetsu who overwhelm Riku. Riku is saved at the last minute by Masaomi who gives Riku a Ryuuhashou and Drive holder.
-Riku meets fellow Ten-ryuu Toujinshi Saigo Teru and his Akagane no Isoroku while searching for In. The two remain comrades after fighting a tag team battle together.
-Masaomi relates to Riku that Ten and Chi fight because the Chi-ryuu want to open the way to the Fukumaden while the Ten-ryuu want it closed. Masaomi teaches many things to Riku about being a Toujinshi.
-Yuuma suspecting that Masaomi might be the Ten-ryuu Souke confronts him at the Seiryu Festival Shrine and the two begin a longstanding rivalry.
-Yuuma’s little brother gets fed up with working for the man who killed his parents and is excommunicated from the Chi-ryuu by his brother. Souma and his Ikazuchi no Fusanoshin come to stay with Riku at the inn.
-Riku is confronted by the powerful Izou of Chi-ryuu with his Kurogane no Fuji and defeats him without using the dangerous new technique taught to him by Kogenta.
-Soutarou finally awakens from his coma and tells Riku to go to the Taihaku Temple in Kyoto. After that he disappears on a journey.
-In Kyoto Riku meets a Toujinmiko named Nazuna and her Hiiragi no Horin who show Riku the remains of the Ten-ryuu base where Riku retrieves the Tsuki no Magatama. This is the first sign that Riku is the Ten-ryuu Souke.
-Riku and Nazuna are soon joined by Teru and the three battle Izou and his minions. Izou escapes yet again.
-Soon Yuuma confronts Riku again at the Taihaku Shrine. After a largely one sided battle Riku and Kogenta turn things around by using the Daikoujin to defeat Yuuma and Rangetsu but a heavy price as Kogenta slips into a coma. Yuuma is saved by the timely intervention of his fiancé Mizuki, daughter of Mikazuchi, and her Kanro no Kuradayuu.
-Meanwhile Masaomi confronts Ten-ryuu strongest Toujinshi Yoshikawa Yakumo in the Fukumaden. Yakumo has doubts about Masaomi’s status as a Ten-ryuu. The two battle to a draw.
-When Riku returns to Tenjin City Nazuna comes to live with him and Souma much to the chagrin of Momo and Souma who put out by Nazuna’s elitist Ten-ryuu attitude.
-Soutarou returns briefly and presumably rebuilds the destroyed Tachibana Shrine. This allows Riku and his friends the use Kimon there in conjunction with the Tsuki no Magatama to enter Fukumaden.
-Over the next few weeks Riku will enter the Fukumaden several times to battle Toujinshi from Chi-ryuu’s Fukumaden Investigation Department for the Toujin Stones that seal each Fukumaden field. Mizuki is one these Toujinshi as is a now insane Izou along with Shigeru Mutsuki and his Gyoujaku no Ebihiko.
-On one of these excursions Masaomi tricks Riku into undoing a seal on fellow Jin-ryuu Toujinshi Taishin.
-At some point during this time Teru makes contact with Riku and the others. This will be the first of many times he asks them to help him get out of debt and fight youkai on the side.
-Pushed to the brink Izou overhears that one can use a Toujin Stone to force a Daikoujin. In the Fukumaden Riku is confronted by this mad man and Fuji is forced to go Daikoujin despite the great pain. On the brink of losing Kogenta goes Daikoujin and mercy kills Fuji. As the field rips apart Riku and an unconscious Kogenta are lost in the Fukumaden.
-When Riku awakes he attacked by Jin-ryuu’s Taishin who assumes Riku is Yakumo: Jin-ryuu’s worst fear. Riku is saved by the real Yakumo who’s Seiryu no Buryune battles Taishin’s Shousetsu no Magahoshi to a standstill. Masaomi looks on in chagrin as Yakumo explains to Riku about the third sect and the supposed devil Utsuho. Masaomi and Riku return to the surface world once Yakumo has gone.
-Riku and Kogenta travel to a secret part of the Fukumaden that Riku’s mother once took him to. The field has a perfect balance of all the seasons and symbolizes the perfect Kyoto. There Riku remembers the In that his mother taught him and uses it to protect the field.
-Soon Yuuma comes to the Tachibana Shrine for a rematch. Riku and Kogenta seem to have the upper hand as Riku slips into a trance and begins remembering his past and uses many new In. Yuuma is about to lose when he transforms Rangetsu into a Daikoujin and wins the battle decisively. Riku rejects his contract with Kogenta and loses his memories.
-For several days Riku lives a normal life again as his Toujinshi friends try to make him remember. Eventually Masaomi takes Riku to Naraku to retrieve Kogenta. Meanwhile Yakumo enters Genbu no Rakusai’s area of Naraku to retrieve his Zero Drive and get new Shikigami. In Naraku Yakumo meets up with his old Shikigami Kogenta and the two reminisce while Riku comes to accept his past as Ten-ryuu Souke.
-Riku and Kogenta renew their contract and with Yakumo the travel the Fukumaden where the again meet Taishin in battle. When Taishin use a powerful Daikoujin Yakumo unseals his Zero Drive and calls forth all five of his Shikigami: Shousetsu no Tankamui, Ikazuchi no Takamaru, Kurogane no Rikudou, Enoki no Sanemaro, and Seiryu no Buryune. Taishin is soundly defeated.
-Upon returning Riku resolves to see Mikazuchi and question him as to the Ten-ryuu’s supposed sins. With Souma he heads to Tokyo and there is told by Mikazuchi that the Ten-ryuu used the Chi-ryuu to become wealthy while the Chi-ryuu died in droves. Also while at the Chi-ryuu base Riku is confronted by Yuuma and Riku accepts a challenge declaring his belief that Rangetsu was the Daikoujin that destroyed his parents and home 1000 years ago.
-On top of the Mikazuchi Building Riku and Yuuma go all out eventually transforming Kogenta and Rangetsu into Daikoujin. From the shadows Masaomi transforms Kibachiyo into a Daikoujin to protect Riku; however his attempt to destroy Rangetsu is foiled by Mizuki who sacrifices Kuradayuu to save Yuuma.
-At the same time Mikazuchi and the four department heads open the Dai Kimon using their Daikoujin and the power of the Yondaiten causing it to snow in Japan’s Kanto region despite it being the beginning of September.
In the end Yuuma and Mizuki are lost in the Fukumaden and Riku escapes with his life.
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Re: AsanoHa is a lucky bitch a.k.a his timeline

