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Re: Inazuma Eleven live-action stage performance

Postby cyber_cody » Sat Jan 22, 2011 12:26 am

I enjoyed that a lot more than I thought I would. The choreography was top notch. Fun, pure fun. I am now a Kageno fan.

I even liked....the girls.
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Re: Inazuma Eleven live-action stage performance

Postby cyber_cody » Fri Jul 22, 2011 6:50 pm

Image: Hey, kids. Ever wonder what would happen if Splash and Cyber Cody went on a date? No? Well, fuck you! I’m telling you anyway!

Image: It all started with a phone call. Fucking flashback time.

Image: I’m busy. XD

Image: Everyone's busy! Agu and Gaga are filming a reality show. Tai and Steph are going camping in the Digital World. Devimon is killing bronies at the My Little Pony convention. It’s not fair! Please, please, PLEASE!

Image: *sigh*…….Okay. There’s something I’ve been meaning to tell you anyway.

Image: Cool! Gonnahangupbeforeyouchangeyourmindbye!

Image: Flashback’s over nut munchers. Time for the big date at Inazuma Studios’s Viewer Room #2. Heh, number 2.


Image: Come on, dude. Let us watch.
Image: Yeah, Cyber. We deserve a break for all the extra work we did. The work YOU should’ve done!

Image: I’ll bake you some cookies. Get OUT!

Image: I’m here! Oh, hi everyone. XD
Image: Hello, Davis!
Image: …………*burp* *hic*

Image: Rozza C? Drunk again?
Image: I invited her. Think she started the party a little early. XD
Image: You ain’t takin’…mine fruits basket….*zzzzzz*

Image: V-mon, start the video!
Image: You got it, Davis.
Image: “Not for sale or rent.” NOW you tell me! Endou! Endou? Close enough.
Image: Kazemaru!
Image: Puberty hit Handa hard. Kageno. I like that one.
Image: Max! XD
Image: Shourinji? What the hell, Splash?
Image: It’s right. Just go with it. XD.

Image: Adult-ish Aki in a skirt. Thumbs up!
Image: Stop trying to look up her skirt!
Image: Bitch alert!
Image: Excuse me!!!
Image: Not you, Natsumi.
:natsumi:: I’m here to drop exposition and give you a goal.

Image: I hate her. I hate her. I hate her!
Image: She needs a boyfriend.
Image: Asking Aki for help? Never a good idea.
Image: This is exciting, Davis. Pick me, pick me, Davis!
Image: It’s a video, V-mon. He can’t hear you. I think.

Image: Max! XD
Image: Oh, please.
Image: That guy’s funny, Davis.
:kageno:: I’m watching you pee…
:endou:: Coming from behind without being noticed is a great talent when it comes to soccer!
Image: Coming fro-
Image: Take the high road, Cody! XD

Image: What a girlie hat! My sister has one just like it.
:kageno:: Mmmm, cheerleaders.

Image: A wild Otonashi has appeared.
Image: A sexy Gouenji has appeared!
Image: *zzzzz*…….Domon *yawn* *zzzzzzz*

Image: Practice time!
Image: I didn’t know a cartwheel was a soccer move.
Image: Me neither. Can’t wait to try it out in my next match.

Image: Kidou!!! XD
Image: Whatever!

Image: It’s Kageyama. His voice anyway. Gouenji getting dramatic.
:gouenji:: Yuuka! Oh, God! Why? WHY???!!!!!! Will Smith’s got nothing on me.

Image: Natsumi’s a bitch with a heart. Yeah, right! She’s just trying to get in Gouenji’s soccer shorts. And, here comes Teikoku.
:kidou:: Don’t touch the cape. Just had it dry cleaned.
Image: Hello announcer guy. Practice game start! “So close” my butt! Genda blocked the crap outta that.

:kidou:: Let the ownage begin. Death Zone!
Image: That was awesome!
:domon:: Ow, my leg! Stupid spotlight ball!
Image: Love how Teikoku stands there looking cool.
Image: Me too! Hooray for bad boys!