Postby Toraie » Tue Apr 28, 2009 8:41 pm

This is the third arc of the anime

-Riku returns to Tenjin and has many weird which don’t need to be discussed because this episode sucks balls…
-Not long after this the four Department heads open the 4 Kimon around Japan affecting the weather in different ways everywhere the most immediate affect of which causes the Mikazuchi Group’s agricultural business to skyrocket. At the same time the Mikazuchi group provides aid to those suffering around the country thus causing Mikazuchi stock to soar.
-A side product of this mass opening of Kimon is the expulsion of many youkai. Riku leads a youkai extermination with his friends in Tenjin while the Mikazuchi Group unveils Mikazuchi Security service headed by for Fukumaden Investigation agent Shigeru Mutsuki and staffed by several low ranking Toujinfu users which also exterminates youkai.
-In the Fukumaden Yakumo is accosted by Jin-ryuu Toujinshi Shokaku and his Oobi no Yatarou. Shokaku reveals that the Jin-ryuu plans to unseal Utsuho but escapes being defeated by Yakumo.
-Elsewhere in the Fukumaden Yuuma struggles with Mizuki’s lost memory and her new found impertinence.
-Meanwhile Masaomi tells Riku the location of each of the 4 Kimon in the hopes that Riku will get motivated to defeat their guardians and thus unseal Utsuho. On the way to one of them Riku, Nazuna, and Souma run afoul of a small child forced into service as a Chi-ryuu Toujinshi but they end up befriending the young Subaru moments before his Shikigami’s execution by Taizan and his Souka no Onishiba. In a rage Riku and Kogenta follow Taizan through a Kimon that land s them in Shikoku.
-In Shikoku Riku and Kogenta come to find monstrous plant life that despite its size is of no use to local farmers. Only Mikazuchi’s mandarin farmers have benefited from the change in weather. Riku soon encounters Dai Kimon Construction Department Chief Nankai and his Shikigami of thirty years Shuusui no Namazubou. Despite their bond and their use of the Yondaiten they are defeated by the shear power of Riku and Kogenta’s Daikoujin. Shikoku’s climate returns to normal
-After being returned to Tenjin by Masaomi Riku and Souma go to a Chi-ryuu orphanage to visit Subaru and Riku has a long talk with Souma about the history of the Asuka family.
-Meanwhile Yuuma and Mizuki stumble into the Jin-ryuu village field of the Fukumaden and thanks to Mizuki’s confusion are discovered by Shokaku and Zenjou. Yuuma struggles with his lack of a real reason for fighting until he remembers that he made his contract with Rangetsu to protect people just like his dad had done. With this Zenjou’s Tsubaki no Kantarou falls.
-Teru again eats himself into debt and calls on the others to help him but this time the family he’s working has been captured by a large youkai that tricks humans using their innate greed. To protect the child that was left behind and to impress Nazuna Teru transforms Isoroku into a Daikoujin and destroys the powerful youkai.
-Taizan and Masaomi plot get Riku motivated to fight at the 4 Kimon by having a Chi-ryuu Toujinshi trick Riku into believing his parents survived in the Fukumaden. Enraged Riku transforms Riku into a Daikoujin and destroys the field and the Chi-ryuu Shikigami. The rampage is only halted by a guilt-ridden Masaomi who feels indebted to Riku parents. Riku vows to never use the Daikoujin again
-Yuuma and Mizuki are about to leave to Fukumaden but are confronted again by Masaomi who is out to exterminate Yuuma once and for all; however, Taizan stops the fight appearing to save Yuuma only to later explain that he has discover that Yuuma is the true Chi-ryuu Souke and that they’ll need both he and Riku to unseal Utsuho. -The Tenjin Boat Club’s first match is coming up but ever the lazy bum Yumi-sensei is finding ways to stop the team from competing and thus shortening her vacation time. This fails and the team feels confident in their chances.
-Upon his return Yuuma is offered a place of power in the Chi-ryuu but declines much to the shock and horror of all the Chi-ryuu’s top officials. In anger Mikazuchi challenges and easily defeats Yuuma who is then banished from the headquarters. Also Taizan discovers Mikazuchi’s knowledge of the Jin-ryuu and is suspended from his position as Department Chief.
-After winning their first boat club match Riku is again confronted by Mutsuki now acting as a member of the Research and Technology Department and his new partner Madoka uses a Toujin Chip force a Daikoujin which in ends in Mutsuki joining forces with Riku to stop the rampage from consuming Madoka. Riku discovers that he repeats the Drive commands of an In he raise the attack power; however, despite the win Saikaidou Kotetsu breaks.
-Masaomi sends Riku to the Lake Biwa Kimon where the stray Shikigami Genbu no Koroku fixes Kotetsu with the help of Riku’s Boating Club and Toujinshi friends. Riku and Kogenta confront Research and Technology Department Chief Oosumi and her Kanro no Miyuki. She is defeating by Riku’s repeated In technique despite her use of the Yondaiten and the Toujin Chip.
-Souma’s amnesiac mother disappears from the hospital and Souma goes to her; however when Yuuma returns to the Asuka Shrine he finds her there. Kogenta has been trying to talk to Riku about the reason for their contract being unfulfilled but Riku does not want to confront the darkness in his heart. Masaomi and Taizan resolve to steer the TenChi Souke to the remaining two 4 Kimon on of which Taizan guards.
-Yuuma and his mother meet up with Souma and when youkai appear Yuuma resolves to go the Mikazuchi building. Souma is charged with protecting their mother who is showing signs of having regained her memory. Yuuma is instructed by an Utsuho possessed Mikazuchi to defeat Taizan at his 4 Kimon.
-Youkai also appear in Tenjin and Masaomi guides Riku to use the Kimon to travel to the Touhoku 4 Kimon and confront its guardian. Nazuna stays behind and defeats the youkai. Meanwhile Yakumo has finally discovered the field where Utsuho is sealed within the Fukumaden. He is again confronted by Shokaku.
-In Touhoku Riku is confronted by Fukumaden Investigation Department Chief Kureyama and his Enoki no Kongou. After a hard fought battle Kogenta defeats Kureyama’s Yondaiten empowered Daikoujin. Meanwhile Yuuma confronts Taizan who reveals to Yuuma his bloodline is that of the Chi-ryuu Souke and that Taizan is himself a Jin-ryuu Toujinshi.
-Immediately after the battle Masaomi confronts Riku with many sad truths. He is in fact Jin-ryuu Toujinshi Gasshin and he has been manipulating events all along. In addition to this terrifying news Gasshin tells Riku that it was in fact Kogenta’s Daikoujin not Rangetsu’s that destroyed the Ten-ryuu Headquarters. What’s more, it was Riku’s own uncle Raihou, former Ten-ryuu Souke who used Kogenta to do it. Gasshin then demands the Tsuki no Magatama and Riku, defeated, complies. Gasshin leaves Riku to fend for himself in the midst of an army of youkai.
-Taizan alludes to Yuuma the fact that Utsuho is controlling Mikazuchi through Akagane no Itsumu do the Sakashiki and then challenges Yuuma. Elsewhere Yakumo battles Shokaku once more but the Jin-ryuu Toujinshi manages to flee once again despite Yakumo’s Ultimate Hissatsu.
-Teru meets up with Nazuna at the Tachibana Shrine where she informs him that Riku is in Touhoku and needs assistance. As Mikazuchi attempts to regain control of himself, Mizuki is captured by his spell.
-At the last 4 Kimon Yuuma combines two of his most powerful attacks to avoid using Daikoujin in order defeat Taizan’s Yondaiten empowered Daikoujin. Taizan loses just as he had planned and his Chi-ryuu Ryuuhashou shatters to reveal his Jin-ryuu mark as he stumbles back into the Fukumaden.
-Riku finally comes clean to Kogenta about all his fear and doubts and the two once again reaffirm their bond. Teru shows up suddenly and gives them a ride to Tokyo and the Chi-ryuu Dai Kimon. Yuuma also heads back to the Chi-ryuu headquarters.
-Yuuma arrives and challenges the now fully possessed Mikazuchi and despairs over his use of the Sakashiki. Meanwhile Gasshin uses the Tsuki no Magatama and the current Lunar Eclipse to pave the way for Utsuho’s return but is confronted by Yakumo. Riku arrives to rescue a losing Yuuma and Rangetsu who inform him and Kogenta of the Sakashiki. The two resolve to work together to defeat Mikazuchi.
-Having dropped off Riku, Teru joins Mutsuki and the Mikazuchi Security Service in the fight against the youkai in Tokyo. At the same time Nazuna leaves for Tokyo and instructs Momo, Rina, and Ryuuji on how to fight off the youkai in Tenjin. Souma attempts to go to Yuuma but his mother halts him revealing that her memories are intact. She tells Souma that they must go to where the battle is.
-Yuuma and Riku work together using and their best In and manage to destroy Itsumu with a combined attack; however, this undoes the final seal on Utsuho who uses a combination of the Daikoujin and the Sakashiki and Mikazuchi which then destroys Kogenta and Rangetsu and their respective Drives. As the Souke scream for their lost Shikigami their Ryuuhashou attain the final rank causing their Drives to evolve the Master Drives and their Shikigami to be reborn in stronger forms.
-Riku and Yuuma battle Mikazuchi/Utsuho and demonstrate their awesome new power and as their goals become one they unintentionally use the Mirror In due to several of their own attack In being mirrors of one another. The Mirror In destroys Itsumu’s form but the ghastly affect of the Sakashiki is left behind.
-Meanwhile Gasshin is fighting a losing battle with Kibachiyo’s Daikoujin versus Yakumo Ultimate Hissatsu. As Kibachiyo is apparently destroyed along with Gasshin’s Drive, Lunar Eclipse is complete and Utsuho is truly free once more.
-The Ryuuhashou of the TenChi Souke combine with their new Master Drives to destroy the last of the Sakashiki with the new Choukoujin. As the last of the Sakashiki fades the Asuka’s father and the other dissenting Chi-ryuu against Mikazuchi are freed from the Human Pillar Technique. The 24 seasons finally return to balance and the youkai disappear relieving Teru, Mutsuki, and the boat club back in Tenjin.
-The Asuka family is finally reunited and their mother reveals that she pretended to lose her memory to protect her children. Nazuna comes to take Riku home to his own family of sorts. Mizuki says goodbye to her father who entrusts her care and that of the Chi-ryuu to Yuuma and his family.
-In the Fukumaden Utsuho resurrects, wounding Yakumo seriously. Gasshin sits in a daze as the remains of his Drive begin to reform and collect Kibachiyo. Utsuho recreates the Fukumaden to resemble Japan during the Heian Era.
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Re: AsanoHa is a lucky bitch a.k.a his timeline