Image: Here it comes. 3…2…1… XD
:gouenji:: Time to take off my shirt.
Image Image: WOOOO!!!! XD XD

Image: Domon’s got a case of the guilty.
:domon:: Being an ass…stinks.
Image: It’s Davis to save the day!
:kidou:: No one can defeat my stunt chorography. Death Zone!
:endou:: Mine looks better. God Hand!
:gouenji:: Got you both beat. Fire Tornado!
:kidou:: I refuse to play a game I’m not getting the most attention. Let’s go.
:kurimatsu:: Winning on technicality! All right!

Image: An Inazuma proverb. Pffft!
:endou:: We won’t know which side the goddess of victory will smile upon unless you’re the main character!
Image: Yuck! No more Shourin close-ups! Time for the main cast’s bathroom break. Bring out a manager. Boring.
PANTY SHOT! Go back! Go back!
Image: No way!

Image: Really digging the Devil…er…Kageyama’s voice.
:endou:: Talk to the hand, Gouenji.
:gouenji:: Take it down a notch. Can’t you see I’m at an emotional crossroad? My sister got hit by a car because I was playing soccer. It’s all my fault.
:endou:: What about the driver?
:gouenji:: …Oh yeah. Guess I’m playing then.

:natsumi:: Time to advance the plot. Enter Football Frontier and win.
:endou:: I’m happy. Let’s sing!
Image: Everyone, get up and dance!
Image: Yeah!
Image: Woo!
Image: *zzzzz* pin cushions in my…soup. *zzzzzzzzz*
Image: An Endou x Gouenji moment. Squee! XD

Image: A Domon moment.
:domon:: Time for my character focus. I’m feeling conflicted. Maybe I should stop being a spy. Eeek! Scary voice. I’ll steal it! Don’t eat me scary voice!

Image: Kabeyama focus time.
Image: Calm down, Cody. XD
Image: No probs. I like this Kabe. Well…I don’t hate him. I even follow him on Twitter.

Image: Davis sabotaged the bus!
Image: Cruelest voice I ever heard, not counting Rebecca Black.
Image: Hahahahahaha! Nice street clothes, Kidou!
:kidou:: I’m 20% cooler with my cape.

Image: Don’t listen to him, Kidou! Kidou!
Image: Hey! Down in front!
Image: Shut up and get us some popcorn.
Image: I’m off-duty.
Image: Interns are never off-duty. Popcorn!
Image: Fine. Fine.

Image: More practice time.
:kabeyama:: I can jump high! Ignore the wires.
:endou:: Let’s celebrate with a song!
Image: On your feet you lazy bastards! Yummy Otonashi!
Image: G!
Image: O!
Image: O!
Image: *zzzzz*……..D! *zzzzzz*

:kidou:: Don’t get on the bus. It’s a trap.
:endou:: Thanks. Want to practice with us. We’ll be comrades for one day. Isn’t that okay?
:kidou:: Maybe another time! There’s a cape sale at The Gap. Maybe I’ll buy a blue one.

Image: Kageyama’s telling Endou about Kidou’s past. XD
Image: Playing on Endou’s good nature. Smart guy.
:endou:: I’m conflicted and hungry. Need a song.

Image: Made it just in time.
Image: Come on. Give me another panty shot!
Image: Shut up and dance!

Image: Time for the FF district preliminaries. Kageno’s hitting on Otonashi. That’s my boy! Game start! Dragon Crash VS Power Shield! Genda wins!
:genda:: I’ve seen better kicks on Skype.

Image: Kidou VS Nekketsu Punch. Endou barely blocks it, according to Kakuma. I can’t tell.
Image: Here comes Inazuma Drop. Never mind.
Image: You just had to screw it up, Failyama.
:kabeyama:: The spotlight blinded me. Really!