Postby Toraie » Tue Apr 28, 2009 8:42 pm

This is the fourth arc of the anime

-Things return to normal for a time until Yuuma has a falling out with his father over Yuuma continued support of Mikazuchi’s methods. Yuuma and Rangetsu challenge Riku and Kogenta to what becomes nothing more than a fist fight. Yakumo appears from the Tachibana Shrine and collapses ending the fight.
-Utsuho causes youkai to flood all over Japan. These youkai are special; however, as anyone touched by them is turned to stone. Soon the only ones left are the remaining Toujinshi in the world.
-Gasshin remembers his past at Jin-ryuu village and wonders why his contract with Kibachiyo has not been severed yet. His Drive appears to be repairing itself.
-As Yakumo lies unconscious in Riku’s home Riku is compelled by Master Drive to go to the Fukumaden and stop Utsuho. Everyone follows Riku to the Tachibana Shrine where he confidently enters alone after saying goodbye to everyone.
-At the same time Yuuma meets up with Mutsuki at the Chi-ryuu HQ where the Mikazuchi Security Force is fighting of the youkai. Yuuma’s Master Drive also leads him into the Kimon.
-In the Fukumaden Riku is confronted by a revived Zenjou and Taishin who are now merely puppets of Utsuho granted Genbu no Ganzou and Kaede no Daikaku. Soon Gasshin appears to taunt Riku. Gasshin becomes enraged when Riku defeats Taishin and Zenjou and summons Kibachiyo in a new form with his own Master Drive. Riku cannot work up the will to fight “Masaomi” and just as his about to be overwhelmed by Kibachiyo’s Choukoujin Rangetsu and Yuuma appear to rescue Kogenta and Riku.
-As the three Masters battle Riku’s friends set up camp at the shrine awaiting his return. Utsuho interrupts their battle and demands that Gasshin fall back. Yuuma attacks the apparition causing many youkai to flood out.
-The Souke continue on into the Fukumaden but Yuuma still refuses to work with the Ten-ryuu. They stumble into the Jin-ryuu village and are met by Taizan and Shoukaku who now control the Yondaiten Deva of Winter and Ashura of Summer respectively. The two explain the history of the Jin-ryuu. The Master Drives forcibly send the Souke to different regions of the Fukumaden to save them.
-Yakumo wakes up and with Nazuna heads to the shrine in order to follow Riku. Soon Souma and Teru show up as well. Everyone but Teru and the non-Toujinshi head into the Fukumaden leaving Teru to clean up the youkai much to his lovesick dismay.
-Utsuho revives the bodies of many of the Jin-ryuu sealed away including Usubeni but it appears they are soulless.
-Gasshin is presented with the supposedly revived Usubeni who lets Gasshin keep Kibachiyo but takes back her Toujinki and makes a contract with Suzaku no Barawaka. Taizan looks on with dissatisfaction.
-Yakumo, Souma, and Nazuna enter the Fukumaden at what appears to be the abandoned former capital of Japan. The scene is hellish as Usubeni and Gasshin spring a trap on Yakumo who summons Takamaru. Souma and Nazuna are dismayed to see “Masaomi’s” true colors and summon Fusanoshin and Horin. Usubeni captures Horin and Nazuna and she and Gasshin flee the scene. Nazuna leaves behind a trail for Yakumo and Souma.
-Meanwhile Yuuma and Rangetsu battle endless youkai. Yuuma continues to fight selfishly for his own glory and that of Chi-ryuu so Rangetsu refuses to fight for him any more and returns to the Drive.
-Riku is confronted again by Shoukaku who sends Riku into a rage by telling him the story of his uncle Raihou and how all of the sadness in Riku’s life was all a part of the Jin-ryuu’s plan. Riku causes a Daikoujin on accident and Shoukaku decides to leave.
-Teru meets up with Asuka and Mutsuki whose team has now acquired Toujinshi with the Shikigami Houjou no Anji and Shousetsu no Kujirabei. Mutsuki makes Teru the captain of the Jin-ryuu Extermination Squad and they head into the Fukumaden leaving Asuka to clean up the youkai.
-Usubeni attempts to extract information from Nazuna and Horin. Gasshin touches his sister’s hands and gets a chill as he begins to suspect something is amiss. Kibachiyo tries to confirm this for Gasshin but he wants to believe in Utsuho and Usubeni.
-Yakumo sends Souma to rescue Nazuna and anticipates having to face Usubeni and Gasshin in battle soon. He also reveals to Souma that only the Masters are capable of defeating Utsuho.
-Elsewhere Riku apologizes to Kogenta for using the Daikoujin and using Kogenta as a tool for anger. Kogenta explains that that darkness in Riku is part of what makes him strong and that Kogenta likes both of them.
-Yuuma continues to fight Youkai using his own strength and pride but is soon overwhelmed. The Jin-ryuu Elimination Squad enters the Fukumaden where Teru catches Nazuna’s scent.
-Gasshin comes to Utsuho with his doubts about Usubeni but is rebuked. Taizan tells Gasshin that only Usubeni’s body has been revived and that he must defeat the TenChi Souke for her soul to return. Utsuho instructs Gasshin to go assist his sister in the battle against Yakumo.
-Souma and Fusanoshin finally rescue Nazuna and Horin but are attacked by a giant youkai. When the youkai hurts Nazuna, Souma becomes enraged and transform Fusanoshin in a Daikoujin and defeats the youkai. The Jin-ryuu Elimination Squad shows up and Teru is dismayed to see that Souma has beaten him to punch in love and rescuing.
-Usubeni confronts Yakumo with Barawaka and Yakumo senses she is not who she appears to be. Yakumo tackles Usubeni who hugs him as her brother approaches. Gasshin finds them in this awkward pose.
-Usubeni lies to a horrified Gasshin that Yakumo put a curse on her body. Gasshin seems thoroughly brainwashed into believing that all his problems will go away if Yakumo and the TenChi Souke are defeated; however, the more he witnesses Usubeni dirty tactics the more he realizes he’s been deceived.
-Souma and Nazuna join together with the Jin-ryuu Elimination Squad and head towards Yakumo’s location. Meanwhile Yuuma awakens to find the youkai have taken pity on him. Riku stumbles on a building with figurines of all the Shikigami inside. It is implied this was Utsuho’s house.