Image: Go Gouenji Go!
Image: Davis was hurt.
Image: Why didn’t Gouenji get a yellow card?
Image: You’re new to the series aren’t you?

Image: It’s Emperor Penguin No. 2 VS God Hand. A goal!
Image: Hit him! Hit Kabeyama again! AGAIN! AGAIN! AGAIN! MAHAHAHAHAHA!
Image: Someone’s having fun. XD

Image: Half time. Davis is letting the team down.
:domon:: I’m Teikoku’s spy.
Image: Woah, Domon. That came out of nowhere.
:domon:: I’m also a chain smoker and never wash my hands after going to the bathroom.
:someoka:: Hold me back! Hold me back!!!

Image: More Kageyama harassing Kidou. Creep. Bet he’s rubbing his nipples while he does it.
Image: He NOW decides to see if it’s the real notebook? Lost all your cool points, smirk master. Gouenji kicks Endou in the face with a soccer ball.
:gouenji:: That ball has all of my passion for soccer in it!
:endou:: And, my blood on it.

Image: Reading Otonashi’s notebook has given Kidou the resolve to play soccer his own way.
:kidou:: Imagine what I’ll get from reading her diary.

Image: If Otonashi couldn’t read Endou’s book, why didn’t she give it to a teacher or lost & found?
:otonashi:: ….Okay! So I stole it! Sor-----ry!

:kidou:: I’ve been following the Commander’s orders without doubting him this whole time.
Image: Liar!

Image: It’s the second half. XD
Image: Davis isn’t moving.
:kidou:: Forgot my line.

Image: Invisible steel bars. The worst kind!
Image: Everyone is okay. That may not necessarily be a good thing. Where’s Gojou? He should be there. No wonder Teikoku will lose.
Image: Spoilers!

Image: Second half start! Death Zone VS Domon’s stomach!
:domon:: I…*cough* win *wheeze*.

Image: All it takes is a little bodily harm and alls forgiven.
:domon:: I’m…*ack* so happy *hurrrrgh*. Don’t step in…the vomit.

Image: Endou used Bakuretsu Punch.
:endou:: E-blocked.

Image: Inazuma Drop! They did it!
Image: Emperor Penguin No.2 VS God Hand! Blocked bitches!
Image: Kageno is great.
:kageno:: Who da man?!

Image: Shippuu Dash! So cool!
Image: Tornado Whirlwind!
Image: The Japanese or English hissatsu translation. Pick one. XD

Image: Grenade Shot, nice.
:shishido:: I did something. Yay!

Image: Rolling Kick. Those cartwheels did come in handy.
Image: Uber Inazuma Drop VS Full Power Shield! GOOOOAAAAAAAALLLLLLL!!!!!!!! Raimon wins! Will someone PLEASE arrest the child endangering sociopath already!

Image: Take out your glow sticks! Time to party!
Image: *zzzzz* Party? Party! *zzzzzzzzz*
Image: Shake your smelly asses! Sha-la-la! Woo!!!! That was fantastic!

Image: What are you lazy bums doing?! Get back to work!

Image: Party’s over. Hey, Splash. There something I want to tell you.
Image: Yes? XD
Image: Well…uh. You see…I l-love you. And was kinda, maybe hoping you and me can go out on another date. Just…the two of us.
Image: Cody. -_-
Image: Yeah?
Image: You have Stockholm syndrome. 0.0
Image: No, I don’t!
Image: Yeah, you do. Thought as much. I think you’re lonely without Agumon and the gang. Here. Call this number. It’s a doctor who can help. ^_^
Image: B-B-B-B-B-B-But…
Image: No buts! Call. By the way, you’re a Digidestined. I was going to let you remember on your own but I think you need your digimon to help you through this. XD
Image: …………? Digi-destined? What? Who? Who’s my partner.
Image: It’s…

*two seconds later*
Image:………… No. Fucking. Way. *passes out*

Image: And there you have it. Hope you little bastards are satisfied. I’m outta here.
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