-Kibachiyo and Yakumo try to convince Gasshin that Usubeni is simply a puppet for Utsuho while Yakumo’s Ultimate Hissatsu envelops Barawaka who Usubeni transforms into the Yondaiten of Spring, Naga. Yakumo explains that if he clashes with Utsuho it would destroy the Taikyoku so only the three Masters can defeat Utsuho. Gasshin finally comes to his senses and destroys Naga/Barawaka with Kibachiyo’s Choukoujin. Usubeni is revealed to be only a collection of demons.
-Enraged Utsuho causes Nothingness to descend upon both worlds. Yakumo begs Gasshin to aid Riku and stop Utsuho. He and his five Shikigami then make the ultimate sacrifice by creating five pillars in the sky to hold back the nothingness with Yakumo as the base.
-Everyone converges on Yakumo’s location. The Jin-ryuu Elimination Squad is the first on the scene. Utsuho sends Taizan to deal with the traitor Gasshin and sends Shoukaku to destroy Yakumo’s five pillars and the Chi-ryuu Souke.
-Riku finds himself once again in the perfect Kyoto field created by his parents. There they are met once again by Gasshin who delivers Yakumo’s message and attempts to return Shoushi’s Drive to Riku. Elsewhere Utsuho revives Raihou who makes a hasty contract with Souka no Kuroichi though the Shikigami will never be called forth in its true form.
-Gasshin explains to Riku the saving of the world by Utsuho and his eventual betrayal, Gasshin’s own past, that of Riku, and the overall history of the Jin-ryuu. However, Gasshin explains, none of this has led to revival of his sister and the other villagers. For his foolishness Gasshin believes he does not deserve to be contracted anymore, but Riku reminds him of his connection with Kibachiyo. In many ways Gasshin/Masaomi has reconciled his two lives and personalities. Masaomi vows to join Riku but leaves to take care of unfinished business with Taizan.
-Back at the Tachibana Shrine Rina and Ryuuji ask Momo about Riku. Momo realizes that while in many ways she knows Riku more than anyone that she’s been ignorant of the sadness in his heart for a long time. Rina and Ryuuji guess that Momo is very much in love with Riku.
-Shoukaku appears before the TenChi Toujinshi and transforms Yatarou in Ashura and begins his attack. Yuuma is nearby and slowly makes his way towards the others. Masaomi comes before his closest friend Taizan at the village. Riku is confronted by the revived Raihou. Everyone’s personal battle is about to begin.
-Yuuma finally reaches Souma and the others who are desperately protecting Yakumo’s Five Pillars.
-Raihou explains to Riku and Kogenta that he wanted what was best for the Ten-ryuu but his leadership skills were lacking so he was used like a tool instead. He says that Utsuho helped him with his own darkness and he could help Riku as well.
- Yuuma believes that they should concentrate on attacking Shoukaku but he is in disagreement with everyone else there who has fought together and wishes protect their everyday lives. Rangetsu also refuses to be summoned until Yuuma remembers that his contract was to protect the smiles of others. With this realization Yuuma summons Rangetsu to protect.
-At the Tachibana Shrine the Boat Club learns that by feeding and naming youkai they can be tamed.
-Taizan reveals to Masaomi that he always knew of the hatred in Utsuho’s heart. He suggests that they could defeat Utsuho together if they tried.
-Raihou claims that Riku is just like him because he has the same darkness and doesn’t really want to be Souke, but Riku counters that they’re different because he values Shikigami while Raihou just wants to use them as tools. Raihou responds by directly summoning the Yondaiten of Autumn, Gandaruva.
-The Jin-ryuu Elimination Squad members sacrifice Houjou no Anji and Shousetsu no Kujirabei to protect the Five Pillars. Mutsuki, Teru, Souma, and Nazuna transform Ebihiko, Isoroku, Fusanoshin, and Horin in Daikoujin and the four of them form an elemental barrier around Ashura as they are respectively Water, Gold, Fire, and Wood. Yuuma completes the barrier as Earth, using the Choukoujin to destroy Yatarou/Gandaruva.
-With Shoukaku defeated Yuuma leaves things in the hands of the Jin-ryuu Elimination Squad to find Riku so they can defeat Utsuho together. Riku summons Kogenta and with the Choukoujin apparently destroys Gandaruva; however, Riku becomes caught in Utsuho’s illusion.
-Masaomi questions why Taizan deceived him but Taizan counters that he wants to save Usubeni and the others but it has to wait until they’ve created a state where the Toujinshi rule. Masaomi is confused as that was why Taizan left the capital in the first place. Taizan says that regardless Masaomi wouldn’t fight if Usubeni was revived. Taizan asks Masaomi to help him to destroy Utsuho and the TenChi but Masaomi refuses. Kibachiyo and Onishiba battle in a conclusion to all their old sparring matches.
-Riku is caught in an illusion believing that he is with his parents again. Raihou reveals to Kogenta that he and Gandaruva are still alive and the illusion is Utsuho’s doing.
-Masaomi and Taizan battle with all their strength until Masaomi uses the Choukoujin and Taizan reflects his attack by calling on Deva. Unlike the other Jin-ryuu Taizan does transform Onishiba in Deva but rather has his Shikigami absorb the power of the Yondaiten at the cost of his own lifespan.
-The illusions of Riku’s parents tell him that despite his thinking they did what they did in the past was all to protect him; however, Kogenta continues to fight a losing battle against Gandaruva
-As the forbidden technique takes its toll on Taizan, Masaomi manages another Choukoujin which destroys Deva. Kibachiyo uses the last of his strength to stab Onishiba. Taizan falls as it begins to snow. Taizan reveals that he did everything he did because Usubeni and the others were all too kind to protect themselves and he felt someone had to be evil to protect them. As Onishiba says goodbye and fades away, Taizan passes out apparently dead.
-Inside the illusion Riku hears Kogenta’s voice and realizes what’s going on. Riku tells his parents that though this is a comfortable dream it is a dream nonetheless. He loves his parents but he already has a life. Riku thanks Utsuho for showing him his parents but claims that he wishes to cast aside Youmei and return to the life he has created for himself as Tachibana Riku.
-The illusion is destroyed and Riku and Kogenta destroy Gandaruva revealing Raihou for the demon he has become. Yuuma arrives in the nick of time to destroy Raihou and tells Riku he wishes to be comrades finally. Riku says goodbye to his uncle and Utsuho scorches the Fukumaden.
-Yuuma and Riku go to confront Utsuho while Souma and the others clean up the remainder of the youkai trying to destroy Yakumo’s Five Pillars. With that done the four of them head to Yuuma and Riku’s location leaving the rest of the Jin-ryuu Elimination Squad behind to protect Yakumo.
-Yuuma and Riku are finally face-to-face with Utsuho who demands to know their reason for coming. Riku apologizes on behalf of their ancestors but begs Utsuho to stop the destruction. Utsuho shows them humanities bloody history as justification for his desire to destroy all of them.
-Utsuho asks the Byakko to return to him but they deny him instead. In response, the Nothingness descends upon the world once more. Utsuho attempts to destroy the Byakko’s contracts but is halted by the arrival of Souma and the others.
-Utsuho uses his ability to freely control Shikigami to have every single non-contracted Shikigami battle the TenChi Toujinshi and their Souke. Meanwhile the Five Pillars begin to fail and Yumi-sensei is trapped and begins transforming into a youkai.
-The Shikigami continue to be reborn and Utsuho asks the contracted Shikigami to surrender their unwanted contracts. Kogenta speaks them all by attacking Utsuho but is repelled. Riku asks him not to hurt Utsuho or he would go to Naraku.
-All the Shikigami declare their loyalty to their Toujinshi and Utsuho shows them the futility of the contract by controlling Horin and having her attack Nazuna but Horin resists and is destroyed for it. Enraged, Souma turns to fight but Fusanoshin is turned into a Daikoujin and controlled by Utsuho but he resists and is destroyed as well.
-Yuuma and Riku resolve to use Mirror In while Teru and Mutsuki give them cover fire. The Mirror In appears to work though Utsuho appears unfazed. Isoroku and Ebihiko give their lives in protecting the Souke.
-Utsuho reverses the Mirror In and uses it to seal Yuuma and Riku, but the timely intervention of Masaomi using to Choukoujin saves them in the nick of time.
-Masaomi declares that he work with them to defeat Utsuho. Utsuho denies the power of the Master Drive and the Choukoujin as symbols of a strong bond. Utsuho resurrects Enoki no Kongou, Oobi no Yatarou, and Shousetsu no Magahoshi and transforms them into Daikoujin, claiming that it is the Shikigami’s true power.
-In the real world, the Tenjin Boat Club and the Asuka Family look on as the Nothingness continues to consume the world.
-As the Masters Shikigami struggle Masaomi suggests they use the Master Drive together; however, this time when Ryuuhashou combines with the power of the Master Drive the boys cut new In thus using three totally new Choukoujin forms to destroy the Daikoujin.
-Utsuho creates facsimiles of Kogenta, Rangetsu, and Kibachiyo in Daikoujin form (also known as Torabushin, Yamimouko, and Ranburu respectively). Very little of the Fukumaden remains now. The Masters again use three new Choukoujin forms and destroy the darkness in their hearts that Utsuho had made manifest.
-The Master Drives attain a new level of power and when the Masters slice the In for their original Choukoujin a new power is released. In new forms Kogenta, Rangetsu, and Kibachiyo perform a powerful new version of the Mirror In and begin to reseal Utsuho.
-However, ever the empathetic, Riku senses the loneliness and the great sadness of Utsuho during his imprisonment and halts Kogenta. Riku explains to the others that resealing Utsuho would only be repeating the sins of their ancestors and nothing will have changed.
-Riku resolves that to defeat Utsuho they have to save him from himself. Utsuho mocks them saying they could not understand the pain of being conscious yet completely immobile for 1200 years and forced to see the visions of humanities bloody wars. Utsuho claims that because he saved the world before he has the right cleanse it of humanity so that the Shikigami can be free. Utsuho begs the Shikigami to return to him and forsake their contracts.
-The three Master Shikigami that the contract is a promise between them and their Toujinshi to walk together to achieve the same goal. The Shikigami and the Toujinshi are of one heart and the Master Bond is the proof of this.
-Utsuho next tries to appeal to the Toujinshi and the uselessness of their individual contracts. He tells Yuuma that what he protects is a lie and that is impossible to protect all people. To Gasshin Utsuho says that he will never restore the peaceful days in this modern age. Of Riku, Utsuho speaks the worst. Despite all his talk, Riku never had anything to start with in the beginning, nothing to protect, nothing to discard. Riku made his contract for no reason.
-Riku agrees with Utsuho saying that it was precisely because of his contract that Riku was able to find meaning in his life and was finally happy. This echoes Utsuho’s past. Yuuma also admits that he tried to attain power on his own but has come to realize through his bond with Rangetsu that power is something other people give you. Gasshin/Masaomi thanks Utsuho for saving him and his friends and asserts that even now he and Kibachiyo wish to return with Utsuho to the village.
-Each of the Masters asserts that it was because of a single Shikigami that their lives were made better. Utsuho claims it is too late for such thinking and destroys Kogenta, Rangetsu, and Kibachiyo. The Masters appeared unfazed to Utsuho’s bewilderment.

Please be advised I have made many revisions to the first post in addition to adding this new material. Please also be advised that there may be an error on the timing of the manga. My evidence suggests that Yakumo was 17 in the anime and was in six grade at the time of the second half of the manga. That would seem to indicate that the manga takes place five years before the anime; however, there may be a time skip after Yakumo receives the Zero Drive in volume 2 and that could throw off the timing. Thank You!
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Re: AsanoHa is a lucky bitch a.k.a his timeline

Postby Toraie » Tue Apr 28, 2009 8:43 pm

LAST EPISODE and Epilogue
-The masters assert that Shikigami are the essence of nature and can’t be truly destroyed even if the do change form. Utsuho denies this pointing out that he was the one who saved the Taikyoku 1200 years ago.
-Yakumo and the five pillars disappear and Utsuho gloats. Kogenta, Rangetsu, and Kibachiyo reform however and explain that they will always stand by humans and that Utsuho only saved nature because it was the wish of the Shikigami. The Yondaiten was never his power simply another form of the Shikigami.
-As Utsuho repents it is implied that it was Utsuho who gave the Shikigami form though this is not necessarily the case. Every single Shikigami suddenly reforms and Utsuho’s tears transform them all into their respective 24 seasons which then form the Yondaiten who cleanse both worlds of all the Nothingness and restores all the people. All the recently killed Shikigami have their contracts reinstated and all the Toujinshi are revived.
-The effort has taken its toll on Utsuho who now appears his true age. He thanks Gasshin/Masaomi, Yuuma and Riku and then passes away. Souma and the others meet up with Riku and Yuuma as the Fukumaden begins to collapse and together the return to the real world, but Masaomi stays behind to collect Utsuho’s remains and save the others.
-Masaomi rescues Yakumo and the other squad members but disappears in the Fukumaden. Riku is greeted by his worried friends and Yuuma reconciles with his father.
-Riku and Yuuma travel with the others to the Seiryu Festival Shrine and are met by Masaomi. Using the reverse Mirror In they undo the seal of the fallen Jin-ryuu. Masaomi returns an “un-mastered” Kibachiyo to Usubeni and they are reunited at last. Yuuma’s father and Yakumo announce that this act brings an end to Ten, Chi, and Jin styles. All are now one.
-At the Taihaku Shrine everything is explained to Usubeni who finds Taizan has forgotten all his evil ways, but it is utterly terrified of the future world. Masaomi and the Jin-ryuu prepare to go back to their own time via the Mirror of Time and Masaomi invited Riku to come as well so as to meet his parents, but Riku reaffirms that he has made a new life for himself. Riku allows Masaomi to keep his mother’s Drive.
-Upon returning home Riku finds a letter from his Grandpa. Yuuma accepts his role as head of the Asuka Shrine and he and Mizuki reaffirm their betrothal. Souma becomes to new President of Mikazuchi Group. Mutsuki continues to work for him while Teru quits and continues his training in the wild.
-As per the letter’s instructions Riku travels to rural town where he is reunited with his Grandpa. Soutarou leads Riku and his friends to a monument with ancient poetry written on it. Yumi-sensei finally shows some use and translates. The author speaks of the loss of child that can never be filled. At the bottom is a message for Riku/Youmei from his parents. With an affirmation of their love for him Riku can finally move on.
-At the Tachibana Shrine, Riku and Kogenta have one last talk together. Riku thanks Kogenta for making his life better and holds their contract fulfilled. The Ten-ryuu Byakko Drive is returned to the Shrine.
-Yuuma also finds his contract with Rangetsu fulfilled and tearfully says goodbye at the Asuka Shrine. The Chi-ryuu Byakko Drive is returned to the Shrine.
-In the past Usubeni and Taizan struggle with Gasshin and Kibachiyo’s modernity. Otherwise the days of peace have finally returned for Masaomi and the villagers.
-The Tenjin Boat Club competes in the nationals against a group of former Chi-ryuu Toujinshi and win. Mizuki tends to an elderly Mikazuchi and pursues her relationship with Yuuma. Souma finally makes his feelings for Nazuna known openly but bungles it with his cockiness. Rina continues to befriend and name copious amounts of youkai. Mutsuki teaches classes to former Toujinshi who had their memories erased. Teru continues to fall for Shrine Maidens and eat himself into debt. Yakumo and Izuna reconstruct the old Taihaku Shrine.
-Riku’s life is finally back to normal, but suddenly finds himself with new feelings for Momo. Soutarou remarks that it is spring as the spirit of Kogenta watches over the Inn.
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Re: AsanoHa is a lucky bitch a.k.a his timeline

Postby Splash » Wed Apr 29, 2009 3:34 pm

LOL whoa, yay google cache XDDD

errr so is this ready to be put up on the site or do you still have to put more things in it?

And also would you mind if I RyRo-fied it to go along with the terms we're using in those releases (the DVD version). One of the major things that bugged me about tv-n's subs is that they spelled it Gasshin when the credits clearly say Gashin, so now everyone's been spelling the romaji like that... >___>;

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Re: AsanoHa is a lucky bitch a.k.a his timeline

Postby AsanoHa » Thu Apr 30, 2009 4:37 pm

Actually I'd prefer if you didn't use this version at all. What I have now is way more up-to-date and I'd rather you didn't Ryu-Ryo it because I prefer the way I've listed the terms but if that's gonna keep you from putting it up on the site than that's OK. I feel like in most cases tv-n does a better job of sticking to the original Japanese dialogue of OT. If you know any blatant mistakes they made such as the Gasshin/Gashin thing let me know and I'll change that. Additionally if there's any stylistic things you'd like changed so that it is more in line with the main site's narrative I'd be happy to take a look.

One thing I HATED about the Ryu-Ryo stuff is the whole "Jin-Style" thing. Its God-Style people. If you're gonna say Earth-Style and Heaven-Style then you have translate 神 the same way. If you want to avoid using the capital "G" when translating because it implies the Islamo-Judeao-Christian God when the kanji more often refers to the many minor gods and spirits of shintoism that's fine but you need to be consistent in my opinion.
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Re: AsanoHa is a lucky bitch a.k.a his timeline

Postby Splash » Thu Apr 30, 2009 10:15 pm

That was the exact reason why I avoided using God Style :P

Have you been watching our DVD versions? I went back to using Kimon, Fukumaden, Hissatsu, etc. When I had been doing it for the TV versions, I was using what the previous translator had set for all of those (Ghost Door, Pandemonium, Overkill etc), but now that we've started a new project, I took the liberty to change back to my usual standards (closer to what I use in PMS manga).
TV-N in general has a lot of slopppppppy translations for characterizations that pissed me off x_X;;; And while RyRo had them too in the old versions, that's exactly what I'm fixing up for the DVD version XDDD

And the acronym is RyRo not Ryu-Ryo... That's not even part of Ryuu-Rogue XDDD

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Re: AsanoHa is a lucky bitch a.k.a his timeline

Postby AsanoHa » Thu Apr 30, 2009 11:18 pm

Hahahaha foot in mouth on my part! Well I apologize for ignorance/rudeness! I'll totally edit a version to fit with your terminology! My only request is that I get to make the edits personally and that the styles can remain untranslated or that if TenChiJin has to be translated it remains consistent across the three. Is that OK?

And BTW no I haven't checked out the DVD versions but I will now! I'm glad Pandemonium went out the window. Where did that come from? I think that some of those terms just can't be translated without losing something.
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Re: AsanoHa is a lucky bitch a.k.a his timeline

Postby Splash » Fri May 01, 2009 6:36 pm

The old translator just went off and did the literal translations for a lot of things XD Fukumaden does literally translate into Pandemonium according to most dictionaries, like how shinra banshou translates into "all things in nature." I've been setting up this page for a whole bunch of the terms so they all have explanations in the end, regardless if they were translated or not:

Anyway that all sounds great :D Yeah you wouldn't have to change much anyway XDDD A lot of people I talked with said they preferred the Heaven/Earth/Jin Style system, so that's the reason why I kept that the way it was instead of going back to -ryuu and Ryuuha for Style, otherwise I might possibly have switched that too. XD

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Re: AsanoHa is a lucky bitch a.k.a his timeline

Postby AsanoHa » Fri May 01, 2009 6:51 pm

Really?! I was under the impression it meant "abode of demons" which makes sense for the story. I think another less literal translation I saw was "den of sin" which makes sense to me with the kanji but doesn't fit the story.

Anywho, I just re-posted the whole thing in the General Section with a full summary of the manga added and few grammatical edits. Its still a MAJOR work in progress though. Next I'll just go through you're DVD versions and summarize the first of the anime in greater detail. That is, if I can ever my old ass Mac/VLC player to not f*** up when playing the .mkv files. It only plays the opening sequence on repeat and never gets to the opening song. I'm like 80% sure that's user error though :lol:
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Re: AsanoHa is a lucky bitch a.k.a his timeline

Postby Splash » Sat May 02, 2009 10:32 am

Well it's a one and the same translation, synonyms basically .___. Pandemonium with a capital P MEANS abode of demons. It's in the dictionary too.

Yeah if you move the op to another folder and just play the episode, I think it should still work because the systems other than Windows fail at ordered chapters, so I'm told.

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